Pakistan v Australia, 1st T20I, Dubai September 6, 2012

Bailey floored by heavy defeat


Australia's captain George Bailey has admitted his side stands no chance of winning the World Twenty20 tournament in Sri Lanka if their performances mirror a shattering first-up loss to Pakistan in the series in Dubai.

The seven-wicket hiding was Australia's heaviest in terms of balls to spare for the chasing team, after Bailey's men were shot out for a measly 89, their lowest total since England rolled Ricky Ponting's team for 79 in only their second T20I, at the Rose Bowl in 2005.

What's more, the Australians can now slip to 10th in the ICC's T20 rankings before the global event begins. Should Pakistan sweep the series - a possibility given the lopsidedness of the opening match - then Bailey's team will line-up for their tournament opener ranked below their opponents Ireland.

"I'm very disappointed and there's plenty to go away and work on," Bailey said. "You don't ever want to be setting those sorts of records. But in terms of the group we've got together and what we're capable of, it certainly hasn't altered my thoughts that we can still be a very good team.

"I still think we can win it. Definitely. Absolutely. I certainly don't think we'd win if we played like we did today. It's hopefully just a bad performance and one that you won't see again. Even if we gained a tiny bit of momentum, we gave it back by losing a wicket."

The poverty of Australia's batting was stark, unable to hit a six in the innings and striking only three boundaries. Bailey agreed that the top five had to do far, far better in future and put the match down as an experience that had to be learned from, particularly given the sorts of slow, spinning pitches also likely to be seen in the World T20 in Sri Lanka.

"Twenty20, all the stats we look at, you want your top four or five batsmen batting most of the innings," Bailey said. "So to be four down at the seven or eight over mark, we were certainly behind the game. We learned a lot about the wicket, but we already knew that Pakistan were going to be very competitive in this format, and that played very well."

Despite all players having taken part in the pre-season camp in Darwin where spin was a major consideration, and most then having the benefit of the ODI series against Pakistan in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, Australia's efforts against the spinners were particularly poor. Bailey admitted improvements had to be made to what he described as a "real key" to the team's chances.

"The spinners are outstanding, and on the back of the one-day tournament the spinners were certainly the key to their bowling and our quicks were probably the key to ours," he said. "So it's a work in progress, it's going to be a real key the way we play spin and the way we play spin heading into the World Cup too, so we're working on it.

"In terms of the World Cup there's no better practice than playing against the world class spinners that Pakistan have in these three games."

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  • Andrew on September 10, 2012, 0:12 GMT

    @OzzyHammond - come on now OzzyH, "...I could pick an all time England XI better than any combined Australian side..." the most exhaustive effort to pick an all time XI, (on this very site), saw FOUR Ozzys picked, to England's THREE. The Ozzy AllTime XI is Trumper/Morris/Bradman, G Chappell, Border, Miller/Gilchrest/Warne/O'reilly, Lillee & McGrath. England's is Hobbs/Hutton/Hammond, Barrington, KP, Botham, Knott/Larwood/Underwood/Trueman, Barnes. There is no contest, apart from the opening positions, nowhere else would England hold any edge over Oz. You can say that Knott is a better keeper, but vastly inferior batsmen, The Don is about TWICE as good as any Pom batsmen, Miller is infinately better than Botham, Lillee is superior to Larwood, Barnes & McGrath would be tight when you factor back the type of pitches McGrath had to bowl on. It would be a slaughter on Oz pitches with Miller/Lillee & McGrath, THEN Warne & O'Rielly - LOL - good luck!

  • Dummy4 on September 9, 2012, 15:10 GMT

    For ICC's rankings to be true testaments of a Team's performance it needs to have a Standard schedule set between the World Cups. Meaning every team MUST play each other a set amount of times, lets say Twice. One Home & One Away.

    Ireland are ranked better but have only played lower ranked teams. Remove the Associate tags and place everyone into divisions if you must.

    Then and only then can performance be truly ranked.

    Regardless of how rich or what your ranking is if the ICC takes control of scheduling and introduces a balanced schedule as possible along with a set amount of matches to be Ranked during the two year period between the WC it'll make sense.

    Right now the WC is another meaningless tournament in both formats.

    At any rate I'd love to see the day that a small nation team with small budget can win a World Cup over the heavy weights on any given day a new champion can be born. That's when I'll love Cricket.

  • Geoffrey on September 9, 2012, 12:46 GMT

    @_Australian_- why don't you judge a composer then on how good his music is based on how many notes he writes? Bradman aside the answer is no, I could pick an all time England XI better than any combined Australian side.

  • Anand on September 8, 2012, 10:52 GMT

    I am not a firm believer of ICC's ranking's.I don't know on which basis they decide the ranking's.Also i am quiet suprise to know that Australia are below Ireland in T20 ranking.It is quiet bizzare that they are at the bottom of the table.I haven't seen them playing against Ireland in T20.As T20 world cup approaches in few weeks time i expect them to give tough fight as they have big match temperament in important tournaments.

  • Robert on September 8, 2012, 5:34 GMT

    @Geoffery Anthony Plumbridge. I am thinking before the 80's. Interesting you choose average for your arguement. How convienent! Why not aggregate? Then it's a far different story and my point is well and truely valid. In all disiplines we have better players except allrounder as Botham has that and possibly keeper but I prefer a keeper who can bat. If you were to pick a best 11 from both nations I think we would have a far superior team.

  • richard on September 7, 2012, 15:00 GMT

    @davidpk as an Australian of Irish desent I iagree with you we are not the same.

  • richard on September 7, 2012, 14:04 GMT

    @ thebarmyarmy your fellow countrymen also discovered soccer, and your reputation in that sport is about the same as in the cricket world.

  • david on September 7, 2012, 12:09 GMT

    redwhitearmy. you may feel that but but as an english supporter i want to beat the aussies at any given time. it is even better than being world # 1 if we can be # 1 an top of the world then all well an good. when the aussies beat us it hurts, you can can how much it hurts them when you read randy/jonesy you can see how much it hurts him.

  • david on September 7, 2012, 12:00 GMT

    ygkd. england can sellect from any of the home nations inc northern island as they are part of the uk. ireland is a different story as they i believe are similar to an overseas player who had to wait 4 years increased i think now.

  • Paul on September 7, 2012, 11:26 GMT

    Randy ozzy we created the sport. How does it feel to love something so much thats made by the poms?

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