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Mohammad Yousuf retires from international cricket

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March 29, 2010

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Mohammad Yousuf arrives for his meeting with the inquiry committee set up to look into the reasons behind the disastrous tour of Australia, Lahore, February 13, 2010
Mohammad Yousuf has ended a 12-year career at the international level © Associated Press

Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf has announced his retirement from international cricket, following an indefinite ban imposed by the PCB in the aftermath of a winless tour of Australia. However, Yousuf appears to have kept a window open for return to the international arena, for he repeatedly said the decision to retire was "for now."

"This is my retirement. I have retired from international cricket," Yousuf told reporters in Karachi. "I received a letter from the PCB that my staying in the team is harmful for the team, so I announce my retirement from international cricket." However, when asked if the decision was final, Yousuf said: "For now, this is what I can see, that my playing for Pakistan is damaging. For now, this is it, for now this is my retirement.

"I thank the fans around the world, all the senior players and family members for supporting me throughout my 12-year career. I always played for my country and if my playing is harmful for the team then I don't want to play," he said.

Yousuf had, last week, said he was preparing to retire and that he would make a formal announcement today. He played 88 Tests, nine as captain and scored 7,431 runs at an average of 53.07, including 24 centuries. He also scored 9,624 runs in 282 one-day internationals.

Yousuf was among seven Pakistan players penalised, for various reasons, by the PCB. He and Younis Khan were handed indefinite bans, Shoaib Malik and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan were banned for a year while Shahid Afridi and the Akmal brothers were fined and placed on probation for six months.

The recommendations for punishment were made by an inquiry committee set up by the board after Pakistan were beaten in each of their nine international matches on the tour of Australia. Seven of those losses - three in Tests and four in ODIs - came under the leadership of Yousuf.

In their findings, the board blamed Yousuf and Younis for spreading infighting and indiscipline within the side . He was subsequently not included in the central contracts list for this year.

"Everyone has their own thinking and the disciplinary committee has its own thinking and I haven't understood the reasons for it, or senior players, or the public," Yousuf said. Among the seven penalised players, Afridi has already lodged an appeal against the punishment while Malik and Naved are preparing to do so. Yousuf said he'd "speak to elders" over whether to follow suit. "Retirement I have given but as far as the appeal is concerned I will speak to my elders and if they allow me to, I will appeal," he said.

While he's ruled himself out of international cricket for the time being, Yousuf said he would continue playing first-class and league cricket.

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Posted by demu on (April 5, 2010, 20:43 GMT)

Nobody is bigger than the game or country they play for. This is the clear example of player power in pcb. The only reason he is retiring is to avoid responsibility of what happened during his captaincy period. He will be available when he is allowed to play but not now because pcb is not going to pay him anything. The question is you played 12 years for your team and when team needed you, you couldnt save a single match for your country. That is exactly what wasim akram did after 99 world cup and will be done by afridi after t20 world cup later this year.

Posted by nayakool on (April 1, 2010, 13:53 GMT)

Seeing all the public April fools that seems to be a new fad, i hope this one is one of them too because it is an extremely sad thing to lose the fortune of not watching such a talented and elegant cricketer on the field anymore. He was one of the most intelligent crickters pakistan has ever produced and i don't think i will be wrong if i call him "The Great Wall of Pakistan" because once he sets himself in, it takes a peach of a delivery to get him out! anyway.. sad thing this.. I hope PCB goes easy on their players on the future for dismal performances.. It's a game after all!

Posted by shahidmahmood on (March 31, 2010, 11:19 GMT)

Okay Yousuf is retiring but does that have do Sachin Tendulkar? Not at all. So please stop talking about your hero Sachin in every single article. Do you see everyone talk about Afridi, Flintoff or whoever their hero is even if the topic is something else. Yes we know he the most test & odi 100s and the most test & odi runs but do we need to hear about all the time? Again nope. Do you see someone talking about Lara's 400 all the time? Very new... No.

Posted by   on (March 31, 2010, 7:05 GMT)

So PCB says that Muhammad Yousuf is harmful for the team. Fools heading the the PCB. The most harmful person in our country is alway at the top of the institution, like chairman of the PCB.

Posted by mrr_nair on (March 30, 2010, 22:21 GMT)

Well... I love the elegance with which this guy bats... Classy player... I would say he is a talented player and deserved to be treated much better than this...

When India Vs Pak Test matches happen, I always see a very good chance of India winning when this guys gets out... so in a game when he gets out, I was happy... however when he was making exit from the game of cricket... I feel sorry for him...

Hope he gets a recall...

Posted by Doconcall on (March 30, 2010, 20:56 GMT)

"For now, this is it, for now this is my retirement." FOR NOW.....what a joke!! People really need to take the "retirement" term seriously. By doing so, What they are doing is just collecting sympathy from fans and threatning the cricketing body. We all know that PCB is a big joke and the Pakistan players are proving to be jokers. First, you run away for ICL (because you did not get picked up in the team) and than you retire (because you got a ban). I understand the journey for you is rough, but one has to respect the game and the nation. DO NOT SAY "I play for my country" because you are not. Just look at the mirror and you will see how many time have you run away from the country. Again, ICC needs to be more serious for cricketers considering "Retirement" because more than often they will come back. This is NOT love for country, This is mere EGO. I had great sympathy for you when they banned you.......NO MORE. Sorry!!

Posted by IndusKnight on (March 30, 2010, 20:21 GMT)

aint no crybaby like yousuf.

Posted by BrianCharlesVivek on (March 30, 2010, 19:07 GMT)

Hmm. He would have been alongside the world greats such as Dravid,Inzi,Steve Waugh had he had a better team and board. Getting close to 10000 runs in no time is not an easy thing to do.He has his fair share of controversies as well regarding Youhana and the ICL, so no wonder i feel he would returning back to cricket.

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 18:15 GMT)

Mohammed Yousuf is one of the best Batsman Pakistan has ever produced... in fact one of the best in the world...he is exceptionally talented and his performance speaks ........ I think the Pakistani Selectors have treated him awfully and the internal team fights were crushing in on the execution of his exceptional talent............. @Ramzan; your comment is nice comparison on how at times talent and performance have been overshadowed by pity politics and awful selection and whatnot. I hope he gets a come back soon (based on the trend of announcing retirements and retrenching them...its a likelihood:)

Posted by maj57 on (March 30, 2010, 17:43 GMT)

@sathishvaiju 100% correct brother. No way is Mo Yusuf in the same category as Sachin, and I am pakistani. Yes Yusuf is a legend, but Sachin is the greatest batsman of modern cricket. Sachin is a class act and I have seen him a few times in London when he has been here in UK, and he is a wonderful person to.

Going back to Mo Yusuf's retirement. it shows just how messed up pakistani cricket is. PCB bans a player who is the batsman on the team. Others who got banned ie Younis Khan, he is a disgrace. He brings nothing to the team. His captaincy is a joke. He is supposed to lead from the front and makes no runs whatsoevber. His average over the past few years must be 20 if that. As for Afridi, he is a complete joke. One innings in 10 he makes runs and then he does nothing. Why he is seen as a hero in pakistan I wont know.Pakistani cricket needs Imran Khan in charge from the top. PCB members should all resign. Let Imran Khan take charge.

