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Pakistan not to host 2009 Champions Trophy

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February 1, 2009

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2010 World Twenty20 venues accepted
  • The ICC has accepted the West Indies board's recommendation that the 2010 World Twenty20 be held in Barbados, Guyana, and St. Lucia. A women's World Twenty20 will be held alongside the men's tournament and the women's semi-finals and final will take place on the same day and at the same venue as the men's matches.
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The ICC has decided not to stage the postponed 2009 Champions Trophy in Pakistan after several members expressed reservations about touring the troubled country on the second day of its board meeting in Perth. The location of the event, however, is yet to be finalised, but a decision is expected before the board's next scheduled meeting in April.

"It is unfortunate the ICC Champions Trophy will not take place in Pakistan due to circumstances completely beyond the control of the PCB," Haroon Lorgat, the ICC chief executive, said. "However, the board has accepted the need for certainty in planning for and delivering a world-class event and will now assess where the event should be held."

The tournament, originally scheduled for September 2008, had been postponed by a year after a number of participating countries raised concerns over touring Pakistan due to security concerns. Although Pakistan will not host the event, they will retain the revenue due for hosting the tournament, the ICC board decided.

The ICC also offered to form a task team to visit Pakistan and work with the PCB "to find ways to ensure that, wherever possible, international cricket is played in the country in the future". Pakistan has struggled to attract touring teams for a number of years owing to their concerns over its security. Two home series, against Australia and West Indies, were relocated in the aftermath of the 9/11 bombings in America in 2001, and Australia also postponed their full tour of Pakistan last year. India then pulled out of a tour starting in January this year in the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist strikes, following which Sri Lanka agreed to a split tour.

Former Pakistan captain and commentator Ramiz Raja, however, was disappointed with the decision to shift the tournament. "I think Pakistan has done enough to tell the world that cricket is not targeted in the country," he told AFP. "While the PCB wanted to host the Champions Trophy, they insisted to host Australia on a neutral venue in April. That must have confused the decision-makers."

Managing security and terrorism intelligence has been high on the agenda for the ICC, and it was believed the attacks on Mumbai and the troubled security situation in Pakistan which led to the postponement of the Champions Trophy may have also prompted the ICC to consider extending the purview of the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU).

The Champions Trophy is expected to rake in around US$40 million, most of which will be redeployed for the development of the game.

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Posted by allstars_XI on (February 2, 2009, 19:12 GMT)

A wrong decision indeed. Pakistan has done more than enough to prove that it's safe for cricket. If this is the case then teams shouldn't visit India as well because the situation here is not any better. I know because I have lived in India recently. But most cricketers and cricket boards (including ICC) are like greedy and they go wherever they see money. Its totally ridiculous. I bet if PCB was richer, ICC would've had no problem with the tournament being held in Pakistan.

Posted by skuller on (February 2, 2009, 18:05 GMT)

Its really a funny thought that I get after seeing what is happening. As long as India was backing Pakistan the country got to hold on to the rights to host the Champions trophy. As soon as the Mumbai terror attacks happened and the BCCI knew it will not be able to send the Indian team to Pakistan ICC has re-scheduled the event. Hmmmm. Looks like more than just coincidence to me :-)

Posted by shabbirsheriff on (February 2, 2009, 17:53 GMT)

Pakistan should boycott ICC.

Posted by cricket_all_the_way on (February 2, 2009, 14:56 GMT)

I feel its a disrespecting attitude of ICC towards Pakistan. There is no problem for sportsmen there and situation is politically bad rather than being bad for sports.

For me, what matters is respect to my country. ICC called us cheaters and now they have turned the decision back.

Pakistan is as safe for sportsmen as Sri Lanka was in 1996 when countries refused to tour it. To not tour it on the basis of security is useless. Squash players regularly visit here, we are the hub of Squash activities, why something doesn't happen to them?

Why a Pakistani should go to Dubai to watch a home game? Why he should pay extra 3000$ for a match that was supposed to be at home? Average Pakistani doesn't earn much.

