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I need to bat higher - Umar

Umar Farooq

April 30, 2012

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Umar Akmal plays one into the off side, Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Asia Cup, Mirpur, March 15, 2012
Umar Akmal scored his only ODI century in Sri Lanka © AFP
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Umar Akmal, the Pakistan batsman, has said he needs to bat higher up the order to covert his double figures scores to three figures. He scored his only ODI hundred three years back in Sri Lanka and has pressed for the chance to make more when Pakistan return to the country in June.

Pakistan's ODI line up is currently in transition with Umar moving around the middle order. He has been tried from No 3 to No. 7 with most of his success coming at No 6, where he has scored 935 runs in 28 matches at 40.65, and at No. 5, where his record stands at 811 in 21 matches at 40.55.

But Umar believes that a rise in the order will improve his record and he is making no secret about his ambition.

"It's a matter of the batting order that I'm not able to score a hundred," Umar told reporters in Lahore. "When I am batting down the order, sometimes I have to bat in a crisis when the top order has stumbled and sometimes I get fewer overs to bat otherwise I have the tendency to score in three figures."

Apart from the first three, Pakistan are flexible with their batting order, sending in batsmen accordingly to the state of the game. Umar said: "If I bat at the top of the order, mainly at No. 4, then it would be easy for me to extend my innings and convert my 30 and 40-odd scores to a hefty innings.

"I am doing all the necessary training with the coaches in the Academy and playing club matches to apply my learning. I am building myself to get ready for the Sri Lanka series where I had a wonderful debut. I am setting my target to be the man of the series."

Umar, 21, scored his maiden ODI hundred in his third match of his career while, on the third day of his debut Test, he hit a century, becoming only the second Pakistani to score a hundred on debut away from home.

He has gone on to play 63 ODIs and 16 Tests so far, but reaching a hiundred has been a rare instance for him since his hugely-impressive debut in 2009. His Test place is still uncertain though has an assured place in limited-over squad.

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Posted by   on (May 3, 2012, 10:14 GMT)

Younis Khan M Yousaf Azhar Ali & Misbah should play only test matches while Afridi Razzak Umar akmal & Shoaib Malik should play one dayers and Ahmad shehzad Imran Nazir Sohail Tanvir Hammad Azam shud play 20 20 . While Ajmal Hafeez Rehman & M Aamir shud play all 3 formats.

Posted by Abaa on (May 3, 2012, 6:13 GMT)

If someone else said the same thing it would have sounded a lot better

Posted by   on (May 2, 2012, 7:29 GMT)

The funniest part is how people criticize umer akmal for not delivering....welll look at his stats...he comes at no 5. no.6 and has an average of 38.12 with an strike rate of above many other players in pakistan cricket team have currently higher average than him? only Misbah...that also with a terrible strike instead of bashing wildly look at the stats first and then look at the scenarios he comes in to play. Mostly he comes at the end of the inning when the team has to utilize the last part of the innings by scoring quick runs....and when u look to score quick runs..there is ofcourse more chances of getting out...on the other hand..when the top order collpase...he is there to one way or the other..he always comes in tense situations...people give example of kohli..well he comes at three and he is well settled when the situation gets it becomes much easier to play then.but when u just walk into the ground having tough condition..its dif

Posted by   on (May 2, 2012, 6:10 GMT)

Although this was not the way to make the statement, he's right.

Posted by Afridipak on (May 2, 2012, 6:10 GMT)

I think he 's right he needs to bat at n4 in odi at 5/6 in test and at 4 in t20

Posted by   on (May 2, 2012, 3:32 GMT)

Umar needs to bad at number 3 and then Malik should come in and after that should be Yousuf and Misbah and Younis and then Afridi as if the team stumbles Yousuf, Misbah and Younis have so much experience that they can stop it from happening down the order

Posted by Meety on (May 2, 2012, 0:48 GMT)

Assuming his age is correct, the kid is 22, has almost 2,000 runs in ODIs at an ave of 38 + a S/R above 85. They are good stats, the kid has talent!