Posted by BMayuresh on (March 30, 2010, 16:33 GMT)

@steve35 "I completely agree with you, this indeed is a good start (unless they revert the decision by falling prey to pressures from external entities) and all the cricket boards should follow this example. This will surely help in improving the standard of cricket in near future

Posted by henchart on (March 30, 2010, 15:58 GMT)

Announcing retirement only to take it back ,banning players only to recall them and changing captains and reappointing them are three major activities of PCB and Pakistan cricketers.One need not take them seriously.

Posted by indianzen on (March 30, 2010, 15:41 GMT)

Definitely, Yousaf is one of the best players of the world. but my dear Pakistani brothers, please don't include other country players for these issues. PCB board needs to change its attitude and also the players too. Most of the Pak players seem to sledge and in particular, Naved deserves the punishment for sure. Afridi is a great player but needs to learn a lot of discipline and sportsmanship.More younsters and more united the team will be - best example is Srilankan cricket team, also my favourite.

Posted by ManHOOS on (March 30, 2010, 15:28 GMT)

sachin is far away best from yousaf so dont compare him with ugly yousaf he can be a good polition after cricket and yes i am pakistani but i also include one thing i always dislike hindus because hindus will never think positive about pakistanis IPL ............. !

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 14:34 GMT)

we should not make it trind as found the difrences announec the retire ment

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 14:33 GMT)

this is quit un fortunate that one by one we r loosing greats. in 90,s we had a bunch of super stars but now we dont have a single player eccept shahid afridy who has infloience or who is threat for others.although afridy is not consistant enough but still i can consider him a super star. this all is the result of poor managment poor policies. yousuf is a great icon but he is also on the way to clos the great career.we all knows very well that pakistn team need a strong captin rather then coach or manager.and Afridy,s nomination is very encourging.we can hope for the this is a trend if u will face litle problum anounce the retirement so u can have at least public sympathy.Yousuf reacted like this second time 1st one was when he join icl.i think yousuf and PCB both should rethink their decins and both should think for the better future of pakistn cricket.

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 14:27 GMT)

Another sad demise of pakistan cricket, after Asif Iqbal, Javaid Miandad forceful retirement, another MAN OF CRISES of Pakistan Cricket gone. PCB dont know the facts, who's behind and who's taking advantage of Mohammad Yusuf ban and retirement. well done PCB, you did it again. You don't even know how much talented is Mohamad Yusuf and you gonna realize soon. Its goona happen again and again, if cricketers selected in pakistan team on personal likes or dislikes, instead of merit and pure merit(means talent and experience). May ALLAH guide PCB(like pakistan) to make decisions and judement for betterment of Pakistan Cricket and also make them fearful that they should be accountable one day in the court of GOD .

Posted by shahidmahmood on (March 30, 2010, 14:19 GMT)

@ Zahidsaltin. I do not see any Pakistani fan that likes the PCB, not even just neutral. Back to the cricket, everyone who knows what is good for Pakistan's cricket knows that the PCB is worse than poison. And the only kick at the top players like the ones the dealed with recently, Yousuf is there best player easily there best test player since he knows it lasts 5 days not just 5 minutes. Know the Pakistani team will be all outed in the first session of play in grounds like Perth or Headingly. The PCB IS PLAIN OLD HOPELESS WITH NO DOUBT AT ALL. New Zealand would dream to have a player like Yousuf despite being a better team.

Posted by SushantSrivastava on (March 30, 2010, 14:13 GMT)

to echo with sathishvaiju, we all know yousuf was excellent player, but the comparison with sachin was rather infuriating comment, where sachin has been a lone warrior for most of his career, yousuf had luxury of emphatic bowlers like wasim & waqar who won matches for them...hence centuries of sachin has no comparisons with yousuf's talent...he is no where even close to sachin & nor will be by any stretch of minds...

Posted by scritty on (March 30, 2010, 14:05 GMT)

IF it was god's will that he scored those runs - it is also gods will that he now fails. Gods funny like that

Posted by khan_203 on (March 30, 2010, 13:56 GMT)

@:u are right comparing playeras is not gud....sachin is gud player than sachin. and than brian lara is even better thn sachin.... as sachin scored more than half of his runs in india pitches..... we all know that indian pitches are batting paradise... @: u first luk at the statistical figures.... pak won more mathces than india won aganint ur claim seems quite hollow when u say india can make 10 teams like pak...... IPL is a tamasha crickt....some indian player may perform well in ipl. but when it comes to international level then they causes defeat to their teams....yusaf pathan is a gud example here.. there hav always been fluctuations in pak team bt the gud thing is that they are produce outstanding players in all dept of cricket, i mean batting, bowling,keeping and allrounders,,,,,,,,,, india is a very big crickting nation.....but its ridiculous that they cudnt produced even a singal world class fast bowler..

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 13:55 GMT)

The idea of being banned for life for failed captaincy is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. There have been many failed captains who also had enough skill to continue to be successful batsmen within the team. Brian Lara's captaincy was hardly successful, but as a player he was invaluable to the WI team. Mohammad Yusuf is a great batsman and I am not so sure Pakistan will be able to replace him for some time, to teh detriment of their team.

Posted by mradamjee on (March 30, 2010, 13:50 GMT)

If yousuf were to come back, who would be the CAPTAIN for test matches now? certainly, people dont want him to retire but he defnitely likes to captain!!!

Posted by khan_203 on (March 30, 2010, 13:39 GMT)

ye m yusuf is a big loss for pakistan... and yes we shouldnt campare yusuf with sachin, because sachin has played more than half of his innings on indian pitches..and remember on indian pitches even an ordanary batsman can score centuries.. thats is why we say the best ever batsman is brian charls lara...he was much better and stylish batsman than sachin..and ur claims seem quite hollow when u say india can make 10 teams like pak.....comon man look at the statistical figures... we are still 35 matches ahead of u..pakistan team is much better than india... bec it has always been a poised team.... they hav got bowlers like imran,waseem,waqar, shoain,asif, and batsmen like javed, saeed, inzi,yusuf....india is a big cricket nation but unfrotunatly they cudnt produced even a singal quality fast bowler...... is there any ...?all of their seemers range below 140km/h.... remember one dimentional team can never become no one....

Posted by SettingSun on (March 30, 2010, 13:31 GMT)

Another ridiculous episode in recent Pakistani cricketing history. Somebody should remind Yousuf exactly what 'retirement' is supposed to mean, there should be no 'for now' about it. What he actually means is that he's going to swan off somewhere with his massive ego, hoping that Ijaz Butt and friends get canned, and then come back immediately afterwards if they do. That's a break, Mohammad, not a retirement.

