Pakistan news October 22, 2008

Naghmi threatens to sue Butt

Cricinfo staff

Shafqat Naghmi (right) is unlikely to stay on at the PCB © AFP

Shafqat Naghmi, the PCB's chief operating officer, has said he might sue new board chairman Ijaz Butt after he was accused of stealing official documents.

Naghmi had already indicated he wants to step down, and given the recent remark from Butt, it's unlikely he will stay on. Butt, addressing a press conference on October 20, had said: "Yesterday there was a man running out - with due apologies it was the chief operating officer, who tried to take some files with him in his car."

Butt was responding to reports that senior officials had been trying to take away documents and files from the board's headquarters at Gaddafi Stadium.

"I am in discussions with my legal counsel and we will decide in next two or three days what to do," Naghmi said. "But baseless accusations are being made out against me.

"I took official documents which belonged to me. I can show those documents but not at this stage as they are official and it would be a breach of confidentiality."

A seasoned government bureaucrat, Naghmi joined the board, headed by Nasim Ashraf then, in 2007. He said he had applied for a move out of the PCB. "It is now up to the federal government to decide what they want to do with my services," he said. "But certainly I cannot work in the board in such conditions."