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 21:43 GMT)

& that totally shows he is not a team man. Make your head work the right way & you will give your team a hell lot of wins at the position you currently are. Umar at the start means, some good overs of batting & then all of a sudden a blast in the upper story & some rash shots will follow & off the ground goes Umar. Story over!

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 18:32 GMT)

my team for srilanka one day hafiz ,nasir jamshed, Ahmed shahzad ,umer akmal ,misbah, kamran akmal,afridi,ajmal,junaid,umer gul t20 Ahmed shahzad imran naair/nasir jamshed asad shafiq umer akmal kamran akmal hafiz afridi ajmal junaid khan umer gul

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 17:59 GMT)

umar akmal is only best player in all over the world if umar akmal bat open in onedow or come to crease 2 number then he will be break tendukar record plz umar bat slow and increase u r average and score i like u r batting plz come to crease early and stay for along time

Posted by umairasgharbutt on (May 1, 2012, 16:43 GMT)

kamran at 3 and umar at 4 best possible numbers for both !!!

Posted by Morfi on (May 1, 2012, 16:17 GMT)

LOL! No Umar, you just need to bat sensibly and get the arrogance out of your system. Every time he has scored more than 65 runs (on 5 occasions), he has batted at nos 5 or 6. His only 100 came when he batted at no. 6. whenever he has batted at 3 or 4 (6-7 times in his career) he has scored not more than 30 runs!!!

Stop making excuses Umar, and get your act together!

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 13:59 GMT)

all is ok and thats gud for pakistan team and to break the record of double century of india player this would be a very first step for umar akmal,,,,,,,

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 13:11 GMT)

I guess Kamran Akmal is more talented of all Akmal borthers but unfortunately he is out. Kamran is best opening option we have. He can play spin and fast but if you see our current opening Hafiz cant play Anderson of Finn and Taufiq cant play spin. Umar is good down in order as he is not verry good against quick quality bowlers.

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 12:37 GMT)

yeah i do agree he should be given chance up the order but for that he should not repeat his silly mistakes and should be more consistent...

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 12:27 GMT)

he needs to bat with patience its right he must be given chance in up the order may be after younis position

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 10:26 GMT)

I think its really important to contribute and play in critical situations rather then making centuries and losing the matches.

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 10:19 GMT)

Being an Indian fan I feel this guy Umar has LOADS of talent but just like Rohit Sharma he has not done justice with it. They both should learn from Virat Kolhi, how to build the innings and go for quick runs later. Umar should NOT lose his cool when spinners come on. He looks to go after them form the very first ball. If he shows patience, he'll play LONGER innings which would be good for Pak.

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 8:15 GMT)

kamran at 3 and umer at four would be the most ideal order for pakistan

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 7:48 GMT)

He is right. He is the bright star of our future batting line up. Even if he has some drawbacks, he needs to rectify those as early as possible. Younus Khan and Misbah are the old guards and soon they will be out from the front line so they should come out after him. He should be included as an integral member of Test Team as well.

Posted by stFleming on (May 1, 2012, 7:22 GMT)

Aaah...I don't agree with him...He needs to change his technique...He loses his wicket in aggression...He should try to win the game and stay at the crease till the end...If he wants to bat at No.3, then he should change his game completely...He is a very talented batsman but he doesn't bat the way he should...Good luck Umar!!! Become a good finisher...

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 7:15 GMT)

M Yousaf is the best Pakistani batsman, he can score big centuries any where in world. Pakistan current team do not have any player who could face Ausi attack in Australia. Even Pak batting was struglling against Anderson and Finn in UAE dead pitches. Pak won all matches caz of spin bowling. Pakistan current team can not win in Aus and Eng due to poor batting line up.