Posted by IndiaJaiHo on (March 30, 2010, 13:27 GMT)

This is so typical of pakistan players. When I heard about the decision, I wondered how long the retirement will last. Today I read "For Now". So many players for pakistan retire and then "unretire". I think it is just a ploy.. wont be surprised if the PCB is involved here too. Maybe the player as well as the board want to STAMP their authority. Same is the case with the bans imposed. Rest assured.. they will be lifted before the world cup. In any case, Yousuf is the best batsman I have seen play for pakistan. If Pak wants to have any chance at the WC, they better get their act straight.

Posted by fsdb on (March 30, 2010, 13:09 GMT)

Speaking as an India fan there seems to be some unwarranted and inappropriate crowing on this thread from India fans. @ sathishvaiju actually yusuf's stats stand up pretty well to sachin's considering he has played a lot less matches - 7431 runs in 88 matches at 53 with 24 centuries against sachin's 13447 in 166 matches at 55 with 47 centuries. @ Suvin-notout you are giving in to unjustified hyperbole - I would like to know where India can find a 17 year old fast bowler like Mohammed Amer or a 19 year old batsman like Umar Akmal. Whatever the administrative and political games being played, Pakistan will go on producing outstanding young cricketers (especially fast bowlers, which India can only pray for) and we will go on rejoicing in the talent and exhuberance of Pakistani cricketers. Yusuf was the most elegant and unhurried batsman in the world - I imagine in my dreams that Jack Hobbs used to play like Mo Yusuf does. I hope and pray he comes back and graces the sport once again.

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 13:07 GMT)

I think his decision is right>>>>>>>

Posted by BlueNation on (March 30, 2010, 12:58 GMT)

@RamzanFakhar: It's good strategy to compare yourself with greatest (even though you are not even 10% comparable with greatest)to get into limeligte. Same thing you want to prove by comparing Yousuf Youhana sorry Mohammad Yousuf with Sachin. Pakistan and PCB are the gretest management in world circket. They make a player like Afridi as captain who does all illegal things ball tampering and ban's a good player like Yousuf and Younis. No one can save Paki team. with current team Paki will be out in first round in 2011 world cup.

Get ready for the early exit in world cup with current team. Sorry I forgot anything can happen in Pakistan. Who know next year Afridi could be banned and Younis or Yousif could be captain of Paki team.

All the best guys you got lot of entertainment in coming years.

Posted by sallu123 on (March 30, 2010, 12:53 GMT)

pcb should think about yusuf retirement.coz pakistan need yusuf and he was the most consistent player for pak.

Posted by irfanzulfiqar786 on (March 30, 2010, 12:46 GMT)

pcb has to stop insulting their players , in past pakistan was the best team in the world produced gr8 cricket icons like imran khan, wasim, waqar,aaquib,shoaib akhter inzammam,saeed anwar and many others, who not only perform on their home soil but also on the foreign pitches we still produce the best bowlers in the world ,whereas the pace bowling is concerned we swing the balls like the bananas , even countries which are ten times bigger then the pakistan population they struggle to have a decent fast bowler, the only difference is that they just build a publicity hype of their below average players but we dont we just stick to that tendency to insult or sack the main streamline players, they dont ,one more thing if somone decides to retires or comeback that is totally up to that person who on the earth are these people , who are just reiterate with somones decision, be patient, leave them alone, think about your own players the below average 1s.

Posted by sathishvaiju on (March 30, 2010, 11:38 GMT)

@RamzanFakhar, My dear pak bro i fully agree yusuf is a great legend, by the way why r u unnecessarily including sachin in this issue?????, y i am quoting this is because inspite of yusuf's greatest display in cricket, he is no where near to legend sachin, stats will say this, so please don ever compare like this my friend.

Posted by Yash17 on (March 30, 2010, 11:31 GMT)

it's not surprise to me. because pak players are like that. they are not united. individually they are talented but as a group they don't play. too much politics also spoiled the sport in pak.

Posted by Morfi on (March 30, 2010, 11:06 GMT)

By not reconsidering his retirement decision, Yousuf will be harming only himself and his career. PCB is a thick skinned, remorseless animal and will go away scot free saying we wanted to select him, but he retired. So Yousuf shd for once be a man and stand up to the PCB. He has registered protest by retiring but now he shd take it back and stand up to them and tell them that they need him. He still has the potential to make 10000 runs in tests and I would even have him in my one-day squad. So Yousuf, wake up and stop being a baby with the large ego...this is your career at stake and 10 years down the road, people will look at your stats and say "yeah, he retired prematurely - oh well, life goes on!!" That is not what you or we pakistanis want - we want to look at your stats and say -"yes, he made 10000 runs - first pakistani ever to achieve the feat!!" and many other such remembrances. so please dont be emotional for once and come back to face the PCB and the world!

Posted by Suvin-notout on (March 30, 2010, 10:35 GMT)

One of the good players pakistan had produced in this decade. But, as usual PCB treatment against the humble guys has always been harsh. PCB is main culprit for Pakistans downfall in the international areana for last few years. It seems whover sitting in the PCB chair seems like the ruller of the Pakistani cricket. Feel pity for young emerging players of Pakistan who have great talent but nothing much to showcase it in the bigger platform consistently. Other countries like India and Australia managed the balance between team and managment very well considering the fame and money they generate from this game. Now PCB should learn to digest defeat especially from India. It seems like there is a huge gape between Indian cricket Pakistan cricket. The amount of resources India have in their bag is unbelievable. India alone can produce 10 teams like Pakistan. Look at the youngstars performing IPL, what a platform they have to perform. It feels emensely pround to born in India.

Posted by NRS11 on (March 30, 2010, 9:52 GMT)

KUDOS to PCB!!!! you have shown the world cricketing nation that this is what should be done. the players should know that they cannot take the peoples sentiments for granted, every tom dick and harry are glued to the TV sets to watch their team win each and every match, they sit for hours, pray for hours for these stupid players and what they give in return!!!!! nothing but ego. once again thanks Mr. Ijaz Butt, I would like to SALUTE you !!!!

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 9:52 GMT)

I think this would b a great loss for Pakistan. Muhammad Yousaf is one of our great and stylish player. In PCB drama is Occurred after any defeat and they had to blame players. I had to say only to Muhammad Yousaf that this is not the right time to say us good buy because WC is coming next year and we cant even get in second round without this Great man. I should propose Muhammad Yousaf to return to Int'l Arena to give Pakistan a Boost....

Posted by farzan12345678 on (March 30, 2010, 8:58 GMT)

What a Sad new that a legend of Pakistan is going to retire where he is still a best young player of Pakistan as he can play more 10 years and make Pakistan name on Top but its our bad luck because this is now normal to happened that we are not respecting our legends our stars like Youaf like Dr. kadeer etc. but giving owner to our enemy like Musharaf, zardari, etc. Please i am requesting to yousaf that don't retire in this station and try to fight for your rights. because if u will go then these bad people will be more strong and make Pakistan down so think about this and play for our home land Pakistan. One thing i want to say that u r the best

Posted by irfanzulfiqar786 on (March 30, 2010, 8:14 GMT)

pcb has to stop insulting their players , in past pakistan was the best team in the world produced gr8 cricket icons like imran khan, wasim, waqar,aaquib,shoaib akhter inzammam,saeed anwar and many others, who not only perform on their home soil but also on the foreign pitches we still produce the best bowlers in the world ,whereas the pace bowling is concerned we swing the balls like the bananas , even countries which are ten times bigger then the pakistan population they struggle to have a decent fast bowler, the only difference is that they just build a publicity hype of their below average players but we dont we just stick to that tendency to insult or sack the main streamline players, they dont ,one more thing if somone decides to retires or comeback that is totally up to that person who on the earth are these people , who are just reiterate with somones decision, be patient, leave them alone, think about your own players the below average 1s.

