Pakistan news October 13, 2009

Younis offers to quit as captain


Pakistan captain Younis Khan has offered to resign his post following days of increasing rumour and speculation surrounding Pakistan's exit from the Champions Trophy in South Africa. The board has yet to take a decision on the offer, which was made during a meeting of a National Assembly committee called to discuss the issue.

Pakistan's semi-final loss to New Zealand, and Younis's crucial dropped catch off Grant Elliot, were the subject of an Indian newspaper report that hinted at more to the loss than what met the eye. The ICC immediately cracked down on the report and though it was retracted the next day, it snowballed in Pakistan in the following days, culminating in today's meeting of the National Assembly's standing committee on sports in Islamabad.

The meeting was called for by the head of the committee, Jamshed Dasti, who claimed that Pakistan's loss was the result of match-fixing, before he took back the allegations. At the meeting, Younis, already prepared with a letter of resignation, publicly made the offer to stand down, incensed at increasing media reports casting doubt on his and the team's integrity. The PCB turned it down at the meeting - and the committee told them to tackle the matter privately - but after the meeting Younis again, briefly, discussed the topic with Ijaz Butt, chairman PCB, and also in attendance.

But the PCB refused to confirm whether they had accepted the resignation, or clarify what the current situation was. "Younis did offer to resign during the National Assembly meeting," Ijaz Butt, chairman PCB, told Cricinfo. "The matchfixing allegations and Pakistan's loss was being discussed and this was stated by Younis. It was said in a public forum so we have to think this over and I have to discuss it with him separately. I have to discuss it further and will not comment any further now."

It is believed that in his resignation letter, Younis has also said he does not want to take part in the upcoming series against New Zealand or the tour to Australia towards the end of the year.

The development was criticised by former players, who blamed it on political interference and called it a blow to the sport in the country.

"Politicians have no need to interfere in cricket and they have not only snatched our captain but have damaged the game badly," Ramiz Raja said. "Our honourable captain was insulted by the investigation and we acted on baseless allegations."

Another former captain, Rashid Latif, blamed the media and the PCB. "I think the media was irresponsible by relaying an inauthentic statement by someone and Younus, being an honourable man, resigned over that. I don't see him taking his decision back," he said.

Younis, of course, has a history with captaincy. He once stepped down from his role as stand-in skipper, days before the 2006 Champions Trophy, because he was unhappy with the board administration over a number of seemingly trivial issues. Once the administration changed, however, he took up the role again. A few months later, after the 2007 World Cup and Inzamam-ul-Haq's resignation, he turned down the captaincy claiming later that the environment and circumstances at the time were not right for him to take it up. He only took over as full-time captain in February this year, after Shoaib Malik was pushed aside.

Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo

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  • Jawad on October 16, 2009, 20:42 GMT

    @mujeeb... let me tell you that Misbah's avergae is 39 in ODI with a SR of 81.23 and then Shahid Afridi, S Mali or Akmal all have other duties too.

    In 2009 his bating average is 24.88 in 16 matches.

    Younis' best ODI averages are against Kenya 123, Hong Kong 105 and Zimbabwe 47. On the other hand its 15 against Aussies & 25 against RSA. What is left behind?

    Lets compare younis with some other captains too...

    MS Dhoni Avg 49.67 SR 90.15 and he keeps as well K. Sangakara Avg 35.79 SR 73.95 and keeps as well Rocki Ponting Avg 43.17 SR 80.58 and does not drop sitters Chris Gayle Avg 39.94 SR 83.01 and a match winner Greame Smith Avg 41.03 SR 82.82 and an inspiring leader

    You have to admit that he does not deserve to be in our ODI side.

  • Mujeeb on October 16, 2009, 16:42 GMT

    @adnan. Hold on. You said Younus has an average of 33, but i dont see any Pakistani having average near 40 except Yousuf with somewhat 42. Do you want Pakistan to play with Yousuf, a keeper and all freshmen...? And before semis He also ststed that it is not up yet..... We will only be happy if we won the trophy. But that was a misfortune. What could He get if He had "showed some disappointment"...?

