Saeed Anwar predicts a bright future June 7, 2004

No need to worry about Pakistan's cricket future - Anwar

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Saeed Anwar - "they [Pakistan's cricketers] also need to be good human beings and Muslims" © Getty Images

Saeed Anwar, the former Pakistan opening batsman, has said that there was no need to worry about Pakistan's cricket future. In an interview that appeared in The Khaleej Times, he said, "Believe me there is no reason to be concerned about our cricket future. There is lot of batting talent and the most positive aspect is they are willing to learn and listen to you."

Anwar, who is currently coaching a group of under-17 cricketers at the national academy in Lahore, was quoted as telling The News, "I am just working on their basics and trying to strengthen their mind and heart cricket-wise so that they can start thinking and playing as true professionals. I keep on telling them this is what differentiates an average batsman from a great batsman."

While Anwar passed on pearls about batting, he also had time to speak about other things. "At the same time, I am trying to also inculcate into the boys the teachings of Islam and to make them realise that with cricket they also need to be good human beings and Muslims."

The interaction had been success so far, said Anwar. "They have shown a lot of faith and trust in me. They listen to what I have to say and believe in it. What gives me more satisfaction is that in some practice games, I have seen some of my students applying the very things I tell them practically and it is working for them."