We should not beg to Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa to play in our country. We should not!

Posted by Farhan166 on (February 2, 2009, 12:56 GMT)

ICC has become an international body like UN where only the interests of the powerful countries matter. The so called big four (possibly with the exception of India) have no interest in Pakistan cricket. PCB has allowed itself to become a punching bag without retaliating the least to these countries. Unless it takes a principled and justified stand to cancel some tours to these countries and boycott some of the international events, it will continue to be treated like that. Pakistanis are already losing interest in cricket and if this situation continues, people won't bother if Pakistan does not play international cricket at all. Let the big four play cricket among themselves and claim themselves as world champions. I would like to see Pakistan boycott international cricket until these countries are willing to reconsider their position on touring Pakistan.

Posted by tuteee on (February 2, 2009, 10:40 GMT)

In my opinion its an absolutely wrong and unfair decision to shift Champions Trophy from Pakistan on security issue. Can India ensure that there will be no further terrorist attacks in India? Can England ensure that there will be no attacks like London bombings. Also even after attacks in India England toured India then why they are not willing to come to Pakistan. Situation in India is also not very good. In past 12 months there have been attacks in almost every big city of India then why teams are going there.In my opinion they are going bcz of money and have no security issue if money is involved. If Pakistan starts PPL i can assure u that all players will come without any issue bcz they have concern for money if money is not invoved they use security concern as a lame excuse. My question is why they are willing to go in india and not in Pakistan? Now situation in Pakistan is very much stable more then India in the recent past in my opinion.Champions Trophy should be in PAK

Posted by Meeshakaran on (February 2, 2009, 10:28 GMT)

ICC took the right decision to shift the Champions trophy. Pakistan & PCB says that the Jihadists (terrorists)have never attacked Cricketers or Sports personnel BUT is there ANY gurantee that they will not DO if they get a Chance? I am sure that Terrorists if got chance they will target Cricketers coz it will be the most attention seeking STRIKE. Also given the animosity towards India they will not hesitate to target Indian Cricketers during Champions trophy.

Posted by Salman.cricinfo on (February 2, 2009, 10:24 GMT)

All these kinds of decision of icc reflecting its poor managment.Pakistan do every thing but icc goes wrong.

Posted by uaci on (February 2, 2009, 9:46 GMT)

In the light of recent events, it is indeed going to be tricky for both parties.

Posted by Cricket_Man on (February 2, 2009, 8:53 GMT)

Shame on ICC for being such hypocrites. Terrorism has become an international problem since 9/11. No one can guarantee absolute 100% security. Guru008 you're very ignorant for saying that Pakistan has a terrorist problem when infact the most recent terrorist act took place in India, with the Indian authorities struggling to bring down 10 terrorists in 3 days. Nobody can predict the time, extent and targets of an act of terrorism but we can still take measures to give a reasonable guarantee of anti-terrorist security measures something which Pakistan did a long time back. Pakistan should remove the ban from the ICL players in retaliation. ICC has left Pakistan stranded in her time of distress and there is no reason why Pakistan should support the ICC's hypocritical idealogies anymore. With ICL players back in Pakistan's side, Pakistan will reign supreme in international cricket

Posted by zainzain on (February 2, 2009, 8:33 GMT)

this is ridiculous, shame on ICC. how you can take decision 8 month before.

all things in cricket going against Pakistan because of BCCI.

Pakistan should left the ban on ICL player.

changing of Oval test result shows the power of cricket, not rules of cricket.

Pakistan cricket team should not tour those countries who are not agree to visit Pakistan.

if Pakistan will not play cricket 1 or 2 years then cricket will not finish inside Pakistan, play the game tit for tat.

Posted by guru008 on (February 2, 2009, 8:06 GMT)

Pakistan should not blame others for their security situation. They has a friend in India , who supported them in all cricket issues - however they lost them after the Mumbai attacks. The Govt. in Pakistan should realise they have a real terrorist problem and act against them , instead of denying the fact.Otherwise they risk isolation in all fields - sports , economic, social etc.

