Pakistan news December 11, 2010

Wasim Bari in anti-corruption role

ESPNcricinfo staff

Wasim Bari, former wicketkeeper and former chief operating officer of the board, has been appointed Director of Education and Training, a post created within the PCB as part of their revised anti-corruption measures in the aftermath of the spot-fixing controversy.

The ICC, last month, had praised the PCB for adopting the ICC's recommendations to curb corruption. In response to an ultimatum issued by the ICC to conduct a thorough far-reaching review of "player-integrity issues" within a 30-day deadline, the PCB has revised its code of conduct for players, made it mandatory for players to have their agents approved, implemented education programmes for cricketers to create awareness about match-fixing and set up an Integrity Committee to look into matters of corruption and doping.

Bari's appointment represents a continuation of the PCB's response. "Cricket is facing new challenges but as custodian of the game we are committed to fight for its integrity and survival," Bari said. "Players need to be trained and educated on what problems they may face while playing at international level. Pakistan is among the first boards to start implementing these codes at the domestic level. I am hopeful that with the right kind of awareness we will be able to overcome this global issue of corruption in cricket."

Bari served as the PCB's chief operating officer for more than a year, stepping down last month. He's been replaced by Subhan Ahmed, an administrator who's been part of the board since 1994.