Posted by wildfire84 on (March 30, 2010, 8:05 GMT)

He used to be MOYO but he has not been one for long time, penalising him for captaincy may sound harsh but for spreading instability and infighting within team he should have been banned for life. He has let down himself. Politics within dressing room and on-field has long been around in Pak team, this come to no surprise and he deserved the ban as did others involved. He is trying to get public empathy by blaming PCB as usual. Although i cant help but agree that he had some test series left in him, he should have long retired from T20 and ODIs. Pak team seriously needed a kick in the bottom and they indeed have got it from PCB. Hopefully anyone who try to ruin the motto of the game will be treated the same. Enough politics in the game. You ONLY STAY IN THE TEAM IF YOU PRODUCE OTHERWISE YOU ARE OUT. Its as simple as that. We need young cricketers who are fearless on ground unlike current players who gets nervous even under normal conditions. God Bless Pak Cricket team !

Posted by kulrawat on (March 30, 2010, 8:00 GMT)

i do agree he is one of the best test player Pakistan ever had but its also true as most of my fellow had commented, Yusuf had a very fickle mind he had taken different decisions at diffrent times and cant stick to any of them either it is joining to ICL then again coming back to PCB fold than again announcing retirement before and again joining ICL coming back to PCB and so on on wait he may come back any time saying i am proud to represent my country ..

Posted by irfanzulfiqar786 on (March 30, 2010, 7:57 GMT)

what a shame, pakistan has produced the best players of all times like inzammam, younis, yousaf, shoaib akhters,in last two decades but they all end up with the humiliation which was imposed on them by the pcb, if the team wins they all r happy but in case of lost the change the whole infrastrcture, rather then learning from the mistakes, well a good team is a team which is the blend of experienced and young talent, well lets c what the pcb has planned about the pakistan team future , they have their unique way of thinking ,what about imran nazir, yasir hameed why not these guys are included in the squad, well jus coming to the point, if pakistan plays well this season then goodbye to yousaf no body would be bothered to call him back, contrastly if they play bad yousaf will b back in the squad, talking about h his resignation, that is just a typical desi way to get the sympathy of the nation and the cricket lovers, goodluck pakistan , good luck pakistani team.

Posted by Milan31 on (March 30, 2010, 7:49 GMT)

i do not agree with OmarBK. Yousuf have made runs in Australia, New Zealand, West Indies and all around the cricketing world. Who can forget his double ton in NZ, twin ton in WI and centuries in Aus, famous 83 against SA in extreme hard condition for batting? He is a world class batsman who makes runs everywhere, a true run machine for Pakistan.

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 7:10 GMT)

great player really!! gaps and timing is what he will be remember for. but shudnt have said 'FOR NOW' leaves in suspicion and bad taste.

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 6:59 GMT)

this is nothing rather then a publicity stunt if they perform well every one support them but if they think with this stunt they get in not body let him in every one see him cancelling his retirement in week

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 6:54 GMT)

PCB does not know what they are doing with Yusuf. He stands as one of the best players to come out of Pakistan. T PCB does not know what they are doing. Such a great player is rare and finding a test player like Yusuf is rarer. I hope they come to terms with this because Yusuf has at least 2-3 years left of solid service to Pakistan.

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 6:54 GMT)

Pakistan will feel the absence of yousuf

Posted by Jabmo12985 on (March 30, 2010, 6:39 GMT)

First of all I would like to say Mohd Yousaf has been highly mistreated by the board. Secondaly i here the selecotrs saying he still has a role to play in the test side, you banned the man for life! what type of mad people are running the PCB you set rules that u brake yourself. It not the only country that has Discipline probs look at Andrew Symonds they knew he was causing problems so they simply not hav him in the side never was a need to ban him. If the players were causing a prblem for a while MAlik and Rana why were they kept for the 2 tours? this tells me it is the faullt only of the Board, no way should Yousaf comeback (regardless of how much we need him)

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 6:23 GMT)

This retiring is like retiring every night.

Pakistan has history of retiring and coming back.

Asif Iqbal, Imran Khan and many others. Yusuf retirement is not serious to think.

Anyway when Pakistan do not then what do these gyus do? Retire

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 5:58 GMT)

Anyway.....the Cricket World is missing a another one great player...Baarakallahu lakuma Yousuf Bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by OmarBK on (March 30, 2010, 5:57 GMT)

i absolutely agree with BoonBoom. Most of his runs have come against mediocre teams on flat pitches.

Posted by Ramzanfakhar on (March 30, 2010, 5:47 GMT)

What a player of the ball he is. He is a class player and its again a very sad ending in cricket history of pakistan just because of the trend not to giving respect to our legend. Sachin is a all time great player but in his 46 hundreds india lost 18 matches. We cannot judge players by this criteria. We True Pakistani still need Yousaf in PAK side.

Posted by trip_trap on (March 30, 2010, 5:28 GMT)

What's point of retiring "for now"? He's anyway been handed a one year ban from international cricket by PCB. He himself says he'll continue to play first class cricket. So what purpose does the "for now" retirement serve?

Pakistan's senior players and senior members of the PCB need to check into a rehab and figure out why or how they efficiently manage to dive to new lows with each passing day.

I've always admired Pakistan's cricketers and it's sad to see its current state. But then, I guess the current state of affairs with Pak cricket is just a reflection of the state of affairs of Pakistan as a country.

Posted by AleemLatif on (March 30, 2010, 5:22 GMT)

If Yousaf is playing tactics like before and similar to what Younas has been doing in the past ... to pressurize the PCB for taking actions against them ... then I would say this is childish stuff at it's worst by both our most senior players. I think Yousaf and Younas both improve themselves as showing a more matured behaviour - which is highly expected from them being the senior most players in the Pakistan squad. Common guys grow up a bit. Yousaf should accept with big hearts that although he has been a great batsman, but never been a good fielder,a man of words (ICL) and a man playing without personal grudges (regular conflicts with Shoab). Why the hell these senior players play dirty/childish tactics to show their importance for the Pakistan Cricket. Should we always bow against their wishes all the times and let them do whatever they think is right. I would again say git rid of this BHAI culture and introduce MATE(Yaar) culture where all players are equal in all aspects.

Posted by mrehanrazi on (March 30, 2010, 5:19 GMT)

Hats off for one of the all times great. We will always love you Yousuf. Really sad to hear about your retirement. @PCB: Please stop treating our heroes in such a disgusting way. I always love to see his classic drives because watching Yousuf playing is really an excellent experience. Standing ovation for one the most stylish batsmen of the world.

