Pakistan v England 2011-12

'England No. 1 because of home advantage' - Miandad

Umar Farooq

January 20, 2012

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Javed Miandad in training gear, Lahore,  April 8, 2004
Javed Miandad: "I always feel an extra sense of satisfaction when Pakistan beat England or Australia." © AFP
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Javed Miandad, the former Pakistan captain, has questioned England's status as the No. 1 side in the world Test rankings after their defeat inside three days against Pakistan in Dubai.

Miandad, one of England's most redoubtable opponents in his playing days, always relishes a chance to revive battles of old and he did so again when he suggested England's rise to the top of the rankings owed much to home advantage and took little account of their perennial weakness in Asia.

"I don't believe much in rankings because it doesn't give a clear picture of the team's overall performance in the world," Miandad said. "England is mainly the top side without playing in Asia and you must give credit to Pakistan that they have been playing with no home advantage and still they are winning. England are now the No. 1 team because they had the home advantage and never lost in their backyard."

Miandad, who made 260 against England at The Oval in 1987 as Pakistan piled up 708, freely admitted that victories against them had a special piquancy.

"I always feel an extra sense of satisfaction when Pakistan beat England or Australia - it always carries a special importance," he said. "Practically everything clicked against England. A circle that includes every aspect of the game rotated smoothly. Batsman scored runs; bowlers did accordingly to the expectations."

"We experienced a very bad time in 2010 and because of that our cricket was suffered a lot. Our victories always were overshadowed by the controversies. But the victory against England was a special one."

More criticism of England's performance came from Abdul Qadir, a former Pakistan legspinner and selector. He expressed surprise that England had lost in such an "unprofessional manner".

"I was never expecting that England could go that low, to be packed up in just three days," Qadir said. "The most pathetic things I observed about the England batting was that on the first day, when fast-bowlers were supposed to take wickets they were exposed by spinners and later on in the second innings, when the spinners were supposed to dominate they fell into the hands of fast bowlers.

"This is a buzzer for the English think tank, about their strategy. It's like they didn't do their homework and that fact was exposed cheaply. I always deemed England a very professional side but the way they played [casts] doubts [on] my views about them."

Waqar Younis, Pakistan's former fast bowler and coach, said that the spot-fixing scandal had made the players stronger and was a driving force behind their consistency over the last 18 months.

"I'm really proud of the way they've responded to all the criticism and scepticism that they had to deal with after the spot-fixing scandal," he said. "The players were determined to show everyone what Pakistan cricket is all about after the scandal. They realised that the only way to respond to the crisis was to perform well and let the results speak for themselves."

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Posted by Dubious on (January 23, 2012, 23:52 GMT)

Miandad must have forgotten about England winning a series in Australia. When was the last time Pakistan did that?

Posted by Sagay-Ed on (January 23, 2012, 15:25 GMT)

Too early to say this. Now Pakistan is trying some mind games. If England batsmen avoid few bad shots, they can occupy crease longer. When India was no.1, rankings didnt matter. When India lost No.1 ranking then it got huge importance. I dont know why nobody likes India when they are playing well.

Posted by Rouky04 on (January 23, 2012, 11:07 GMT)

As pakistani, well done pakistan but i always support england after pakistan in cricket. Pak team should not carried away with this only one win.....england is no doubt a very good side and stage is been set for cracker in Abu Dhabi.....every team has weaknesses and england had their lets c what world no. 1 side has to offer us.......

Posted by Meety on (January 23, 2012, 3:10 GMT)

England deserves to be #1 end of story. How long they stay there is uncertain as they have 3 tough Asian tours inside 12mths. Losing in Asia doesn't make them unworthy, just not great. Whilst India were bagged as a weak #1 side, they did add to their credibility by drawing the Saffas in Saffaland. However 7 straight away losses has dumped them badly! It will be interesting to see how it all pans out, I wish Aamir could play for Pakistan, then we would have Oz & Pakistan on the upward swing coming up against a yo-yo Saffas & a strong England at the top of the "real" ratings. India will continue to rate well as they play at home exclusively for the next 12 to 18mths!

Posted by g.narsimha on (January 23, 2012, 2:37 GMT)

STILL FEW FANATIC ENG supportares are not prepared to cometo the reality that their team is pathetic in this part of the world , my coments are basaed on their pathetic past performance , specially in india for the last 2 decades , they gloath the last ashes win in aus , but the conditions in eng-aus are almost similar , however no demeaning to their wins , in that metter india did far better in its erlier tours in eng,aus compared to these teams performance in our place during the last decade

Posted by sajjad.kernel on (January 22, 2012, 19:25 GMT)

@ very careful what you say about let me know which country you are from and I will show you the stupid from your players....if you are from india than i dont have to further say anything as ind has never produced a good player

Posted by adarshrulz on (January 22, 2012, 19:00 GMT)

lol my stomach is hs started to ach laughing after reading some comments above... they say pakistan is winning on foreign soil lol... nd ind only wins on home soil.. ha ha it"ll bw grt pleasure if anyone on earth cn make me understand d difference btw pakistan and uae pitches... flat pitches just like everyehere else in the subcontinent.. pakistani shud say this when they start winning in green swinging nd bouncy wickets like in eng or aus... so dnt be too cozy abt dat pak fans..

Posted by RohanMarkJay on (January 22, 2012, 16:15 GMT)

I agree with you Gerard Pereira. England are a good side, like Australia and South Africa are now but are nowhere near a great side. When ever they get a bit of success in sport the English media builds em to ridiculous levels like they do with their football team. Anyone who is knowledgeable about Cricket knows that England is unproven in the desert in the Middle East or in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Personally I think this England team will get hammered in Sri Lanka because the current England batsman haven't got the technique or the skill to play spin bowling well (I expect Herath to be man of the series their like Ajmal here) like their Pakistani or Sri Lankan counterparts who are wonderful players of spin bowling. I mean I really enjoyed the way for example the Pakistan batsman in particular Younis Khan handled Graham Swann, wonderful use of the feet and great batting technique! However England's strength is they have a good bowling attack in England but not in Pak,Ind,SL.

Posted by Capround on (January 22, 2012, 13:45 GMT)

As a Pakistani supporter, I do not think one should read too much into one loss by a team coming off a long layoff from test cricket. What if England turns around to win or draw this series? Then all this slamming of England will sound silly. Do understand though that this may be a rejoinder to Bob Willis's sore looser comments about Ajmal's action.

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 9:47 GMT)

I agree with miandad. Most teams have played and won matches on their home grounds. Pakistan has been winning on foreign grounds.

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 9:02 GMT)

Pakistan is now free from fixing germs and group-ism, 18 victorious months eliciting the fact mentioned with louder vocals. It is revealed already that Pakistan is more capable and talented to beat and overwhelm anyside either away or home. The advantage acquired by Pakistan is triplet of bowlers, in last 2 decades it was Wasim, Waqar and Shoaib's triplet, now Here is Ajmal, Abdur Rahman and last but not least AFRIDI's triplet, this triplet can surely challenge any team in the conditions provided. Willing to look ahead The new era of Cricket Under the Crowned Pakistan being World's best side....Well Done Guys MASHA'ALLAH ... keep your morals always boosted up.... PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

Posted by SaintsFan on (January 22, 2012, 7:36 GMT)

Why are some people getting so excited by this one Pakistan victory? Please, take a back seat and enjoy, the show has just begun. I really think Mature Misbah has done a tremendous job captaining this unit. Hats off to you. In the conditions that these "NOT SO YOUNG" guns are playing - away from home always - and the hole that Pakistan Cricket had dug for themselves in 2010, I think Misbah, along with the mature head of the PCB Chairman as well as Mohsin, has done a fantastic job to keep the boys focused and not let complacency sneak in the camp, at least so far. Finally, its pleasantly surprising to see the Pakistan Team playing as a TEAM and not any one individual trying to be a SHOW BOAT.

Posted by shakaibkhan on (January 22, 2012, 7:19 GMT)

If great cricket legend says something, I am on his side...

Posted by g.narsimha on (January 22, 2012, 6:57 GMT)

RUST01-Every team is rubbish when it comes out of its terroterry,baring these 2 tours, our team done far better in eng&aus in our previous tours , where as aus lost 2-0 to india last time they visited & reg ENGLAND there is nothing to say as they proved pathetic in INDIA for the last 2 decades won nothing there & the same result awaits for coming series in oct later this year, we wont consider our team as rubbish , we had talent, huge fan following & mighty finqancal avenues ,d uiring the last 2 years we had been to all major cricketing nations , fared badly only in eng,& aus , now its turn of others to come to our place , if we loose in home than we consider our selves as rubbish , now ENGLAND is going to be proved as rubbish as happened in dubai thats why we indians hailing the pak win over eng .as it is apparent they cant play out side their confort zone ,can win only in eng or aus.

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 6:35 GMT)

The people praising Pakistan team will be thrashing them if & when the loose.......

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 5:42 GMT)

Wow, the comments made by Abdul Qadir and Miandad are a bit over reaching. Granted the game was an amazing victory for Pakistan, but to beat the drums of victory this loud is just juvenile and and a little premature in my opinion. Let the boys concentrate on their game and hopefully they can continue to implement their game plan effectively against the No. 1 Test team. Goodluck to the boys in Green!

Posted by Desihungama on (January 22, 2012, 5:13 GMT)

UAE is not Pakistan's home ground. It's just a beautiful desert but alien to real Pakistan. In Pakistan, we play our cricket in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar. UAE may have similar landscape to one of our region Baluchistan which is also desert alike. But we don't play cricket there in Baluchistan now do we?

Posted by theendoftheworld on (January 22, 2012, 4:45 GMT)

he says pakistan was playing without a home advantage???? what kind of bull shit is that??? dubai pitches are just like pitches in the sub continent and pakistan have played on this pitch more than any other team, so its obvious that they know the conditions very well and they also have the crowd support. he also said that england is mainly the top side without playing in asia, what about when pakistan are playing in england, australia, new zealand and south africa???? they lose most of the time!!!! so i would be very much obliged if you speak your mind by looking at pakistan's overall performance in the world!!!!

Posted by csowmi7 on (January 22, 2012, 4:05 GMT)

Dont forget guys India has won the world cup twice once in England and once at home a feat the English could only dream about :P.

Posted by henchart on (January 22, 2012, 4:04 GMT)

@Dravid_Gravitas: No need to drag India everywere and give the impression as if Cricket begins and ends in India.Pakistan and England are good teams but only in their backyards.England wilt at the thought of facing spin in Asia while India and Pakistan go green on seeing grass on English and Aus pitches although Pakistan bowlers over the years have been n times better than hyped Indian bowlers.I predict 3-0 Pakistan.

Posted by csowmi7 on (January 22, 2012, 3:57 GMT)

lol cant believe England fans are justifying their number 1 position because they won in Australia and drew in South Africa. In fact even India has drawn in South Africa. Unless England win in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan nobody is going to believe they are number 1. England winning in Australia and South Africa is like India winning in Sri Lanka and Pakistan and vice versa. This England team is going downhill faster than the Indians. Atleast we held on for 2 years. England dont have a single good player of spin except maybe Trott and prior to some extent.

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 3:40 GMT)

You are right Miandad but we must not forget that it was only first test match and there is more to come. Bitterly beaten English team is not going to take it just like that and they are going to use all that they have under their sleeves. I also doubt that if they will not be able to take revange on the field, they can be expected to play off field. whatever the final outcome but it will be better if we stay in low profile and let the talent of our players speak all by itself.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 23:04 GMT)

Javed, it is only one game. You only provoked England; watch out Pakistan.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 22:04 GMT)

m an indian and wishing luck to pakistan go for the kill..........

Posted by Naikan on (January 21, 2012, 21:46 GMT)

I can see that some people are doubting Pakistan's results or ability to win more. Please note that while their batting may not be mighty they have always had very good bowlers to draw from - especially for test cricket. I call them wicket taking bowlers and their aim is to snatch the batsmen's wicket and not just contain. Secondly one should also see that as a Test captain, Misbah has probably the best appreciation of what is needed in a test. How many times in the past have teams thrown away the advantage after bowling the opposition for a small score. Misbah made sure that they grind out the oppostion bowling to get the lead he wanted. Please also note that he won a test in England recently and would have probably won the series there if not for the spot fixing scandal. If he manages to win the next two tests, he will equal Jardine for the top test winning captain of all time (in ratio for captains with 15 or more tests).

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 20:31 GMT)

welll pakistan is coming back to its groove...they are playing solid cricket since some time now under the supervision of a down to earth and hard working misbah-ul-haq they r playing like a unit and untill they do that they r going to create problems for any team they face is about conditions maybe but remember only a professional side can earn the advantage of familiar conditions and that is what pakistan doing...and when it comes to pakistan playing bad in away series then for my indian freinds plz make ur records correct about ur own team and also cee the misery of indians conditions do play a part but still cricket has to be taken as the game of professionals.......................

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 17:12 GMT)

u are right mr javed miandad.actually all teams r no-1 in their home condition,,so at present no-1 ranking is still vaccant after the great westindies team in 70s nd 80s.,and australia team in 90s nd 00s under likes of mark taylor and steve waugh.........,,so go pakistan nd make british team cry and helpless .this time u are the most completely balance side in each department specially in bowling ........

Posted by haroonalvi on (January 21, 2012, 15:39 GMT)

Being a Pakistani I am embarrassed of the comments coming from our former greats. I guess some people refuse to believe that their time is over and its others' turn to get the limelight.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 15:06 GMT)

@ Neil Simpson on (January 21 2012, 09:19 AM GMT) england are number 1 end of there isnt a better team at the moment yes they will struggle in the subcontinent... but this is not SC pitch you will find those in india pakistan and SL... and in regards to Pakistan cant win outside of the SC we did last year against NZ and didnt have a shaby record in england btw... drew with aus there with a bunch of debutants... anyways my point is that this is not home conditions the pitches arent the same... in the same way england playing there cricket in SA...

Posted by heathrf1974 on (January 21, 2012, 13:47 GMT)

Someone has to be number 1. It is intresting how Miandad now says something supporting Pakistan cricket when they've won a test against England. Where was he before this? He should crawl back under his rock.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 12:41 GMT)

east or west PAKISTAN is best among the rest..............

Posted by maddy20 on (January 21, 2012, 12:39 GMT)

@rust01 I would encourage you to look at the final scoreline of the last two series Aus played in India. They were beaten or rather thrashed 2-0 last time they were here. Aus is not a great team in Asia either. The fact that they have only won 1 series in India in the last 40 years is the proof of my statement. As of now no team is good at playing in conditons away from home. Be it Aus, Eng,Ind or any other side

Posted by crazier on (January 21, 2012, 12:20 GMT)

@dhana sekar: it seems u have a short term memory loss. Pakistan won a test match in 2010 against eng

Posted by 5wombats on (January 21, 2012, 12:08 GMT)

@amit.80s on (January 21 2012, 10:11 AM GMT) you state; "And also all those who were comparing this England team with WIndies of 70s & 80s and Aus of last decade r now hiding their faces". Rubbish. Please find ONE SINGLE POST where England fans claim England as some kind of great side. You won't find one. The only people doing it are people like you - doing it in order to try and cover and excuse india's embarressment. Don't get dizzy at the prospect of Pakistan beating England. A lot of us England fans saw it coming. On the other hand wasn't it india fans who boasted that they'd whitewash England in England and then Australia in Australia? And look what happened - 7-0 and counting.... Every time we read an india post we just think "Whitewash". No "face hiding" from this England fan. Please publish.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 12:02 GMT)

I think England are worthy of the number 1 ranking in Test cricket as they proved over the last 2 and a half years in not loosing a series (and they may yet save this one). However, they did so without playing a good side in Asia (sorry Bangladesh), a historical weakness. If England are still number 1 by the end of the year having played Pakistan in UAE and then away series in India and Sri Lanka, with a developing WI and a strong SA to come at home in between, then they truly will be the undisputed number 1 side. Just as India's rise to number 1 came on the back of having not visited England or Australia in years. No side currently dominates like the WI of the 80s or Aussies from 95-05. But we shouldn't complain at that, just be glad that it makes for exciting, close cricket contests where several teams have the chance to be number 1 soon and everybody capable of beating anybody else, especially at home!!! Miandad should have said "England deserve to be number 1... for now..!"

