Pakistan cricket November 4, 2008

ICC to look into Malik's appointment as Academy coach

Cricinfo staff

Saleem Malik: "I have been offered the post of head coach at the National Cricket Academy by the board and I have accepted it" © AFP

The ICC has said it will look into the appointment of Saleem Malik, the former Pakistan captain, as head coach of the country's National Cricket Academy. "We will write to the PCB and ask them to explain after hearing media reports which say that Salim Malik has been given a position of responsibility in the current Pakistan cricket set-up," an ICC spokesperson told Cricinfo.

The ICC had been wary of this domestic assignment as well as the recent appointments of Mushtaq Ahmed and Waqar Younis by the ECB. Mushtaq and Waqar were both fined but not banned in the same inquiry that found Malik guilty.

Malik accepted the position just days after a court lifted a life ban on him from any involvement with cricket.

"I have been offered the post of head coach at the National Cricket Academy by the board and I have accepted it," Malik told reporters in Lahore. "For long I have had a great desire to coach youngsters and this is an ideal opportunity to do so." Malik indicated he might also pursue coaching courses.

Malik appears to have caught the PCB off-guard with the revelation. Ijaz Butt, the chairman with whom he has discussed the post, was not available for comment. A board spokesman, meanwhile, told Cricinfo the deal had not been finalised just yet. An official statement is expected tomorrow.

Malik was banned for life from any involvement in cricket by the PCB in 2000, following the findings of an independent inquiry into the match-fixing scandal that rocked Pakistan cricket at the turn of the millennium.

He had been fighting the ban in local and higher courts since then and the decision to lift his ban was delivered by the Lahore High Court last month.

"I hope after the court's decision of lifting the ban, the ICC will have no objection," Malik said, "and, if needed, we can also apply for ICC's endorsement of the court's decision."

Malik replaces Aaqib Javed, the former fast bowler, as head coach. Javed has been appointed assistant coach to Intikhab Alam for the national side and will accompany the team to Abu Dhabi for the three ODIs against the West Indies. Javed coached the Pakistan Under-19 team that won the World Cup in 2004 and has coached several academy sides. He has been touted as a potential coach of Pakistan.

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  • adeel on November 5, 2008, 14:31 GMT

    If Zardari can became our president then what's wrong with Malik being the NCA head?

  • sanjay on November 5, 2008, 10:11 GMT

    This step shows another desperate move of the PCB. What sort of lessons would the youngsters learn from a coach who was found guilty & banned for life after the scandal. Isnt a coach meant to be respected & looked upon with pride? No doubt Mallik was one of the finest cricketer in his times but when found guilty of the charges what face would he show to the upcoming cricketers in pakistan.

  • Kashif on November 5, 2008, 8:57 GMT

    It is really a shame to see such things happening. All the decisions made by the PCB are overturned by our courts. It is happening so frequently that it is creating doubts over the justice of Pakistani courts. People with resources and connections are molding the law to their benefits. A bi-product of lifting of ban from Saleem Malik and instating him as senior coach in NCA is in the shape of a big loss, i.e. resignation of an excellent wicketkeeping coach (Rashid Latif) from the NCA.

  • Hafiz Muhammad on November 5, 2008, 7:58 GMT

    appointment is different issue but 1st thing we ask that why he was banned? if he was rightly banned then why ban lifted? if he was innocent to some extent or has loophole in the case then why he was life time banned? our board is always takes one sided decision. if he was guilty then he should punished which he already got like shane warne and mark waugh did. if he was wrongly life time banned then why court took decision now. he would have been lifted longtime before since his case filed. PCB is killing cricket in the sense of making such decision like they out played Shoib from t20 world cup/champions trophy & then said he is innocent but Pakistan got defeat in those games due to Shoib's absence. they make simple sorry after causing insult to pakistan and players and for board it is just matter of 1st comittee and 2nd comittee where 2nd committee is always right. so i suggest to pcb please make 2nd committee 1st because their 2nd always "right""

  • Jawad on November 5, 2008, 3:14 GMT

    Just when you think things couldnt get any worse, the PCB doesnt disapoint. How can a guy with his record be considered for employment let alone represent the sport he tarnished. PCB chairman i reckon should be 'Joey Barton' going by current events. We can change coaches and captains etc. it wont make a difference. Unfortunately the PCB system is seriously flawed. we cater for egos, status and its not what you know but who you know. Obviously, Salim Malik knows someone.

  • nadeem on November 4, 2008, 23:18 GMT

    as I am a big fan of cricket to me its unbelievable that man is proved in court that he is corrupt. then after a few year court cleared him for all the charges. fine may be court was right on second time .but still you can't appoint him as a nca head coach. don,t we have any former player like Akram, Saeed Anwar, Aamir sohail. Board should look into this matter very carefully.because Pakistan cricket is already in big problem

  • Phani on November 4, 2008, 22:53 GMT

    Malik is a good player and if it is indeed true that the court has lifted the ban, what is the problem? Could some one look into court's order first....

  • M on November 4, 2008, 22:35 GMT

    Plzzzz as far as coaching is concerned i believe waqar younus or wasim akram should be handed the post of head coach for national academy.why is salim malik handed over the job.this makes no sense except for his links with ejaz butt.he has been away from cricket for a very long time.i just want to ask ejaz butt Why is WAQAR YOUNUS OR WASIM AKRAM not being approached.if u look waqar younus stint as bowling coach he was excellent.umar gul and rana naved improved a lot under his coaching.i believe appointments should only be made on the basis of merit not on connections..

  • mohammed on November 4, 2008, 21:10 GMT

    I believe the two comments above lead to mean that he should not be allowed to continue in the role of the chief coach at National Academy. I would say if ICC can bring it's own officials who have been accused at some time or the other of irregularities, they would earn my vote to act and investigate people like Salim Malik. Keeping in view their impotence in such matters I believe they have no right to interfere into affairs of te individual boards.

    The saying goes like this, 'iss hamam mein sabhi nangey hain'. Salim was executed. Whether he was guilty or not, only he knows, nobody else, not even the courts.

  • Normal on November 4, 2008, 19:17 GMT

    As a non pakistani, its hard 2 believe first that a talented cricket like him was corrupt.Then,for once believing that he was,how come justice took him sooo long 2 prove his innocence. And after his innocence,straight away he manages 2 get a top job.Its just 2 complicated for non-pakistanies 2 understand actually whats happening in the land of such huge talent of such astonishing variety.Its a shame if Malik is really corrupt, and if hez not,thats even more shameful,as v were not able 2 watch such a great talent for such a long time.Its a huge question mark in the face of Pakistan cricket,among the many that are already posing!!

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