Pakistan news October 28, 2009

Younis could come out of Twenty20 retirement

Cricinfo staff

Younis Khan, Pakistan's Test and ODI captain, has hinted that he could return to Twenty20 cricket despite having retired from the format after leading his team to the world title in England in June this year.

In a television interview with Geo Super, Younis nudged the door open for a possible return to a format he thought he was too old for. "If my fellow players accept me and the nation wants me to," Younis said, "I will come back to playing Twenty20 internationals."

Younis had announced his retirement at a press conference right after Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by eight wickets at Lord's to win the final. Ijaz Butt, the PCB chairman, had said at the time that he would try and get Younis to change his mind though Pakistan seemed to have moved past that by appointing Afridi as the Twenty20 captain.

Afridi led Pakistan to a Twenty20 win against Sri Lanka in the summer and will lead them in internationals against New Zealand and Australia, before spearheading Pakistan's defence of the world title in April next year in the West Indies. And responding to Younis, Afridi, on the same show a night later, said Younis was "more than welcome" to return and would even "step down from the captaincy and play under Younis Khan".

Younis had recently resigned as Pakistan captain from all formats following allegations of match-fixing during the ICC Champions Trophy in South Africa and murmurs about factions in the team and management working to undermine him. The Pakistan board, however, rejected the resignation and Butt came out in support of Younis, who then said he was happy to take back the captaincy after certain conditions were met.

Afridi again denied reports of a rift with Younis but did confirm that some other players had problems with Younis after the Champions Trophy, which were now resolved. "The players informed me about their problems," Afridi said. "I told them it was better if they directly communicate their problems to Younis, an idea which they didn't like."

Afridi said he had already informed both Younis and the PCB chairman about the players' problems and he hoped in future there will be no communication gap between team players and the captain. "The problem with our players is they don't speak their heart out and that's where the communication gap comes in," Afridi said

Younis has played 22 Twenty20 internationals, scoring 432 runs at an average of 25.41 with a strike rate of 124.85. Pakistan's next Twenty20 assignment is two matches against New Zealand in Dubai in November.

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  • Ozmonk on October 30, 2009, 7:20 GMT

    unbelievable how 'sum' people criticize the best players... If younus comes into the team as a 'player' in place of Shoaib Malik, it would be great. Technically, Yonu is 'waaay....' better than Malik in batting, and yonu is also a better fielder. And all that experience of captaincy, though it's not that much, would also help afridi in captaincy. c'mon yonu cum back to T20 'as a player, not captain'. Don't let malik waste the middle order position in the team. =)

  • Adnan on October 29, 2009, 10:55 GMT

    In my personal opinion, YK should continue to remain out of T20 team, and relish his contribution of leading Pakistan to T20 World Cup title .By announcing his retirement in June 09, he did a wise thing and must not undo his good deed. People will continue to remember him as a World Cup winning captain for Pakistan only if he stays out of T20 team.I agree with Mr ZahidSaltin's comments that he should not be overwhelmed with the support of fans ,as it had more to do in retaliation with Standing Committe head, Parliamentarian Dasti's stupidity and nonsense,rather than a case of unprecedented support. He must stay out of this mess.

  • Bikram on October 29, 2009, 9:50 GMT

    i never thought of dat younis can think like dat......i respect u alot younis bhaijaan n have no doubt in ur capability of being a pls dont say like this hurts me a real man....have that honor of being a PATHAN....god bless u.....n gud luck for future..... AMEEN

  • Mardan on October 29, 2009, 6:48 GMT

    don't come back Younus, but you people should mind your language. After all, He is not so bad in T20. His average is pretty good and strike rate is acceptable. And I tell you people once Pak cricket fell in crises, He will surely be called to come back.

  • Sikandar on October 29, 2009, 6:39 GMT

    I hope he means IPL and other T20s so that at least he will have a decent paycheck after his retirement, if he means something else then someone said, YOUNIS DID IT AGAIN!! Come on bro! hope you are NOT joking!!!

  • Saad on October 29, 2009, 6:10 GMT

    I believe Younus Khan can now prove to be a better 20/20 player, As he has now started bowling more regularly.. Younus if you are listening.. develop your bowling more!

  • Kareem on October 29, 2009, 5:27 GMT

    Posted by Pakistan fan: younis, if u became once again captain means players will not respect u again. so with all the respect pls stay away atleast from 20/20 cricket, leave some room for new talent to shine.

  • Farhan on October 29, 2009, 4:28 GMT

    Younis Khan should think twice or even more than that he have any place in T20 format of cricket at International level ??? i don't think soo because he already spend his peak period in Last T20 World Cup ... now there is no place in Pakistan International T20 Squad. If his relationship with his team mates make him a comeback in Team then he might lost his all his reputation...

  • Hammad on October 29, 2009, 2:35 GMT

    What kind of a joke it is? Pls Younis leave some room for young blood. He is the one who called T20 cricket entertainment and refuse to take it seriously. If he is to come back in T20 it does no good to Pakistan team because Pakistan team performs better under Shahid Afridi as a T20 captain and it will certainly damage the atmosphere. I also think Younis is not the best choice for T20 because of his strike rate he and other seniors take the required run rate to high that comming back is almost impossible. Pakistan need to find players like Umar Akmal and let them introduce in T20 cricket. According to me Younis doesnt belong to T20 cricket.

  • Cricinfouser on October 28, 2009, 23:46 GMT

    What the hell is his problem. Younis is not needed in the T20 team and thats it. he must just remain retired and let Afridi lead the team......................... and the day Younis mentions his going to retire from intenational cricket, pretend you never heard it since you will see him a few months later on the field.

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