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Pakistan Super League postponed indefinitely

Umar Farooq

February 8, 2013

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Pakistan board's PSL press release

  • The PCB and PSL Management after thoughtful deliberations with stakeholders and considering the desire expressed by them to give more time to prepare to invest in the League, arrived at the following conclusions:
  • 1. The concerns expressed by the stakeholders on tight timelines for submission of bids and leveraging of assets, hold merit.
  • 2. Several requests are coming from other parties keen on picking up bid documents to become part of this extravaganza and hence more time given will benefit the League and all stakeholders.
  • 3. While a lot of progress has already been made in getting tax exemption for PSL (broadcasters, franchise, players, investors) from the government, it seems that finalization of this approval would take some more time due to procedures involved at relevant authorities,and the bid process would already be concluded by the time tax exemptions are granted. This could impact upon the valuations done by various bidders.
  • 4. Over 80 foreign players (and growing) have already signed to participate in PSL auction but the process of NOCs from the relevant boards is still underway and would require some time.
  • 5. Some scheduling conflicts that arose after PSL dates were announced could result in potential star players missing out on the opportunity of participating in PSL.

The Pakistan Super League, the country's franchise-based Twenty20 tournament, has been indefinitely postponed for the organisers to sort out logistical issues. The PSL, which is run by the Pakistan board, was supposed to be held between March 26 and April 7 in Pakistan but a PCB statement said the delay was to give investors more time to submit bids and also to avoid scheduling conflicts with other cricket tournaments.

The decision was taken on Friday after PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf met the Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik in Islamabad. The postponement wasn't revealed in the press conference that followed the meeting but in a detailed press release that was subsequently issued. The PCB has formed a committee to look for a slot more feasible to the investors to reschedule the tournament.

"The decision to move away from the planned dates of the PSL is an extremely difficult one but for the benefit of all stakeholders and the league," PSL managing director Salman Sarwar Butt said. "The PCB management has decided to reschedule the event and move it to a period where there are fewer scheduling conflicts, and the stakeholders get enough time to develop their business plans."

The PSL business model - unveiled on January 10 - was expected to fetch the PCB "in excess of $100 million over the years." It was to feature five teams and 23 matches, to be played at a single, as yet undisclosed, venue. The PCB had also announced the base prices of players at a proposed auction though they didn't reveal the pool of players who had signed up for the tournament. The board also invited bids for the broadcasters and had been confident of lining up investors for the franchises within a month.

"Over 15 potential franchise buyers, around 10 top broadcasters and various potential sponsors from large business houses have collected the bid documents and shown extremely keen interest in acquiring respective rights," Butt said. "However, there are several other investors who would like us to give them more time for our various rights."

Launching the PSL wasn't a straightforward business for the PCB as no international cricket has been played in Pakistan since a terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team bus during a Test in Lahore in 2009, and the country is still struggling with its law and order situation. The PCB itself has been hosting home series away from home, mostly in the United Arab Emirates, and no country is ready to provide No Objection Certificates (NOC) to its players for featuring in the PSL.

The Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA) had also raised concerns over the security situation in Pakistan and warned players against taking part in the PSL, calling it an unmanageable risk. The original schedule would have also clashed with the pre-poll campaigns ahead of general elections expected to be held in May.

ESPNcricinfo understands that there were suggestions to stage the PSL outside Pakistan but the PCB decided to keep it in the country, in line with the league's stated objective of "improving the image of the country and revival of international cricket".

"There is no way we are backing down from our major objective," Ashraf said. "We are extremely encouraged by various stakeholders including the broadcasters and financiers from across the world and looking at the response it gives us a lot of confidence that our league is a success. We envisage that as suggested, the shift in our timelines will drive more interested stakeholders towards PSL and make this one of the most sought after league in the cricketing world."

Umar Farooq is ESPNcricinfo's Pakistan correspondent

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Posted by A.Awal on (February 11, 2013, 8:11 GMT)

@Amjad Khan: I think you didn't read the next articles of cricinfo regarding payment issues of BPL. Thats why you copied an old Article. be updated bro...

@AmjadZork: Do you actually believe that, 80 players sign with PSL without their Board permission. It seems PSL did what PCB claimed to BPL regarding sign with players without NOC from Board. PSL should avoid those mistakes which other tournament did. I hope PSL success but let the people know the real story. Tell PCB not to act like politicians.