Posted by Guruprasad28 on (February 2, 2009, 7:02 GMT)

Its a very good decision for world cricket/sports. High time Pakistani leaders take this as a big issue and do something against terrorism from their soil. With almost all the world leaders declaring the nation as a terror state this further shows what a sorry face Pakistan is at present showing to the world.

Posted by Sampdoria on (February 2, 2009, 6:19 GMT)

I think once the conditions are right, it would be not an issue to have the matches in Pakistan. Also @ rizviaparty, what are you talking about? Other nations refusal to tour Pakistan has nothing to do with BCCI or India - before November, BCCI was the only board which was willing to show the other countries that they will tour Pak irrespective of other nations' notions. Also ICL and IPL are helping Pakistan players and Pakistan cricket in the long run. Get your theories rechecked because its a case of deviated short term memory.

Posted by Klutzkaboom on (February 2, 2009, 6:03 GMT)

I guess Pakistan needs to do more to convince participating teams that it is not involved in abetting or participating or protecting any terror outfits, they have a lot to do, and lets hope they do it too, cause Pakistan as a cricket team is one of my favorites, I just wish this was the last time a match has been called of in Pakistan by any team or board


Posted by safa on (February 2, 2009, 2:40 GMT)

well i think its a time for pcb to say good bye to icc.what happened with oval test match and as far as i know its more bomb blast and terrorist activities in neighboring contries like india.and now its champions trophy..Good bye ICC that is only solution otherwise same story again & again and as a pakistani i'll support my domestic 20/20 and all form of cricket

Posted by mhaque on (February 2, 2009, 2:24 GMT)

Basically, PCB is being kicked around now and unfortunately, they are too stupid to realize that. Why else is there still a ban against the ICL players? PCB will continue to appease ICC(read: BCCI) and eventually go bankrupt.

Posted by waqas333 on (February 2, 2009, 1:20 GMT)

well, its not fair on Pakistani. there has never been any problem in pakistan regarding sports and the world should support pakistan in this hard time as the world supported india after bombay attacks, we have to show unity against extremism and pakistan cricket board has always assured full security and it has been cleared many times by icc and recent smooth pak n srilanka series is a good example,its a shame now that pakistan is left alone .

Posted by 6sir on (February 1, 2009, 23:10 GMT)

It is clear, there is only one rule left in cricket and that is money, where there is money there are the players and the proof is England's tour of India after the Mumbai attacks.

Posted by kmeh on (February 1, 2009, 23:03 GMT)

karan_nuts u telling me that India can provide better security to world players than Pakistan against terrorist attacks. it's only the greedy players who are hungry for money who don't mind visiting india.

Posted by Lion05 on (February 1, 2009, 22:23 GMT)

Yet again! ICC at its worst.

I cannot believe, why ICC still thinks that Pakistan is not a safe place to play cricket. Is the life of players outside of Pakistan more important then Pakistanis itself? If Pakistan can host, players from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or Zimbabwe, why not others. Oh let me guess, 1 Australian player is much more valuable then all the teams mentioned above.

As a supporter of Pakistan, I have now completely lost interest in Cricket, and as a protest, Pakistan should not take part in the ICC event. It will be a big set back for the ICC as well. If one of the top teams does not take part in the game. It will not be any challenge any more, and the tournament will go incomplete.

Alas! ICC, another good day to save the near dead game.