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 6:52 GMT)

not sure on Umar, i think even his brother Kamran although sent as opener used to fail. however they both are different, Umar Akmal has so far not turned out what was expected of him. However he has to make numbers do the talking and if not I think he should just be replaced there are many waiting for their turn and i think would have done lot better compared to the chances Akmal brothers have been given. overall senior batting lineup is well below the norm and I think this purchee system needs to changed. why is Abdur Razzaq and Hammad Azam not given enough chance instead we have these Akmal brothers giving repeatedily failed performances!!!

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 6:40 GMT)

I am totally agree that Umer should bat on No.4 because he is only one batsman in Pakistani team who can improvise very well and can play according to the situations.

Posted by S.Jagernath on (May 1, 2012, 6:24 GMT)

How will Pakistan accomodate Umar Akmal & Azhar Ali with the return of Mohammed Yousuf.Yousuf should be ignored.Pakistan have found security with current team,adding another aged player will affect the team.

Posted by bobagorof on (May 1, 2012, 5:38 GMT)

Good to see a young batsman wanting to take on more responsibility. I remember Michael Bevan making a similar request after phenomenal success at 6, and moving up to 4. Hopefully Umar would be able to have similar success.

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 4:58 GMT)

That's a ridiculous excuse for consistent poor performances. Dhoni bats at No. 6/7, has better average, more centuries, a real match winner and never makes such lame excuses. And there are many more examples in the cricketing world. Angelo Matthews, Hussey bros, Shakib ul Hasan and Yuvraj used to bat down the order and more. its all about responsibility, not positions you bat at.

Afridi and Akmals, just don't have what it takes to be a match winner. They just don't look at the way they throw away their wickets and play reckless shots when its not even needed (run rates have always been achieveable, but they just don't have the brains or sense of responsibility to walk their team through, even in winning positions or at a run a ball stage) Afridi used to play responsibily when he was the captain, made consecutive 50's and a couple of 100's too.. and he's under performing now, just becuase he's not the captain anymore? What a sportsman.. we need fighters like Moin Khan and Wasim Bhai.

Posted by El_Toro_Loco on (May 1, 2012, 4:24 GMT)

@ cric_fnantic. Yeah we've seen Kolhi's remarkable performances in your current IPL (Sarcasm). No one wants to be like him, a couple of performances in the meaningless games & you've made him your god (reality)... Ciao

Posted by ShikharMathur on (May 1, 2012, 3:20 GMT)

Umar Akmal is an under-rated batsman according to me. He is one of the future stars for Pakistan, and I enjoy watching his technique whenever he is on the crease. Kudos for the future man! Looking forward and hoping for India-Pakistan clashes to resume and seeing him in action against our team. :)

Posted by Meety on (May 1, 2012, 3:15 GMT)

As far as tests are concerned - it would of been a great apprenticeship if he were to have been wedged between Younis, MoYo & even Misbah. That wasn't really meant to be but Misbah & Younis make it two out of three, which in the words of Meatloaf - aint bad! He should be doing better, but he is still very young. Exciting prospect in ODIs & Tests. I would say that even though he hasn't got many 100s in ODIs (one), he has done quite well in the format.

Posted by siddiqi on (May 1, 2012, 2:35 GMT)

Umar is a great talent and Pakistan needs to really look after him. Young guys like Umar have not played a single international in Pakistan so I will give them more credit for their overseas performances. Umar's average of 40 would have been around 50 if he was playing 50% of his matches in Pakistan. Players from other countries have that home advantage. Please also include Ahmad Shahzad in the team, that guy is a class act in all 3 formats.

Posted by rockyyy on (May 1, 2012, 2:03 GMT)

pakistan board shud be careful with umar akmal, he plays like sachin tendulkar of olden days, he is a valuable property of pakistan cricket

Posted by Legaleagle on (May 1, 2012, 1:07 GMT)

Umar Akmal is over-rated!! He has been given a lot of opportunities but he has not managed to convert them into any success. This is such a silly excuse. Many big players started lower down the order and proved their mettle at that level and were moved up based on their performance. He has been tried and tested and has failed to convert them on the big stage. He is not a test player PERIOD!