Posted by   on (February 11, 2013, 8:04 GMT)

PCB should have swallowed their pride when dealing with BCB as BCB has its right not to commit on a tour or break a commitment on security ground. This is 1st mistake. The 2nd mistake is they didn't allowed players to join BPL. At least fringe players could have joined and earned some money. During difficult times, people need to keep away their ego and adapt to the circumstances. Third mistake was rushing to initiate the PSL without doing the reality check. PSL will happen but the timing isn't right. Now if PCB is so sure about the security, they could have started a low budget version or reduce the number of foreigners in a team with WI, Zim, Irish cricketers, as they can get NOC (recently published news). PCB didn't do it either. PCB should stop blaming other nations for this. Pakistan creates lot of excitement into the game,I guess all countries want to play with Pakistan. PCB need a better diplomat and administrator than Mr. Ashraf.

Posted by Amjad.Khan on (February 11, 2013, 4:37 GMT)

@abcd - Didnt you read the cricinfo article the other day:

Unpaid fees and broken promises could lead to a players' boycott of the Bangladesh Premier League, Tim May has warned. May, the chief executive of the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA) has revealed that "many" overseas players involved in the BPL remain unpaid and that players' patience with the organisers has worn thin. "The players are very seriously considering some sort of boycott simply because there is little else they can do," May told ESPNcricinfo. "They were promised 25% of their fees as soon as they arrived in Bangladesh, another 25% before the last game and the final 50% within 150 days of the end of the event. "In most cases, those first payments have not been made. As for the rest of the fees the players are owed, well, good lucking seeing that."

Posted by AmjadZork on (February 11, 2013, 4:33 GMT)

The article clearly says "The decision was taken on Friday after PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf met the Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik in Islamabad."

For all that who dont know, Rehman Mailk is the Interior Minister of Pakistan & he couldnt guarantee the top most security & arrangement at this moment as there are General Elections starting in March. Elections & politics in Pakistan is very messy & bloody !!

@ abcd - Tehy didnt release the name of the foreign players so where am i going t produce the names from. Do you want me to fake it or what!!

Posted by asiacricket1234 on (February 10, 2013, 13:57 GMT)

80 foreign player signed up. Mr. Ashraf im not asking you to release any name but could you please release the average age??? I am assuming it will be something around 38. God some people really make big claim. PSL was postponed because apart from some of the retired player such as Gibbs, Symond no one else showed any interest. Yes some of the British Pakistani player and Afgan player will go but that's it. You can't run a T20 league when there is not even 20 foreign player they can buy from

Posted by Syed_imran_abbas on (February 10, 2013, 11:32 GMT)

well it wasnt ideal time anyways as general elections are round the corner. it will happen but let the new government come and get settle.

Posted by British_North_America on (February 10, 2013, 10:41 GMT)

AmjadZork Whom you are calling poor players? Tilakaratne Dilshan,Luke Wright,Brad Hodge,Azahar Mahmood,Alfonso Thomas- all IPL stars? And 80 foreign players have signed up for PSL? Name 8 players of them please.

Posted by AmjadZork on (February 10, 2013, 10:19 GMT)

Didnt you people read in the article "Over 80 foreign players (and growing) have already signed to participate in PSL auction but the process of NOCs from the relevant boards is still underway and would require some time. "

Btw, Bangladeshis should first pay the poor players who came all the way to play in BPL? It seems BCB is short of money !!!

Posted by Captain_Tuk_Tuk on (February 10, 2013, 7:36 GMT)

Some Bangladeshi expressing happiness for PSL being postponed like it is canceled and will never happen but it will happen soon. It is just postponed because it must be having lots of sponsors and PCB besides its original motive wants to cash it. Why BPL wasn't postponed because had it been then BCB would have lost their sponsors and for PSL the situation is reverse. I am to see Indian fans supporting PSL. India and BCCI owns a massive domestic league that is IPL with great success that give them reason not to get jealous of our PSL.

Posted by Bullet_Proof on (February 10, 2013, 6:46 GMT)

Ohhh very sad it must be due to shortage of money.

Posted by LankaGod on (February 10, 2013, 2:57 GMT)

It was a doomed project anyway. With all due respect, who wants to visit Pakistan in the current security scenario, even for money, provided there was any?