On the other hand, i believe, pakistan should lift the ban on playing for ICL, because i think ICL is much more successful, than ICC itself. They got supporters and they got sponsors, players and the celebrities :)

Posted by maani110 on (February 1, 2009, 21:56 GMT)

abs rite! though i always thought that pakistan has done great job when they pushed to the walls.but now time has arrived that we shud start rectifying our problems.1) y shud we compromise everytime.2)y shud we ban our players from playing any league bcoz BCCI dont want us to. what bcci has done for pak cricket. did it ever support it. answer is no.

ipl is a domestic level tournament same as icl only thing y ipl is official is that all the revenues generated go straight to bcci.this is not the case with icl. y we ban our players for the sake of others. they need to play whether here there or anywhere.because only 11 players can play rest have to make a living out of it.

if u dont think pak is safe. management shud move its matches to england as there are huge pak community there. plus they need to stand out for there decisions.take decisions unanimously and then stand for them.hopefully future holds something good for pak and pak cricket..

Posted by grandizar on (February 1, 2009, 21:47 GMT)

Well Karan_Nuts, as nuts as you are you want us to believe that India with all the hue and cry about the terrorism of recent months is safer to play than Pakistan? I mean the western nations' hypocrisy aside, please dont think everyone is stupid. BCCI is wealthy because of the sheer number (i.e huge population) of Indian people who watch and spend on Cricket, so nothing to be overly proud of.

Posted by Leo01 on (February 1, 2009, 21:46 GMT)

cricket world is definitely not helping Pakistan at the moment. People in Pakistan are already losing interest in cricket, I guess like above mentioned there are only 10 nations playing cricket out of 200 nations. I guess soon Pakistan would be out as well. I guess, at the moment India doesn't realize the importance of Pakistan for them. But, later they would and it would be late for them as well. Pakistan should stop playing international in my opinion.

Posted by king1985 on (February 1, 2009, 20:52 GMT)

For all of those who think this is the right decision by ICC, i can only pray to God to provide an opportunity to perhaps use your brain sometimes. It is so important right now that Pakistan is not isolated, it is evident that after Australia's collapse in performance at the test level, really we have lost the class and good cricket....SA is good but not nearly as good as Australia with Gilly, McGrath, Shane Warne and CO. The point is, cricket is going down, in terms of class of cricket and the nations who produce extra ordinary cricketers. If ICC thinks doing this to Pakistan is helping Cricket, they are wrong , they are suffocatting the game with their own hands. No one is secure in this world, if the people who died on 9/11 were not secure, especially in a country with the finest Air Force, then i don't think any one is safe any where. We are only destroying cricket thats all. Moreover, who even said that we play Cricket for the love of the game anymore, we play it for money now..

Posted by allstars_XI on (February 1, 2009, 20:13 GMT)

As an unbiased Indian, I believe that the ICC's decision is totally wrong. Pakistan cricket is going through a rough patch and they need some support from all the other cricketing nations. Sri Lanks's tour went perfectly fine and many times Pakistan has made the point that cricket is not targeted there. We are already losing established cricketing nations and this decision of the ICC is gonna cost cricket as a whole.

Posted by fmrana on (February 1, 2009, 18:28 GMT)

As a Pakistani, I appreciate this decision to spare Pakistan from further embarrassment in the matter. We should accept the decision in the interest of the game. Pakistan should be given a reassurance that the trophy will be held in Pakistan once the conditions are favorable.

Posted by rizviaparty on (February 1, 2009, 18:26 GMT)

Cricket is going towards its end. There were only 10 countries in the world out of almost 200 that plays cricket at test level. We lost Zimbabwe due to world politics. Bangladesh is still not settled. New Zealand in strugling for quite some time. West Indian cricket is also doing down after mid 90's day by day. And now the game of Power and Money by Indian board has left Pakistan cricket alone they are not doing any favor to Cricket. If there will be no international cricke in Pakistan people will loose interest and the result will be in the down fall of the game. If Pakistan can host Srilanka they can host any one. PCB caanot survive without money and for that they need international cricket to be held in the country. This will result in only five countries playing competitive cricket.

Posted by ch_immi on (February 1, 2009, 18:19 GMT)

It is totally double standard shown by ICC and the non-asian countries. England visited India despite Mumbai carnage but on the other hand we offer best possible level of security to them and they still say no. I think this is enough because we have been begging to them for more than 7 years just for nothing. I agree with Shakif that Pakistan should not participate in the Champions Trophy as well as remove the ban on ICL players. It is time for PCB to take a firm stand on these issues.

