Derogatory remarks controversy continues October 27, 2005

Shoaib will not accept apology

Cricinfo staff

Shoaib Akhtar will not accept an apology from ESPN-Star © AFP
Shoaib Akhtar says he will not accept an apology from ESPN-Star over remarks they made about him which he considers derogatory. Talking to APP, Shoaib said he would instead seek a legal route, raising the possibility that he may take the channel to court.

In a piece on Shoaib's late arrival for a Pakistan team training camp in Lahore, the programme said "a dog's tail will never straighten" in reference to the bowler's questionable fitness record and commitment. Although the analogy is an oft-said one in the subcontinent, it holds derogatory connotations.

Shoaib said, "This TV channel aired derogatory remarks against me without any rhyme and reason and tomorrow they can also do so against my country. I will fully pursue litigation against this TV channel instead of accepting an apology from them."

The Pakistan Board has also thrown its weight behind Shoaib, lodging an official protest with the channel, although it has stopped short of supporting Shoaib's intention to pursue the matter in court. Shaharyar Khan, PCB chairman, told reporters at Gaddafi Stadium, "We've lodged a very strong protest with the management of the channel but we don't think it's a libel case to be taken to court."