Pakistan news May 30, 2009

Legal notice not women's wing problem - PCB

Cricinfo staff

The chairperson of the PCB women's wing Shireen Javed has said that the legal notice served to it by the Lahore High Court over what is claimed to be its discriminatory attitude against the Pakistan Women's Cricket Control Association (PWCCA) is not the women's wing's concern. "It's not our problem really," she told Dawn on Friday. "The PCB will handle this in whatever way they feel right. As for the women's wing, well, our doors are always open for people who want to play and make the Pakistan women's team stronger."

The PWCCA, headed by former Pakistan women's team captain Shaiza Khan, pioneered women's cricket in the country and is the sole governing body registered and recognised by the International Women's Cricket Council (IWCC). It had moved a writ petition against the establishment of the PCB women's wing, insisting that it retained the right to governing women's cricket in Pakistan.

Javed founded the Pakistan Women's Cricket Association (PWCA), a rival organisation to the PWCCA, but despite now being a part of the PCB, it was denied membership by the IWCC. "I had been after the PCB from Majid Khan's time to recognise the PWCA and take us under their umbrella since I felt it was important to get recognised by one's own country's board first," Javed said. "Meanwhile, Shaiza Khan got her organisation registered by the IWCC.

"The PWCA too has a right to run the affairs of women's cricket here. It was while we were looking for a straight path that the PWCCA took a shortcut."