PCB leadership crisis May 19, 2014

Full coverage of the PCB leadership crisis

ESPNcricinfo staff

A chronicling of the turmoil in the PCB administration, with Zaka Ashraf and Najam Sethi being appointed and removed as PCB chairman with unsettling frequency by the Islamabad High Court and the Pakistan government.


August 18
News - Shaharyar Khan elected PCB chairman

August 16
News - Shaharyar Khan set to be elected PCB chairman

August 10
News - PCB chairman election to be held on August 18

August 6
News - PCB election 'a matter of days', says acting chairman

August 4
News - Former judge to oversee PCB polls

July 22
News - New PCB constitution retains chairman's power

July 21
News - Supreme Court orders new PCB election

July 11
News - Sethi reinstated as PCB chairman by Supreme Court

July 10
News - Sethi removed as PCB chairman, Jamshed Ali Shah in interim role
News - Sethi's removal could be temporary

May 21
News - Sethi back as PCB chairman, two days after removal

May 20
News - Pakistan government appeals against Ashraf's return
News - Arif Ali Abbasi appointed PCB chief consultant

May 19
News - Zaka Ashraf reinstated as PCB chairman again

May 17
News - Court order clears road for Zaka Ashraf return

May 14
News - Zaka Ashraf under PCB audit cloud

February 10
News - Zaka Ashraf out, Najam Sethi returns as PCB chairman

January 15
News - Zaka Ashraf reinstated as PCB chairman

December 17
News - High Court reserves judgement in PCB case

November 17
News - Misbah interview raises questions on Sethi's role

November 4
News - Islamabad High Court reinstates Sethi, IMC temporarily

October 21
News - Court sets Nov 2 deadline for PCB election

October 15
News - PCB's governing board dissolved

September 28
News - New PCB secretary appointed in compliance with HC order

July 24
News - PCB to appeal High Court judgement

July 20
News - Islamabad High Court orders fresh elections for PCB chairman

June 23
News - Najam Sethi named PCB's interim chairman

June 19
News - PCB in turmoil after chairman's suspension

June 13
News - Islamabad High Court upholds Zaka Ashraf suspension

May 28
News - High Court suspends Ashraf as PCB chairman

May 8
News - Zaka Ashraf is PCB's first elected chairman