The Long Handle

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Who says there's a problem with Test cricket?

There's too much of a kerfuffle over the death of the format. Can't we just let sleeping dinosaurs lie?

The lovely smell of failure in the morning

Why we should be savouring England's Lord's defeat

Is cricket war?

Not when we last checked. So what's with all the nationalism?

What's going to happen in this year's Ashes?

No one knows, but we all know what's not going to happen

The definitive England-Australia preview

The only article you need to read to know how the Investec Ashes is going to pan out

A cure for sledging

In which we propose an innovative alternative to traditional "gamesmanship"

In praise of the bat-logo police

Cricket may be nowhere near FIFA when it comes to maladministration, but there are some areas where we can hold our heads high

Who says English cricket lacks inventiveness?

Whoever it was, did they watch the Edgbaston ODI? No? Thought so

Alastair Cook: cricket's Tom Cruise

And no, that is not intended as a compliment

An IPL review (without having watched a game)

The joys of bringing a clear, fresh perspective to the cricket world's blingiest extravaganza

What makes Yorkshire trolling distinctive

And what's wrong with the NatWest Blast: find out in our special two-for-one

What does a director of cricket do?

We welcome back another beneficiary of the ECB's personnel recycling initiative

The triumph of the mediocre

Kudos to England for pulling off a draw against the odds

The Pakistan revolution in the offing

The post-Misbah era promises to be exciting and flamboyant

Are you pro-KP or anti-KP?

A nation's future hangs on the answer. Or not

The James Anderson style of excuse

No swearing, no wickets, says the fast bowler

After the party, the nap

Exhausted by the World Cup? Worry not, we have just the competition for you

The big losers at this World Cup

Step forward Mustafa Kamal and Anuskha Sharma

Come now, Mr Faulkner

The Australian allrounder would have us believe sledging is inevitable. Is it?

Do you want to listen to umpires chat?

What's so interesting about two middle-aged men discussing how to operate a remote?

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