Posted by AlanHarrison on (January 21, 2012, 11:52 GMT)

well, congratulations to Javed on receiving a world-record 287 comments to this thread and counting. I hope that's some consolation for the fact that Imran Khan declared on him when he was on only 280 not out against India in 1982-3, thus depriving Javed of the chance of passign Garry Sobers then record score of 365, an incident about which Javed whined at soem length in his autiobiography. Seriously I think Javed has a point that England are overrated, but the fact remains they've only lost one test match in over a year. If Pakistan go on to win the series, then Javed's points might carry more weight, but not until!

Posted by dilscoop_uk on (January 21, 2012, 11:45 GMT)

After 2005-06 Ashes win Pakistan beat England convincingly 2-0 . Now yet again after becoming No1 test side in their last test beating India they've been beaten again by the same side. A strong No 1 Indian side lost 4-0 to England in England . A much weaker Pakistan side won 4-1 and drew 1-1 against Australia in England.

Posted by LillianThomson on (January 21, 2012, 11:45 GMT)

Why are people foolish enough to take the ICC Test rankings seriously? Nobody paid the slightest attention when South Africa was ranked ahead of Australia five years ago, but all of a sudden when India hit top place people gave undue attention to the rankings. Misbah has done well to attain Test results over the last 18 months of P13 W7 D5 L1, and we should salute that. But his team hasn't had to play on bouncy tracks, and we won't be able to judge it until it tours South Africa twelve months from now. If they want to finish off England they should underprepare a horrid turning wicket at Abu Dhabi, but I doubt they have the courage to do so. Also, they need to get Umar Akmal into the team and do everything to get Amir campaigning against corruption and amnestied by the ICC.

Posted by flyer14 on (January 21, 2012, 11:31 GMT)

I am a Pakistani an Asian and a cricket lover.I always support India,S.L or B.D when they are playing against any nation other than Pakistan.I wish Indian legendary player Sachan Tendulkar not only century of centuries but a triple century as this is the only land mark this great great has not crossed yet.

Posted by MAC786 on (January 21, 2012, 11:27 GMT)

Posted by Dhana Sekar on (January 21 2012, 09:20 AM GMT) This win doesn't mean england are weak against spin or toosra .i don't accept ajmal as best spin bowler.

Just go and look at the stats for last year.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 11:25 GMT)

Things happen in cricket England had a miserable 3 days , Pakistan had a brilliant 3 days. What was excellent about the win was that Pakistan came through even after losing the toss, the Poms surely gave away a considerable advantage. I hear these apparent detractors like Miandad and Qadir belittling England and questioning their Numero Uno status , they are definitely the number ones regardless of them winning in Asia. They may not be like the Juggernaut Aussies of the early -mid 2000's but they along with the Boks are the most solid of test teams at the moment, an over-rated number one but a number one nonetheless. Lets take test cricket for what it is ''A Game Of Glorious Uncertainties'' Enough Said.

Posted by sajjad.kernel on (January 21, 2012, 11:24 GMT)

Miandad is absolutely right....Eng is not No rather SA and AUS played poorly to give way to poor teams like ind and eng to reach no 1 spot....

Posted by WeeBee on (January 21, 2012, 11:11 GMT)

hmmm! I dont agree with MIANDAD , ENGLISH team has proved that they are best!. Now Pakistanis are proving that they are better than the best !!! ...

Posted by Stark62 on (January 21, 2012, 11:05 GMT)

Miandad needs to give credit to Eng because at least they did much better than Ind when they were no. 1!

Ind got hammered badly but I'm sure Eng will make a strong comeback and Pak shouldn't take things lightly or they will lose.

Posted by Dardemund on (January 21, 2012, 10:58 GMT)

Every Pride Hath A Fall....A Universal Truth. That happened to these Englishmen and their By-Products (UK-AUS) in the recent past. Both Teams are in a habit to rely 50% on their respective Media for putting undue psychological pressures by targeting the visiting teams or any particular player. Only SA shows a real fighting spirit and sportsmanship although they are genetically close to their ancestors but mixed. Anyway, the inevitable is done and more to come. So, take it as a Public Message to All. Good Luck to the humble Pakistan. UFA Dar

Posted by Nigels on (January 21, 2012, 10:55 GMT)

Thank you Javier...the English are not the best Test side, but they are there by default because of the test matches they have played at their own background....let them play more often in Asia, even bangladesh can win against them seeing that losing within 3 days is not that good at all...

Posted by ktic on (January 21, 2012, 10:33 GMT)

English?!?!? Win a game - no effect since they hype themselves way too much before the game... Lose a game - become a laughable stock since they hype themselves way to much before the game. Moral of the story - either way English lose !!!

Posted by amit.80s on (January 21, 2012, 10:11 GMT)

This ranking system is absolutely rubbish all teams should be ranked according to how many test they win away from home. And also all those who were comparing this England team with WIndies of 70s & 80s and Aus of last decade r now hiding their faces.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 10:04 GMT)

Welldone Pakistan but I have to say that if England are not champions then no body else are. Australian reign days are over so who ever stick to number one position for one calendar year, to me are number 1 side in the world regardless of their matches in or out their home conditions. Lastly, all the best to Pakistan for the series.

Posted by 07sanjeewakaru on (January 21, 2012, 10:01 GMT)

England is very poor in facing spin.When they met SL in last ENG summer ODI's they struggled to deal with even very slowly bowled googlies by partytimer Jeewan mendis.Surely their batters will struggle in ASIA.But Don't be overconfidence.As you may know SL beat SA in SA When even someones wildly dream not allowed for that.No team has ever beaten AUS in AUS innings for 3 times in one summer.But this ENG team did.Don't take off the paddle PAK.Ensure not long regime for this commenwelthXI (ENG) it's good for world cricket.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 9:47 GMT)

OK everyone calm down 1 result doesn't change the face of the whole game. Pakistan were very good, England's batting was woeful, I thought that Pakistan's first innings was a fair representation of that pitch, they batted solidly and England bowled solidly.

This debate is never going to go away, people just needs to accept that cricket is as much about conditions as the players, all teams have to play home and away. Very few teams are consistently successful away from home, even the Australian teams of the early 00's struggled in Asia and lets face it Asian teams are consistently awful away from home. I would remind the Pakistan fans that it's only 18 months since they were well beaten in England. That being said Pakistan's performance of late is especially noteworthy as they never get to play at home now. Fact is at present there are no teams who excel in alien conditions and England are the best of them. Heres hoping England can get it together and we get a competitive series.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 9:44 GMT)

Pakistan got one step forward to be a No.1 team in the world For next match they need to give rest to Asad Shafiq and give a chance to more mature Umer Akmal and he need to proof his self that he is fit for this level.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 9:20 GMT)

This win doesn't mean england are weak against spin or toosra .i don't accept ajmal as best spin bowler. england even not playing good cricket against ICC Combined Associate and Affiliate XI. pakistan already play more than two years from dubai. that mean they treat the pitch as a home pitch. england plays against australia in australia and then newzealand and also in southafrica. bcoz the england bowlers perform in bouncy pitch and also swann playing better than the fast for last two years. pakistan than 4 years pakistan didn't won a single match against england from 2006-2010. when australia are number one for more than 8 years they lost against england more than 2 matches against england in 2005 ashes. so dont blame for a singe defeat. the only team lost match a test match in two days is pakistan. these bowling or batting attack doesn't do anything against england for the upcoming test. i am sure it happens

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 9:19 GMT)

Its not quite correct to say Pakistan dont have home advantage and then say England cant win in asia..... Pakistan are in Asia just a different part.... and besides, if England were not number 1, who would be in there place, Pakistan cant win outside the subcontinent...... so they wouldnt deserve it either. England beat Australia away which is a rarity then thrashed the previous incumbent of the number 1 spot 4 nil. I think that is reason enough to be number 1

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 9:17 GMT)

I was intrigued enough by all the jingoistic breast-beating on this thread to collate - along with each team's win percentage - the results of all Test matches played throughout the calendar years 2010 & 2011. Here is each team's respective Test record over that two-year period: ENG P20 W15 L2 D3 Win% 75; AUS P21 W10 L8 D3 Win% 47; SA P14 W6 L4 D4 Win% 43; IND P26 W11 L8 D7 Win% 42; PAK P20 W8 L7 D5 Win% 40; ZIM P3 W1 L2 D0 Win% 33; NZ P11 W3 L5 D3 Win% 27; WI P16 W2 L6 D8 Win% 12; SL P17 W2 L5 D10 Win% 11; BAN P12 W0 L11 D1 Win% 0. So, the closest win percentage to England's 75 is Australia's 47 (ironically enough, considering what happened at Cape Town). As the only genuine battle appears to be the ferocious scrap for second place between Australia, South Africa, India & Pakistan, perhaps we can now consider this a case of Case Closed?

Posted by tahir989 on (January 21, 2012, 9:07 GMT)

Need a nail in the coffin and some respite with Umar Akmal coming back to the side. With him on board, we will have an outside chance of winning the remaining tests as well....... Hafeez on the top and Umar in the middle is a sure firing up all cylinders and runs ticking at more reqular intervals... But, hey ............ I don't make selections, though wish I did.

Posted by rust01 on (January 21, 2012, 9:07 GMT)

@vivek464, India own Australia and Emgland next time. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. What planet have you been on lately. It is also funny how Indians are suddenly becoming Pakistan supporters when they normally rubbish and ridicule anything to do with Pakistan. Totally hypocritical. But I suppose when your own team is rubbish........

Posted by harisheri on (January 21, 2012, 9:03 GMT)

i am fully agree with miandad.bcoz the way pakistan is performing, is fantastic becoz they have face a longer controvential period.and now they defeated the no.1 english team........i think it marvellous...keep it up PAKISTAN

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 8:48 GMT)

England have beaten majority oppposition everywhere home and away, apart from asian teams in asia. Australia were the same for years (while at No.1), Ponting was desperate to win in india. Fact of the matter is, though Eng/Aus/NZ/SA dont win in Asia very often, none of the asia teams cant win anywhere else but home?! WI/ZIM/BANG lose everywhere... So how is it skewed that England are No.1? SL getting thrashed by SA? India getting absolutely trounced by Aus? I know that the tables will turn when we come to watch Aus in Ind or SA in SL, but the asian teams generally put up less of a fight away than Eng/Aus/SA. That, im afraid, is a fact.

Maybe it is a reflection of the ranking system, and perhaps some aspects of it do need to change, but nobody can put up a valid argument to say that Eng dont deserve the No.1 spot.

It is a beautiful game, and one i wouldnt change for the world. Bring on Pakistan, and here's hoping Saeed Ajmal develops a temporary mental block on how to bowl...

Posted by Trebor57 on (January 21, 2012, 8:46 GMT)

Well done to Pakistan. But can't agree with TheBengalTiger "Its a question of playing well in unfamilier conditions. The Asian teams have proved they can do this." How is this accurate in the light of India being thrashed by England 4/0 and already being 3/0 against Australia in "unfamiliar conditions" ie. away from home. The haven't done it very well at all. I think reality is that all teams perform better on their own turf, no matter which country we are talking about.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 8:43 GMT)

any one who is expecting england will bounce back so its not gonaa happend becz in next match junaid khan is coming and u all english batsman will face the muzik,also some of english gys are commenting that england teams are blighted by spin bwling in last match so its wrong statments do cheq match stat again and cheq how in second inning all batsman were caught by umer gul,Pak is the heaven of fast bowlers so its been the strength since the cricket start,so all england batsmsn get ready to face another ammir...Plz publish cricinfo

Posted by bill-iqbal on (January 21, 2012, 8:18 GMT)

@ English cricket team....i was supposed to come over and watch the 4 and 5 day. So thanks for nothing. @ Pakistan...watching you guys on TV was just as sublime. Keep it up Misbah and Team. U ROCK..................

Posted by IndiaNumeroUno on (January 21, 2012, 8:16 GMT)

Just saw a few days old article on Beebs where the author was going on about how invincible the England team are.. the article had the phrase "Ruthless, consistent, brutal".... couldn't stop laughing... made my weekend! :-))

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 8:15 GMT)

Pakistan team played very well and i say to the team good luck

Posted by amjonline on (January 21, 2012, 8:11 GMT)

When its unileteral business inside the ground then let it be bileteral in press good sayin MIANDAD and BOB keep it up Keep buzzing keep fuzzing after all this is cricket.

Posted by Andy1102 on (January 21, 2012, 7:50 GMT)

Just like most people I enjoyed Pakistan's win over England. I appreciated the wonderful bowling of Ajmal and company and it's great to see a rejuvenated Pakistan. However, this gloating by all fans Asian is just plain sickening. Whatever happened to not losing poorly and on the flip side, winning graciously. Your comments reveal a distinct lack of maturity and griousness and you then wonder why everyone dislikes you.

As to the rankings; yes you may be able to climb to the top of the rankings off the back of a series of home tests (ala India) but true greatness is found in maintaining the ranking, not achieving it. India would still hold the number one position had they beaten England (away) and Australia (away). Australia and the West Indies were great because they won everywhere, if England are found wanting so be it and that will be reflected in the rankings. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the ranking system.

And before the accusations begin, I am no Englishman.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 7:43 GMT)

The strength of England Team lies not on their competence or Backyard but the partisan English media, who leaves no stone unturned to stigmatize visitors, particularly Pakistan, to create psychological negativity.

Team England, start working on your feet movement instead of freezing when threatened by a better side.

Posted by hozefa_q on (January 21, 2012, 7:40 GMT)

I would be happy to see the score line 3-0 in favor of Pakistan. Just need to show English team where are they, would be great if Pak show them their original place. After the white wash against India they (Eng) where on the sky thinking that no one can beat them, their senior retired cricketers passing the comment that this Eng team would be No1 for long time. Now where are they? This proves one thing that in today's cricket clearly home team has full advantage and doing white washes against guest. We are passing lot of comment against our team about their recent losing run. No doubt, India team hasn't played the game as per the expectation however in today's age no team is super or flop. Lots of ho hallas where there for Eng when they beat us. Now what. Eng is in the same category now like what India was when they were there. Mr. Nassir Hussain/Artherton/Flintoff/Vaughan you all will see now Eng in his original place, more to come Srlanka series. All team play well on their home soil

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 7:40 GMT)

this is going to be an era of 5 years atleast where home teams will not loose their matches but they will when they go to unfamiliar conditions like england in asia losing, india in australia losing , srilanka in south africa all are examples and true

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas on (January 21, 2012, 6:54 GMT)

BTW, did anybody notice that with only 15 runs to get, Strauss persisted with his regular bowlers. What does that tell you about England? Absurd and pretty ordinary.

Posted by FatBoysCanBat on (January 21, 2012, 6:52 GMT)

What is Miandad on about? They destroyed Aussie in the Ashes, beat Bangladesh in Bangladesh and drew 1-1 in South Africa in a hard fought series. Also, it probably isn't much of a big deal that Pakistan aren't playing in Pakistan because the pitches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are of the same essence as Pakistan - batting paradises that take turn in days 4-5.

Posted by sk12 on (January 21, 2012, 6:47 GMT)

yorkshirematt - haha welcome to life @ the top mate.. We wer in a similar position few months ago. The whole world seems so united in their thoughts of wanting us beaten and bruised. Ther would be so many baseless, ridiculous, bemusing, hate commenst flying around.Sadly for us evrything they said became true. Hope your team does better than the INdian team. You have the bowlers who can do it.. not so sure about the batting though. Oh and btw, I'ld just love the Pak team to sweep the series.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 6:45 GMT)

Well done pakistan hope at the end pakistan take series wit 3-0 and all test end in 3 days like 1st test

Posted by ABRAR-JANJUA on (January 21, 2012, 6:33 GMT)

@Dravid Gravistas you remind me comments of Sanil Gavaskar in WC 1992 when he was supporting Pakistan to win the WC Final against England and some one asked him why he was supporting Pakistan and he simply replied that as India was out of contest i want Pakistan to win the WC for Asia....