Posted by   on (February 10, 2013, 2:26 GMT)

Pakistan shouldn't worry too much about the participation of foreign players. Unlike In Bangladesh and India, the quality of local players in Pakistan is very high. Less foreign players also means that their is more opportunity to nature young domestic talent in Pakistan

Posted by Always_pakistan on (February 9, 2013, 23:34 GMT)

I dont know why some bangladeshis are talking here. Worry about your league and team not about us. Cricinfo please publish

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 20:23 GMT)

i think its right ot to rush this touney and PSL any where away fron IPL could attractmore money and more stars

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 20:18 GMT)

I think PSL should be started with bang instead of launching the same in hurry, we must engage the best in the business, with the best broadcaster taking it all across the globe including INDIA, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, UK, and South Africa.

The selection of Players is also very critical matter for PCB, franchise concept should be take more seriously with big giant group or consortium should big from teams.

I hope this league will be second to IPL, and in terms of quality more than IPL, as natural Players are in large number.

Afridi, Nazir, Hammad Azam, Abdul Razzak, Azhar Mehmood, Ahmed Shazad, Umar Akmal, Haris Shoail are few names

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 19:06 GMT)

Poor Pakistan...i think they just can't find enough overseas players for the that called PSL...

Posted by wiseshah on (February 9, 2013, 18:37 GMT)

its not gonna happen. now pak players are regretting for not given chance in money maker BPL and IPL will never take them. so their only option, i guess no option at all. poor pak admin

Posted by Aizikhan on (February 9, 2013, 18:17 GMT)

Good Decision Under Tough Circumstances Specially Elections. But I'm Still Heading to See PSL happen.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 16:27 GMT)

Really wanted PSL to happen. It's good for Pakistan and world cricket for PSL to be successful. I am sure it will. Pakistan has always sent its players to other leagues. We will all be waiting and wish PCB and PSL a lot of luck for the coming future.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 15:46 GMT)

good decision, we must not start PSL until cricket returns to Pakistan

Posted by vail-snowman on (February 9, 2013, 15:37 GMT)

Not before 2025 atleast !!!

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 14:51 GMT)

As expected not a really surprise .. and even some how they get PSL going. i m not sure how many players wanna go play in pakistan

Posted by Bullet_Proof on (February 9, 2013, 14:38 GMT)

I have only few words .... Ha Ha Ha

Posted by -Murad- on (February 9, 2013, 12:53 GMT)

Ha ha ha. Expected. Can't even organize a local tournament and they want to host an international team.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 12:53 GMT)

I think the chief reason for this postponement will be General Elections .. Elections are very important and its very difficult to provide security to elections and int. players at a time .. And Mr . Harmony who ever you are .. Please talk on facts .. first see all the scenarios and the comment .. Why will BCCI force Pakistan to postpon his league?? And do you really think that PSL will bring down IPL ?? Are you kidding me ?? Dude IPL has much much more money than PSL and PSL is not a matter to concern at for BCCI..

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 11:27 GMT)

bangladesh fans why r u here please tell us.i know you hate for pakistan please just leave us alone.we r happy and backs our cricket no matter what happens

Posted by IndiaNumeroUno on (February 9, 2013, 11:15 GMT)

Unfortunate for this to happen now... PSL is really essential for Pakistani cricket to prosper and for future tours of nations into Pakistan. Hope the situation gets resolved quickly. Would like to see some support from BCCI and Lanka boards to PCB... this will benefit South Asia as a whole.

Posted by zaman2012 on (February 9, 2013, 10:46 GMT)

Surely you are not serious, Harmony, right? Pleas tell me you are joking :P

Posted by khurramsch on (February 9, 2013, 10:29 GMT)

its good. instead of rushing into things. it isnt about secuirty. 1 other factor was the election which may be at peak during that time. plus it was in a months time and still lot of issues to be settled like venue, franchises, even tv rights were not sold yet. all that can not happen so quickly 1st time. though people may take negative impact but its good to delay and do everything properly. only 5 teams and many owners wishing to buy.

Posted by Open-Eyed on (February 9, 2013, 9:37 GMT)

Its not good decision for Pakistan Cricket, it gives another negative impression to the world about Pakistan Cricket. Those who thinks its good decision, either they don't understand that or they are hypocrite. Those who criticise BPL, they should understand BPL is running only 2nd year and every year they are improving, its a process. at least better for not playing at all especially for Bangladeshi young crickets. by the way I know Pakistan needs badly to visited by other countries but if you cant tolerate others even few criticise then it is also part of security question isn't it?

