PCB says it is a compulsory part of his punishment October 12, 2007

Shoaib to undergo counselling

Cricinfo staff

It is 'absolutely compulsory' for Shoaib Akhtar to undergo counselling © AFP

Shoaib Akhtar will be required to undergo some form of counselling as part of the punishment announced by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Shoaib was banned for 13 matches and has to pay a fine of approximately US$56,000 for a number of disciplinary breaches, including his spat with Mohammad Asif. But Nasim Ashraf, chairman of the PCB, revealed today that Shoaib will have to undergo behavioural counseling as part of his punishment.

"He has to have some form of counseling as part of his punishment. That is absolutely compulsory," said Ashraf.

While disappointed with the episode, Ashraf said it was now time to move on. "We are very clear and consistent in that there will be no compromise at all on discipline. Shoaib got the maximum punishment. He has apologised to everyone and he will be under probation for two years. Any more breaches and he could face a life ban. Let's move on now."

Ashraf also said no action would be taken against Shahid Afridi, the third player in the dressing room incident which resulted in Shoaib hitting Asif with a bat. Shoaib had alleged that Afridi had instigated the matter and insulted his family.

But Ashraf said, "There was no substance found in Shoaib's allegations against Afridi. There is no proof of anything and the matter should no be closed."