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 6:28 GMT)

When you are up to it, you can beat any side in the world... Series is not yet over.. pakistan has to win the series in order to give intent that they are here to prove something like WAQAR said"They are now proving the what is pakistan cricket is all about" you can never opt out Pakistan from International Cricket ... Soon Pakistan will be World No.1 side in the world test and odi ranking. Inshallah

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 6:12 GMT)

I am from India and I really appreciate Pakistan cricket. Despite all the controversies surrounding them, they perform well like a top team. I wonder what could they do if everything is alright in their nation. :)

Posted by donda on (January 21, 2012, 6:08 GMT)

It's just one win , there are two matches to go, i don't think comments like that by ex-pakistani players will do any good. England is #1 team and they have 90% chance to fight back and like champion they may win the series.

I think , people are not proud of the win but the team they win against is big thing here. It was england where pakistan team was insulted into spot fixing scandal and now as a whole nation we are enjoying like we took a revenge.

Come on guys , it's just game of cricket and i am sure england is going to bounce back to shut all loud mouths.

Pakistan need to be very careful.

Posted by eng_mdkhan on (January 21, 2012, 6:06 GMT)

Its a die hard Pakistani habit they will start praising themselves and taunting others till something really embarrassing happens and they go back into their hole.

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (January 21, 2012, 6:03 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 5:57 GMT)

@Gurpreet Singh Dadwal A friends house might be like your house but it is not "your house". Pakistani Team is forced to play in U.A.E due to the security issues in Pakistan. This in no way means U.A.E is our home ground. Further home advantage even includes home crowd!!! you can undertand the rest. Well played Pakistaan!!!

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (January 21, 2012, 5:56 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 5:52 GMT)

@Devapriya. Since there are "three lions", would 3-0 be an appropriate gift to the guests from the hosts. Show the Asian hospitality.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 5:49 GMT)

Currently here is no team which deserves the No 1 status. Everyone is an emperor in his own empire. When the teams step out to other shores, they all wobble and sometime even crumble. Of course, all teams can show that some time or other they had won overseas. But, each such case, irrespective of which team it is, looks like an exception, than the norm.

Posted by MalikNomii on (January 21, 2012, 5:40 GMT)

Great win Pakistan. I hope they will do best in future. For England i think they take Pakistan very easy and then Ajmal Attack they have no way to come back in test. And now in 2nd test Eng have fully prepare for Ajmal so Pakistan have to work hard in both end Bowling and Batting. Bresnan is the best choice for Eng in 2nd test in place of Tremlet. Because 2nd test is very important for Eng to win and to alive the series. Monty pensar is a gud bowler but i think Eng have to b very carefull in 2nd test so Bresnan is the best choice

Posted by maximus1982 on (January 21, 2012, 5:38 GMT)

for pakistan dubai is like home now.pakistan is tougher to beat in those grounds and england will also hard to beat at their home grounds as well. look at INDIA they can not win in overseas. they get humliated in australia these days, they are more like west indians or bangledesh when they play in green pitches. england may fight back .....they are a top side and must bounce back. expect a tough series ahead

Posted by Romenevans on (January 21, 2012, 5:35 GMT)

Couldn't agree with him more. The whole 2012 year in sub-continent will be like a "reality check" shocker for this over-hyped english team.

Posted by sharj33l on (January 21, 2012, 5:33 GMT)

Gud win but get ready to tighten up your screws........

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 5:33 GMT)

"I don't believe much in rankings because it doesn't give a clear picture of the team's overall performance in the world," --- i Agree with him.

Posted by B.C.G on (January 21, 2012, 5:32 GMT)

Pakistan's real away test will come when they play in England,S.A,Australia.Till then enjoy the artificial away(supposedly) victories

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 5:30 GMT)

Pakistan is the most consistently balanced Asian side through out the ages. They've always had Pacemen & Batsmen of superior quality in abundance, and the luxury of having a world class spinner (e.g. ...- Qadir -Mushtaq -SAQLAIN -Kaneria -Ajmal). If they could set the standard bar for fielding a bit higher, they'll be the team to beat! In the meantime, the administrators should look to establish an un-breachable firewall to keep their players off controversy). PAKISTAN ZINDAHBAD!

Posted by B.C.G on (January 21, 2012, 5:28 GMT)

@EVERYONE WHO REPLIED BACK-please explain what exactly is different b/w the pakistani & uae pitches?

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 5:19 GMT)

from an indian fan,well done pakistan,,hoping for a clean sweep...god bless

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 5:18 GMT)

I was intrigued enough by all the jingoistic breast-beating on this thread to collate - along with each team's win percentage - the results of all Test matches played throughout the calendar years 2010 & 2011. Here is each team's respective Test record over that two-year period: ENG P20 W15 L2 D3 Win% 75; AUS P21 W10 L8 D3 Win% 47; SA P14 W6 L4 D4 Win% 43; IND P26 W11 L8 D7 Win% 42; PAK P20 W8 L7 D5 Win% 40; ZIM P3 W1 L2 D0 Win% 33; NZ P11 W3 L5 D3 Win% 27; WI P16 W2 L6 D8 Win% 12; SL P17 W2 L5 D10 Win% 11; BAN P12 W0 L11 D1 Win% 0. So, the closest win percentage to England's 75 is Australia's 47 (ironically enough, considering what happened at Cape Town). As the only genuine battle appears to be the ferocious scrap for second place between Australia, South Africa, India & Pakistan, perhaps we can now consider this a case of Case Closed?

Posted by Busie1979 on (January 21, 2012, 5:15 GMT)

They had a bad game. Big deal. People seem to overreact to a couple of bad games. No doubt, it was a shocker. Player for player, England and South Africa are the best balanced sides. Australia need to find a couple more good batsman and see a slight improvement in Lyon and they will be in the same bracket. The fact is, England are number 1 - that makes them the best side in the world over the last couple of years. They lack real legends in the game, so are not a great number 1 side like Australia or West Indies were, but they are the best going around right now. Give credit where credit is due.

Posted by USAPakCricFollower on (January 21, 2012, 4:49 GMT)

I wish our former legends would keep their emotions under control. This is just one win, though a satisfying one. England is a legitimate no.1 and they will surely come back in the series and give Pakistan a run for the money. I agree with Sutiro, a better role for the legends of Pakistan would be to play their part in making sure the current players stay focused on cricket and the rest will take care of itself as they are a talented bunch.

Posted by me54321 on (January 21, 2012, 4:44 GMT)

Everyone loves to have a pop at England. Apparently our fans, commentators, and players are all arrogant, disrespectful, pompous, and/or overrated. I'll agree after watching the first game it does seem our team is not quite as good as we were led to believe, but we're all taking it on the chin and congratulating Pakistan for playing well. It is still more than possible we'll bounce back now, and us England fans may get the deserved chance to give some of it back. As far as the rankings go, someone's got to be No.1, and pretty clearly it's us right now. One thing I will say though is there are quite a few sensible comments from Pakistan fans on these comments sections, and most of the vitriolic rubbish does seem to be coming from elsewhere.

Posted by hvijay.1985 on (January 21, 2012, 4:33 GMT)

@yorkshirematt: You're going through the same feelings as Indian fans had when we toured England and started losing.

Posted by RiazQureshi on (January 21, 2012, 4:31 GMT)

should i stop writing my comments as you select commentson ypour sweet will to publish...please publish comments already written

Posted by unregisteredalien on (January 21, 2012, 4:23 GMT)

@cyniket, hear hear. @Dravid_Gravitas, you are normally a thoughtful chap, I suggest you think about this. Same goes for many others on this board. If this is about respect, behave like adults and you'll find you get it.

Posted by woodhaven on (January 21, 2012, 4:18 GMT)

england won ashes in australia, so its not only in their home ground. asian pitch always favor asians, so why doubt?

Posted by wristy on (January 21, 2012, 4:11 GMT)

People love to comment how the indians are flat track bullies. By the sound of them you would think batting in subcontinent is easy. Why then cant the bouncy track bullies play well the in the subcontinent? LOL

Posted by asmz09 on (January 21, 2012, 4:09 GMT)

It was shocking! I am a Pakistani living in Karachi, but I didn't expect England to give up without a fight in 3 days. Best of luck to the Pakistan team, especially SAEED AJMAL.

Posted by chandau on (January 21, 2012, 4:05 GMT)

@ largebluecat: "If India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka can't be bothered to turn up for a three or five test series then of course results against Australia or SA will be more significant" DUH typical pommy arrogance! get ur facts correct before writing mate. its not the option of India Pakistan or Sri Lanka to tour England for 5 tests or when or how often. It is decided by ICC Future Tours Plan. The faact that Sri Lanka have to play 3 tests in May in arctic conditions speaks for it self. Come to Sri lanka where the sun shines and the light is bright and play real cricket. Not make claims to fame by playing under overcast skys and floodlights when permitted LOL YFAH :)

Posted by kasyapm on (January 21, 2012, 4:04 GMT)

I only hope Pak's former players are not speaking too early. The series is not lost and there are 2 matches to go. I believe England will fight back, but it remains to be seen whether they can perform against Pak's spin attack.

Posted by RoJayao on (January 21, 2012, 3:45 GMT)

This is just awesome for an Aussie fan to see and hear, everyone getting stuck into England! Lol Go Pakistan!

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 3:14 GMT)

True people like James Anderson is highly overrated. Look he is a swing bowler who thrives in English condition. Any bowler with a bowling average of over 30 can't be deemed great. And just see what happened to Tremlet. He went wicketless that to against a team who are not known for their batting might. Every current team is unbeatable at their home turf nowadays. If the same Pakistan team travel to England, they will be beaten as any other Asian team. This #1 tag is not a true measure of the quality of the team. Those days are gone.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 3:10 GMT)

Well done Pakistan.. The only way to stay out of match fixing controversy is to keep winning. And the only way to keep winning is to avoid playing the big names. The level headed guys have an unmatched desire to win which is an amazing driving force. I will wait for the outcome of the second test before commenting on the weakness of the English team. We have seen Pakistan hitting bottom too often for no reasons. I will be watching the next match with more interest than the Adelaide test where my team is palying the Aussies....... A cricket lover from India.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 3:08 GMT)

Yes, my comment is directed towards Gurpreet Singh Dadwal. Maybe you should do some homework before writing something against a legend like Mr. Miandad. I think Gurpreet is the one who needs to checkout the correct definition for Home field advantage,,,,,, when we said Dubai or for that matter, UAE pitches are like home pitches, we meant "PITCH" in Flat Pitch. As far as the Home Field Advantage goes, No! Dubai is not like playing in Pakistan, because we still don't have the backing of home crowd. If I remember correctly, there were more English supporters in Dubai stadium than Pakistan supporters. So Pakistan and England are battling it out in a neutral venue. Obviously, the winning team is the better team, and in Test No.1, which ended in 3 days, Pakistan happens to be it. We will see as the series progresses, so don't go start taking England's side blindly, that they deserve to be #1. I think Pak has put together a damn good team, which can beat anyone, even India. AMEN!!

Posted by hmmmmm... on (January 21, 2012, 3:03 GMT)

I've read a lot of hot air from english journalists and fans in the lead up to this series - "one of the great teams of all times", "best this and that", but like india's very short visit to the top of the rankings, england seem to have basked a bit too long in reaching the tag of number 1 assuming that it is now a given. maybe it's a case of having been at the bottom for too long and finally reaching their target. What separates the great teams from the good for a while is that they are not concerned so much with the tag of being #1, but are actually the best and beat all comers for a sustained period of time (that 10-15 years not 12 months). The next two/three years of test cricket are going to be fascinating - a resurgent pakistan and australia and an established south africa and england...let's hope india and sri lanka can rebuild and we could have some excellent test series.

Posted by Guthers007 on (January 21, 2012, 2:52 GMT)

Pakistan are still winning are they Mr Miandad? And what have they won recently??

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 2:52 GMT)

WHO CARES what miandad and any other retired players think ... england is much better team then pakistan but pakistan played very good in fist test ..

Posted by CricketFundas on (January 21, 2012, 2:38 GMT)

@yorkshirematt Keep dreaming dude. If England dont play the majority of their tests at home, they will be hammered into submission very soon. Welcome to the shortest stay as #1 Mr. English fan!

Go Pakistan, you rock!

Posted by NAZMO-CRICKFANN on (January 21, 2012, 2:22 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 2:08 GMT)

Truly an amazing win over an over-rated England team...keep it up Pakistan...

Posted by aracer on (January 21, 2012, 1:59 GMT)

@TheBengalTiger - which Asian teams have shown they can play well in unfamiliar conditions? In the last 5 years, India have won 1 test in England, 1 in SA, 1 in Australia and lost 10 in those countries. Pakistan have won 1 in England, 0 in SA or Australia and lost 7 in those countries. SL have won 1 in SA, 0 in England or Aus and lost 5 in those countries. I'm excluding other Asian countries and discounting NZ, WI and Zim! as having weak (or inconsistent) teams there is less merit in beating. Doesn't look too good a record to me. Granted England's record in Asia is far worse, but nobody is claiming they've been good in recent years - there was (and still is) just a bit of optimism that this particular team might be able to crack it. Personally I've always suspected that Pakistan could be the toughest opposition they face this year - their ICC ranking is certainly misleadingly poor.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 1:39 GMT)

This man is an utter moron. Apparently, England lose one test and the Ashes of 2010/11 suddenly didn't happen.

Posted by Tumbarumbar on (January 21, 2012, 1:39 GMT)

Me thinks 'The Bengal Tiger' who claims below that the Asian teams play well in unfamiliar conditions has been eating too many peacocks as he stalks through the jungle as he seems to have a bucket load of feathers disrupting the memory centre of his brain. Asian teams win tests here and there and short game tournaments of greater or lesser importance but the real measure of performing in unfamiliar conditions is winning test series and that's not been happening.

Posted by RiazQureshi on (January 21, 2012, 1:22 GMT)

My ideal crickter Miandad and Pakistani fans should not sound arrogant when describing only win against England and we should not beat the trumpet of defeating England within three days because now a days after the induction of 50/50 and 20/20 all the cricketers play the game in fast mode and hence we see most of the matches reach 4 days the most. Yes we may be happy with moral boosting win but there is no need to be carried away. Rather we should focus on how to improve batting... a long time concern. All the middle order battery has to fire to stay in top 3 league. We as a team must make road map for bringing team from strength to strength and should not be eluded with small achievements. Lets focus on Ground Zero of Pakistan cricket, may that be transparency in board affairs or selection of players and grooming of existing lot in under 19s and test team. Lets rebuild a formidable Pakistani team and stop criticizing others.

Posted by Potatis on (January 21, 2012, 1:16 GMT)

It'll be years before there is a real #1 that everyone can agree on. There were no doubts about the great WI and Aus sides, they were on top for many years. It didn't mean they won every series, but nearly all. These teams had a so-called "aura", other teams felt inferior in their presence. No team has an aura at the moment of any significance, and any team that has been #1 since the Australian side has been "undeserving" according to someone else. India were #1 and people give reasons why they weren't really #1. Same with England, and it will happen if Pak, Aus, SA become #1 in the coming years. There won't be consensus across the cricketing world because there'll be fans who say "but they haven't played here". Until a side wins around the world for years, to be a clear #1, we have to accept that #1 will come and go. England are #1 now through recent success, if any other side wants to be #1, then they should win more than England - simple. There's very little now between #1 and #5.