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 0:02 GMT)

@ Martin, Afridi has 6 hundreds in a few Tests he played and only 7 in ODIs. Go figure!

@ Raheel Ahmed, Umer is spot on in demanding to bat upper the order. He will only bloom when he's let go off the hook and play his natural game. Let him free, for god's sake, he will do wonders.

Posted by PakPacer on (April 30, 2012, 23:15 GMT)

Umar needs to play at 1 down for sure and needs to play test cricket but not at the expense of the current squad, he needs to earn his spot only then will he value his wicket because right now he doesnt play like a guy who values his wicket. Imran i agree about Razzaq, its unbelievable that he is not on the squad. He could have been a Watson for Pakistan.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 23:06 GMT)

Umar Akmal is a ODI T20 player regretably. Like Afridi nowadays does not have the patience to play Test cricket. Akmal has a wide range of shots and is a talented cricketer but I think suits the shorter formats and should concentrate on those.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 22:46 GMT)

I want him to open the Batting, just like his elder brother Akmal he is a fantastic stroke player and also got good defense.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 22:22 GMT)


Posted by pintu01 on (April 30, 2012, 21:57 GMT)

He has to play more ODI and tests and prove hiw worth before being moved up...he is not Ricky nor Dravid nor Tendulker, lol.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 21:37 GMT)

Umar Akmal is overrated period

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 20:58 GMT)

The team management should take this seriously, He has what it takes and He can be One of the very few batsman out there. Prolly got every shot in the book, awesome aggression just too much for test cricket but, I think He still needs a go in Tests. Good Luck lad, Hope You fire big in this upcoming series.

Posted by Syed_imran_abbas on (April 30, 2012, 20:41 GMT)

Learn to play for country not for just youself... Nothing is issue but your self glory attitude... apart from that he is one the most talented player in the world at the moment.. But i agree he should play at number 4... but for that he will have to wait for misbah,s retirement.. to be honest pakistan,s batting line up is not that bad.. they need to find some geniune talent in fast bowling.. aamir,s gap hasnt been filled yet.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 19:16 GMT)

Umar Akmal is the inevitable future of Pakistan`s batting order.All he needs to do is show some more character.He fits perfectly to the aggressive cricket nowadays.A little more discipline should make him the best in the business.Should bat at number 3 or 4!

Posted by short_cover on (April 30, 2012, 19:16 GMT)

He should learn some of the basics, like settling down, from seniors, stop making 'over the board' statements, stop taking part in politics of the game (like he did few years back in Aus re: his brother Kamran Akmal).... If he can do all this, he should have no problem becoming a valuable player and certainly batting up the order is a no brainer.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 19:09 GMT)

A top quality player not utilized according to his abilities. Pakistan team management needs to think. Pak management are brainless, they also ruined career of Razzaq (my all time favorite player) because they don't how to fully utilize a player.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 19:00 GMT)

aoa i agree with comment that whatmore should give chance to youngster like Ahmed shahzad,he is awsome..look at his century in bpl..newzealand..yousuf carrer is over

Posted by cric_fanatics on (April 30, 2012, 18:54 GMT)

@funkyandy You cracked me up with your joke of a comment....On a serious note, akmal is useless and will always remain a wanna-be virat kohli.

Posted by PakFan1209 on (April 30, 2012, 18:51 GMT)

I think he needs to bat at no.4 he is a very talented player he just should not show alot of aggression or play silly shots ,he should play sensibly if he does all these things he can be a better batsman than virat kholi

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 18:44 GMT)

Modest fellow, isn't he?

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (April 30, 2012, 18:44 GMT)

No , i think he needs to bat where coach and captain wants him to bat and also according to the situation.

A player should play for team not for records. Making a hundred and losing a match does not make sense at all. Ask Tendulkar his 100th 100 was worthless.

