Ranji Trophy Super League - 4th quarter final

Tamil Nadu v Bengal

Tamil Nadu won by 8 wickets

Overs 1-50  | Overs 51-100  | Overs 101-150


Ganapathy to Shukla, no run, widish, fullish, Shukla is down on the front foot to defend it


Ganapathy to Shukla, no run, full, wide one this time, and left alone by Shukla

Bengal 124/3   LR Shukla 0* (2b)


Ashwin to Shukla, no run, flights it to the new batsman, Shukla defends it easily though


Ashwin to Shukla, no run, another floater, Shukla presses forward and defends it with soft hands

Bengal 129/3   LR Shukla 0* (4b)


Ganapathy to Shukla, no run, swing again, tailed in late, beat Shukla, stifled shouts followed, but this was going down


Ganapathy to Shukla, 1 run, this one was close, this started outside off, and swung in towards middle, Shukla's bat came down at the last moment, otherwise this one was shaping up as a good lbw shout

Bengal 131/3   LR Shukla 1* (6b)


Ashwin to Shukla, OUT, another freak dismissal, full-blooded sweep from Shukla, hits the boot of Mukund at forward shortleg, whereupon the bal lobs back for the simplest of catches for Karthik. The umpires go to the third umpire who confirms what Shukla would have dreaded. Foot of God, Mukund will insist

LR Shukla c †Karthik b Ashwin 1 (11m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 14.28

Bengal 131/4   LR Shukla 1 (7b)
Overs 1-50  | Overs 51-100  | Overs 101-150
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