Posted by M-S-R on (January 21, 2012, 0:27 GMT)

Remember after Sri Lanka's historic win over South Africa in Durban, Jayasuriya said '"We choked them really nicely'" - and get South Africa fired up! Hope Minandad is not doing the similar error like Jayasuriya & giving an unnecessary tonic to England!! Why can't we keep quite a while & enjoy the cricket between 2 formidable teams??? Perhaps, Mr. ‪Bob Willis don't like the quietness!!! ‬

Posted by Hodra99 on (January 21, 2012, 0:21 GMT)

I find this a bit rich after just 1 test match. I'm an Aussie fan, so it is good to see the old enemy getting knocked off, but they do deserve their current ranking of number 1. They will bounce back because they are a class outfit. Funny to see the Indian fans jumping on the '1 test Pakistan bandwagon'....the Indian team was the only team in recent memory that did not deserve the number 1 ranking...they are the ones who are lions at home and complete lambs away....

Posted by DocBindra on (January 21, 2012, 0:16 GMT)

Whether you agree with Miandad's comments or not, he always has an axe to grind, Abdul Qadir hit it right on the head when he called England's performance "Pathetic". I think that word aptly captures England's performance. Everyone keeps mentioning the subcontinent but truth is we are talking about a neutral site in the Middle East on completely docile pitch which offered no bounce, spin or lateral movement and yet, England United, folded like a pack of cards. They were unable to read the length of deliveries repeatedly in both innings and then compounding the problems by playing across the line. It was amusing to watch the "great" Ian Bell look like a lost puppy who has no clue reading the doosra. LOL. Next time the so called best spinner in the world Swann can check his usual arrogance at Gatwick before making fun of Ajmal. Pakistan, congrats on the drubbing inside 3 days, but don't lose your focus and take your foot off the accelerator.

Posted by Punjin on (January 21, 2012, 0:00 GMT)

This is a home win too for Pakistan. Who is Javed kidding- spinning wickets / UAE ? For better competition, ICC has to set standards for pitch preparation and make it universal. Until than home teams will always have advantage. In any event, Home team has crowd advantage thus visitors should be given a fair opportunity. Competitive games are more fun to watch and play then one sided. No fun playing without any spectators. Test matches finsihing in 3 days are no good. I hope situation improves in Pakistan and they could play home games.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 23:53 GMT)

Well done Pakistan. Keep our Asia flag flying. India and Sri Lanka are rebuilding their teams. You are our only hope.

Posted by warnerbasher on (January 20, 2012, 23:50 GMT)

Australia win more in the subcontinent than they lose. They just beat Sri Lanka in SL. Last 10 years have played 19 times W9 L5(not including Bangladesh). England or South Africa B have won 1 game out of 18(no Bangers) and SA 3 from 17 in the same period . The rest haven't won a test. When the discussion mentions that visiting teams can't play on the doctored subcontinent wickets please don't mention Oz. We can play on them its the rest of the world that can't

Posted by JG2704 on (January 20, 2012, 23:50 GMT)

I'll agree that England are unproven in Asia - and have so far only served to add evidence to back up the doubters - , but that's just the way the fixtures have come about. It turns out that England have played more matches at home since our last away series defeat vs WI. However if you include the last 2 series in which we lost to WI and India away then we'd have played 20 tests at home to 18 away. If you add the tests that we'll play in Pak and SL then we'd have played more tests away than at home so it does even itself out. Also during this period we've had a 5 match series in Australia - where we hadn't won for 23 years and it was only in the middle of that year that we actually overtook Australia and a 4 match series in SA so 9 of the 11 tests we have played away from home have been against tradionally tough teams. Right now we're playing as tough a team as we could be matched with. We're up against it but there are still 2 matches to play.

Posted by asaduzzaman-khan on (January 20, 2012, 23:46 GMT)

Within last 50 years, West Indies was no. 1 in 70s and 80s. Australia was no. 1 from late 90s to early 00s. Without these all No. 1s are fake (only for a series or 1-2 months). A real No. 1 must be a team who can threat any other team anywhere.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 23:43 GMT)

I 100% agree with Miandad and Qadir. To all those English fans, let me tell you this that when you won in Australia last year they were in rebuilding process after 3 of their top players retired. When England tours Australia next time, I am sure Australians will take care of you with open arms. English team will be beaten 3-1. I am a great fan of Australian team specially when they are playing someone other than teams from subcontinent.

Posted by applethief on (January 20, 2012, 23:41 GMT)

The number 1 ranking was the best thing to happen to English cricket. Before that, they would just play Ashes to Ashes, and their disdain for anything in between was evident. Whenever they struggled in other series, the mood music was "doesn't matter, just need to find form before the Ashes." Now they're defending a ranking, we can start seeing them take more matches seriously, instead of just warm-ups for a series that 80% of the cricketing world just don't care about.

Posted by Devapriya on (January 20, 2012, 23:35 GMT)

England - Lions at home, mice in South Asia!

Posted by dunger.bob on (January 20, 2012, 23:31 GMT)

First of all I need to say that I'm not English and I love to see them bite the dust as much as anyone, but all this 'not worthy No.1' b.s is simply indefensible. I'm told that England has won 8/9 Test series in the last few years. .. who else can claim that? Home or away is largely irrelevant, the fact that they won them is the important thing. They got huge points for smashing Aus. in Australia. Who else has done that lately ? (b4 you start, I don't mean taking a Test here and there a-la the Kiwi's, I mean smash us 3-1 like the Poms did) India had their best chance in years and if they had been able to manage it they would have shot up the points table as well. .. The only thing this article proves to me is that .. [1] Miandad can read a newspaper .. [2] .. There are a lot of bitter people out there. .. ... If what people are saying is actually true then England will slide down the table as fast as they went up. .. How about we just wait and see. All will be revealed eventually.

Posted by aisha.furqan on (January 20, 2012, 23:29 GMT)

I would really hate to see these Pakistani big-mouths jinx the side's brilliant performance. To be honest, the likes of Saeed and Misbah are keeping it real and humble. Giving the due credit to the No. 1 side. The numbers matter! I'm sure Javeed Miandad won't be saying such things if Pakistan were to be number 1 (inshallah). Keep the chatter out of cricket. Good luck to both teams in the next game! May the better side win.

Posted by TheBengalTiger on (January 20, 2012, 23:22 GMT)

Its not a question of playing away from home. Its a question of playing well in unfamilier conditions. The Asian teams have proved they can do this. England howwever have not shown this at all

Posted by rhubarbmuncher on (January 20, 2012, 23:22 GMT)

As an Australian, I am not sure how people can question England #1. Being number 1 does not mean that the team is like past WI or Aus teams. Probably we will not see such dominance again, at least for a very long time. All being number 1 means is that there is no one better. I do not see any other plausible candidates. Australia they roundly thrashed, one cannot consider India, Pakistan has had a few good tests, but do we remember their last Australian tour? SA is the best candidate, but they have had ups and downs.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 23:09 GMT)

in my eyes we need to play mohammed talha for the next match as the england batsmen will now be used to ajmals variations but with takha they will not know his variations allowing them the ability to seal the series

Posted by scott3603 on (January 20, 2012, 23:00 GMT)

I think everyone is guilty of over-estimating both how well Pakistan played and how badly England played. If the English batsman had played with more application the story could have been different. Yes, of course Saeed Ajmal bowled well and he is a terrific bowler. But the wicket of Strauss in the first innings was hardly a venomous doosra turning from the rough was it? Same as Pietersen hooking Gul.

For me as an England fan, the biggest frustration comes from how well our bowlers performed on day 2. I think they showed that this Pakistan batting line up is not to be particularly feared. The only difference was that they applied themselves. When Englands batsman do the same then they will score big. Well played Pakistan. But for me it is more a case of England playing badly (but not the bowlers)

P.S Erm since when did winning 3 tests by an innings in Australia equate to having a bad record away from home?

Posted by Dashgar on (January 20, 2012, 22:54 GMT)

The fact is that no team is currently a deserving number 1 in the way Australia were for so many years. But to be number 1 you need to earn the points. England have done that. If its only because they are unbeatable at home then that is admirable in itself. However untill England learn to win in Asia they will never be worthy of any sort of lasting legacy and also won't be number 1 for long.

Posted by applethief on (January 20, 2012, 22:53 GMT)

@spence1324 Probably a good thing your memory doesn't stretch to 1992 then. That final would've stung a bit, I'd imagine.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 22:47 GMT)

Well I don't care what others think. This is a moral booster for Pakistan team especially after what happened in past. They have proven their worth to the world that no one can ever underestimate Pakistan and literally made Test team # 1 looked like a minnow. Instead of saying Miandad to keep in words to himself I would say, you're better off saying the same to Bob Willis to criticized on Saeed Ajmal's action, given the fact that his action is already cleared by ICC. I guess people like Willis only look for things to demoralize team Pakistan and now that they saw Pakistan playing as a unit they thought of coming up with this story. For once, world should admit that having the given talent which Pakistan has, mind you this is their second tier team ... Amir, Asif, Butt, Malik, Yusaf are not there.

Wish you luck team Pakistan because I know 90% of the people only look demoralize you because they are scared of your talent!

Sweep this series 3-0 INSHA'ALLAH!

Posted by jackiethepen on (January 20, 2012, 22:45 GMT)

Boasting is not very attractive. Everyone has a right to feel pleased about winning, but to defame the other side is foolish. Cricket has a way of hitting back. All teams are better at home because they are used to the conditions. Pakistan are used to the conditions in the UAE. They have said so. That is the advantage. Collapses can be avoided if just one or two of the batsmen makes a decent score. it is very unusual when they all fail. Look at the scorecards of most matches, there are batsmen that are failing in every match. Someone somewhere is getting a score under 10. That is why you have six top order batsmen, not because you expect them all to succeed.

Posted by largebluecat on (January 20, 2012, 22:40 GMT)

Pakistan playing without home advantage? They're in a unique position; being able to play at one ground. A bit like England only ever playing at Lords', or the Oval. And they're making good use of it, as they should.

Winning in England is the ultimate challenge for a non-English side. That's just because of the pitches and the conditions; there's swing, seam, spin, pace and bounce. It's a real test.

Do England deserve to be Number 1 in the rankings? The stats don't lie. But the stats can be skewed by the number of test matches a team plays. If India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka can't be bothered to turn up for a three or five test series then of course results against Australia or SA will be more significant.

As for the usual accusations against English fans, etc... change the record, guys. England fans love Test Cricket. We love a full blooded series and it's clear that Pakistan, after years of under performing, are a good side ready for a real scrap. Bring it on!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 22:39 GMT)

wasn't Pakistan saying Dubai pitches are like home, we have the home field advantage.

Miandad should research before talking, India was number 1 and we have lost 7 away tests in a row. We were punished 4-0 in England and when England came to india we beat them comfortably with in ODIs had they played tests it would have been the same. Every team performs well at home but so far England has performed well in away conditions more consistently they deserve to be number 1.

Posted by yorkshirematt on (January 20, 2012, 22:36 GMT)

These comments just make me even more desperate for england to stay number one. To quote Millwall, NO ONE LIKES US WE DON'T CARE!!!

Posted by dunger.bob on (January 20, 2012, 22:31 GMT)

This is all highly amusing stuff. England are in the process of discovering how tough life is at the top. Getting there is the (relatively) easy part, staying there is the true test. At the top everyone wants a piece of you and every little thing you do is criticised heavily. .... There is only one solution - keep winning. .. Eventually the 'phony No 1' hoohah will die down and the next big talking point will take over, whatever that may be. .. Re. the ranking system... It's been in place for what, 15 years or so now, and it has worked fine so far, why would it be any different now... My advice is to let time have its way. Things will sort themselves out and we will see who is right and who is wrong. .. In the meantime have fun fending off all the bouncers that come your way England, and then of course you have to take care of your game on the field as well.. :)

Posted by vivek464 on (January 20, 2012, 22:28 GMT)

From an Indian fan, let's go pakistan. u can do it. then india can own oz and eng next time.

Posted by Sutiro on (January 20, 2012, 22:27 GMT)

Great win Pakistan! As an Australian you are my favourite team from the sub-continent, always something happening when you are playing. You are always playing away from home, though Abu Dhabi is just across the ditch (like NZ to Aust.) Please keep this new brigade of talented players away from the bookmakers. Javed has a role to ensure that this happens. If Pakistan can have a few seasons without cheating controversies they may become the only truly legitimate World number 1.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 22:25 GMT)


Posted by MWaqqar on (January 20, 2012, 22:19 GMT)

Miandad has conveniently forgotten England winning in Aus, SA, WI. Being No 1 means the team had over a period of time better results then other teams. It does not mean the team will win all matches nor that we question status on the basis of one defeat.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 22:13 GMT)

Its true what miandad says. England are good only on their soil.. They managed to win over india. The moment they were out of england and came to India, it was a clean white wash.

Posted by SamAsh07 on (January 20, 2012, 22:11 GMT)

@B.C.G - Condition doesn't mean the number of people in the stadium...UAE pitches ARE NOT like Pakistans pitches, stop over stating the fact and accept the truth that Pakistan has turned into a formidable side.

Posted by zico123 on (January 20, 2012, 22:07 GMT)

all the best pakistan, beat England 3-0 dethown them from no. 1 ranking, they don't deserve it

Posted by raheesfayaz on (January 20, 2012, 21:54 GMT)

England will come back in next match and they will come back hard, in the first match i think is the way English batsman got out most of them playing sweep or trying to hit ball on leg side which does make only one sense that they are not reading spin , also they are not sure about the hight of the ball, but i am sure England will do good in next match on other hand Pakistan will take it easy after the win, if you look on paper English team look solid they bat deep down while Pakistan i am not too sure , i am looking forward for the match

Posted by dalboy12 on (January 20, 2012, 21:47 GMT)

This was a great win for Pakistan and needed as world cricket needs Pakistan playing and playing well they have too many good players not to be involved in world cricket. My question about Pakistan is how they perform when the pressure is on them, can they fight back into games when the other teams get on top, this is what Aussie, and at times (not in this test) England etc are so good at, and what we are seeing a complete lack of by India at the moment. How do the teams perform when they are behind can they fight back into games, or do they just fold under pressure?

Posted by gandipet on (January 20, 2012, 21:43 GMT)

Even though they were ODI series, but England had two whitewashes in India. So there is some truth to the statement that they are good in their backyard.

Posted by yorkslanka on (January 20, 2012, 21:41 GMT)

I have to disagree,England are the current #1 team in the rankings because of their recent wins BUT there are many English fans who claim they are a GREAT team..this has yet to be proved and anyone who tries to compare them to the windies team of the 80s and the Aussie team of the 90s&2000s is simply too early...the difference in these other teams is that they did win in all conditions..

Posted by srikanth782 on (January 20, 2012, 21:41 GMT)

I think it is good for cricket to not to have one side dominate the rankings and win on all the countries, because i used to hate aussie when they were at their prime with mcgrath, warne and others around...... now it is vulnerable as any other team which can loose and win on different conditions, which makes the series interesting as it is not easy to predict which one will win........ as per Miandad's comment on England, i think he should restrain his comments to himself because no country is perfect now and i like that..........

Posted by landl47 on (January 20, 2012, 21:37 GMT)

Miandad always was an idiot and I see he hasn't changed. To start making judgements after one game is just plain stupid. I'm sure England will have those words pinned up in their changing room in case they need any more motivation.

Posted by NAJD_PINCHHITTER on (January 20, 2012, 21:28 GMT)

hey, guys well said PETER BRYANT, All Teams are better in dey home, England deserve to be NO.1 because of they consistancy n determination during d period,like India had been no.1 for some times, even if Pakistan is playing some good cricket deywill end up as no1 we cannot consider UAE as Neutral venue Against Pakistan! its like their home Ground they get used to it very well by Playing n practicing alot more than any other team,

De better idea to play against Saeed Ajmal not to score against him, move forward n make defence before de ball lands so its shall be safer, n keep piling run against others but its for sure like what happend to ajantha Mendis of Srilanka, very soon good players will decode ajmals deliveries in the future_ because we are in the Modern Cricket era technologies are playing big role

Posted by da_man_ on (January 20, 2012, 21:21 GMT)

@Trickstar, good points. Let me tell you how Pakistan has done better than England. The crux of Miandad's argument is that all the teams are strong at home, but are not versatile enough like the Aussies of the 2000's to do it on all sorts of tracks. Pakistan have done better than England in this argument because THEY HAVE NO HOME ADVANTAGE! Can you even imagine Strauss' team having to play every series away from home??? Tresco, Harmison, Flintoff etc developed depression on TOURS away from home. Our boys literally spend the entire cricketing year away from home. If you aren't gracious enough to accept that despite such odds, this team has performed remarkably well, then I'm disappointed. Pakistan just can't catch a break lol.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 21:19 GMT)

Away win should get weightege 3 times to the home win then ranking system would reflect much better position of the team.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 21:18 GMT)

Poor reporting by cricinfo. The headline doesn't do justice with what Miandad said.