Posted by madi11 on (March 30, 2010, 5:18 GMT)

wat the hell pcb is trying to do for so many years??????? they lost shoaib akhtar, asim kamal, shahid nazir, saeed anwar,and many more. ruined the peak time of razzaq, yasir hamid and many.................yousuf is 1 of the finnest player of all 1 can replace him at dis time............another gr8 player lost jst because of poor policies of pcb...............sad sad news.............YUSUF BHAI u r in our hearths

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 5:15 GMT)

sad to see a legend, who had done so much for his team, retires without any farewell. a good person and a great player...

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 4:58 GMT)

End of Great player career in sad way. In Pakistan Honour is not gievn to great players. I don't know why but in present circumstances of our team, i think we need him. There is no great name in Pakistan middle order right now. So how long Pakistan batting woes continues but this is sad end of Muhammad Yousuf career which even Yousuf had not ever thought.

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 4:42 GMT)

This is a great shame for pakistani players of any international recognition to be humuliated by the P C B whose official and board members are so out of touch with modern day cricket.The fault lies with people who are running the P C B, most of them have got the jobs because they are the relatives or friends of the govt ministers or politicians.By taking action against 7 senior players it is a further proof that these players have been made escape goats,if there was in fighting in australia why the team manager and couch did not take any action shows that they them selves are incompetent.The need of the hour is to replace the all the cronnies from board and bring youngish ex players to get the focus on building a mentally and physicaly stong team of which the whole nation would be proud of.

Posted by hellking on (March 30, 2010, 4:11 GMT)

Mohammad yousuf is a gr8 player in international cricket.. Infact he is one of the best players in the test cricket. He had been treated very badly by the PCB.. PCB is going to find it tough to find replacement for him... Sad to see him retiring...

Posted by   on (March 30, 2010, 3:50 GMT)

Pakistan Cricket = Slapstick comedy. Who's next to get a pie in their face? We'll have to wait and see or sit back and laugh. No matter how tragic a situation, for example Yousuf's retirement, it still is funny to see them bumbling about, trying to climb over each other to show that nothing's wrong. Pakistan cricket has always been this way, but at least in the 80s and 90s their players often rose above the mire to turn out brilliant match-winning performances. They were one of the best teams in the world. Sadly the current team will not be able to do the same. I hope we Yousuf again because without him Pakistan are doomed to lie at the bottom of the table for the next few years.

Posted by MalikNadeemAwan on (March 30, 2010, 3:41 GMT)

Oh!! And that is the end of one of the Greats of all time. And a golden period of Pakistan Batting is going to close. I dont know what is the reason behing the ban of Yousuf. But he could play atleast 2 years easily. he should take his decision back. otherwise the batting in Tests is all over.

Posted by t20_league on (March 30, 2010, 2:33 GMT)

ha ha ha....what a joke....dont worry folks, he will make a come back soon, he is not a type of character who will retire so sooooon......these guys make a mockery of themselves........u r absolutely rite Mr.hogwarts_cricket.... ;)

Posted by Acton49 on (March 30, 2010, 1:38 GMT)

Boomboom what do you say about Afridi the Slogger.... and compare him with Yousef Pathan. As for Mohammed Yousuf... lets see against WI at the peak with Ambrose / Walsh and co he has 7 century. His record of 12 century on away tours not even great Miandad compares. Who do you want Mohammed Yousef to be compared with? Faisal Iqbal / Salman Butt / Afridi Can you tell me how many centuries Big Man Inzi had against Aus/SA well for your information 1. Before you cast doubt on one of the greatest player produced by Pakistan. He played same number of games as Zaheer Abbas (who scored only 12 centuries). Before any one says that he is finished .... read all the fact about Mohammed Yousuf. No one from Pakisan will eclipse the great man's achievement for a long time. Pakistan should now concentrate on T20 as they will be given a lesson by Bangladesh. As for Test is concerned they should give away their Test Status as for playing Eng and Aus in England without Yousef and Younis?

Posted by bharath74 on (March 30, 2010, 0:57 GMT)

there is no reason for him to retire other than politics. he has been an outstanding cricket player for pakistan. i cant believe that some ppl are commenting that yousuf has no self respect. i think its disgrace thinking like that about great player. He is unable to take a decision bcos all his life he knew is playing cricket, what will he do after retirement? will you consider retiring from ur job at the age of 37 Mr.hogwarts,boonboom etc... Respect the great players, respect cricket.

Posted by Natx on (March 30, 2010, 0:54 GMT)

"For now" seems to be the ad line for Pakistan cricket. All the bans are "for now" as people keep coming out of it from time and again. The coaches and selectors are bunch of musical chairs and the current selectors there are "for now" as well. Yousuf and Younis Khan (the last 2 genuine "test standard" batsmen for pak after Inzi) came back at the request of the board to do a "for now" stint and the newly formed "for now" bunch of selectors fired them indefinitely (of-course "for now").

On top of all this fun, PCB is lobbying other countries to visit and play cricket in Pakistan "for now". Give us all a break ("for ever"). One can only take a minute and feel sorry for the Cricket loving Pakistan fans. Those guys must be sincerely hoping to get rid of all these jokers "for now" for the sake of the game to have international teams visit and play real cricket there again.

Posted by SaqlainHK on (March 30, 2010, 0:12 GMT)

he is classic of pakistan in cricket, i don;t think he should retired. but these player do make mistakes and in pakistan team there is no equality , how it works in pakistan who played more test or cricket they become the most importent and authroties person no body can speak against him or his will what he says should be listioned, they need to learn decipline , when Borad appoint officlas they should follow them who ever caption is they just follow his order why we choes caption they don't understand. Yusaf should contineu his test cricket but without any poilitical things and PCB should look it in there deceion.

Posted by Zahidsaltin on (March 30, 2010, 0:00 GMT)

@Hammad Fayyaz , Yousef is a bad fielder but he is far better than Salman But and Danish Kaneria. It might not dive but he won't drop catches as all others do. Mohammad Yousef is one of the best batsmen of this era and the treatment he got from PCB is disgrace to PCB itself. He and Younis have been banned because of a disagreement in Dubai and thats prior to the NZ and AUS tours. Now can some one explain me how the hell you can choose some one to lead the team but then ban him for something which happened long before his choice as captain. PCB is criminal and I don't know a single cricket fan in Pakistan who doesn't hate PCB, Mr. Ejaz Butt and those who bring in incompetent people just for doing political favours even if whole institutions are ruined. IT'S A SHAME. I SALUTE MOYO FOR THE EXCELENT SERVICES HE RENDERED TO OUR CRICKET.

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 23:57 GMT)

Muhammad Yousuf is best Pakistan batsman in cricket history. Pakistan cricket is really in the wrong hand, Ijaz butt & co. are the business man not the sports man. If PCB run by same stupid Ijaz butt , Pakistan cricket will be die. Please somebody going to save cricket in Pakistan, and last I must want to salute Mohammad Yousuf. God blessed you.