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 9:19 GMT)

good to check the decision from PCB, after local players also need security.........................hope the security forces can put up a good perimeter than what happened to Srilankan Cricket team......alas legaleagle

Posted by Baundele on (February 9, 2013, 9:16 GMT)

Pakistani fans are still after the BPL, which has seen mostly a full house spectators. To them, a not-gonna-happen tournament (PSL) is still better than BPL. lol

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 8:47 GMT)

Excellent decision by the PCB, but if there's to be any hope at all of attracting big-name international players, the tournament simply *has* to be held in the UAE, where security concerns won't be a major factor. For the good of Pakistani cricket, its fabulously gifted players & its long-suffering but always sporting & fair-minded fan base, let's hope that common sense & pragmatism prevails, & that this is the course of action they decide to adopt. Best of luck to all concerned.

Posted by TopOrder_ on (February 9, 2013, 8:46 GMT)

Thats a good decision, although not the right thing to happen with PCB. @Rabiul Alam and Other BPL Fans, its better to postpone or cancel the PSL Season if the franchise and board cant fulfill the agreement with players on the payment issues. Thats called proper planing and not making false promises, Unlike BPL. Hopefully BPL will continue after Monday or else it will be big shame for BCB if the players boycott the tournament.

Posted by Third_Gear on (February 9, 2013, 8:37 GMT)

Wise decision by PCB. Not only for security reasons but considering the economy of PAKISTAN I dont think they are able take load of such elite tournament,where millions of people dont have food to eat or sleeping at the streets or flood affected. Still thanks to PCB for showing the courage. One day they might be able to hold this type of league once the country gets some strength financially and be secure.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 8:34 GMT)

yeah its good to postpone the event than to have a flop show... PSL will come back stronger and harder InshAllah :)

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 8:22 GMT)

Super decision for super league!

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 8:05 GMT)

well truly it has been most annoying thing for us to hear that the league has been postponed as we people desperately want to see some cricket in our country..!!!

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 8:00 GMT)

@Rabiul Alam..It seems that you are from Bangladesh..It is much better to postpone the league for a while to put every thing in order rather then start with fiascos as it is happening in so called BPL. You put your own league in right order before making fun of others.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 7:55 GMT)

@Harish Nayak..Dude you seems to have more information then the PCB itself.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 7:27 GMT)

It was actually cancelled not postponed.

Posted by KP_84 on (February 9, 2013, 7:05 GMT)

When the IPL season clashed with elections in India in 2009, the IPL was taken abroad. PCB should think about doing the same. They would also find it much easier to persuade players to participate if they don't have to travel to Pakistan.

To some degree, the PSL model resembles the SLPL model. Having a small number of franchises in the inaugaral season seems like a good idea, as does the modest pay available to players. If and when the league becomes successful and profitable, they can introduce more teams and offer more money to the players. As the BPL organisers learned the hard way, only India has a large enough consumer market to enable them to have a large league with highly paid players in the first season.

Posted by Baundele on (February 9, 2013, 6:58 GMT)

... and BPL is rocking! Can not blame the PCB.

Posted by YS_USA on (February 9, 2013, 5:33 GMT)

Pakistan, Bangladesh, SL, SA, New Zeland, WI, etc., do not have TV sponsors and TV market and scale of economy to organize IPL style tournament, only UK has and partly Australia.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 5:09 GMT)

Good news, Let the Star's to get NOC's

Posted by Kashif.Anwar on (February 9, 2013, 4:59 GMT)

I'm taking all the positives from the statement released by PCB. 80+ international players and some 15 odd franchises and 10 top broadcasters to bid. I think it is gonna be huge. Let's wait for the care taker government come in Pakistan and then decide the timings. Good luck PCB.

Posted by mothanvi on (February 9, 2013, 4:27 GMT)

If PCB wants to successfully hold PSL, it should be held in UAE.With the given law and order situation in the country;it is only wise not not hold PSL in the country.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 4:24 GMT)

Good Move actually! Better to postpone it a little than have a fiasco. Whatever the reason for delay, i wish it begins soon and takes place in Pakistan. I personally am not a fan of these T20 leagues but PSL is the exception. Pakistani players rock all T20 leagues around the globe and it's high time they have their own. This league will be a SUPERHIT!

Posted by igorolman on (February 9, 2013, 1:50 GMT)

@Jimmy2s: spot on for us. But I'm sure the Pakistani players (none in IPL) and fans would have wanted it.