Umer Akmal needs to first learn how to bat with calmness and control. He needs to adapt to different formats of game.

He is very talented but his aim is scoring runs and not winning matches which makes him an ordinary player. Play for team Akmal first. Play for team always.

Posted by H-Shakil on (April 30, 2012, 18:43 GMT)

I hope people with power can read this. This guy has talent give me a chance up the order please. Any of the other top order batsmen are not performing anyways. Give the new talent a chance we can only profit form it , their is nothing to lose (as our batting is already a lost case)

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 18:43 GMT)

Umar just seems to be always in a hurry at the crease. His first need is just to settle down and be in good positions to play his shots. he seemed to have a cool head and good student of game when he first debut but now he throws away his wicket.

Posted by ExplicitPlatinum on (April 30, 2012, 18:35 GMT)

I am anxiously waiting for Ahmed Shehzad to have his spot cemented in the squad. Ahmed needs to be batting at number 3 along with Umar at number 4. That is a match winning and team beater combination and I cannot stress this enough.Allah please help Ahmed Shehzad to cement his place in the team. He is a very talented batsmen and fielder who already has two centuries. One thing that crossed my mind. Do you guys think that Afridi needs to take more catching positions when fielding? I'm not very good with my fielding knowledge but my batting and bowling knowledge is good. When was the last time Afridi dropped a catch? Never have I seen him drop one so he needs to patrol the field like Hafeez.

Posted by adnanadu on (April 30, 2012, 18:35 GMT)

umer akmal the futur legend

he s not a selfish player like misbah etc he plays acording to situation so therefore he always throw his wicket in 40. look at kohli he comes at no 3 and have no tension due to presence of worldclass plyers which are lacking in pakistan so go ahead umer u should shine in future


Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 18:31 GMT)

Find of the 21st century, A legend in making

Posted by funkyandy on (April 30, 2012, 18:24 GMT)

This lad is the real deal - every shot in the book. The only thing that will prevent Umar being one of the batting greats of Pakistan is his mind... if he can control his natural aggression (control, not remove) he will go on to the batsman of his generation! I know Virat Kolhi is very, very good... but Umar could be even better!

Posted by thePakistanian on (April 30, 2012, 18:19 GMT)

I feel that the reason Umar Akmal is not performing to his talent has to do with his position in team! Look at Kohli, he come in @3 or rarely @4! & hence he is at crease with 1 wicket down & no pressure at all! Young batsmen, less pressure, scores freely!! But Umar at most comes to 4th rarely & for once in a series & occasionally 5th & mostly on 6th!! So whenever he arrives, 3-4 wicket are atleast down & next is AFRIDI, so!! Just imagine that every single time Umar ever comes on crease he's just Under Pressure, cuz of tons of reaons, & if he fails then we blame him. It's of course his job to do well in team whatever position he's in, but it's not a test match that he can only play @6. & for 1 match can he come to bat without a pressure to save the game like Misbah has too everytime, thanks to our great top order!! Why not consistantly give him No.3 & see that if he performs better coming early & in less pressure! He will be one of the Best!! I certainly Hope!!

Posted by Jawwad.ali on (April 30, 2012, 18:05 GMT)

problem is not ur batting order ...... problem is ur attitude ....... overrated

Posted by ammarhassan on (April 30, 2012, 18:00 GMT)

cant agree more .. He needs to play at number 3 .. or opener even . .