  • AHmad on October 15, 2009, 22:15 GMT

    Younis Khan doesn't have the personality nor the stats to be the captain of Pakistan ODI side. His mediocre record in ODI (average of 33) coupled with his inability to rise to big occasions being the major reasons. Looking back at his ODI record, its tough to recall any game which you would say he won for Pakistan. Although tests are totally different. I think Younis shouldnt even be there in the ODI side. Also, it seems like Younis khan sets very low targets for the team and is consistently trying to have fun without winning. Reaching a semi final is a great achievement in his opinion, which in fact could be true but one really wishes to see him show some disappointment rather than saying team did well. But that again depicts the mentality of Pakistan's batting order which consists of batsman targeting scoring 30's and 40's every three or four games good enough for maintaining their place in an incompetent batting line up.

  • prince on October 14, 2009, 12:23 GMT

    When Pakistan won the T20 world cup you praise them till you run out of words. If they loose the semifinals the politicians abuse them and hurt their cricketing spirit.

  • Ghazanfar on October 14, 2009, 11:15 GMT

    See this is what I hate about all of us... It is indeed very hypocritical of all of us... After the Twenty20 World Cup, we kept on boasting about how awesome Shahid Afridi played... and just because he had an unsuccessful Champions Trophy, we're saying he doesn't deserve to be captain... The guy has been playing for over a decade now... Cricket ain't an easy sport, it has its ups and downs... If Younus resigns (which he shouldn't) that in my opinion only Afridi can bring Pakistan cricket back to life... He's been saying he wants to be captain, its high time we gave him a chance... The Pakistan Cricket Board has always had issues and we (th people) have never been happy with our team and our players... We have seen them with the most prestige when they played well, and we abused them when they were having their downs... Its time we show our team some respect cause end of the day, we are the champions....

  • Jawaid on October 14, 2009, 7:53 GMT

    Very good decision made by Yunis Khan. He knows, there is no place for him in the team, I hope he will make the decision to quit from the team soon. Very good Younis khan I really like you. Misbah, Malik and Yousuf learn lesson from Younis.

  • Don on October 14, 2009, 7:18 GMT

    you can say a lot about Pakistan history with allegations of match-fixing, but one thing you can't say is that THIS captain has anything to do with that. Since day 1 when he became captain he has pushed Pakistan to win every single match they have played, and under very testing cicumstances. One dropped catch? come on! Australia won a world championship off a dropped catch by one of the finest fielders ever... So he dropped a catch - so what. You lose some and you win some. Pakistan - get Younis back in the captain's seat RIGHT NOW if you want to move forward.

  • abdul on October 14, 2009, 4:52 GMT

    There are only two options for a game: either win or lose, and only a rare chance for no result. Why should the asian countries like Pak and India do not accept this fact. we not only curse the players at defeats but also blame them shamelessly. very poor show Mr. Dasti, its u who is responsible for the whole issue. Neither of the players, spectators and media reacted as badly as u did. U've insulted us as a nation and our beloved team and respected Captain. U should come forward to solve the isssu now and appologise from all the nation, specialy Mr. Younis.

  • Sheraz on October 14, 2009, 3:56 GMT

    Rao Iftikhar for captain!!

  • jamil on October 14, 2009, 3:53 GMT

    so we get one reasonable captain after a long time and we make sure that he is screwed in every "way" possible. Younis agrees and so does the world that he made a mess of the catch and he didn't decide properly on the batting power play, but it is a sport. S*it happens. Look at Ponting - the spineless pathetic guy who is still there as a captain after losing the Ashes twice to a shame of a team in England - he is still there. So who are we gonna make the captain? Afridi - the guy who scored 4 runs in an innings that mattered the most? Come on freakin' politicians and media - I think PCB and Younis should sue the politicians and media for defamation - specially after everyone retracted the news. I hope PCB acts in a reasonable way and make Younis come back to team. What a week this has been - Khuda rehm karey.

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