Pakistan news December 21, 2010

Salman Butt to ask for delay in ICC hearing


Salman Butt's legal team is set to ask for a postponement of the ICC tribunal's hearing into the spot-fixing case, which is scheduled for January. Butt's lawyers will ask for a delayed date during a teleconference on Wednesday, which will be chaired by Michael Beloff QC, who will also head the eventual hearing.

"Butt's legal team want the hearing to be held after the UK's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has dealt with the case first, so a teleconference has been arranged for tomorrow," Mohammad Amir's lawyer Shahid Karim told ESPNcricinfo.

The application for the postponement has been made by Butt alone, but lawyers for Amir and Mohammad Asif - the other two players chargesheeted by the ICC in the scandal - will also attend. The ICC hearing is currently due to be held in Doha in Qatar from January 6 to 11.

Independent from the ICC, Scotland Yard are also pursuing a case against the trio in the UK and have handed over evidence to the CPS. The CPS is to determine whether the case is strong enough to warrant a criminal prosecution on charges of a conspiracy to defraud, but since receiving two files of evidence from Scotland Yard - in September and November - no decision has been reached.

In the early days of the case, the PCB repeatedly expressed concern over the two separate investigations being pursued against the players and asked for one to be completed before the other was taken up. But the board has since withdrawn support for the trio.

Following a period of uncertainty where a number of legal teams were involved in representing Butt, Yasin Patel, a London-based barrister, will handle the ICC and Scotland Yard cases for Butt. Until now Butt had been represented by Aftab Gul, a former Test cricketer, and Khalid Ranjha, a former law minister. Gul confirmed to ESPNcricinfo that he is no longer attached to the case and Patel will represent Butt in both cases.

Another legal firm, that of lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan, filed a reply on Butt's behalf to the ICC against the charges but those were rejected.

All the while, concern has been expressed by various officials familiar with and involved in the case, about Butt's legal representation; the ICC is said to be unhappy over the leaking to the media of vital evidence handed over to the players' lawyers at an earlier hearing in Dubai over the provisional suspensions imposed on the trio.

Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo

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  • dummy4fb on December 23, 2010, 11:03 GMT

    @ unbiased22

    stop defending criminals who are dragging this sprot into the mud becasue of their gre4ed and selfishness. Asif has had plenty of "chances" i eman comon he jsut came out of suspension didnt he learn his lesson? As a captain it makes what Butt did 100 times worse. the only one i have sympathy for is Amir but then hes not a baby either jsut looking for a quicker way to get rich. I dont beleive for a second his explanations for the cash in his room. more often than not, when people deal in cash with large sums of money its becasue they want to hide something.

    i'm amazed at pakistani fans reactions they can attacks a player for not performing in a match but when he is cought fixing mathced they jump up to defend him.

  • poderdubdubdub on December 22, 2010, 11:30 GMT

    If the case against the trio is so compelling then why such a long delay by CPS? Why 'this' trio is being treated so differently? why "Innocent till proven guilty" rule is not applicable to Amir, Asif and Salman? can anyone provide HONEST answesr please?

  • ahamedirshad123 on December 22, 2010, 10:57 GMT

    its quite easy to check when a video has been fact on a tape fils, if any alteration is made, each of those can be checked and found out..there are labs to do those checks

  • dummy4fb on December 22, 2010, 9:14 GMT

    @ sunnymachoo had NOTW aired that video before, would those three cheaters have bowled no balls??? ICC isnt usin the video as evidence only, the cash found in Butt's room is another. wt else do u neeed to prove them guilty??

  • turab-786 on December 22, 2010, 8:11 GMT

    Having followed the spot-fixing allegation saga since the beginning, I agree whole-heartedly with salman butt's counsel(s). How can the ICC without hearing salman butt or his counsel(s), reject the 'preliminary' response which contained objections to the jurisdiction, composition and process of the Tribunal. Instead of ruling on the preliminary objections contained in the 'preliminary' response, the Tribunal ruling reflects on the entire case and shows its pre-determination and bias. Salman should appeal this biased and pre-determined decision to the Int'l Court of Arbitration for Sports. In addition, the Final Response was to be filed regardless (which i believe has been filed by one Yasin Patel, a UK based lawyer), so saying that the ICC has asked Salman Butt to file a 'fresh' or 'second' response is misplaced.

  • syedahmed91 on December 22, 2010, 6:10 GMT

    ICC is bogus they know they don't have anything on these guys. The video can easily by fabricated and news of the world news paper already has a reputation of selling lies. I wish one day we can all forget icc and just watch pakistan domestic cricket (i find that more interesting than the so called international series) an old fashion karachi vs lahore competition > most international matchs played today. Anyways, we want to see asif and ammir back or give us proof, I'm not talking about a video about a guy saying he can get players to ball no-balls, because even I can make a video like that, we want conclusive evidence from the british authorities who responded when the controversy broke out (cash, msgs, phone calls, texts). If you (ICC) don't have that, than kindly let our players go because you have no right to deprive our nation's cricket.

  • aahd81 on December 22, 2010, 6:04 GMT

    If there is no criminal case, the players can show that in their favor during the ICC hearing. If the criminal case is pending during the hearing that point is not scored...the players can be heard and banned for life even if there is no criminal case. The only one who will survive a legal battle that long would be Amir...Salman is already 30, Asif isn't far behind. Amir might be able to fight the appeals and perhaps play again.

    IF the case is heard BEFORE the criminal charges are filed/discharged, ICC hearing will be based on the sole criteria of public interest. Circumstantial evidence may be taken more seriously because the 'public' puts two and two together as well. Concrete evidence will not be needed to prove guilt.

    Lastly, it is ICC's duty to ensure we get clean games. With the shadow of spot fixing, it was their duty to ban these players until proven innocent. Thats how show-biz works...people would stop watching cricket otherwise. CPS, not ICC, is to be blame for the delay

  • dummy4fb on December 21, 2010, 23:06 GMT

    @ sunnymachoo

    The video was handed before the incident occurred to Scotland Yard. If it was handed after it would have been off no value. Because it was handed before and then the no balls happened exactly as what was stated by the man in the video, all this has happened.

  • Agus2010 on December 21, 2010, 20:25 GMT

    How many more years are they going to investigate about this case?????? I think before they finish the investigation the trio will "retire" from the International cricket. I think ICC don't want them to participate in "World Cup 2011" that is why they delay the investigation

  • khurramsch on December 21, 2010, 13:41 GMT

    i think its better to wait for CPS in UK. hearing will be in january WC in feb so better pak prepare for WC without these players & concentrate on games. 1 thing i am sure is that these player wont be part of pak wc squad even cleared.

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