Posted by mukherjee2011 on (January 20, 2012, 21:17 GMT)

@ Faysal: I join you in celebrating Pakistan's victory against England. However, your dig against India was unnecessary and in poor taste. You could probably argue that ICC's ranking system is flawed in that it does not treat home and foreign victories differently, but India had legitimately earned the # 1 title in both forms of the game, just like Australia had in the past, and England did recently. If Pakistan were to keep winning matches and rise to # 1, we will welcome it just as enthusiastically. While you could debate the validity of the scoring system, it is plain untruthful to say that any team has a "self-proclaimed" ranking.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 21:14 GMT)

Badeh Mia Javed sahaab hit the nail right on the head with his honest remark; "I always feel an extra sense of satisfaction when Pakistan beat England or Australia" and as for the ranking system its a system designed by the brits / for the brits. The emergence of Pak's team back on top of the charts side by side with their brethren across the brit imposed border is a welcome feeling of satisfaction and gives an apt meaning to the words "Pakistan Zindabaad".

Posted by rajithwijepura on (January 20, 2012, 21:13 GMT)

Let them travel to srilanka in march. Englishmans... we are waiting in srilanka. Wel done PAK

Posted by BnH1985Fan on (January 20, 2012, 21:10 GMT)

@spence1324 -- indeed Pak is #1 -- in talking the talk.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 21:10 GMT)

Philip_Gnana Every Englishman is going on about beating Aus in their own back yard but that was an Australian side in the process of rebuilding. Australlia have since discovered the English method of pitch rigging to unsettle Ageing Indian batsmen with slow reflexes. They have also unearthed some useful quick bowlers but on the whole Australia still remain a weak side dependent on an ageing Ponting, Hussy and Clarke. the way they collapsed to a decent bowling attack against New Zealand and South Africa shows that they have still a long way to go.

Posted by Dannymania on (January 20, 2012, 21:09 GMT)

Now THIS is the way to do it yar!English media always boosts their players whenever they play.Our elders should also do stuff like this to counter that.hats off.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 21:08 GMT)

@rahulcricket007 you writing this about india??????? this is article about England and Pakistan. Pakistan is playing outside the country and they can beat anyone anywhere if you doubt the invite us..

Posted by Desihungama on (January 20, 2012, 21:06 GMT)

@B.C.G - The stadiums in Dubai are empty because all the expats work here and are not given off on a weekday. Don't you know workers/labor and other class workers in UAE essentially have no rights? Who is going to serve the pampered Arab if they all come to watch a match?

Posted by Desihungama on (January 20, 2012, 21:03 GMT)

@rahulcricket007 - Yeah, that may be true but then Pakistan DOES NOT PLAY AT HOME AT ALL. Now if you guys are considering Dubai Desert as home, you seriously ought to be looking back what you learned in the Geography class in school. Is India Dubai like? No, it's not. Is Pakistan India like? Yes, it is.

Posted by applethief on (January 20, 2012, 21:03 GMT)

Not this again... as a Pakistani supporter, I really wish the whole camp would keep their chat to a minimum and just let their cricket do the talking. There'll be time for ex-players to celebrate vicariously after the series. Don't want them to do a Kepler Wessels. It's obvious to everyone that the rankings devised by David Kendix are simplistic and un-representative of the cricket being played. This current series is the first challenge for England sine South Africa - no wonder they have an inflated ranking. It's for other sides to get better and knock England down a peg, not to criticise without playing cricket worthy of beating them.

Posted by stark-truth on (January 20, 2012, 21:02 GMT)

Miandad, the typical streetfighter and alley cat. He is playing mind games with England, and why not - English cricket machine would have been doing the same had it been Pakistan on the receiving end. England will always struggle in Asia because they have a one-dimensional gameplan. Fair enough, they have become more gritty in the last few years, but when confronted with world-class spin, they seem like school kids. Great to see Pakistan give such a massive thrashing to England.

Posted by SRT_GENIUS on (January 20, 2012, 20:59 GMT)

Heh Pak are the best T20 team by far - the rankings don't reflect it. Eng's no.1 status made eng writers go crazy and compare them to Bradman's invincibles or LLoyd's WI. Hah! Two most undeserving no.1 sides have been India and Eng. India atleast always knew that they suck on bouncy pitches - Eng seemed to be living in denial untill this series. Lets see if they can recover or their batsmen will go in therapy.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 20:58 GMT)

ICC rankings are so ridiculous!! They just look at the difference between the ranking of the 2 teams playing the match, and have no consideration for home or away!!! Its really hard to win a match away, even when a team is lower ranked, as seen by Aus thrashing Ind, despite of Ind being a higher ranked team than Aus.

Posted by JustIPL on (January 20, 2012, 20:58 GMT)

Off course the number one position was achieved at home against indian withetewash. At that time IPL factor came into the equation to find excuses for injury and fatigue but against aussies who themseleves are struggling the same streak continues which further confirms the quality of england's number one position.Anyway, the english batting is the strongest on paper in the world and no batting lineup is upto their standards. It is pakistan excellent bowling that has made them look so mediocre. If Pakistan bowlers dont fine then england can easily win.

Posted by warnerbasher on (January 20, 2012, 20:52 GMT)

I love it when the collection of nationalities that make up the English cricket team loses. However, to be fair they have been the most consistent side in world cricket for the last couple of years. The reality is though Australia is going through a rebirth and inevitably will be number 1 sooner rather than later. Pakistan is only one bookie away from falling apart like a house of cards. There are some fairly tough individuals playing in the English team and I would expect them to improve in the next 2 tests

Posted by TheBengalTiger on (January 20, 2012, 20:47 GMT)

The reason why this is such a big deal is because of the way English cricket pundits and fans behaved over the summer, laughing at India nto playing well away from home.

Posted by ElPhenomeno on (January 20, 2012, 20:46 GMT)

Ranking system is what it is and it is same for everyone. Mathematically, england are #1 side in the world. I have no problem with that. Its after india's defeat in england that some english pundits started comparing this english side to the great sides of WI and AUS that I have problem with.

To those who say england beat australia in australia, didn't india beat england in england in last few years? When was the last time england beat india in india?

I am a south african so I am a bit biased when I say SA are the most consistent team around. Don't confuse consistent with winningest. But we do well on bouncy tracks and we dont get whitewashed in subcontinent. But yes, unless you've beaten pretty much every team playing in their home conditions, you can't truly call yourself worthy of being compared to those great sides of old. This should almost be an unwritten rule every writer should check before they get overexcited over some home wins against half baked sides.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 20:43 GMT)

Waqar Younis brought us back from the pits of hell during his coaching stint. Well done.

Posted by KashifMuneer on (January 20, 2012, 20:38 GMT)

@spence1324 - Pakistan won the T20 world cup as well as the WC1992. It must have slipped my mind but please remind me which WC have England won?

Posted by silverline15 on (January 20, 2012, 20:37 GMT)

In England's last 12 series there were 4 away tours of which the only one they won against a reputable team was the ashes. It is not a great feat to reach the top of the rankings but as India did and now England will learn its to stay on top. Only the great teams will maintain their master performances. ie, West Indies and Australia.

Posted by xylo on (January 20, 2012, 20:34 GMT)

Post the great Australian era, almost every team that is in the top 3 slots is more or less by virtue of tests played at home.

Posted by subbass on (January 20, 2012, 20:33 GMT)

Well that's England's team talk sorted then.

Thanks Javed !

On a more serious note I do expect a comfortable Pak win(2-0 maybe even 3-0) in this series and us not to hold onto the number 1 status for long. I also expect the next team 'unlucky' enough to be number 1 to also not stay there long. After that there may be enough time for a team to start winning everywhere they play but who knows the world number one could end up a game of musical chairs for the next 5 even 10 years !

Posted by NikSaid on (January 20, 2012, 20:30 GMT)

@Dravid_Gravitas, dude...don't let your emotions runs over your head, heart and history. You and your family, does NOT represent all of us Indian or that of Indian Origin. This guy went nuts questioning #1 status just because Eng was beaten once. What he forgot is that #1 is proven by win again many stronger teams over the period. Not just by one match. On the other hand, Pak has proven again and again that they are a team with most uncertainty and mostly when investigated, proven guilty of "something". So keep your head, heart and history for long race.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 20:27 GMT)

well i respect the taught of Sir Javed, Sir Abdul Qadir and Sir Waqar Younas..!! but i disagree on the taught of Sir javed as he said "Due to home advantage they are on Top" hmm i think they didn't had the Home advantage when they were playing "THE ASHES" in late DEC 010 n Early 011...!! btw i m a Pakistani and i m Happy on the win i wish Pakistan wins the series by 2-0 or 1-0.. i m sure 2nd test's going to be hard and Tuff because England gonna Bounce back and Pakistan is in its Momentum...!!

Posted by subbass on (January 20, 2012, 20:18 GMT)

England weak in Asia shocker.

Posted by Front-Foot-Lunge on (January 20, 2012, 20:09 GMT)

Hang on. England proved they can win on flat wickets in Australia. So...

Posted by The_bowlers_Holding on (January 20, 2012, 20:06 GMT)

I do think England have been the most consistent team over the last 2 years and consequently are ranked No.1, England do have a lot of improvement if they are to be a team for all conditions, by the way who said they were. England is still a team developing and this tour and the SL and India tour are part of that. No realistic England fan compares this team to the great W. Indies of Aus teams of yore and please realise the sensationalism of the media is exactly that. Must say what an informed and less vitriolic bunch the Pakistan cricket fans are much more so than recent adverseries credit to them.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 20:01 GMT)

Every team is very good in their own backyard. Pakistan had made Dubai as their home and playing well. ICC should make neutral venues for all the test cricket playing nations. For suppose if ashes is played in neutral venue then neither Australia nor England will have home advantage. But the matches must be held in neighboring countries. For example for ashes series the matches should be in New Zealand or Ireland or Holland,etc. In this way every one can know how their team is performing in neutral venues. Anyhow this is hard to happen. When ICC has created ranking for test teams, why every former player question it like Miandad. Is it to stay in news or what.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 19:59 GMT)

Pakistan played for 120 overs in their 1st innings. A few very dubious umpiring decisions, specially of Saeed Ajmal and Hafeez cut Pakistan Innings short. Whenever a team plays for 120 overs, it is seldom that they loose. All the debate about the weak English Batting is well placed, I am not sure that England has the bowling prowess to bowl out Pakistan twice. Did any body tell this to Fowler? Also, who has made Steve Davis a Test Umpire? He is a person with low IQ. Giving Ajmal out was a Howler. Giving Hafeez out when ball hit him outside the line of off-stump was at best a very poor call. Purpose of DRS was to avoid howler's then if you leave DRS in the hands of Steve Davis, then howlers can not be avoided.

Posted by Sprit_of_Cricket on (January 20, 2012, 19:58 GMT)

Pakistan have a upper hand on England because in first test Pakistani batsman stayed on a wicket for longer period of time. People criticise that Pakistan play slow over rate but technically they have more confidence then the England who's all batsman didn't spend enough time on the pich if u count both innings. We still have not included umar akmal and younis and azhar with Asad still have not contribute so they are due now. One thing Pakistan should work out is how to deal with tail of England but of their resistance Pakistan could defeated then with innings to left. I think aziz cheers did good bowling but wahab or junaid are ideal to attack on tail.

Posted by Sprit_of_Cricket on (January 20, 2012, 19:57 GMT)

Pakistan have a upper hand on England because in first test Pakistani batsman stayed on a wicket for longer period of time. People criticise that Pakistan play slow over rate but technically they have more confidence then the England who's all batsman didn't spend enough time on the pich if u count both innings. We still have not included umar akmal and younis and azhar with Asad still have not contribute so they are due now. One thing Pakistan should work out is how to deal with tail of England but of their resistance Pakistan could defeated then with innings to left. I think aziz cheers did good bowling but wahab or junaid are ideal to attack on tail.

Posted by Aura123 on (January 20, 2012, 19:33 GMT)

Miandad plz don't create new controversies, its just a first test which was played in very good spirit so sit back and enjoy the this competetive series which i am sure will be in second test. Good luck Pak

Posted by eddsnake on (January 20, 2012, 19:31 GMT)

Javed Miandad having a go at England for doing well because of home advantage, is this the same Javed Miandad who was only ever given out lbw in tests at home a couple of times in 20 years?!! Yes no home advantage there Javed I'm sure. Or the same Abdul Qadir that took 9 wickets against England in '87-'88 thanks in part to some of the most shocking umpiring you could ever wish to see? What a pair of hypocrites.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 19:30 GMT)

There is no doubt that England is the no 1 team in test but every time they loose they come up with excuse. scandals, bowling action or something else they need to stop winning and just play the game and try to win like they do.

Posted by DrAtharAbbas on (January 20, 2012, 19:25 GMT)

Beating New Zealand in New Zealand was called Pakistan's home series. Was it really a pitch like Karachi or Faisalabad? Was there 20,000 - 30,000 pakistani spectators sitting and cheering the team. NO. The HOME series with Australia was played in England. I ask again. Were the temperatures, air humidity, pitches and all the conditions (all matter) like Karachi? These were perhaps 90% like Australia. In those conditions Pakistan played a 1-1 draw with Australia. These conditions in UAE are not what would be called HOME either, just no away disadvantage. The word neutral is perfect. no home advantage for Pakistan or England. Who won and by what margin is not a prediction any more but is already achieved. THE ONLY TEAM WHICH IS CONSTANTLY PLAYING IN AWAY CONDITIONS AND WINNING is the team Pakistan. One more thing to add here. IF someone thinks that Pakistan does not have fast bowlers but only spinners, think again. There are dozens of Waqar's and Akram's out there, beware!!!

Posted by Aussieresurgance on (January 20, 2012, 19:24 GMT)

A bit of national pride blurring some of the facts here. If we do away with the rankings system for a moment, we should remember the old measure of the no 1 team. That is, the team who can beat the known no 1 both at home, and away takes the mantle. Aus were clearly that team for a long time, CRUSHING all who came before them on a regular basis and quickly recovering from any one off series draws or losses to again post wins. The only team to beat them both home and away since the 5-0 drubbing of England in Aus, has been England. Therefore, no. 1 ranking or not, they should be regarded as the No 1 team until someone does it back to them. Pakistan may not be playing at home, and that is sad, but they are not winning away series against England or Australia (or others), and there has been a constant cloud of credibility over their players for a long time. Credibility doesnt come back with a single win, but it is a start. I hope Pakistan gets to play at home again one day.Btw I am Aussie.

Posted by chinus on (January 20, 2012, 19:23 GMT)

only one test is over 2 to come so wait miandad

Posted by wickedballs on (January 20, 2012, 19:16 GMT)

Pakistan have always been mercurial, full of natural talent and quite cable of beating any team anywhere, but can they do it consistently for a number years! We Aussie's are just waiting with an army of fast bowlers, drooling to get at the poms. Number one is always up for grabs; don't bemoan it, all the teams strive for the title.

