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How do batsmen cope with the intensity of their lonely skill?

Oct 26, 2016: Digging the pitch, repetitive body movements, talking to themselves, superstitious behaviour, visualisation - different ways that batsmen deal with the pressure of their profession

Michael Bond

Bruised but not shaken

Sep 2, 2013: Famous incidents when batsmen were hit by bouncers

Steven Lynch

The most underestimated batsman of his era

Apr 24, 2011: Derek Randall played the game as we thought we would if we were in his shoes, only with 2000 times more natural ability

Marcus Berkmann

October 2006

Breathtaking Bore

Sep 23, 2006: The 1984 Championship was not decided until the second last ball of the last over of the last game. Simon Lister interviews the key players

Interviews by Simon Lister

The Wisden Cricketer - February

By Royal appointment

Feb 1, 2006: The restless Randall was often overlooked and undervalued but not by Marcus Berkmann

Marcus Berkmann

England v Australia, 1st Test, Lord's, 3rd day

England looking for their 2005 Randall

Jul 23, 2005: So far this fluctuating Test match has closely resembled the Centenary Test at Melbourne in March 1977

Steven Lynch

England v New Zealand, 1st Test, Lord's, 5th day

One good century deserves another

May 24, 2004: At the end of the perfect Test match, the perfect finish: the man who had been told his head was on the chopping block, the man who was getting out bowled too often, the man who ran out the local hero, smashed consecutive fours to bring up his

The Wisden Verdict by Steven Lynch

December 2002

Feuds for thought

May 12, 2004: Simon Wilde picks his top five rivalries

Johnson sets Notts record

Sep 9, 2001: During Sunday's Norwich Union League match at Trent Bridge against the Surrey Lions Paul Johnson became the county's highest ever run scorer in the history of the NCL/Sunday League

Dave Bracegirdle


Derek Randall

1980: By any known yardstick DEREK WILLIAM RANDALL is an uncommon cricketer and an unusual character

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