Posted by Sinhaya on (April 30, 2012, 17:58 GMT)

I dont think Umar Akmal can convert fifties into half centuries. As a Lankan who adores Pakistan, I am sad to say that still no young batsman has really established himself although Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq are good. I strongly feel Usman Salahuddi, Hammad Azam and Babar Azam will be the future star Pakistani batsmen who will be able to post big scores. Pakistan still has not made much strides in batting.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 17:58 GMT)

Umar Akmal should open the innings in One Day Cricket and T20 Cricket, and should bat #4 in test cricket. Pakistan selectors and team management have wasted first two to three years of his career by changing his batting order time to time and dropping him from the team for various reasons. I firmly believe that he can play more shots than any other cricketer currently playing International cricketer. When I saw him playing for the first time, I said he has the potential to be the best batsman of all time or at least the best after Brian Lara. After his initial performances, he was promoted to #3 for one innings in Australia when he scored 46 runs, next innings he was demoted, and then dropped. He was very successful in one day series against Sri Lanka last year, then why the hell he was dropped from the test series against Bangladesh? He should be permanent fixture in all formats of the game.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 17:52 GMT)

absolutely right..........................

Posted by tanveer131 on (April 30, 2012, 17:50 GMT)

@Sohaib R: Completely agree with you. He is not a match winner. always left the team in problem making wrong selection of shots.

Posted by Stark62 on (April 30, 2012, 17:46 GMT)

@ Shaikh Rabi

Going by your logic; Younis and Misbah should have been thrown out of the ODI team a long time ago (they really should be kicked out of ODI's and T20's)!!!!

Also, Umar averages 38.12 in ODI's batting so low down the order, whilst Shafiq has played 29 matches but averages a miserly 29.61 and hasn't even made a century.

I don't know what Shafiq is doing in the team because his FC record doesn't even come close to the likes of: Fawad (can't judge him based on T20 performances), Salahuddin, H. Sohail and N. Yasin.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 17:41 GMT)

Abid sahab with all due respect you are advocating the case of the most irresponsible cricketer currently. It would be the hight of injustice to drop Taufeeq, a limited but determined player, to accommodate Umar akmal. This boy needs to go to BPL/IPL to make a living. Pakistan simply can't afford to keep going with players of such fickle temperaments.

Posted by johnathonjosephs on (April 30, 2012, 17:31 GMT)

If he's making a bunch of 50's and running out of partners/being forced to change his natural game, then I can understand. Looks like what Akmal is asking for a second chance

Posted by shanazbhat1 on (April 30, 2012, 17:24 GMT)

really common sense is very uncommon--just like that of pak team management...he is the kid of courage and selfbelief

Posted by Hanif.G on (April 30, 2012, 17:23 GMT)

I think Umar like the rest of the Akmal clan is living in cloud cuckoo land. I am at a loss to why he still commands a place in the team. He needs to learn and learn pretty quickly that its not all about Umar Akmal. Pakistan cricket is better without him or his brothers.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 17:07 GMT)

Umer Akmal needs to think, plan, practice and talk about staying at the wicket for whatever duration that is left. I think his problem is that he sets a goal in his mind for the scoring rate or the number of runs he should score. And when he falls short of that goal he makes a mistake. If there are 15 overs remaining, and he comes in to bat at that time, then he should concentrate on staying for the 15 overs. For a talented batsman runs should come automatically while they are at the crease.

Posted by Stark62 on (April 30, 2012, 17:00 GMT)

I completely agree!

The only way for this young man to develop his talent is by batting him at no. 3 or 4 and that way he'll slowly but surely learn.

His the best young Pak batsmen behind Fawad but isn't being utilised properly because of Misbah's incompetence as a captain and style of "Defence" first.

His better than both Shafiq and Azhar combined but then again, N. Yasin, H. Sohail and Salahuddin are also better than those two.

Posted by Zafar_Abbas on (April 30, 2012, 16:58 GMT)

he should be given a free hand to bat.. and players like Misbah or Younis should be responsible for steadying ship in the crisis... it is pretty reasonable a demand... @Pranab Mishra, true that Kohli is a huge talent but he can never be a tendulkar, dravid or even Sehwag because of his off field image that he also exhibits sometimes on field... same goes for Umar Akmal.. I agree on Shaun Marsh though

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 16:58 GMT)

With Pakistan's current fragile batting attack, It would be sensible enough to send him higher up the order. However, the problem that then rises that Pakistan then have to rely upon Misbah and Afridi to end the innings on a high which seems to be a huge task for those two ageing batsmen. What Pakistan needs is to send Misbah at No. 3, and Younis Khan at 4. Umar Akmal needs to deal with his place at No. 5.

