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Shoaib to appeal against massive fine


Shoaib Akhtar has hit out at the Pakistan board's decision to deduct Rs 7 million ($82,353) from his annual earnings as punishment for a contested misdemeanor under the previous PCB regime.

Shoaib was banned for five years by Nasim Ashraf's administration in April 2008 for what it claimed were several violations of the players' disciplinary code of conduct. After an appeal, the ban was reduced in June to 18 months and the fine remained.

But Shoaib went to the Lahore High Court to appeal against that and the court immediately suspended the ban, but deferred judgment on the fine. Since then the current PCB administration said it sent reminders to Shoaib about the fine; having not received a reply, they deducted the entire amount last month from his annual earnings, which included his central contract payments, match fees and win bonuses (from January 2009 to November 2009).

Shoaib was due to earn Rs 7,044, 971 ($82,882) in that period but was instead sent a cheque for just Rs 44,971 ($529). He will contest the decision to deduct the fine. "I didn't even speak badly about a chairman, I just spoke about how wickets were poor in Nasim Ashraf's time [he had actually criticised the administration for demoting him in the central contracts category], so why has my money been deducted?" Shoaib said at the National Stadium in Karachi. "That is a lifetime earning for most people. I am just saying why has my money been deducted, on what basis? If they wanted to cut it, don't give me a central contract.

"The court did not give any such verdict that the board is saying that he can play but cut his money. The case I did was not just on playing but on the fine as well. All of that was suspended. I am appealing it now. I will take it further and I will not let it finish like this."

Shoaib recently returned to action after another lengthy lay-off due to major knee surgery. He led the Islamabad Leopards side in what was a virtual quarter-final against the Faisalabad Wolves in the RBS Twenty20 cup. His side was comprehensively beaten but Shoaib bowled his four overs on the trot, an impressive spell in which he picked up one wicket as well.

Though he hasn't represented Pakistan for almost a year and hasn't played a Test since December 2007, he refused to rule out a comeback to any of the formats. He will not, he insisted, go the route of an increasing number of fast bowlers, who have chosen to step away from five-day cricket to prolong their career in the limited-overs format.

"There is nothing on my mind about retiring from any formats," Shoaib said. "I will play Test cricket, ODI and Twenty20 as well. You have seen my pace today. This is my first match in five months and I had a big operation on my knee. No fast bowler makes a recovery so quickly but I have done and you can see it. Brett Lee has been unfit for seven months, Shaun Tait plays T20s, or the Champions Trophy or the World Cup. All the fastest bowlers in the world, Flintoff, Tait, Lee, we cannot play all year constantly."

Though Shoaib was not named in the 30 probables for the World Twenty20 in April, he retained hope that he could make his way in as a "wildcard" option. The arrival of a former fast bowler, Waqar Younis, as coach, he believes, might prove a boon.

"Pakistan should have a wildcard with them. Even Abdul Razzaq went last time like that. I don't know what the board wants or wants to see. I am bowling, I am fit. Playing me is up to the board, coach and selectors. Hopefully the PCB will realise this and bring me back in the 30 probables. For the first time there is a fast bowler coming in as coach who will understand fast bowlers. He can deal with fast bowlers properly, save them and help them excel."

Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo

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  • Huzaifah on March 10, 2010, 6:16 GMT

    It is Shoaib's very own antics that have subjected him to this kind of treatment from the board. Maybe it was a legally flawed decision to withdraw the fine from his earnings, but I think we are already past the possibility of Shoaib being able to make a significant comeback in to the team. Its his reputation of indiscipline that is keeping him out of the team, not his talent, and in my opinion rightly so. There should be no compromise on hard work and discipline.

  • Shahid on March 10, 2010, 2:57 GMT

    I am baffled, the people who were responsible to prepare Pakistani cricket players against Australia (Manager & Coach) get away with murder but unfortunately all the players are facing the music. Why not impose heavy penalties against Intekhab & Aaqib who totally failed to adopt strategies in all the games and everybody has seen the results. PCB officials make me sick as it is not a fair outcome of this inquiry. Pathetic!!!!!!!

  • Dummy4 on March 9, 2010, 17:28 GMT


  • n on March 9, 2010, 4:36 GMT

    Here we go we are talking about Shoaib and PCB is ready to slaughter another five.At least four out of five are permanant members of Pakistani team,and world cup t 20 is almost six weeks away. This is sufficent to expose the far sightedness of PCB administration. TO satisfy their ego and to demonstrate their toughness they are willing to go to any extent. Have these players made enough money to pay these hefty fines or whats the scale to determin such fines. Who is going to take the accountibily of this incompetent administration, as this hand picked inquiry committee is vulnerable to any external pressure. If you really want a fair and just trial than please form a committe under the supervision of a retired high court or supreme court judge and let them conduct a fair trial.Of course every one would admire and support such step.

  • Syed on March 8, 2010, 18:49 GMT

    It's so stupid, all these corrupt politicians or board members, they should look in the mirror before punish any player. These sanators or parliment members who recommend fines on the players, are soooo corrupt that they don't even deserve to punish any players. Shoaib did wrong but it's wrong every where,

  • Suleman on March 8, 2010, 17:39 GMT

    PCB should really give him a chance ... this ijaz butt need to go imidieltly, he is ruining pakistan cricket ... what about inzi he could take over ijaz butt place. Pakistan should look forward to 20Twenty Wolrd Cup in West Indies. We want to win again!!!

  • light on March 8, 2010, 10:42 GMT

    PCB should give a chance to shoib akhter in short of all these

  • n on March 8, 2010, 5:30 GMT

    This dude certainly deserves second chance, though in recent past his physical fitness has been doubtful, his attitude has been nothing but negative but his past services for the Pakistan cricket can not be ignored . Fast bowlers playing life span is much shorter than other crickters and this chap has hardly left couple of years to prove himself infront of his fans that he has still some current left in his arms.There were several occassions in the past when he excelled, and used to be source of excitment for Pakistani fans. At THIS STAGE when foreign teams are reluctant to visit Pakistan , Pakistani team is divided in groups, dispute of capitancy is not hidden, some of our stars has tarnished the image of our country through their childish tricks, we really do need to reconsider our options and move towards the direction of harmony and reconciliation. I am sure if we failed to take such steps our cricket would be in disarray like our hockey.

  • Aleem on March 8, 2010, 0:09 GMT

    We badly need Shoab back ... I damn care about his attitude... look at the politics involved in the current Pak squad even without Shoab so what is the point of winging about it. I want him back with full fitness and sharing the ball with Amir and Asif. We need a bowler with a Charisma like Imran and Shoab is the guy whom all the OZs know very well at least other than Imran.

  • Usman on March 7, 2010, 19:17 GMT

    oh please, be done with shoaib once and for all, i'm glad selectors didn't put him in the the list of 30 probables.

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