Posted by junaidafzal on (March 29, 2010, 23:19 GMT)

Perhaps he should have waited for the decision from ELDERS and i think it would have been wise at that time. well some of the fellow cricket observer from AUS has commented on this legendary batsman. so i am happy to tell him that your current BEST TEST BATSMAN ( RICKY PONTING) is not ever close enough to compare with YOUSUF . for verification of this info, you can check the cricinfo stats by yourself, which you can find under this news. i hope to decide to overturn his this decision, which i think is better for Pakistan also

Posted by yogikanna on (March 29, 2010, 23:12 GMT)

It is a pakistani tradition to "retire" multiple times. Even Imran khan announced retirement more than 3 times. Especially when Yousuf says "for now", its clear that this is not final.

I think pakistani cricket board and pakistani people are too tough on their players. They should let the players relax and not put too much pressure, otherwise the players are going to be stressed and will not be able to perform. Its important to let them feel a little relaxed in order to let their talents shine. And pakistan does have lot of talented players. Hopefully they will come back strong.

Posted by Big_Chikka on (March 29, 2010, 22:53 GMT)

His record speaks for itself, and no one should doubt his integrity as player. Wish you all the best Mohammad, shame you did not have around you a board that could produce results in the way that you did for Pakistan. Your success is there for all to see in your record, as for the clowns called PCB their successes are the complete and utter failure to take any player and add value to his performances with support and management sense.

Posted by nirvana_1959 on (March 29, 2010, 22:39 GMT)

Sad to see a great star leave in this manner. Pakistan will miss him in test cricket. He was made captain and Malik availed of this opportunity to subvert and doom him. Hope some sense prevails in PCB and make him return for the test cricket.

Posted by sarosh_siddiqui on (March 29, 2010, 22:11 GMT)

If you look back, BCP did the same for Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, Inziman-ul-Haque and now with Muhammad Yusuf, but this BCP's management is the worse one. Pakistan will need Yousuf and Younus for up-coming test series against England. Our opening is not good and now the middle order has gone (Yousuf and Younus). I am not sure what BCP is doing. As they said that Yousuf's presence is harmful for Pakistan Cricket, I would like to say BCP's current management is very harmful for Pakistan Cricket.

Posted by archilion on (March 29, 2010, 22:09 GMT)

Mr. Yusuf, Do you have any self respect? Or you're just trying to fool media and public by adding the prefix 'For Now'? Could you please explaing what does that mean?

Posted by AliOnline on (March 29, 2010, 21:58 GMT)

Sad to see such a fine player exit in this way, regardless of whether this is his final exit or not. The board must learn to respect the players. If a player says something about the board (how Shoaib Akhtar did), he gets penalised. But on the contrary, the board says what it wants about the players. Very sad... Very VERY SAD...

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 21:44 GMT)

I feel bad for a honest guy, who really devoted himself for the cricket and his country...This is not a good way to set examples..Picking up their cream in the end of their career and ruining everything they did for their country and for the game is an insult for entire sportsman...I'd rather welcome his retirement and his high head against the idiots... God bless you yousuf we love you

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 21:43 GMT)

thank god a politician has retired atleast "for now".....a person with no self respect...

Posted by Bilal_Akram on (March 29, 2010, 21:37 GMT)

Its sad to see him leave like this. Definately a great batsman and classic batsman. On his day he would make you think that he is just touching the ball and its racing away to fence. I definately hope he should come back. I dont think there is any problem in changing his decision, its his life he could choose to play when he wants and when he doesnt! Guys like boonboom and hogwards should get a life!

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 21:36 GMT)

I actually wouldn't want Yousuf to retire..imagine a situation where Pak team goes to England for a test series without Younis and Yousuf..i'll add a u think Pakistani batting has this potential of making a big score without the 2 Y's? Who do u think is gna bat like its a test match and not a t20 game? if u expect ppl like Faisal Iqbal and Imran Farhat to bat like Younis and Yousuf then forget it! ppl like Faisal Iqbal should retire for good..tht guy has been given 9 yrz of opportunity..and still he's there in the team! where nobody can bat, I would want atleast someone who's had a good record in batting to Yousuf and Younis!

Posted by Ozboy on (March 29, 2010, 21:28 GMT)

Decesion to "retire for now". Please go away - no matter how great you were - fact of the matter is that personalities like you are harmful for cricket in general. Sad to see that hardly any greats from Pakistan leave in a blaze of glory - they either have to be removed by using crowbars - as in the case of Miandad - or leave under controversial circumstances - as in the case of almost everyone else. Why can't they retire gracefully - announce their retirement ahead of the last series they play in - and make people ask "why?" instead of "why not?". The fact that Board is a mess - does not help either. They need strong leaders like Imran Khan in charge - people who are solely dedicated to improve the standard of domestic cricket and cricketers. Till the ground work is done - nothing significant can be achieved and enormous talents like the Akmals, Amer, Asif and Afridi will be of no use because they will never play as a team.

Posted by colorodan on (March 29, 2010, 21:08 GMT)

More than Yousuf's, it is Cricinfo's reputation that is at stake if this news is the #1 thing they can offer. Come on, we all know this guy will be back!!

Posted by MarkM33 on (March 29, 2010, 21:03 GMT)

As a unbiased bystander from NZ I'd have to say that, while Yousuf does not appear to have been the easiest personalty to work with and I don't pretend to know the inner workings of Pakistan cricket, the PCB have not handled the situation well.

I don't want to tar Pakistan cricket with such a comparison, but their situation seems to be similar in some respects to NZ cricket. Both have a limited talent pool of international standard players so those that are up to that standard need to be kept in the team for the team to perform. Yousuf, to me, seems to be of international quality. Keep him in the team. Admittedly the Pakistan team didn't perform well in Oz - sounds like NZ team to me!!

NZ also had a similar situation with Shane Bond going to the ICL. NZC seemed to deal with that pretty well. Everyone just wanted the best players on the field.

If Pakistan team want to succeed the PCB need to get the best team on the field. It should be about the cricket.

Posted by anandbv on (March 29, 2010, 20:56 GMT)

Ready to retire 'for now'. What a joke. As long as PCB and the Pakistan team exist, there is no dearth for drama in cricket folks. I am sure he will have more retirements in future as he will be back to play again as in the previous times

Posted by amico_pk on (March 29, 2010, 20:54 GMT)

Shoib malik and Ejaz But are the responsibile of the ending a career of Graet Muhammad Yusaf , First Malik had problem with Younis and then with Yousaf .He has played a politics. If you remember during IPL shoaib malik was 12th man and this is real status od Shoaib malik, he is good in test cricket but did not exist in ODI e T20 . now malik can play easily also in T20 and in ODI

Posted by agent99 on (March 29, 2010, 20:42 GMT)

Mohammad Yousuf is probably the one of the most noble personalities in modern-day. He has repeatedly sacrificed himself for the good of Pakistan cricket and I admire his passion. He has been a modest but a pretty solid batsman for years and if he does come back he'll be doing good for pak cricket....What a guy! Mohammad Yousuf: I salute you and will respect every decision you ever make... Don't worry, we are right behind you.

