England tour of United Arab Emirates, 1st T20I: England v Pakistan at Dubai (DSC), Feb 19, 2010
England won by 7 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
Played at Dubai International Cricket Stadium (neutral venue)
19 February 2010 - night match (20-over match)

Swann to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run, placed square on the off side to open his account


Swann to Abdul Razzaq, no run, beaten outside off as he tries to cut this one through third man...slightly quicker from Swann


Swann to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run, guided straight to short third-man, but the fielder is deep enough to allow an easy single

Pakistan 89/5   Abdul Razzaq 2* (3b)

Broad to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run, back of a length, angled away to third man


Broad to Abdul Razzaq, no run, jeepers, nearly chops this one on with a bottom edge but the ball bounces over the stumps


Broad to Abdul Razzaq, SIX, there's Razzaq, and there's a six...back of a length, Razzaq clears his left side and smashes this flat over midwicket straight into the advertising boards...what a clean strike


Broad to Abdul Razzaq, 2 runs, has he gone this time? Nope, he's safe as a huge top edge that when high into the night sky dropped between two boundary fielders from midwicket and mid on running in...gee, I think that nearly hit the moon

Pakistan 99/5   Abdul Razzaq 11* (7b 1x6)

Sidebottom to Abdul Razzaq, no run, excellent slower ball, loops off the surface and completely beats Razzaq's attempted pull


Sidebottom to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run, heaved along the ground through midwicket, they think of two but it's just a single


Sidebottom to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run, dropped Eoin Morgan at deep midwicket has spilled one, it came flat and fast as Razzaq pulled a short ball, Morgan dived forward and couldn't hold on...that may be crucial

Pakistan 103/5   Abdul Razzaq 13* (10b 1x6)

Broad to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run, full outside off, just another single out to backward point...England won't mind ones at this stage


Broad to Abdul Razzaq, FOUR, cracking shot, power and placement from Razzaq as he gives himself room outside leg stump to drive this over cover and it easily beats the sweeper

Pakistan 111/6   Abdul Razzaq 18* (12b 1x4 1x6)

Bresnan to Abdul Razzaq, 2 runs, leg-stump yorker, Razzaq does well to place this just wide of long off...can Razzaq add another 20 to this total?


Bresnan to Abdul Razzaq, 2 runs, full again, thumped straight down the ground and just past Bresnan who didn't really know much about it...long off scampers around


Bresnan to Abdul Razzaq, OUT, well, England's planning is certainly working tonight, another slower-ball short delivery, Razzaq backs away and tries to guide it past third man but Broad dives forward and takes another good catch

Abdul Razzaq c Broad b Bresnan 22 (18m 15b 1x4 1x6) SR: 146.66

Pakistan 119/8   Abdul Razzaq 22 (15b 1x4 1x6)





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