Posted by AliOnline on (February 1, 2009, 18:18 GMT)

The PCB should not accept this decision as they have done more than enough to prove how safe Pakistan is to play Cricket.

I don't see why a team should tour India or England, there have been terrorist attacks there too...

Pakistan should deifnitelyk remove the bans from the ICL players.

Posted by cricpolitics on (February 1, 2009, 18:12 GMT)

What else can you expect from bunch of wimps e.g. ICC!

Posted by RajeshSINGLAA on (February 1, 2009, 18:10 GMT)

This is the right decision by the ICC. becoz security reason is very important for the players. The other option is South Africa & England... is the best choice..

Posted by fan_of_virat on (February 1, 2009, 17:54 GMT)

ICC did the right thing by moving the tournament out of Pakistan. If PCB cannot guarantee the safety of the players, then all bets off. Even if Pakistan starts its own Twenty20 tournament like IPL most of the players from member countries will not participate. They don't have the financial clout like BCCI and India. ICC has taken a right decision.

Posted by basee on (February 1, 2009, 17:31 GMT)

Shakif, that's the attitude that landed Pakistan in this place.

Posted by Altamash.Baig on (February 1, 2009, 17:29 GMT)

Is ICC right? Well the answer is obvious to everyone "NO". There are no security concerns as far as cricket is concerned because cricket is not being targeted. All the visiting cricketers are provided such standard of security as that for a visiting head of state. The fact that Sri Lanka has just finished a successful ODI series in Pakistan without any concerns makes ICC's decision even more questionable.

I too, think that PCB should remove ban from ICL players and also start its own 20/20 league but Pakistan team must participate in the ICC Champions Trophy just to show that it is always ready, able and willing to play cricket and also that it offers quality cricket, not excuses like the so called top teams of the world.

Posted by FarhanYousaf on (February 1, 2009, 17:12 GMT)

These all western countries are really biased against Pakistan. They would go to for tours to india no matter what and for icl and ipl. situation in india is no better then Pakistan but everyone will go there.

Posted by Karan_nuts on (February 1, 2009, 16:56 GMT)

Well if Pakistan starts it's own 20/20, who is gonna come and play there. Furthermore who is gonna pay them to play. PCB and Pakistan are facing bankruptcy. Have you forgotten how PCB was begging BCCI to come and play cricket.

Posted by rugger-tyke on (February 1, 2009, 16:23 GMT)

totally agree Shakh

Pakistan should just remove itself from the ICC. I also believe they should host their own tournament, hosting Afghanistan, UAE, Hong Kong, China Namibia , Kenya, and Bangladesh if possible.

Pakistan has the potential to host a t20 tournament with these nations, and with the love of baseball in China, it could sure prove a hit.

Come on Pakistan, get your thinking caps on. with the likes of Imran Khan and Ramiz Raja amongst the brains of the country, they could sure pull it off.

Posted by kmeh on (February 1, 2009, 14:20 GMT)

Looks like world of cricket going the same way as world politics. We can see super powers of cricket taking control of ICC and forcing their desired decisions. I fully blame selfish international players as well as ICC, during the IPL last year there were 6 bomb blast even in the same city where matches were played but Australian and South African players said they would leave the security to the organisers and stayed on how pathetic when Pakistan hosting india, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe without any incident but these Australian, South African and New Zealand players refuse to play in Pakistan. Seems like greed is taking over and they making security an excuse and all ICC can do is watch and let these SUPER POWERS of cricket take control. i think Pakistan should be hosting champions trophy.

Posted by Shakif on (February 1, 2009, 13:57 GMT)

Well, in reply Pakistan should not participate in the tournament and remove ban from ICL players. Start its own 20/20 domestic games.

Given the ongoing security issues, is the ICC right to agree to move the Champions Trophy away from Pakistan?
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