Posted by Kreacher_Rocks on (January 20, 2012, 19:13 GMT)

One should make it a point to ask Miandad if and after Pakistan manages to make it to Number one. Rankings never make sense in the present unless you are an all-conquering side like the Aussies of last decade. All other teams play very well to get to #1, but once they get there they lose their momentum. This was true with South Africa early last decade, with India late last decade and with England now.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 19:10 GMT)

@spence1324 thats abit harsh pakistan have had decent teams in other sports hockey being the top... this is one mans opinion based on what he has seen. im not saying england arent number one they really are... they played poorly we know that... but when india and england have been number one this has been based on a long run of winning in similar to home conditions... aus a sa are hard places to win but i bet you would rather play there than in india and pakistan and vice versa... i think there can be improvements to the ranking system however i think england currently would still be on top.... just my opnion

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 19:04 GMT)

@Spence1324 Dude you need to straighten up your facts a bit i guess.I mean i always considered this forum to be an authentic and reliable platform to express your views regarding the sport but reading such a dogmatic comment from a person really lets down your belief.For your kind information sir, Pakistan has been on the top of rankings in number of sports, be it cricket, hockey or squash.Our bowling attack in all times has been a great threat to almost all the test playing nation away or home..Anyone remembers the 1992 or 1996 Pakistan tour of English soil ? or the indented and unprecedented run Pakistan had in the 90s ?..we won our world cup playing in the tough and drastic conditions Of australia and Newzeland..and whats wrong with you guys this is not our home crowd or home conditions ..these are supporting wickets which favour both the batsmen and bowlers equally, it had pace and reasonable bounce and turn and spin likewise it had the juice for the batsman.

Posted by tinkertinker on (January 20, 2012, 19:00 GMT)

Pakistan are minnows outside of asia so why is miandad talking abut favorable conditions when Pakistan can only compete in asian conditions?

get back to us when Pakistan win a test series in Australia or south africa.

Posted by cricket_fan_1980 on (January 20, 2012, 18:52 GMT)

Lets not get carried away guys. We have only won the first test. I think these statements can be considered only if we win the series. England did have a good 2011 but it would have been nice to see them perform more in Asia. They have a chance this year. Perhaps it is best to review global dominance of all teams by the end of 2012, because to be fair, the past two years has actually seen an overall decline in the idea of dominance traditionally associated with teams like Ponting's Australia, Imran's Pakistan or Greenidge's West Indies

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:51 GMT)

I would just say, its too early to comment like that... still two tests are to face by both...May be such kind of comments make England regroup themselves and attack back strongly.

Posted by MaruthuDelft on (January 20, 2012, 18:50 GMT)

Hang on....I am sure some Pakistani cricketers by now would have started negotiations with bookies. They can't follow rule rules for too long. Miandad Mia Mia!!!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:36 GMT)

As a Pakistani, I think that the Aussies were the only team who could truly claim to be the no. 1 cricket team. Any team who could have bowlers like Mcgrath, Warne and Lee can easily become a no. 1 team.

Posted by Cric-Great-fanatic on (January 20, 2012, 18:33 GMT)

I think Miandad was a little harsh in his comment, you need to respect their no. 1 position. It is too early to say about any team based on just one match.They do have a balanced batting/bowling attack. Beating Aussies in their backyard was quite an accomplishment. I would love to see good cricket in remaining tests.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:31 GMT)

As a Pakistani, I think that the only team that could truly claim to be number 1 ever was Australia. Aussies dominated to be the number 1 team longer than any other cricket playing nation in the world. Truly Remarkable.

Posted by telemarkskier on (January 20, 2012, 18:28 GMT)

England got thumped and let us hope that they bounce back and show a bit of a fight and for Pakistan, congratulations on a very cool and steady win and hope that they continue their good form. Fighting words from Javed but what happened to being magnanimous in victory? It is just a game after all. BTW, Dravid-Gravitas, tone down the ass kissing will ya?

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:24 GMT)

Mr Miandad is 100% correct,this s called #1 team before India and now England is and was #1 because they took advantage of home condition,i still think Aussie are still the team to beat,as they are better then so called his #1 teams.I am an Indiad.i do like our ind cricket team but i think aussie have heart of champions.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:21 GMT)

Pakistan won this Test solely because Ajmal chucks it. Simple as that. But the Authorities are too afraid to do anything about it.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:20 GMT)

@Faysal Hussain...Aus was undisputably a dominant team but in this era where most teams play better in their home conditions, what do you want to do...say everybody is no.2? Or maybe you want to do rankings by country and say SA is no.1 in SA, IND is no.1 in IND and so on? IND was not self declared no.1 and neither are ENG. The rankings just tell you over a period of time, who won more matches than other teams. It is not the fault of either IND or ENG that the other teams didnt do better than them.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:20 GMT)

English team spinning, English Media spinning, English Crowed spinning Everyone is spinning and we can feel the heat :) Congratulations team pakistan

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:14 GMT)

Well Played Pakistan...Keep it up.

Posted by Sakthiivel on (January 20, 2012, 18:13 GMT)

I love the statement.. England cant even bat for two days in Sub continent then how can be No 1 test team..

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:09 GMT)

This just proves how weak almost every team is in conditions alien to them. There is no true dominant force in world cricket today. I dont begrude Eng their No.1 position because they have won consistently in the recent past but it has been in conditions favorable to them. Oz and SA conditions still favor quality pace bowling. Having said that, this is a great performance by the Pak team. Given the turmoil in the recent past, it takes a lot of mental fortitude to bounce back like they have. Bowling wise, they might well be the no.1 side in the world in conditions that do not overly favor either fast bowling or spin. Given how pathetic IND has been recently and SL's struggles in SA, am happy at least one of the subcontinental sides is doing well.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:08 GMT)

England has Bob Willis questioning Ajmal's action and Pakistan has Miandad questioning England's No. 1 status. Its a case of tit for tat. The bottom line is England is no. 1 according to ICC ranking and Ajmal's action is legitimate according to ICC.

Posted by sherishahmir on (January 20, 2012, 18:08 GMT)

Comments from these legends are r v valuable but in end r only personal views. Eng r number 1 no doubt abt that they performed superbly in SAfrica, Australia the most two benchmarks which they achieved to got the number one test team in world cricket. At the moment Eng under straus is a v aggressive unit and definitely expect to bounce back v strongly. On the other Pak is a rising side especially after the year 2010 controversies our team is playing exceptionally well considerably playing outside Pak. This series is a real test/challenge to get further rythem and self confidence they r playing as unit and try to play at their best abilities, so we r getting positive results. Well done Pak team keep it up we r proud of you who makes us v happy. Good luck to both sides in rest of series.

Posted by Optic on (January 20, 2012, 18:08 GMT)

@Jegs Give it a rest Mr excuse maker, when England played in Aus the ball swing a little bit but nothing that much not like in England and it's not as if the Aussies didn't get good bowling conditions but they weren't good enough to use them that's what it was. It's a bit of a joke for you to have a go at England after Aus have produced far greener tracks this year than last and the ball swung a ton more, they even have the same bowlers as the Ashes and they are moving the ball far more. Aus have been fooled into thinking their attack has improved since last year but lets be right about this, they have just produced far more sporting, green,juiced up pitches and are playing a side that have zero confidence after the sch-lacking England have them. What the hell have you lot to shout about, you've won one series out of 3 at home LOL cringeworthy to say the least, your batting is a joke with one consistent player in Clarke and you collapse more often than Bangladesh

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:06 GMT)

England are a much bigger joke at being no. 1 test team than India being no. 1. India atleast drew test series on fast wickets. Englands are pathetic on subcontinent. Don't remember when they last won a test in India. And folding 5-0 in ODIs succumbing to spinners is a bigger joke..

Posted by yorkshirematt on (January 20, 2012, 18:06 GMT)

The british press love to have a pop at english teams in whatever sport. Look at the last rugby world cup and numerous football world cups. I don't know where you're all getting this idea of english bias in the press from. They love it when english teams lose as it gets them better headlines, quite rightly too.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 18:04 GMT)

pakistan is test playing nation ???????????

Posted by runee1 on (January 20, 2012, 18:00 GMT)

@ spence1324 ... we pakistan r not the number 1 test side but we can defeat the world number 1 test side in 3 days very easy , hope u got ur answer

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 17:59 GMT)

As Jegs pointed out ***They were lucky with conditions in both the MCG and SCG test matches- bowled Aus out when the ball was moving sideways then racked up big scores when the pitches flattened out.***

Seems to me winning the toss can be extremely impoortant. One way to negate the loss of a toss is to bat well. Barring that, can the losing team captain, after loss of 3 wickets and/or 20 overs then "pause" their innings and invite the other team to do better?

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 17:48 GMT)

Dubai may not be a home advantage for Pakistan, buts lets honest. It is extremely similar to that of Pakistan.

Posted by Trickstar on (January 20, 2012, 17:36 GMT)

@Aditya Dhand Cool logic bro, so if England go on to draw or win this series, then what. There's always usually a lot of rubbish on this forum but some people are really reaching. @Zahidsaltin LOL so off the back of this you think you can beat England in England, hahahaha, worked out well last time when you had a far better pace attack, jesus don't let one win go to your head, at least act like you've won a game before mate. We all know about asians and when the ball swings and bouncers, you lot can't play it for love nor money. This is all going to get really embarrassing when England come back isn't it.

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (January 20, 2012, 17:27 GMT)

"I don't believe much in rankings because it doesn't give a clear picture of the team's overall performance in the world,". YES SIR YOU R RIGHT . THE RANKINGS ARE FLAWED . EVERY TEAM IS LION IN FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS .

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 17:26 GMT)

I would be interested to hear,who everyone thinks should be number 1 team in the world.England have 8 and drawn 1 of their last 9 series,and have lost just 5 of their last 36 tests.We do struggle in Asia against spin,Australia struggle against the moving ball,ie against mighty New Zealand,India,Pakistan and Sri Lanka struggle on bouncy pitches.It is a fact that most teams are better at home,and though i was very unhappy with the gutless batting of England,theirs still 2 tests left.By the way South Africa i think have only won about 2 out of the last 7 or 8 series they have played.Why the jealousy when England do well?,if your going to have rankings someone will be number 1,and the fact is we have been the most consistent team over the last 2 years.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 17:20 GMT)

i dont want to take anything away from my team but dont ya all think its a lil too early to pass such judgements i mean every one has weakness's and they learn with time its true england has had home advantage but please note its very very hard to play on english pitches since they r bouncy and there is alot of movement while these pitches are low slow turning pitches i reckon if we can repeat the same performance in the next game then id be glad that this wasnt just a fluke and boo to the fake no 1 team!!! number one is number one like australia was in its prime the team won everywhere england wont be no1 if it loses or fails to win in next two games just like INDIA wanabe self declared no1 team!!!!!!

Posted by Trickstar on (January 20, 2012, 17:20 GMT)

@bighit14 Oh yes the Ozzies, that's the side that England embarrassed in their own back yard, the same team who just lost a home test to NZ and drew the series and was all out for 40 odd to SA the other day, oh yes great side. Talk about losing perspective because they beat a side that England had already done the same to a few months before. Talk about jumping the gun Miandad, lets see what you have to say at the end of series and some of what you say is straight up Trolling. When you don't lose a test series since 2008 you get to the top of the rankings, hello it's not hard to work out even for the trolls like jonsey2, when you win all your home games and some of our away ones , that's what happens. So come on Miandad and the rest who has done more than England to be No1, Aus, LOL ,SA they've won one home series in 3 years, India, hahaha, Pakistan, come on so far they haven't beat a high ranked side, even if they go on to win this series how have they done better than England.

Posted by Jegs on (January 20, 2012, 17:17 GMT)

Hes come out and said what ive been thinking for a while. England are very good in home conditions especially if the summer is a wet one. This happened when they played India last summer. They were lucky with conditions in both the MCG and SCG test matches- bowled Aus out when the ball was moving sideways then racked up big scores when the pitches flattened out. Apart from this their away record isnt great. They only drew in South Africa, and only 3 years ago they lost in the Carribean. So barring an Ashes series victory against an abject Australian side at the time they have nothing to shout about. Only team that has won a series in the subcontinent of late is AUstralia's victory in Sri Lanka recently. I expect England to get hammered in India later this year and probably in Sri Lanka too.

Posted by Sports4Youth on (January 20, 2012, 17:15 GMT)

@ Prash Smith & S.Zaryab Hussain also i agree. i believe media should be unbiased & give a clear picture to its readers, but the English & Aussie media always play dirty and the Brits & Aussie cant handle a situation like this and start crying.

Posted by Desi_In_US on (January 20, 2012, 17:13 GMT)

This seems a bit odd that on one hand we are criticizing ex English cricketers for being critical of Pakistan victory but on the other hand our ex cricketers are doing the exact same thing. So, whats the difference? English media is known to be very biased and critical of all sub-continent teams. Asian spinners have always been darlings of English and often Aussie media. It was Murali to Bhaji to Ajmal. Same ol same ol. The best way to shut people up is to continue performing. A single test by no means is a sign of dominance, however steady performance by Pakistan over the past year is definitely something to get excited about. In all fairness England's rise in ranking is a result of their steady performance even if bulk of it came by playing at home. Most others countries went through similar track to achieve their rankings. I don't see anything wrong with it. So, lets be fair and instead of big talks just continue playing good cricket. Good Luck Pakistan.

Posted by Dheepan on (January 20, 2012, 17:13 GMT)

Pak have just won 1 test and it is in familiar conditions, they have miles to go.. that said, they have great talent, no doubt.. But a muddled management.. i just wish for cricket's sake that pak cricket administration pulls itself together to give the stability the team needs right now! compensate the players well, make sure sport stays out of politics, keep the morale high and keep touring.. i believe that pak not being able to play at home is a blessing in disguise, their away tours are always challenging and it definitely builds their spirit and technique!

Posted by Nampally on (January 20, 2012, 17:12 GMT)

Well said Mr. Miandad! England have done well in seaming & swinging conditions for the past 12 months. Also when they invite 2 teams to share the season with them, the visiting teams are at a great disadvantage. The visitors suddenly have to get used to the pitch, swing & seam almost overnight.The disadvantage is doubled when the visitors do not have a good unit of pace bowlers to match the England seamers. If the visiting suffers any injuries then they are a toast!. England won against India & SL in such conditions to gain #1 spot. Also they played an Aussie team which was just depleted of its greats, to win the Ashes away. When England visited India they got blown 5-0 in 5 match ODI's in India. England said "Ah, but these are just ODI's".Now that Pakistan have outplayed them in a Test, England's weakness are severely exposed. They cannot play spinners & their bowling fails on such wkts.If Pak. beat them in the series, England's #1 spot will be history just after 6 Months reign!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 17:10 GMT)

BIG GUN YET TO FIRE,,, YOUNIS AZHAR,, SHAFIQUE,,,.Only one test is gone,, lot more to come, so be patient,, wait for things to happen.England can bounce back. But Our all wishes to PAKI. PROUD TO BE PAKI

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 17:10 GMT)

it is better to see the scorecard, what Ajmal did to English batsman. Congrats to him. I am an Indian & a big cricket lover to both countries. I hope Pakistan will end this series with 3-0 or 2-0. I agree with Miandad win in sub continent is very difficult even for No 1 sides. England lost one days in India by 5-0 and India lost all matches of their tour to England. Hope international cricket will back soon in Pakistan, till then Dubai is more like home grounds for their team, As we saw against Sri Lanka & in this match also.

Posted by spence1324 on (January 20, 2012, 17:03 GMT)

Miandad go's on like pakistan are the number1 team or fact I can not remember a time when pakistan were the best team in anything!

Posted by Sports4Youth on (January 20, 2012, 16:57 GMT)

@ bighit14 may be right. With the emergence of Patinson & Cummins things may change for australia in the Bowling department. But their batting continues to be a worry. Ponting is defenitely ageing like our seniors, sooner Hussey will follow & haddin is unstable with a big mouth. Marsh & the other youngster have not cemented their place nor are they reliable. Time will tell.