Posted by Arthaurian on (March 29, 2010, 20:38 GMT)

The future does not look bright for Pakistan cricket. A most unfortunate truth.

Posted by Croc_on_mara on (March 29, 2010, 20:27 GMT)

Yawn...What needless drama? What the point? He will comeback after 3 months and say that I am coming back for the 'mulak/country' and will spice with 'Inshallahs' and stuff like that to win the gullible common man.

Posted by kmTORONTO on (March 29, 2010, 20:21 GMT)

In the words of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight...."And here we go again".

And here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Pakistan Cricket for you.....again. Can't this country get it straight for just once? Its always one thing after another. You'd think that even a 5 year old would learn from his/her mistakes but not this team. Its either a problem with a coach or players or the selection committer or the board. I truly think Pakistan should stop playing cricket. It is impossible now for them to play hosts in Pakistan due to all the terrorist activities and I am pretty sure that given their level of play, they don't generate as much tv revenue as they probably did in the past. Furthermore, this team and board are run by retired army personnel who really have no business running a team.

This team and board needs an influx of professionalism and professionals. The only thing that can bring this cricket playing nation back is a paradigm shift.

In Pakistan, this is highly unlikely.

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 19:56 GMT)

sothis is what we call as change,same is the case with mohammad yousuf ,in short we can say that change is inevitable..

Posted by viku13a13a on (March 29, 2010, 19:48 GMT)

Hmm... what can you say about The great Yousuf Yohana Mohammad...or soon to be YOUSUF LALIT MODI in near future????? I mean what can you say about this guy, he changed his GOD, his name, his desicion twice, being a captain and lots more that we do not know about. I think he is acting like a child, he is a very good batsman, he is well known in public. He should have more self respect and he should take desicion very carefully and live with the desicion he takes. But one thing is for fact that what PCB has done with him he is guilty of something because he can appeal the PCB ban and he did not so he is not all that clean. At the same time PCB need better management because how do you let this good of a cricket player get in such mess i mean if you had make a list of 10 best from Pakistan he would be in this list and yet he is in this position? What is going on PCB?????? As far as the cricket is concern I am sorry Yousuf you will be missed in pakistan team.

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 19:38 GMT)

@Boom Boom i accept he joined ICL, i know he did wrong but alot of other international players do so i.g. Shane Bond, Kemp, etc if you say he never make score against big teams so its wrong he make 4 double centuries nd 3 out of them against New Zealand nd england. he make centuries against all big teams except SA even he make century against Australia in Aus. he score 6 centuries against england in presence of Harmission, Hoggard, Gough etc 4 against India nd 6 against W.I on all the above i want to say you should accept his class because really he is a very good batsman . Thanks & Peace

Posted by AAJS on (March 29, 2010, 19:34 GMT)

Yet more pathetic macho and self proclaimed 'super star' status gesturing from a good player in his heyday... this has nothing to do with the those idiots that call themselves the 'Board'. Yosuf has lost it.. he is backing away against fast bowlers and anyone who has played cricket will tell you once the hand eye coordination goes, as a batsman you start moving your right foot (for rhb) towards square leg and you don't get in line. Yosuf is doing that and he should quit.. but oh no.. I forgot.. he is a Pakistan player.. so he is going to delude himself into thinking that PCB can't do without him or that stupid president of the country will write him a pleading letter.. then he will come back and say 'I'm only coming back for Pakistan'.. guess what... why the hell don't you leave Pakistan cricket.. you are finished as are other so many mediocre players in this team.. go away and stay away.. please!

Posted by badal on (March 29, 2010, 19:23 GMT)

Just like everything else in life, there is an end to everything. Australia lost many many great legends in a short interval of time, but they are still the verry best in world cricket. I am sure, Pakistan will also survive this hick up, that has been created by Yousaf departure. When Miandad retired, many of us were wondering, how we ever going to fill such a a gape. Well...then came Inzi, Younis Khan and Yousaf. Just face it, life does not stop for anything or for any body. But, I like to thank Yousaf for giving us such a pleassure to watch those beautiful, classy and masterful innings, that will always be in our minds. I wish him lot's of luck, and wish, Allah gives him health and more good times in future(Ameen).

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 19:03 GMT)

this is not the way to end a career, what ever he was, good or bad...... he is and will be a fine player

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 19:03 GMT)

Now that he has "retired" having captained Pakistan, he will convert back to Christianity, so much for his loyalty with anything. He carries the tradition that was prevelant during Salim malik / javed Miandad days.. groupism and infighting. Thank god they had one Imran Khan who was a true leader. Afridi is a clown and there are no real leaders in Pakistan cricket. Cricket fans like us are the ones to suffer. Hope the Cricketing gods of Pakistan identify and groom one or two leaders.

Posted by k3k3k3 on (March 29, 2010, 18:56 GMT)

@BoonBoom: Cricket will be better off without armchair cricketers kike you who don't know *whit* about anything. Yousuf (first learn to spell his name correct) is the best batsman Pakistan has produced since Javed. Instead of having him play for the rest of his cricketing life our Board and people like you ban/drop/deride this fantastic and stylish batman. So what if he is not as fit as a 20 yo, remember he's closer to 40 and he has probably another 2 years to give us. Cherish him and enjoy his art because that is what he brings to our team. Let's petition to bring him back. His career should not end on this note. WE THE PUBLIC/FANS DON"T DESERVE THIS. Prez the Patron bring him back ala Zia ul Haq-Imran Khan.

Posted by s0ldier on (March 29, 2010, 18:55 GMT)

"For Now" - note the twist in the story here....I am sure in less than a short time he's going to overturn his decision, PCB a.k.a. bunch of jokers will overturn their ban....and Yousuf will be back in the team, and again there will be trouble...Afridi will bite an opponent player this a result PCB will ban Rana Mohammad Abdul Huq....and the saga continues.... It's a comedy movie...let's have our popcorn and soda ready...

Posted by haroonalvi on (March 29, 2010, 18:41 GMT)

Its teams that win matches not talented individuals. If the end of Mohammad Yousaf as a player means the begining of Pakistan as a team, then I guess there is nothing wrong with a talented player being axed.

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 18:40 GMT)

Yousaf shouldnt have resigned now under presure by pcb.infact there is no one in the hut to replace him.he is a good player but when he is not a captain.i wana say many things about pcb but i still hope pcb will look upon his resignation and will ask him to cary on his international career as pakistan playig team.

Posted by mkfaruqi on (March 29, 2010, 18:38 GMT)

THis a period when cricket is slaughtered by some hungry old players of past ,given power without deserving it.If you neglect Asif iqbal,majid khan,Mushtaq mohd ,rameez raja,waseem akram, to have the chair of responsbility,things will be like this.Decissions are taken just to their power not as it should have been.the prime responsible persons should have been punished.Like chairman bccp ,chief selecters ,manager and other officials including coaches.Instead they are retained as a token of personel friendship.Still we can do a lot by giving the responsbility to competent persons who knew the cricket of today. god help the nation mohammad faruqi denver usa

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 18:34 GMT)

I dont know why people from our part of country forget things too quickly. Yousuf is playing for pakistan cricket for about 12 years and he has done soo much for pakistan cricket. He has saved our batting line soo many times with inzamam and still now he can perfrom. Why people things that his career is over. Many people are over the age of yousuf but they r still playing. Everybody is saying his comments that he is greedy and he always do these kind of things etc etc. We have done the same thing for inzamam also which also was the great player and contributed alot for pakistani team. If like this we will treat our player than remember nobody will left in our cricket team to play for the country as they will think that in the end we will also be kicked out like this.

