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Andy Zaltzman's satirical, whimsical look at cricket

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Cookie, Jimmy, Rooty, Ravi: thanks for the stats, lads

What was The Oval Test all about? Numbers, of course

Sam Curran is the eighth wonder of the world

Statuesque stats from Southampton for y'all pleasure

How England's batsmen fought valiantly to avoid scoring 30 at Trent Bridge

England may have lost the third Test to India, but they won the hearts of stats fans everywhere

Will Chris Woakes beat Jimmy Anderson to become UK prime minister?

Imran Khan might be the gold standard, but he has two England challengers coming up the ranks

Please God, no dead rubbers, no broken fast bowlers, no lost overs

A five-Test series between England and India - so much can happen, or not

How much greyer was Dhoni's beard at the end of the England ODI series than at the start?

A round-up of the stats that matter from the three matches

The England v India T20I series we needed (heck, deserved)

It had great batting, great wristspin, golden-duck stumpings, and a catch of planetary proportions

An even contest between bat and ball is best. Ball dominating bat is second

Stats from South Africa v India: record-low scores, pretty 40s, and a keeper's dream

Why this was a vastly disappointing Ashes series

Mostly because it lacked a competent England side

Pat Cummins is a village cricketer

That and other vital learnings from the Perth Test

Being obliterated abroad: it's an English tradition

Also, Moeen Ali won't be England's saviour. You heard it here first

England never ever lose eight away Test matches on the trot

Also, not everything in the '60s was sexy

Why England are destined to win the Ashes

They took care to not permit Starc or Cummins to get a four-for in Brisbane, that's why

The Confectionery Stall stat-vent calendar, week three

More stats that'll make you wonder how you did without them for so long. Starring a glittering cast of Kohli, Cook, Ashwin and others

The Confectionery Stall stat-vent calendar, week two

Parthiv Patel's opening feat, Adil Rashid's crucial next two Tests, and England's horrendous conversion rate from 80 to 100 all feature on this week's list of must-know stats

The Ashwin, Jadeja, Yadav stat you must tell everyone

And six other delightful numbers from Mohali, Hamilton and elsewhere to keep you going this week

The spin travails of Ben Duckett

Has any other player been thrown in at the deep end against tweak the way he has?

England have this series in the bag. The stats say so

And as we all know, you can try argue with stats, but you can't win

Why the Rajkot draw was a win for numbers

And why the Australians may soon turn into a side feared by every other team in the world

Memo to Haseeb: no hundreds, please

Why England's teenaged opener should be wary of doing too well in this series

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