Pakistan's disciplinary crisis May 29, 2010

Younis' request for open hearing turned down

Cricinfo staff

Former Pakistan captain Younis Khan's request to have his appeal against the indefinite ban imposed on him by the PCB heard in presence of the media has been turned down by the arbitrator hearing the appeals, former high court judge, Irfan Qadir. Younis' hearing will now resume on June 5.

On a day when Qadir decided to overturn the one-year ban on Pakistan allrounder Shoaib Malik, Younis' lawyer Ahmed Qayyum demanded that his client's hearing be conducted in front of journalists. Qadir denied the request and was willing to announce his verdict on Younis' appeal, but the lawyer refused to hear a decision "behind closed doors".

"The judge told me he would hold my hearing in camera and didn't allow the media representatives Younis wants to attend his hearings," Qayyum was quoted as saying by PTI. "Before the hearings I requested the judge to allow the media reps in but was told this was not possible as it was a confidential hearing. I was indirectly also told that the judge wanted to give a ruling on Younis Khan's ban immediately behind closed doors but I refused."

Younis has been picked in Pakistan's preliminary squad of 35 for the Asia Cup and the tour of England. He was banned indefinitely by the PCB along with Mohammad Yousuf in the aftermath of a winless tour of Australia for reasons of indiscipline, but his being considered for Pakistan's upcoming international assignments could be an indication that the PCB is willing to leave a door open for a possible return.

The reason for demanding a hearing in the presence of the media, Qayyum said, was to get the board to highlight the evidence based on which it decided to impose the ban. "Now they are saying it is not a ban and the Chairman of the board can include him (Younis) anytime in the team. But my client is adamant that he wants his case to be heard openly because he has done nothing wrong," Qayyum said. "My client wants the truth to come out and my client wants the board to show the evidence on basis of which they banned him."

Qadir said the board had explained its position on the issue, as a result of which he was ready to "wrap up" the pending appeals. "I wanted to give a ruling on Younis Khan's appeal but his lawyer said he wanted more time to talk to his client," Qadir told reporters. "I want to wrap up these appeals because the board has made its stance clear to me now."