Posted by Fearless_Greens on (February 8, 2013, 23:35 GMT)

Good decision. No need to rush. Since this is the first time PCB is doing something of this kind therefore they should think wisely and plan it well. The best time for PSL is after Ramadan in August-September this year when elections are gone and summer is almost over. Hopefully the security situation will become even better by then. Good luck PCB and PSL.

Posted by cr1ck3t on (February 8, 2013, 22:45 GMT)

I think PCB should wait till Elections.

Posted by Quddus-Mamu on (February 8, 2013, 22:39 GMT)

PCB realized that, nobody will visit Pakistan to play PSL. So, they had no other option other can cancel the super league.

Posted by AMRules on (February 8, 2013, 22:34 GMT)

It's funny to hear from Butt that he is waiting for other investors more time to join, in the meantime already existing local buyers will move out. LOL IPL is getting so popular that other tournaments are getting postponed, someone has to look into this and one should give importance to find talent but it wasn't the case here.

Posted by   on (February 8, 2013, 22:00 GMT)

"WITHOUT BIG NAMES = PSL" Better 2 Wait & Best Of Luck To PCB 4 PSL that going to be a most sought after league in the cricketing world 4 sure (y) "

Posted by warneneverchuck on (February 8, 2013, 21:48 GMT)

This was expected. It ended bfore it began

Posted by Dhanno on (February 8, 2013, 21:46 GMT)

This is a really sad turn of events given so much effort was taken by PC to organize the event. They even offered insurance to players who would come down to play. One news also mentioned that some of the insurance companies were taking out insurance to insure the risk associated with insuring the players.

Posted by wrenx on (February 8, 2013, 21:26 GMT)

Anyone surprised by this? And for that matter, is anyone really bothered by it either? More meaningless T20 is not what we need

Posted by xylo on (February 8, 2013, 19:43 GMT)

Having seen what IPL has done to Indian players, I am happy that PSL has been postponed. I believe that it was the IPL that inflated the egos of the likes of the older generation - Sehwag, Gambhir and Harbhajan Singh and not the younger professional generation. You can see how they clamor about their desire to captain the side, their averages, and their form.

Pakistan's team has been without infighting for a while, and if PSL did take off, I would expect proxy wars within the national team to follow. In my opinion, IPL was 10 years too early. Sri Lankan cricket has been an exception to the ego-fueled Indian subcontinent.

Posted by   on (February 8, 2013, 19:34 GMT)

thats really sad. the current situation of Pakistan mean its not postponed but actually cancelled which is bad for all the cricket lovers in Pakistan.

Posted by   on (February 8, 2013, 19:17 GMT)

i THink PCB should wait as the political situation in Pakistan is changing every day... Let the election be held and then arrange a proper time for the League...

Posted by KarmatBaig on (February 8, 2013, 18:27 GMT)

The security situation at present is at it worst and even the ploiticians are afraid to go on roads without huge security entourage and how can we expect foreign players to risk their lives. Ultimately if anything goes wrong the government will distance itself and the PCB would be left to scratch their heads, just like in the past.

Posted by umairasgharbutt on (February 8, 2013, 17:14 GMT)

well its a good move by pcb, there were too many scheduling conflicts. it should be rescheduled for fall 13'

Posted by Omarrz on (February 8, 2013, 16:25 GMT)

for first 2-3 seasons, play PSL in UAE and then move it back to Pakistan.

Posted by   on (February 8, 2013, 16:22 GMT)

Its bad news for pakistan cricket.

Posted by   on (February 8, 2013, 16:15 GMT)

hopefully this will be gud decision

Posted by   on (February 8, 2013, 16:03 GMT)

The future of PSL is not look bright, the management is not in a position to convince the investor that the tournament will be materialise and the foreigner players with good reputation will be available. It also look a vice decision from the Board,as in the same period IPL is also starting and Sri Lanka also busy with there schedule. I think the PSL will be suitable to play during the last quarter of 2013,

Posted by   on (February 8, 2013, 15:53 GMT)

much expected news... though it will dent the reputation in terms of poor planning but still a good move to make possible that things go smoothly rather than having an ill planned event with problems...

Posted by ra_tokyo on (February 8, 2013, 15:43 GMT)

Good decision. The safety issues haven't been cleared yet. However, once announcing then postponing is kind of unprofessional. Pakistani players would better play in other leagues to earn some money. Not giving clearance to BPL and whining for BD to tour was a bad idea on many fronts.

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