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Former Pakistan players slam overturning of Malik's ban

Cricinfo staff

Former Pakistan players, Aamer Sohail and Abdul Qadir, have criticised the decision taken by arbitrator Irfan Qadir to overturn Shoaib Malik's one-year ban and cut his fine by half. Speculation in Pakistan has suggested that political pressure was brought to bear on the PCB regarding Malik's ban.

"By lifting the ban on Malik, the PCB has succumbed to political pressures," Qadir, a former chief selector, said. "If the board had taken a strong decision, it should have stuck to it come what may, but their decision will now encourage the players to violate discipline and get away with it."

Since Malik had been pardoned, Qadir said, the PCB would have to do the same with the other players. "Now it's the duty of the board to clear other players also because it will be blamed to have done preferential treatment to one player after Malik is cleared," he said.

Sohail called the decision a "hasty" one. "To hide its own incompetence, the PCB targeted the players and, after pressures from outside, they abruptly lifted the ban."

The PCB had banned Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf, from playing for Pakistan in any format for an indefinite period, while handing out one-year bans to Malik and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan following the team's disastrous tour of Australia in 2009-10. Shahid Afridi and the Akmal brothers were fined Rs 2-3 million [$24,000-35,000] for various misdemeanours and put on six-month probations.

The charge against Malik was never clearly explained by the inquiry committee that decided on the punishment but it was widely thought to be for what a number of management officials and players called his negative influence on the side. This was confirmed in a subsequently leaked video of the inquiry committee meetings, in which Malik's role within the squad was blasted by a number of players including Afridi and Yousuf.

Sarfraz Nawaz, a former fast bowler, was scathing in his criticism of the PCB, saying it had taken "a coward's stance". "It's a decision taken under political pressure and will damage Pakistan cricket in the future," he said. "PCB took a decision against discipline breaches but couldn't stand the pressure from political forces. I also question the authority of the arbitrator as well who doesn't have the credibility and authority to take such a decision."

All of the punished players, apart from the retired Yousuf, had appealed against their bans and fines and will have hearings in June. Younis' appeal was scheduled to be heard immediately after Malik's but it was pushed back to June 5, while Naved-ul-Hasan's hearing was set for June 19. However, Iqbal Mohammad Ali, the head of parliament's sports committee, felt the delays were a deliberate attempt to keep them out of the Asia Cup in June.

"I believe the only reason in delaying the appeals of these two players is that the PCB does not want to include their names in the Asia Cup squad," Ali told AP. "He [arbitrator] should have given decisions on all the six appeals yesterday, but he just lifted ban from Shoaib Malik and reduced the fine.

"It surprised me that they kept only Malik under observation. PCB should treat all the players equally. If they had decided to lift the ban on Malik and reduce the fine, they should have taken the similar decision on all the players."

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  • Umar on June 2, 2010, 12:19 GMT

    Wt is wrong wid PCB?sum curent players whch tourd australia,including Afridi,nd intikhab..wt dey said for Malik.?v al stil EJAZ BUT lifts the ban...PCB is CORUPTED..{GOD SAVE PAKISTAN} nd to cricnifo,:_were are my previous coments.?

  • Dummy4 on June 1, 2010, 22:53 GMT

    shoaib malik needs to be out of not only pan cricket team but also pakistan i m living outside pakistan n this is paining me innocent people r banned n malik is unbanned/ Not fair this is making me frustrated

  • Arshad on June 1, 2010, 19:49 GMT

    I tend to agree with Zafar ul Hasan. We must try to support our players instead of writing all this about these sportsmen. When you have people like Ijaz Butt, Dr. Naseem Ashraf, Yawar Saeed and Jamshed Dasti running the affairs of cricket, what else you will expect. It is a fact that none of these "EXPERTS" have/had any clue about running an organization and protect their interest in this demanding and ever changing market)? Shoaib did very well when he was under Wasim and Waqar but the later PCB management failed to control anything and put his head on the chopping block to hide their own shortcomings. May I ask why? Perhaps Shoaib was a bad influence but the question is why don't PCB bosses try to investigate reasons of his so called negative behavior and to explore those factors that motivated him to work against team. You all will see Shoaib will be back with a big bang and Sania will do wonders in Tennis - inshallah. BTW, facebook page will be launched tomorow. Pls do join.

  • Dummy4 on June 1, 2010, 16:30 GMT

    Well Fauzia..& Other fellow countryman please try and get this point in your head. Everyone have the right to like anyone or dislike, but please leave your ego behind and think that this garbage that you are throwing on your own team and doing no good to already troubled country. For god sake be positive. I have alot pf indian friends and i have never seen them doing this to their fellow countryman. If there is an issue they keep quite or protest within their own country and don't just embarrass in front of others. Like someone said he will make one century and people like you will start praising him. It was people like us who made younis khan a match fixer when he dropped that catch against NZ in Champions trophy and now he's hero? Ok you tell me what afridi did in front of world media chewing ball was good to make him captain? NO if you want to be neutral then talk like one. Coming to what BoonBoom is saying well i also start to think its sania :). Haha. Opening a facebook page :)

  • Dummy4 on June 1, 2010, 15:52 GMT

    Shoaib malik was never wrong....guyzz remember vat other seniour players did vhn he was appointed captain.....u can remember the match where whole team got out at 88 against srilanka.....they never wanted him 2 b a captain although he deserved it....

  • Dummy4 on June 1, 2010, 12:15 GMT

    this is a laugh riot hahahah shoaib malik is back the main conspirator and the victims are banned stil lol only pcb and pakistan can do this my beloved great country. shoaib malik although is the aggressor but always plays the victim evenhis personal life he played the victim how can one person keep getting away like this amazing!

  • Dummy4 on June 1, 2010, 12:08 GMT

    Stop misleading people Shoaib Malik is a termite you heard the coach, his personal life is as bad as his professional, he is a plotter and used his influence which is such a shame. I feel Younis Khan deserves to be back not Malik. This is so bad for our country. Boomboom what are you talking about? Sania & Shoaib together couldn't get a single cricketer to come to their wedding not India nor Pakistan, what crowd will they gather those street people? You are sad!

  • Douche on June 1, 2010, 12:06 GMT

    malik has always been a bad influence. whenever things dont go his way he creates trouble. in the 1st ever domestic t20 tournament, he deliberately lost a match from a winning position bcz he was pissed off with the match officials. he was capt. of sialkot for those who dont remember. and this boonboom guy is clearly related to malik. and what's english got to do with anything? a lot of the biggest sports stars in the world dont speak english. and even more weird is that boonboom knows that the players dont know how to use a toilet!!! how does he know that? you must be sick. you need some help. seriously!

  • Dummy4 on June 1, 2010, 12:03 GMT

    Boomboom wake up and smell the coffee and Zafar too you guys are the only one who think Malik is worthy of any support. You make me laugh hahah even PCCA has slammedthe PCB now. And regarding his English I think it was because of his first wife, her English is way better than Sania's yet I say Malik can't speak one sentence correctly and without stuttering. Boomboom I am convinced too you are Sania.

  • Dummy4 on June 1, 2010, 11:57 GMT

    lol boom boom u surely r sania now i m sure no one can dare to say sania will win a grandslam she hasnt won a single wta after 2005 5 yrs bro n abt malik only she can be so defensive people r so right u r sania n malik's english is pathetic n his attitude worse remember how he threw dat domestic match shame pcb shud have ousted him then no need for dis fuss

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