Pakistan in India 2012-13 July 18, 2012

Not sought share of revenue from India series - PCB

ESPNcricinfo staff

The Pakistan board has said that it has not sought a share of the revenue from the series in India later this year. Earlier this week, the two countries had agreed to a short limited-overs series in December, ending a five-year gap in bilateral relations.

"Pakistan's first priority was to revive ties with India and PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf was focussed on that. We wanted to take a start and for that we were negotiating since October last year," Nadeem Sarwar, a PCB spokesman, said. "Such reports about the proposal of revenue sharing for India-Pakistan series have no relevance and do not express the views of the PCB. The revenue sharing thing never came under discussion."

The last bilateral series between the two was in late 2007, when Pakistan toured India. So, it is Pakistan's turn to host a bilateral series between the two. But there has been no international cricket in the country between Full Member nations in Pakistan since the March 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka team bus, and it is understood that India are not keen to play at a neutral venue, as has been the case with all Pakistan's 'home' series since the attack. Subsequently, Ashraf had said earlier that India had the prerogative to decide on the dates and host the series, but the PCB would want the BCCI to share revenue because the PCB has apparently not yet recovered from the financial loss suffered when India pulled out of their planned tour in 2009.

Also, in June, a deficit of 70 crore Pakistani rupees (US$7.5 million approx) was confirmed at the board's governing council meet, and it was understood then that the PCB was looking at the India series, along with their proposed Twenty20 league, as means to overcome the shortfall.

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  • Dummy4 on July 20, 2012, 9:07 GMT

    Lol Great To see Pakistan In India I Hope Al The 2 Team Play Well And That ALL AND i WANT SEE iMRAN NAZIR iN IPL

  • Muhammad on July 20, 2012, 5:06 GMT

    No, the goal is not the perticipation of Pakistani players in IPL, the goal is participation of indian players in proposed PPL, this will bring real money. Previously BCB and Sri Lanka couldn't acheived this goal despite all efforts, in my opinion PCB will get the same treatment.

  • zulfiqar on July 20, 2012, 3:40 GMT

    I am sure without DRS this will be a nightmare for Pakistan ..............

  • Senthil on July 19, 2012, 13:17 GMT

    I am seeing lot of Pak fans questioning their board.. First of all, they should have $$$ to run the board and they are already in deficit. No one wants to play PAK in pakistan after the SL attacks. What PCB doing now is correct that they want to renew the ties with India somehow so that they can look forward for a better future in terms of both friendship and $$$. So PAK supporters who dont want pak to play this series, please grow up... Once this series is done and dusted, India will play PAK in UAE or any other country. Think positive and don't be pessimistic....

  • Akbar on July 19, 2012, 12:31 GMT

    if Pakistani is not seeking, I think they should. It gives a very bad impression, as if we are dying to play at any cost. India owe us a tour, and there is no shame in asking for a fair share out of the revenue. End of the story. But now, by giving this comment, Pakistan has considerably weakened their case. This is the first naive step taken by this new PCB administration.

  • Amjad on July 19, 2012, 12:13 GMT

    @bigdhonifan: India is also a poor country and Indian money will be the last thing a Pakistani would ever want, there are many children suffering from malnutrition the largest in the world, use that money over there, its a cricket site and talk cricket here no need to be afraid and hide just because you will lose because at the end of the day its just a sport, you have been loosing for a long time now anyways, check it on statguru if you are having trust issues. cheers

  • moiz on July 19, 2012, 11:18 GMT

    PCB play a good to role to continue indo-pak series because we are Pakistani. We want to unit the cricket world and all world without any interest of money and help. we are playing a good role in war against terrorism to save the world from terrorist and now PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf has succeeded to unit the cricket world.

  • Manesh on July 19, 2012, 11:03 GMT

    IPL is the ultimate aim. Iam sure Pak players will apply for IPL teams after this series. They will swallow on words!

  • Dummy4 on July 19, 2012, 8:20 GMT

    Don't think pakistan should ever play india, they don't deserve to play with pakistan. After all they are the one who cut the ties not pakistan. So they should make the move and not pakistan. I don't want pakistani players to play in IPL as well. Why not strengthen the doemstic circuit instead. Have the best stadiums and facilities in the world in pakistan. Then see how these people not come to pakistan....Thats what i would do. Its not hard my fellow pakistanis just belive in yourself, we are 180 million strong, surely we can make enough money if we want. We are the second largest population in the cricketing world after india. If we include afghansitan and sri lankans in our domestic circuits, surely we will have one hell of a league... Focus on ourselves people and forget india.

  • Ubaid on July 19, 2012, 7:57 GMT

    These guys are not stupid. they Definitely have discussed financials but would not like to announce until a final agreement is reached. Secondly, No amount of IPL money goes to the boards so participation in IPL is of not consequence what so ever and last the only reason this series is going ahead is that it make sense (both financially and reputation wise) for both the boards.

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