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The many drops off Mohammad Amir

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The catches dropped off Mohammad Amir since he returned to Test cricket in July this year after serving a five-year ban for spot-fixing

Mohammad Amir was made to wait 45 overs before he could get his first Test wicket after returning from a ban for spot-fixing © Getty Images

v England, 1st Test, Lord's

First innings

6.4 Mohammad Amir to Cook, no run, dropped. Oh no. Hafeez. What have you done? Superb channels from Amir. Just outside off on a good length. Cook is drawn forward and has to play. A thick outside edge carries low to Hafeez at first slip, who gets down but the ball bursts out of his hands. Hit his left hand and bounced out, hands not in a good place. Should have been taken

25.1 Mohammad Amir to Cook, no run, pitched up, draws the drive, Cook nicks through to Sarfraz... who shells another chance off Amir! Unbelievable! Amir is understandably a little miffed by all this. Sarfraz dived to his left and got to the ball, a fairly simple chance but it hit his wrists and then rebounded into his face, only lacking the comedy sound effect for complete embarrassment

The cost: Alastair Cook was on 22 when he was first dropped, and on 55 the second time. He went on to score 81 and was England's top-scorer. Amir removed him eventually, but had to wait 45 overs for his first wicket on his comeback.

v England, 2nd Test, Manchester

First innings

6.3 Mohammad Amir to Hales, FOUR, reaching for the drive, thick-edged and, sad as I am to type it, a tough chance is dropped at gully! He was standing quite close, only got one hand up to the ball and it burst through

The cost: Nought. Amir burst through Hales' defence three balls later, removing him for 10.

57.5 Mohammad Amir to Vince, no run, big wind up, the ball whizzes through outside off, kisses the edge as Vince goes for the big drive... but Younis drops it! He seemed surprised by the pace, it flew around chest height and it hit the palm of his right hand before ricocheting off his chest and down. Still no one has taken a catch off Amir

The cost: Vince added 12 more before he was dismissed for 18 six overs later.

Younis Khan made a right mess of this one © Getty Images

v England, 4th Test, The Oval

First innings

30.6 Mohammad Amir to Ali, no run, edged, flat and low to Azhar at third slip, who drops the chance! He clung on, fortuitously, to a near identical fumble off Ballance, but this was was if anything an easier opportunity in the first instance. Straight in, straight out. Amir kicks the turf in fury

The cost: England were 130 for 5. Ali went on to score 108 and was the last man out, with the score on 328.

v West Indies, 3rd Test, Sharjah

Second innings

0.5 Mohammad Amir to Johnson, no run, oh Pakistan's horror day refuses to end. Perfect seam position, on a length, on off, just about holds its line, takes the edge, goes to Misbah at third slip at a nice catchable height. Misbah lets it slip, though. Oh just when you thought you had said goodbye to the naughty Pakistan of old

2.5 Mohammad Amir to Johnson, no run, West Indies won't lose this match even if they want to. Poor cricket all around. Loose push to a shortish ball outside off, the edge carries chest high to Sami Aslam at first slip, but he makes a meal of it. Never in any danger of catching this. Hard hands, don't close at the right time. Poor Amir is left to kick the ground in disgust

The cost: Leon Johnson was on 0 and 3. He was dismissed for 12 after adding 29 for the opening wicket in a historic West Indies victory.

Amir was livid when the second catch went down © Getty Images

v New Zealand, 2nd Test, Hamilton

First innings

0.3 Mohammad Amir to Raval, no run, another catch dropped off Amir, Aslam is the culprit now at first slip. Full away-swinger, pokes and edges it low to the left of Aslam. He bends low and shells the knee-high grab

4.6 Mohammad Amir to Williamson, no run, Amir drops a return catch to his right. Full and angling away outside off, Williamson drives it in the air to the right of the bowler. Think Amir was reluctant to dive, he ultimately tumbles late to his right. Attempts the catch with both hands but spills it

28.6 Mohammad Amir to Raval, 1 run, Aslam drops another straightforward catch off Amir at first slip. Raval was reprieved on 4 on the first morning, he is reprieved again on 40 on the second morning. Good length, angled in, and then straightens away outside off. Raval has a naughty flirt and outside-edges it. Aslam is slow to react to start with; he then dives across to his right and shells it. He did not even have to fall that far to his right. The hands are apart and he is never really balanced. Amir is livid and is ready to tear his hair apart

The cost: Jeet Raval was on 0 and 41 when he was dropped. He top-scored with 55. Williamson made 13 after being dropped on 0.

Second innings

30.4 Mohammad Amir to Latham, 2 runs, midwicket drops a tough catch diving to his left. Aslam drops another catch off Amir in this Test. Short and outside off, Latham skips back and pulls in the air. Aslam throws himself to his left, the ball hits his left hand and bobbles out. Poor Amir, and Aslam has been banished to the deep

The cost: Latham was on 39 when he was dropped. He finished with 80.

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  • Naveed on November 29, 2016, 1:12 GMT

    Mickey Arthur is a failed Coach. He has made Pakistan timid and Inconsistent. I don't see him lasting very long. The team lacks stamina and Match Fitness.

  • ultra on November 28, 2016, 22:39 GMT

    Now he should drop a few of his own bowling so his teammates feel less guilt

  • Sunny on November 28, 2016, 21:12 GMT

    Why were there no such articles when SL and India kept on dropping catches in their last respective NZ tours? Why is Aamer such a special case for drop chances when previous bowling attacks of Pak have suffered the same?

  • nomaan3774545 on November 28, 2016, 18:00 GMT

    yes you can add that last Latham drop to the stats but that was a really difficult chance.

  • rengar7343218 on November 28, 2016, 12:40 GMT

    @CRICFAN00687545.....I agree with ur views. India too has the same issues.the poor catching affects ind, pak more when they tour. At home they were able to win despite these and hence the dropped catches are not talked about

  • michael on November 28, 2016, 12:26 GMT

    In the recent series against WI, Pakistan benefited from between 20 - 30 catches dropped by WI in the first 8 matches. This included dropping the triple centurion 3 times, the first at 21. In the 9th match WI held the catches and won the 3rd test. Seems like the shoe in now on the other foot. I can understand how you feel as I am a WI fan, unfortunately.

  • Abdul on November 28, 2016, 10:08 GMT

    Just wow is all I have to say. This is appalling stuff.

  • Connor on November 28, 2016, 9:52 GMT

    Are they still trying to punish him for match fixing?

  • Shankar on November 28, 2016, 8:18 GMT

    Is this Pakistan's way of asking Amir to work on those magical balls that get the batsmen LBW and bowled? Nuf of fielders!

  • areebs8471855 on November 28, 2016, 8:06 GMT

    I am seriously taken aback by the people who are saying that despite all this, he could have taken more wickets. Saying Waseem and waqar also suffered this is plainly ridiculous because you cant compare Amir with them! He is a 23 year old kid c'mon.. He has not lost his banana swing (remember Asia Cup) Waqar said in commentary that there is some problem with his wrist position and it can be recovered. So please give him some space.

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