Posted by Zafar_Abbas on (April 30, 2012, 16:52 GMT)

Feeling this for so long.. thank God someone said it and none other than the man himself... R u listening coach and captain?? This is surely the answer for so many strategic and pscychological problems

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 16:50 GMT)

his avg. is good... about 38... but we have to remember that coming in late also means plenty of not outs...

Posted by SyedAbidHussain on (April 30, 2012, 16:49 GMT)

He needs to be given a second chance in Test matches. Let Azhar Ali open, drop Toufeeq Omar and give Umar a chance at no.6. Let him play another 3 test matches and decide about his test future. In ODIs, he needs to bat at no.4 after Younis Khan and before Misbah Ul Haq. Else Pak will find themselves in familiar situations. Top3 gone and Misbah and Umar to rescue. Misbah slows down run-rate and Umar Akmal gives away his wicket in trying to increase the run-rate and then its left to Afridi to give a good ending which rarely happens. My team for Tests in SL series: Hafees, Azhar Ali, Younis, Mohammed Yousuf/ Umar Akmal, Misbah, Asad, Sarfaraz, Abdur Rehman, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid khan/ Cheema My team for ODIs in SL series: Hafeez, Jamsheed, Younis, Umar, Misbah, Afridi, Hammad, Sarfaraz, Umar Gul, Ajmal, Junaid Khan/ Cheema.

Posted by sami01 on (April 30, 2012, 16:48 GMT)

through him out of the team..he is useless player..bring new talent in the team..

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 16:46 GMT)

I am from Pakistan and I dont believe he can do any sort of wonder where ever he bat. You need to make 50 first before thinking about making a 100. Even you have to pass 20's before making 50's. An over rated batsmen for sure.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 16:32 GMT)

Probably the first sensible thing Umar Akmal has ever said: "I need to bat higher"

Posted by Noball_Specialist on (April 30, 2012, 16:31 GMT)

His batting style is bludgeon heavy - therefore his shot repertoire isn't large enough to succeed higher in the order. His brother Kamran had a larger shot repertoire to benefit from but failed in application. Batting at number 6 in the Pakistani unit means he probably comes out within 30 overs anyway. He would have a good 25 overs to play himself a considerable score. However he seems to get out in the 30s and 40s a lot. His argument of playing "in a crisis" is a sure sign addmittal that he can't play under pressure. So what happens when he faces the crisis of the new ball? Umar is definitely a good player and I would agree he needs to come in before Misbah and probably after Younis Khan. So perhaps at number 5.

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 16:29 GMT)

i think he needs to bat @ number 2 or 3 this is best number to test a youngster bating and i think he deserved a 1 or 2century,s in this tour mybe its one day or test bt he deserved and misbah and coach should need to think about it,,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 16:27 GMT)

Next Legend in the Making....most prob's other of generation would be kholi from india & shaun marsh from Australia......

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 16:23 GMT)

He hasn't performed in the Asia Cup as well.. I think Dav Watmore as being an intelligent coach should remove him from the team i mean 63 ODI's and just a Hundred? :0 Nowadays the talender's hav 2 or 3 hundred's in Test matches .. Leave Umar their are better batsmen in Pakistan who are worth his place ..

Posted by   on (April 30, 2012, 16:23 GMT)

LOL, Umar gets enough chances to score another hundred even at #6. The top five seldom last long enough to finish a 50 over game. He usually comes in to bat around 25th-30th over. And 20 overs are enough to score a century. However, I have always seen him score 25-30 and then gift a catch to someone. I think he needs to first realize the importance of his wicket, then talk about centuries.

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