Posted by Wedee on (March 29, 2010, 18:32 GMT)

One more page of drama added to PCB's book .

He retires , they call . He reconsiders , plays again. Pakistan flops , he retires ..... << De javu >>

Posted by imish2005 on (March 29, 2010, 18:32 GMT)

Muhammad Yousuf was really good at bat but I really don't consider him a sportsman. I guess the thing which distinguishes a sportsman from normal people is the activeness. They have strong, fast reflective nerves, and they should reflect quicker than normal people. He was too lazy. In both, fielding and running between the wickets, I've seen him critically. We people have blamed inzi for his running and fielding but he was really good even having that much weight. In Pakistan team's today's bad condition Yousuf have played main role. Thanks for resigning Yousuf bhai.

Posted by _NEUTRAL_Fan_ on (March 29, 2010, 18:30 GMT)

A real quality batsman and one of the players of the decade. I think though, that if he does retire, he shouldn't return to int'l cricket at maybe the risk of rustiness and age affecting him. I do hope he cont. to play domestically all over the world.

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 18:29 GMT)

what a pety that not a single coments recieved from the cricket fans, who may like him or dislike , this is a very sad days for Pakistan crciket as well as International crcikcet. a great player was compapled to take retirement thee is more than two year crc ikcet remain with yousef, he can play upto world cup at the sub-continant. we were thinking that he will continue to be captain of Test as well oneday crciket, but there is invested intrests which keep him thinking to take aside . I hope The chairman PCB will give his comments and try to ask him to change his decision and come out of retirement, it was happend in the past, Imran khan was retire and Zia-ul-Haq asked him to rehing his reirement asn Imran came out of retirement and serve the national team many years.. I hope some one from the government specially sports Ministry will interfere and take quick action in this regard as it done for the hockey players.

Posted by sohaib92 on (March 29, 2010, 18:14 GMT)

pakistan needs u to play cricket to keep the spirit of test cricket alive in pakistan ders no one else at this particulat moment who can fill your boots.

Posted by Kurapati on (March 29, 2010, 18:14 GMT)

Yousuf took good decision. PCB needs to learn a lesson from this, first in place there are no players available in PAKI team now and players like MoYo retires then that's gonna hurt PAK very bad. Just wait and watch until they start their test matches in England late this year and their all problems will show up.. If such a thing happens with India( a disastrous tour), BCCI may punish banning the key players who were responsible for the disaster for 1 or 2 series ..thats it...Anyways thats not gonna happen with India ever.... what kind of action is this PCB took?? Shame on PCB ...Izaz butt ruining the history of PAK cricket and stopping the another way players like Afridi and Shoaib malik deserves punishments more than what they got it now!!!!

Posted by Venki.Hartford on (March 29, 2010, 18:12 GMT)

I guess we are wasting our time seeing the interviews and reading the articles and worrying for these kind of emotional guys. When a person is not strong hearted how could he lead a country to victory in a place like Australia where even tougher countries are losing. PCB should ban these kind of guys for lifetime for giving false statements and making false decisions.

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 18:07 GMT)

hats off to u sad to see such a fine player retiring cos of the board :( too sad :)

Posted by hogwarts_cricket on (March 29, 2010, 18:00 GMT)

"for now?". it seems to me that yousuf has got no self respect left. i foresee another big drama unfolding in Pakistan cricket in the coming days.

Posted by BoonBoom on (March 29, 2010, 17:52 GMT)

Yousef is not at all a trust worthy person. He has retired on two previous occasions but returned back and this time again he will do the same. He announced retirement only to gain sympathy of general public.

Furthermore, he is one of the greediest players Pakistan has ever produced. First he went to ICL, made money, returned back to Pak team, went to IPL, PCB spent loads of money on him to get rid from ICL and what he gave Pakistan in return except mounting problems and tablighi environment?

Lets be honest and tell me does he look like an international athlete from any angle?

Remember, his records are generally pathetic if his innings against WI, ZIM & BAN are excluded. Not many people know YOUSEF HAS JUST ONE TEST CENTTURY AGAINST AUS/SA...... This clearly exposes his real class.

Yousef, this time do us a favor; please don't re-consider your retirement plan, Cricket will be much better off without you.

Posted by Hammad.Fayyaz on (March 29, 2010, 17:46 GMT)

The ending is bad, but the thing is... lets accept that his fielding lacks the valour and athleticism which is a crying need of hour in today's cricket scene. In today's cricket, one MUST be good in 2 depts. (if not in all 3) to get counted. Like VVS Laxman & Rahul Dravid, Yousuf also should have mastered fielding in slips rather than on mid-on/off... See More or in-front of wkts. They (dravid n laxman) are wiser enough to understand changing times and they adapted accordingly. Tendulkar also fields on third-man or fine-leg. One must accept that its body who has to do the labour than the mind. No matter if ur mind is young, its the body who has to do the labour to make ideas counted.

Posted by Gupta.Ankur on (March 29, 2010, 17:42 GMT)

Well the two best batsmen have been forced out and Mr.Boom Boom has been made captain...

Its so bizarre that it make you laugh..........wonder what more can PCB do wrong?

Posted by Rajesh. on (March 29, 2010, 17:39 GMT)

"For now" ........! I don't see Mohammad Yousuf 'actually' retiring this time too. Yousuf has never been one who has stayed true to his word or been committed, so it won't be a surprise if (read WHEN) he comes back. By repeatedly coming back such players are only making a mockery of themselves...... what a shame !!

Posted by   on (March 29, 2010, 17:35 GMT)

this is a end of a one of the great players in cricket world

Posted by Jipster on (March 29, 2010, 17:32 GMT)

Yousuf is still a legend in my eyes. The last time Pakistan toured England he was as un-dismissable as Dravid at his best. I have no idea what is going on at the PCB but they have alienated one of the modern day cricketing legends. For one, I hope he doesn't stay retired - he is a sublime batsman of great skill and a pleasure to watch, even though I do wish he'd score most of those runs against teams other than England... ;)

Posted by Nnskrish on (March 29, 2010, 17:21 GMT)

he is one of da best pakistan middleorder batsmen its sad that he has to retire in such a way.......

Posted by aamir_naqshbandi on (March 29, 2010, 17:17 GMT)

This is a very sad end to his great international career and i personally feel this was not the right approach by PCB to treat him.PCB has always been in the limelight to spoil the careers of their valuable assets and Mohammad Yousuf has been treated very badly rather.I feel sorry for him and another great player of Pakistan went waste.PCB should have dealt this matter in a much decent way.I wonder where Pakistan cricket goes to from this and who will replace him.Huh!

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