South Africa tour of United Arab Emirates, 1st T20I: Pakistan v South Africa at Abu Dhabi, Oct 26, 2010
South Africa won by 6 wickets (with 10 balls remaining)
Played at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi (neutral venue)
26 October 2010 - night match (20-over match)

Tsotsobe to Imran Farhat, no run, better start from this end, hits the deck back of a length and pushes Farhat into the backfoot defence


Tsotsobe to Imran Farhat, 1 run, a hint of room this time just outside off and enough for Farhat to steer to the right of point for a single


Tsotsobe to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, angles across the right hander at 133 kph, and Shahzaib reaches out to play it towards point. Tall batsman, is Shahzaib. A half stride helps him cover a couple of feet


Tsotsobe to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, that's it, Shahzaib has seen enough and looks to thump one into Dubai. Misses making contact though as it whistles past outside off stump


Tsotsobe to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, hmm, a hint of inward movement from Tsotsobe, Shahzaib presses forward and ends up looking quite prone in front of the stumps. Thankfully got some inside edge out to square leg for a single


Tsotsobe to Imran Farhat, OUT, and gone. Farhat did not have to do this, he walked down the track, looking to dominate Tsotsobe early. It was floated well outside off, beating Farhat's pre-meditated intention to go over the leg side. Ended up going through with the shot anyway. Mistake. It took the toe end of the bat and landed in first slip's lap.

Imran Farhat c Smith b Tsotsobe 10 (10m 8b 2x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

Pakistan 16/1   LL Tsotsobe 1-0-2-1

Tsotsobe to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, Shahzaib does that again, looking to fetch a ball from middle and off without quite getting to the pitch as it deviates in from a length. Inside edge dribbles away square on the leg side for one


Tsotsobe to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, on the stumps from Tsotsobe, who has easily looked the best of the three bowlers so far. Hafeez spots the hint of inswing, covers the deviation and punches to mid on for a quick single


Tsotsobe to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, Shahzaib gets a short one, and early indications that this is what he likes facing. Pushes forward as is his wont, but rocks back in time to slam the pull shot to deep square leg for one. It went in a trice.


Tsotsobe to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, slow off cutter at 127 kph, Hafeez spotted the change in pace and ran it down square on the off side for one


Tsotsobe to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, another slower ball, 120 kph this time and Shahzaib picks a single behind square on the off side


Tsotsobe to Mohammad Hafeez, 2 runs, Hafeez drives on the up through the covers, literally, since the fielder there dives over the ball. Theron runs across from mid off to keep it down to two. Not very well timed this time.

Pakistan 34/1   LL Tsotsobe 2-0-9-1

Tsotsobe to Shahzaib Hasan, OUT, Shahzaib is gone. It is the kind of dismissal you would expect from someone who plonks the front foot across without intent to reach the length, and drives almost always on the up. It was on a length from Tsotsobe again, angling across Shahzaib, who did that half-stride across and looked to go over the off side. He ended up scooping it straight over Duminy at point, who ran back around 20 yards and took a nice tumbling catch.

Shahzaib Hasan c Duminy b Tsotsobe 9 (28m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 64.28


Tsotsobe to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, fullish on the stumps and Hafeez drives it to mid on


Tsotsobe to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 leg bye, close call - direct hit might have got him. Hafeez got some pad on it as it came in from back of a length on the stumps. It dribbled out to the off side and Duminy swooped across quickly as the batsmen hesitated. He shied, but missed.


Tsotsobe to Umar Akmal, no run, full and well outside off, Akmal looks for an expensive off drive, but can't quite time it


Tsotsobe to Umar Akmal, no run, lets one go outside off as it angles across from well outside off


Tsotsobe to Umar Akmal, FOUR, Umar plays the shot of the evening. Marginally over-pitched by Tsotsobe outside the off stump, Akmal rises with the bounce and slams it with the full face through the covers

Pakistan 43/2   LL Tsotsobe 3-0-13-2

Tsotsobe to Misbah-ul-Haq, 1 run, back of a length outside off and worked off the face of the bat through point for one


Tsotsobe to Umar Gul, no run, extra pace from Morne, lack of pace from Tsotsobe - both are tormenting Gul equally. Pushes out uncertainly and gets as inside edge as it comes on slowly. Dribbles out to mid on


Tsotsobe to Umar Gul, OUT, well, that was an agonising stay for Gul and the good part for him is that it has come to an end. Back of a length and angling across him, he chose the pull - can't blame him, he had tried several other shots without success in that short stay - but sadly, he was very late on it. Top edge balloons up and lands in Smith's bucket hands on the square leg boundary

Umar Gul c Smith b Tsotsobe 0 (4m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Tsotsobe to Misbah-ul-Haq, 1 run, textbook punch from Misbah into the covers, all for a single


Tsotsobe to Saeed Ajmal, no run, fuller outside off and Ajmal can't quite time the drive into the off side


Tsotsobe to Saeed Ajmal, 1 run, back of a length outside off and Ajmal manages to late cut it to deep third man for one

Pakistan 94/8   LL Tsotsobe 4-0-16-3





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