Posted by Hassan.Farooqi on (January 20, 2012, 16:55 GMT)

@Dan Patel:"ITS ONLY ONE GAME GUYS". No, it is not. You forgot English clean sweep in India. That is Miandad's point. England is not doing well overseas. Argument was made that India had home grounds. With Pakistan defeated England in Dubai, that argument is also not valid. England is simply "One of the best team" outside England, not "The best team" as #1 ranking says.

Posted by Rakim on (January 20, 2012, 16:55 GMT)

@Dravid_Gravitas: Nice to read these kind of comments :).

Posted by Sac_Jap on (January 20, 2012, 16:52 GMT)

I would always prefer Pakistan over England! I'm an Indian by the way. (Not becoz of recent Summer series, as far as that is concerned India settled most of the account when Eng went to India)

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:45 GMT)

English batsman is good in their home grounds, not in UAE

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:44 GMT)

Pakisthan won because of some quality bowling. Look at the concistency of Hafeez removing the left hand openers, thats sweet. And Ajmal he is accurate and deadly. England always struggle in subcontinent and its not new :) Smash them brothers.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:44 GMT)

well As waqar younis said that spot fixing scandal have made pakistan more stronger......... so is that the only way pakistan wins after some scandals... is that all about pakistan I am pritty sure that something wrong will happen with pakistan team and they will be critisised again and then probably they will come hard on other opposition........................LOL ha ha ha

Posted by ABRAR-JANJUA on (January 20, 2012, 16:38 GMT)

Amazingly not Only Pakistani Fans are happy by that Victory against England but also many Indians and Australians fans are really delighted..

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:36 GMT)

we Pakistani's will rock the world! well done Pakistan. keep it up guys!

Posted by Truemans_Ghost on (January 20, 2012, 16:33 GMT)

He's right. It was those innings home wins for England at Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne which got England to no.1

Posted by Philip_Gnana on (January 20, 2012, 16:30 GMT)

So India were okay with their home advantage Mr Miandad? England gave the world beaters Australia a jolly good spanking in their own back yard which is going to take a lot of beating. No visiting team has given the Aussies that kind of beating in the last 15 years. India are the home track bullies with their own non-UDRS laws when they were the No 1 by default. Whilst we should not take away any credit from Pakistan in their beating of England, Pakistan should not get carried away too much and must continue to play as they have done so far over the past 3 months. The UAE pitches are prepared to suit the Pakistani bowlers as it is their "home" ground and not neutral. Miandad can keep his mind games to himself or it may backfire on him as it will only act as a motivating factor in England's favour. Philip Gnana, Surrey

Posted by rivernile on (January 20, 2012, 16:30 GMT)

Mr. Miandad- I think that you were an unbelievable batsman and deserve all the accolades that have come your way. However, I think that England is very deserving of the number 1 status (and no, I am not English). They have played incredible cricket over the past year or so. Pakistan has played fantastic in game 1 and I hope they win the series. Misbah- you are amazing! You are just what Pakistan needed to bring back stability.

Posted by shamlaatu on (January 20, 2012, 16:24 GMT)

I think it's time that Cricket Australia calls an end to the comedy show called "Border-Gavaskar" trophy and play some REAL TEST CRICKET by scheduling a yearly war of displaying test cricket by instigating a series with Pakistan under the banner of Imran-Lillee trophy. Fans yearn to see some quality test cricket.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:24 GMT)

I am loving the way this win brought both Indian and Pakistani fans together.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:23 GMT)

England Lost to Pakistan in a test match that's it. One match u can't question the authenticity of a ranking which no cricket team or board gives it by themself. ICC has ranking system by which England is number one. Some days later if Pakistan wins consistently and attain the same they will be number one. Pakistan played well and used their resources well. Now a days cricket teams and players are criticized too much for both success and failures. Let both the teams play well to their potential and entertain cricket lovers

Posted by Sports4Youth on (January 20, 2012, 16:22 GMT)

@ Bala Murari .. surely you are absolutely right. But after the retirement of Murali, Warne and Kumble they have run into willy Ajmal & co.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:22 GMT)

thanx GOd atlast someone spoke out !! this is how the english pressurize other teams and this the way to counter them ! team must focus on field and former greats off fields ! tats how u cause wins for bruised sides !

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:20 GMT)

I would love to see Pakistan thrashing England this time. So much for Mr Boycott's favourite and dominant team. To me, the contest of the year would be Ind vs Pak in any country. Be it Ind, Pak or even a neutral venue. Dying to Aus and Eng in India, that would be cherry on the top. No team is no. 1 right now. SA can't win outside SA(chokers), Eng can't win in Sub Cont(one victory in past 7 years and that too against Bang), Aus(team is still building up, the stuff that Warnie can't do, can surely not be done by Lyon in sub cont), India(plays well only at home), Pak( wouldn't do any good outside sub cont; dont think they have the batting for it, UAE is no different from Pak when in comes to conditions), SL(not a contender, pay your players first, then talk about winning), NZ(never had a world beating test side, the search still continues).

Posted by Sports4Youth on (January 20, 2012, 16:20 GMT)

Yes man you said it. I agree. But the problem is that in foreign conditions no team is able to defend its title.

Posted by cyniket on (January 20, 2012, 16:17 GMT)

@dravid-gravitas- what an unpleasant state of mind. I'm afraid that this is all too often the case with some sports fans (from all nations), who seem to gain more happiness from the defeats suffered by other nations, against whom they've conjured an absurd and unsustainable grievance. it reminds me of samuel johnson's famous quote that 'patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel'. an intellectually moribund position. support a cricket team by all means, but remember that's all it is. It's not war.

as for the cricket, I for one am happy to wait and see how a series pans out before trying to assess the failings or otherwise of a cricket team.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:16 GMT)

Miandad please donot judge this england too early bcoz they might win in next two test series please wait till Pakistan win the series .... as i think there might be some upper management involvement in next two matches so please go for it ...England shall go for bribe to regain its watch it bcoz i have some doubt ....By hook or by cook England is ready to keep an eye on upper management .......................takecare

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:15 GMT)

to B.C.G, dude there is big difference between playing at pakistan and playing at UAE. U guys mustn't have been through this situation. It's easy to say home advantage but actually traveling across all the time doesn't make game easy for you. They hardly get time to chill out in Pakistan. However, Pak has performed in New Zealand as well...

Posted by coatsie89 on (January 20, 2012, 16:13 GMT)

laughable comment really by Miandad. I suppose drawing a series in South Africa and embarrassing the Australians in their own back yard is because of 'home advantage' is it?? England will bounce back heavily in the 2nd test. Pakistan have had regular cricket for the past few months playing against extremely weak opposition, allowing their players to ease their way into form. When Pakistan come to England next they will probably get beat by an innings in most tests because of their lack of ability to play a ball that moves. On the plus side, even though England lost, it's great to see a result in an Asian test as opposed to the usual 600-4 dec plays 600-4 dec like you usually see. Good for cricket, but England will win the series 2-1.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:11 GMT)

itzz true but all d asian teams also hav to learn how to face d oposition overseas...!

Posted by bohurupi on (January 20, 2012, 16:11 GMT)

The ranking system may have problems but it is too early to disprove England as No 1. This can only be said if England loses the series. England will do everything possible to come back into the series, and when they come back, they will as a wounded tiger. Though Pakistan undoubtedly has one of the best bowling attack, a batsmen friendly pitch may put a huge advantage to England's favor. Unlike Pakistan, they can bat up to No 10 and don't forget that 3-4 English batsmen are in the top ten batsmen list. Batting wise, Pakistan don't match with England. Though Pakistan batting has greatly improved over the years, still is quite vulnerable. Cook, Trott, Bell, Strauss, Prior, and even Petersen are all match winners. Pakistan have to have a solid strategy and should have a plan B if Saeed Ajmal's spin is not clicking. Wish Pakistan the best of luck though.

Posted by Big_Chikka on (January 20, 2012, 16:11 GMT)

it's wonderfull to be able to share one's views on this platform. so here's mine! if pakistan are a good side, then repeatability of the result is what counts now, nothing else matters. happy to see them do well. satisfied they are better than england, not yet. lets hope its not a lamont peterson v amir khan test series. one conclusive winner at the end is what we all want.

Posted by svenkat02 on (January 20, 2012, 16:10 GMT)

As an Indian fan, I am right behind Pakistan this time. Thrash England badly, and show the world that they are not worth the No.1 spot that they own right now, and that they are also basically home bullies like most of the other teams in the world (incl. India). Next target is Australia. India and Pakistan rock!

Posted by Green_and_Gold on (January 20, 2012, 16:07 GMT)

Well all countries have home and away games so the rankings are fair for all countries. Eng may be ranked 1 however there is little breathing space at the top so they could be toppled at any stage - its still one of the strongest english teams i have seen in a long time - hey they even beat us aussies in aus.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:05 GMT)

Hot air! Nothing but an attempt to annoy England team - we all see through it! Perhaps he thinks Banladesh or Holland should be no 1!

Posted by baskar_guha on (January 20, 2012, 16:04 GMT)

Finally some verbal payback to accompany what happened on the field of play! More than the very strong Pakistani performance, it was shocking to see how a change of venue can make centurions struggle to make just a few runs. That way cricket is unique - makes you a hero one day and a zero the next.

The rankings are a sham unless they include both away and home series which may mean looking back 4 years than just 2 years or whatever ICC does. Neither India nor England should have been #1 by at least the margin they were. Right now, everybody seems to be a home bully and a road jelly.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:03 GMT)

well said miandad kudos to u. i always felt the same no other cricketing greats pointed it out atlast u did !! england is pathetic in subcontinent even zimbabwe and west indies play the spinners well england is awful just 1 win in 18 matches in subcontinent great record come on make it 1 in 20 by this series ends.ian bell was rocking in england i thought he is great now we can say where he stands .same for alistair cook oh god massive records in eng and aus but poor in subcontinent.

only trott,pietersen and strauss can do well in sub far as bowling goes tremlett is useless better replace him with panesar and jimmy bow and swanny are pussy cats when they are outside england.swann is muchh over hyped.

winning in england doesnt make u no.1 prove it by winning in sub continent.

these many days englnd fans used to say one day cricket is useless and say test crickets now once england's weakness in subcontinent gets exposed i want to hear thier explanations

Posted by Aura123 on (January 20, 2012, 16:03 GMT)

Don't under estimate England, they will fight back in next game. Can't wait for the next game . come on Pak

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:01 GMT)

Don't usually bother commenting on stories such as these, but felt the need to point out that England beat the Aussies in their own back yard in 2010-11, something which not many other teams can claim they have done in recent times - certainly not Pakistan who got whupped there in 2010.

Pakistan are a very talented side who thoroughly outperformed England in every department in the first test. If England have anything about them, they will come back hard over the next two tests, and prove their number one ranking. If they lose, then they won;t be number one for very long.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:01 GMT)

Offcourse,Pakistan performed very well,Go,Go Pakistan.keep it up..Best of Luck for rest of series.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 16:00 GMT)

Well done Pakistan. Miandiad, the rating system in not England's fault. Just be careful if you win the series, because the sour grapes will emerge. Remember in 1992 when you led Pakistan to victory - there were accusations of ball tampering! But when England won the Ashes in 2005 thanks to reverse swing, no-one raised an eyebrow. This time round, it could be Ajmal's bowling action, he has already taken 10 wickets. But no-one seems to care about James Kirtley, Brett Lee's action!

Posted by Tigg on (January 20, 2012, 15:59 GMT)

One. Match. Means. Nothing.

Posted by Fitzy16 on (January 20, 2012, 15:58 GMT)

the only ay to get proper test rankings is through the test championship, played over 18 months with every team playing in different conditions

Posted by TheBengalTiger on (January 20, 2012, 15:58 GMT)

As an Indian, I wholehartedly agree. Brilliant to see the asian countries do well.

Posted by criclover112 on (January 20, 2012, 15:57 GMT)

As a pakistani, I disagree with miandad. I dont believe in rankings and statistics either becoz they don't give a full picture but England are the best test side in the world currently. How many teams can go to Australia and thrash them 3-1? Pakistan defeated and outwitted the best side in the world and that should motivate Pak team to further greatness.

Posted by unclemarlers on (January 20, 2012, 15:53 GMT)

Hang on - didn't England win 3-1 in Australia last year? Not many teams manage that, even against a weaker Australia. This is now a great chance for England to show what they are made of - fail again and Miandad's comments will be proved correct - win and he can eat a nutritious slice of humble pie!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:52 GMT)

yup!i agreed with lagend player!because england had only performed in home tracks and their performance collapes in others pitches!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:46 GMT)

I dont understand why Englands got soo much negative things being said about them. Pakistan cant get too excited either. Its only one game that anyone can refer to.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:45 GMT)

Pakistan should keep their feet on ground. Fat lady hasn't sung yet.

Posted by Zahidsaltin on (January 20, 2012, 15:44 GMT)

I am sure this pakistani team is able to beat England in England. We lost in 2010 due to lack of cocus but even then we won a match or two.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:43 GMT)

whatever you lot- how many other sides have won in austrolia and drawn in South Africa- come on lets get it real- its only one game- i remember before the India series everyone was saying that India will win- just wait and see at the end of the series

Posted by Long-Leg on (January 20, 2012, 15:43 GMT)

The present England test team have been formidable in home conditions, but it is simply not true to say that they have been poor away from home! In the last two years they have won series in Australia and Bangladesh and they also drew a series in South Africa against Steyn and Morkel et al. I think any international side would be proud of that record and to say that England can't win away from home is a gross oversimplification. Having said all that, I also believe that this Pakistan team are very good indeed and would be a handful in English conditions as well. I fancy them to rise above India in the test rankings very soon.

Posted by CRam on (January 20, 2012, 15:41 GMT)

I do believe Pakistan have the right balance on home and away wickets to really claim the No 1 ranking. Who knows - in an ironic twist - their climb up the rankings might mean that India will become # 1 by default - like the last time !!!!

Posted by DuncLancs on (January 20, 2012, 15:41 GMT)

It seems some people need to get a sense of perspective about England being number 1 in the world. It simply means that England are number 1 at this moment in time and only that. Have a look at England's results for the last couple of years and argue that we aren't number 1. You can still be number one if you don't win or even lose in the sub continent, likewise you can get to number 1 if you don't win in England. Nobody associated with England are saying they are the best of all time. If you look at other sports, in tennis if Djokovic loses to Nadal he can still be number one. In Football a team can win the league despite losing home and away to the team that came second. Its no big deal. This nonsense about not being number 1 if you don't win in the sub continent you aren't number one is ridiculous. Perhaps if the BCCI sanction more than a 2 test series we see it as a bigger deal. As it is a 2 test series hardly carries much weight compared to a 5 test series against Australia/SA.

Posted by Zahidsaltin on (January 20, 2012, 15:41 GMT)

@Dravid_Gravitas, why should we be different than Australia and England. When they play each other, honours on stake just like india-pak matches but they support each other when one of them plays against us. Cousin will stay cousins what ever the problems between them. Only problem is that we are a bit backward and not ready to solve our problems and thats why only a part of our masses support each other while playing Europeans where as they do it 100 %.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:40 GMT)

It's a bit harsh to say England only got #1 because of home advantage. Yes they have mostly played at home but they did crush Australia in their backyard as well. Having said that I do believe the ranking system is nothing more than a way to quantify something that can't really be quantified accurately. Tom Moody said it best that rankings are more just guidelines. There are some assumptions for rankings one of those is a team plays equally home and away which obviously is not the case especially for Pakistan. I'm not saying the rankings are totally inaccurate just that as I see it right now there is not a lot of difference between the top 6 teams when you combine home and away performances and I think that's good for test cricket...

