August 8, 2002

Former greats face off in Independence Day celebrations

A one day festival cricket match between Zaheer Abbas and Abdul Qadir Elevens will be played at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, on the night of August 13, 2002 as part of the Independence Day Celebration, under the auspices of the City Government, Lahore. PCB will assist the City Government, Lahore in the holding of this match in which a number of former and current test players and first class cricketers will be seen in action.

Shields will be awarded to the captains of the winner and runners-up team and a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- to the "Man of the Match". A 3-member jury of the senior sports journalists will adjudge the winner. The jury consists of Syed Sultan Arif, Asaf Shaikh and Asif Sohail.

Following are the names of the two teams:-

Zaheer Abbas Eleven

  1. Zaheer Abbas (Captain)
  2. Shoaib Mohammad
  3. Rashid Khan
  4. Azeem Hafeez
  5. Shadab Kabir
  6. Faisal Iqbal
  7. Aamir Malik
  8. Sagheer Abbas
  9. Sohail Jaffar
  10. Zafar Ahmed
  11. Nomanullah
  12. Moin Khan
  13. Javed Anwar
  14. Taifur Hameed

Abdul Qadir Eleven

  1. Abdul Qadir (Captain)
  2. Azhar Khan
  3. Agha Zahid
  4. Nazir Jr.
  5. Rahat Abbas (WK)
  6. Aaqib Javed
  7. Mohammad Ilyas
  8. Faisal Younis
  9. Manzoor Elahi
  10. Saleem Elahi
  11. Ijaz Ahmed
  12. Imran Farhat
  13. Fiaz Ahmed
  14. Ali Asad

Khalid Butt
Media Manager
August 8, 2002