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:39 GMT)

To B.C.G pl note that pakistan won most of their matches outside Pakistan. Even Pakistan defeated Asutralia and England in England in 2010. Pl coorect your self. thank you

Posted by GoGyRao on (January 20, 2012, 15:39 GMT)

miadaad is absolutlty spot on and abdul dadir is dead right if u lose wicket first day first session to spinner that sums up all how good player u r

Posted by Raki99 on (January 20, 2012, 15:38 GMT)

Nice Pakistan beating England, even though i am a Indian Supporter, This was always on the cards and samething for autralia, they would not be able to beat anybody in subcontinent condiation especially the indian and the pakistani team. Because they don't have quality spinner. When it comes to England well they have a quality spinner Swann but the problem is they can't play spin.(big period) we know what happened to them when tey toured india for the 5 one int. PLease pakistan bet them 3- 0.

Posted by ssk20 on (January 20, 2012, 15:37 GMT)

@Dravid Gravistas, as an Indian supporter living myself in England having been raised here, I very much agree with what you say, there is something about the English team spirit and media that I really do not like, I felt very happy seeing Pakistan win considering their team spirit and the way they have fought under Misbah since the 2010 events. Keep going Pakistan!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:34 GMT)

Eng have got chance to prove they can play spin but if they play spin and make 400 + then i don think they can make pak collapse and take 20 wickets thats for sure so next match will be very interesting.I respect Eng side they have won against aussies in aus thats big achievement they are far better than aus and SA at the moment on fast bouncy and swinging tracks so aussies fans should reserve their comments regarding Eng.They shud say smthing but first prove their supremacy now by beating Pak and Ind in subcontinent .I don think they can play betr .They shud nt every now and then say that we have good past in subcontinent show it now then make statements.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:30 GMT)

and this advantage is not with pakistan for last 2 to 3 years ........ pakistan, since last few years is playing without the support of its own crowd .... doesnt matter if you are australia, england , south africa or any other team .... just try to play continously on neutral venues like we have done in srilanka,uae,new-zealand and uk (where pakistan have played its recent home series against all different opponents)... and then try to improve your performance in such conditions .... pakistan's case is totally different from other teams , but the good thing is WE ARE STILL MOVIN UP THE LADDER .... hats off to ourr bowlers , yes we are proud of our PACERS and now our SPINNERS are also catchin up with them ...literally speaking , i think next two games will be huge draws or England will loose atleast one more ... remember 2005 ENG PAK series ? after the 2005 Ashes win , England toured Pakistan and something like this happened , that time there was a Mayhem in Multan :P

Posted by sportofpain on (January 20, 2012, 15:29 GMT)

The factis teams can only play based on their schedules. England were strong at home but also walloped the Aussies in Australia. Sothey deserve the No 1 ranking just as India deserved it earlier. Folks who question the ranking are silly. Based on how it is set up England are now No. 1. Get over this stat and give them the respect they deserve. India never gotthe respect they deserved when they were No. 1. They were a great No. 1 team since they held that spot for two years.

To be a great team you need to win over an extended period of time both home and away. The discussion has to be reframed from "Is England No 1?" to "Is England a great team?" Right now they are not a great team but that can change if they start winning in Asia

Posted by thebolivian on (January 20, 2012, 15:28 GMT)

England are still the best test team at present, they are not brilliant and won't dominate like Australia and West Indies but their form over the last couple of years justifies their no.1 spot. Just because they lose a test or series in Asia doesn't not mean they have no right to be no.1. Even the great Australian team didn't win in India. England have also recently won away against Australia and drew with South Africa so it's unfair to say their no.1 status is simply a fact of their home form.

Posted by Mytom on (January 20, 2012, 15:28 GMT)

This article made me laugh, one blip in an otherwise hugely succesful period under Strauss & Flower and everyone is labelling England as unprofessional or unworthy of the number 1 tag. Brilliant, the fact that Pakistan, India and Australia fans are suddenly united in their hatred of England and their haste in knocking England can only mean one thing - England are the team everyone wants to beat because they are the most feared on the circuit aka 'Number 1'. Obviously as an England fan I am mildly concerned by our performance in the last test. In our unmemorable past, a result like this in the first test would undoubtedly lead to a 3-0 series trouncing. We will see whether this England has the mettle to come back. I look forward to seeing what happens in the great game that is test cricket. Well done to Pakistan, they put on a display 10 times better than anything else England have encountered for sveral years.

Posted by sonicattack on (January 20, 2012, 15:27 GMT)

jonesy2 - how England got to number 1? Probably had something to do with thrashing Australia and India.....

Posted by 12th_man on (January 20, 2012, 15:27 GMT)

Miandad speaks alot of sense! He's a true legend of the game....and famous in NZ for not only scoring alot of runs against us Kiwis but also for asking Ewen Chatfield to come over to Karachi to be your bowling machine..ha ha!!

Posted by RandyOZ on (January 20, 2012, 15:26 GMT)

You can put Pakistan's win down to Australia. England are so worried at how good we are now that hey lost sight of the game in front of them.

Posted by inswing on (January 20, 2012, 15:25 GMT)

SA is the only team left that can travel somewhat well. Others mostly do well only in home conditions, and are terrible outside.

Posted by Sultan2007 on (January 20, 2012, 15:24 GMT)

Credit where credit is due. Pakistan were superb and their victory thoroughly well deserved! Especially incredible when you consider this achievement in the context of a nation in turmoil, barely effective cricketing infrastructure. This is a victory of raw talent and hunger for competitive cricket. More importantly however, this proves how non sensical all this business about World rankings is.Sub continent teams have often been referred to as "flat track bullies" in the western press. The inference of course is that they cant cope on quick seaming wickets in England/SA/AUS. If it were that simple, why cant the so called no 1 Team in the World score even 200 runs in successive innings on a placid pitch? Should be simple, should it not?

Posted by Sehwagism on (January 20, 2012, 15:21 GMT)

England, Australia, SA will lose against Ind, Pak or SL if they play anywhere in subcontinent. Similarly Ind, Pak and SL will lose against these team if they play on green bouncy pitches. your raking will depend on how you perform against team who likes similar pitches and how many match you are playing on pitches you like. Other than WI of 70s all teams reached to no1 ranking by playing matches on pitches that favours their style of play. Unbeatable Aus came to India and lost series. India got no1 ranking using home advantage. yes they did win in Eng, WI and Nz but such wins were fery few. Now Eng became no 1 with home advantage.They will lose this ranking if they have more matches in subcontinent.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:20 GMT)

Miandad is right - but i hope pakistan continue these success in rest of test games .... i believe pakistan still big improvement as someone has to fill yousuf position in the middle (some one who dont hold wicket only- who can score as well) otherwise pak will be defeated if bowlers don't performs.... also one day will be difficult if misbah is in the middle !!!!!!!

@ Prash Smith & Dravid_Gravitas - very true

Posted by Lord.emsworth on (January 20, 2012, 15:18 GMT)

Miandad is on to something. World Rankings should be worked out some other way. The problem today is that Test teams do not play the same number of matches per year. If Duckworth & Lewís came up with their mathematical calculations for ODI's surely a calculation of sorts can be worked out to take away the disproportion of matches that teams play and arrive at a 'real' ranking system?

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:14 GMT)

One match and you are all over England ... they will bounce back ..

Posted by cmac4 on (January 20, 2012, 15:10 GMT)

Absurd statements... Our number 1 ranking is also largely based on the fact we thrashed Australia IN Australia, not at home. England is the only team to have won/ drawn series largely away as well as at home in recent times. There are more non sub-continent teams than sub-continent teams, so in an era where most teams are struggling away from home, its not really a surprise that No.1 loses in the most foreign conditions available. Name one team that has been better than England in recent times, in terms of results, including away from home. There isn't one, and thats why we're number one - it doesnt mean we're the best team ever, and we're not, but it does mean we're the best and most consistent currently. Agreed we were awful here, but Pakistan were also outstanding, plus it's only one game.

Posted by HaroldLarwood on (January 20, 2012, 15:04 GMT)

While I agree with Miandad that England can't rate as a great side unless they win regularly in the subcontinent (the recent Ashes win points to them being perfectly capable of winning away from home in more familiar conditions), that's different to England being a legitimate number ranked side. It's not England's fault that a successful run in their recent programme of fixtures means the rankings system positions them at number one. Any more than it was when India were ranked number one by playing most of their games at home or against Bangladesh. At least England don't dodge tougher opposition and travel away to play in unfamiliar conditions. Well done to Pakistan though. They bowled superbly in this test and have been a very good team for many months now.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 15:04 GMT)

When You are ranked No 1 means You must have the ability to play against any attack under any condition.Australia have manged that successfully during their domination days since last decade and thats apply to every one are ranked No 1.The Australian sides had mentioned True defination of being No 1 Test sides being dominant,ruthless rather than competative,

Posted by pritpalpabla on (January 20, 2012, 15:01 GMT)

Great match by Pakistan ! I wish them all the best for the next match... I would love to see a whitewash...

Posted by demon_bowler on (January 20, 2012, 15:00 GMT)

Ever the stirrer, that Miandad. England's no.1 position is due not only to wins at home, but to thrashing Australia in their own back yard and drawing in South Africa. If England are an unworthy no.1, what in God's name were India?!

Posted by coogeebear on (January 20, 2012, 15:00 GMT)

and the 3-1 result in Australia never happened Javed ? How far away from home was this ? Any further and you are on the way back !

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 14:56 GMT)

Classic! He is only saying what the rest of the world are thinking... English commentators keep saying "We didnt get to No.1 in the world by **insert meaningless self-congratualtion here**". No, you get there because you managed to schedule series when everyone else was coming to pieces. Cook, Bell and Broad were on the verge of being dropped, and two facile series later are the best in the world are they? Give us all a break. The Ashes is the only decent series England have had abroad since... well I cant think of the last one! Drew in SA I guess, but then so did OZ a few months ago with a ramshackle team of debutants. Will this England team leave a legacy, or fall apart like tthe 2005 mob? Looks like 2005 all over again to me...

Posted by yorkshirematt on (January 20, 2012, 14:55 GMT)

I didn't know Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney were in England. Still they are right, but there's no need for such an aggressive argument. It's cricket not boxing where they spout any old rubbish about each other.

Posted by Snick_To_Backward_Point on (January 20, 2012, 14:55 GMT)

First thing I did after Pakistan won was come onto these threads to genuinley congratulate Pakistan for an exceptional performance and lambast the English batting which was probably the worst seen since the Windies test match in 09. However, let's put things into perspective a little shall we? Over the past 18 months England hasn;t just played at home! England beat Australia in Australia - the first team to do so in an age, as well as drew with SA in SA which is no mean feat. In that light, what a rather comical set of emotional outbursts, especially Qadir's. To form a hasty opinion based upon 1 test match after 18 month's of dominance is a little bit premature. To turn that opinion into immutable truth, immature. Let's wait at least until England have played this season out msrs Miandad & Qadir. Then, we can make an informed opinion!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 14:52 GMT)

yeah of we india were no 1 becouse of flaws in rankings same is with england i had said that when we went down 4-0 in england that this will happen and thats what is happening this is only 1 test 2 test in this series 2 against SL and i also said that aus will beat sri in sri and sa vs sa will be tight and thats what happened but what i got wrong is this series against aus i expected and series win for india but thats not happened and i think at this moment if everything is taken into account SA and AUS are best teams in world and tough to decide between them SA will beat Eng in Eng just wait and see eng will way down when they come to india niether do they world batting order,neither worlds best spinner ,neither world best fast bowling attack(all can only to do well in eng only)

Posted by spiritwithin on (January 20, 2012, 14:51 GMT)

since England's revival in 2008 they won 20 out of 32 games and 14 of those came at home,of their 6 away wins two came in bangladesh,so Miandad is right in his assessments in this case,former English players were the first to question india's no.1 status last summer before the ind-eng series by saying that india played mostly at home but they forgot that England has done the same,infact they plays at home more than any other teams,their overall records in subcontinent is pathetic,since 2008 they either lost in subcontinent or did'nt visited subcontinent,so unless they save themselves in the remaining two tests in UAE and plays well in india & SL which i think they wont they will be questioned by every fans and players from other nation..welcome to the real world

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 14:48 GMT)

I'd like to see Miandad's reaction if Pakistan was number one, because of course he doesn't believe in rankings. English success based on home success, notably, pakistan 2010 and we know what happened there, Sri Lanka and India 2011 4-0 ? But of course conditions were in our favour and the Asian sides have never used that advantage have they? Success overseas? South Africa, tough, Australia, tougher? Wake up guys, you can only beat what's put in front of you wherever that happens, it's the same system we all sign up to. Hat's off to Pakistan, they outplayed us and we batted badly. Can I suggest you sort your infrastructure out before you start lambasting others?

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 14:41 GMT)

How can England be the no 1 side? They lost their first match that they have played overseas after getting to that position

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 14:31 GMT)

The comments by Miandad and Quadir are somewhat acidic. But do carry substance. English teams have always struggled in Asia. However I would not make a sweeping generalisation on the professionalism of the english team, they may well just have been rusty. The next two matches will tell the whole story. The Pakistani batting has really solidified under the fine fine example of Misbah ul Haq, and hopefully this will set an example for future Pakistani talent.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 14:16 GMT)

@Prash Smith..absolutely true...!

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas on (January 20, 2012, 14:15 GMT)

Dear Miandad, I remember very well that you, Wasim Bhai, Waqar Bhai and Jehangir Khan (Squash Champ) went into the our Camp and helped our Sachin, Azhar Bhai, Srinath and Venky when we were going down to England very badly in England. When a reporter asked you why you are helping Indians, you said, "When it comes to Cricket against India, it is a war for you. But I and most of the Pakistanis can't tolerate Pakistan or India going down to England". Thank you Miandad for your unbelievable words. I was a young adult then and so I asked my father to look into your statement. He said, "Yes, India and Pakistan were close brothers who lost their way because of religion and politics and that we now have a unique love-hate relationship". I can assure my Pakistani Brothers over here that there are millions of Indians like me who felt happy whenever Pakistan defeated England. The support to Pakistan team is not due to the 2011 English summer, as far as these millions of Indians are concerned.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 14:01 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 13:53 GMT)

Whose up for taking a bet that the English media and certain pundits will arise from the woodwork and claim or dig up something to suggest Pakistan cheated? well they did it in 1992 and again a few years later when my mate Inzi was captain. Truly pathetic. Can't take loosing to an asian team thats what this is all about. I am English by the way.

Posted by bighit14 on (January 20, 2012, 13:51 GMT)

Aussies will claim back their No.1 status pretty soon and will retain them as they are the only ones who always win (home as well as overseas). No other team has been able to win overseas consistently and convincingly

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 13:43 GMT)

True ... If England come to Sub continent conditions , they will feel the real heat. Teams have started realizing the importance of home conditions and started preparing wickets that will make the hosts comfortable. If subcontinent teams feel uncomfortable facing bouncers , the other teams find difficult to play low bouncy tracks .

Posted by B.C.G on (January 20, 2012, 13:42 GMT)

Pakistan has also won because of home advantage.Can someone explain the difference b/w pak & uae pitches?Even at home the stadiums are empty if afridi is not on the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by pauliangenius on (January 20, 2012, 13:40 GMT)

go GO GO Pakistan. Right said England are only a home based team. just like India LOL

Posted by jonesy2 on (January 20, 2012, 13:39 GMT)

of course he is right. bit obvious miandad. how england got to number one makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine

Posted by iBilal on (January 20, 2012, 13:37 GMT)

Miandad is right with his disbelief in ranking system. As far as the top tier teams are concerned, rankings give you no leverage. However, it is a bit Bob Willis of Miandad to suggest that Eng are home-track bullies. No need for big talk now, Miandad. Only time will tell, if thats true. Lets wait and see.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2012, 13:32 GMT)

Very true, English have never ever performed well in subcontinenet during the current days.. I dont think they deserve to be there in that position a team dont have the basics to play spinners cannot be considered as number 1...

The retirement of Murali, Warne and Kumble gave them a big boost......

Posted by HawK89 on (January 20, 2012, 13:30 GMT)

I think the #1 status has gotten to some of the england player's heads. Playing loose shots, thinking pakistan wasn't a match. Pakistan only excel at one aspect, and thats their bowling. Hopefully the next test match, the batsmen won't play ambitious shots like an ODI.

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