Ranji Trophy Super League, 4th Quarter-Final: Tamil Nadu v Bengal at Bengaluru, Dec 26-29, 2008
Ranji Trophy Super League - 4th quarter final
Tamil Nadu won by 8 wickets
26,27,28,29 December 2008 (4-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150

Amarnath to Arindam Das, FOUR, over-pitched this time, on the pads too, and since there is no swing, Das can play it easily with a closed face through midwicket for the first boundary of the morning

Bengal 6/0   Arindam Das 4* (11b 1x4)   P Amarnath 2-0-5-0

Ganapathy to Saha, FOUR, now they make Saha play, and does he hit it? it's a gentle delivery outside off, and Saha drive sit on the up, through the covers

Bengal 26/1   WP Saha 5* (9b 1x4)   C Ganapathy 6.1-1-10-1

Balaji to Banerjee, FOUR, lovely response from Banerjee, this is wide and thrown up, and Banerjee drives it through extra cover for - finally - his first boundary

Bengal 39/1   RB Banerjee 24* (79b 1x4)   L Balaji 5-2-7-0

Amarnath to Saha, FOUR, short and wide, this time he plays at it, and half-cuts-half-drives it for four through point... no need to get in line or close to it there

Bengal 45/1   WP Saha 14* (22b 2x4)   P Amarnath 9.2-3-19-0

Amarnath to Saha, FOUR, short again, but closer to stumps, Saha, both feet in the air, punches it through the cover field. He is spoiling the perfect less-than-two run-rate

Bengal 51/2   WP Saha 18* (29b 3x4)   P Amarnath 10.3-3-23-0

Amarnath to Tiwary, FOUR, short and slow, and Tiwary doesn't have any problems pulling this, the wrists were rolled, the ball was kept along the ground

Bengal 56/2   MK Tiwary 7* (10b 1x4)   P Amarnath 11.2-3-27-0

Amarnath to Tiwary, FOUR, replay, again short, and again rolls his wrists over it, and there are two men in the deep watching it bisect them

Bengal 60/2   MK Tiwary 11* (11b 2x4)   P Amarnath 11.3-3-31-0

Suresh to Tiwary, FOUR, swept away immediately. This is gentle loosener, and Tiwary sweeps it perfectly, bat coming from a high position, rolling his wrists over it

Bengal 67/2   MK Tiwary 18* (19b 3x4)   C Suresh 0.1-0-4-0

Suresh to Tiwary, FOUR, lapped away this time, front foot down, and just helping it towards fine leg, the outfield is fast and will take it to the boundary

Bengal 71/2   MK Tiwary 22* (21b 4x4)   C Suresh 0.3-0-8-0

Ganapathy to Saha, FOUR, this was wide, and fuller, and Saha square-drives, open face, and gets four for it

Bengal 75/2   WP Saha 22* (50b 4x4)   C Ganapathy 8-1-18-1

Amarnath to Saha, FOUR, length ball outside off, and punched away through gully for four. Streaky but effective

Bengal 80/2   WP Saha 26* (55b 5x4)   P Amarnath 14-3-38-0

Ashwin to Saha, FOUR, good comeback from Saha, steps out, get to the pitch of the ball, and drives it straight

Bengal 87/2   WP Saha 31* (62b 6x4)   R Ashwin 3.4-0-11-0

Ashwin to Tiwary, FOUR, and Tiwary goes for the aerial sweep, clearing the short fine fieldsman, and gets four for it

Bengal 94/2   MK Tiwary 29* (37b 5x4)   R Ashwin 4.3-0-16-0

Ashwin to Tiwary, FOUR, another good sweep, this one was a length ball, Tiwary goes back to the sweep along the ground, rolling his wrists on the shot

Bengal 98/2   MK Tiwary 33* (39b 6x4)   R Ashwin 4.5-0-20-0

Ganapathy to Saha, FOUR, lovely straight drive, this one asked to be driven, was on the off line, and hit straight, passing the non-striker's end where the fifth or sixth stump would be

Bengal 102/2   WP Saha 38* (75b 7x4)   C Ganapathy 10.5-2-24-1

Ashwin to Tiwary, FOUR, reverse-sweep to capitalise on the strong leg-side field. He has taken it from middle-stump line, and just paddled it towards point. Lovely improvisation

Bengal 106/2   MK Tiwary 37* (41b 7x4)   R Ashwin 5.1-0-24-0

Ashwin to Saha, FOUR, Saha paddles it this time, this was flat, and Saha uses the pace of the delivery to help it down the vacant fine-leg reason

Bengal 119/2   WP Saha 48* (80b 8x4 1x6)   R Ashwin 6.1-0-37-0

Ganapathy to Saha, FOUR, bouncer attempted, Saha slashes hard, a semi-upper-cut, takes it over gully, and Saha beyond 50... a feisty innings

Bengal 124/2   WP Saha 53* (83b 9x4 1x6)   C Ganapathy 12.1-3-28-1

Ashwin to Tiwary, FOUR, lovely straight loft, saw this one was flat delivery again, stepped out, got to the pitch, and lofts it over mid-on

Bengal 128/3   MK Tiwary 44* (54b 8x4)   R Ashwin 7.2-0-42-0

Ashwin to Chakrabarty, FOUR, Chakrabarty slog-sweeps now, this one was a touch shorter, and the batsman hits out. Doesn't connect but the aggressive field helps him get four

Bengal 135/4   D Chakrabarty 4* (5b 1x4)   R Ashwin 9-0-47-1

Balaji to Tiwary, FOUR, short and wide, too wide to cut, but Tiwary stretches himself, no foot movement, but still manages to steer it through gully

Bengal 139/4   MK Tiwary 49* (62b 9x4)   L Balaji 9.2-2-16-0

Ashwin to Chakrabarty, FOUR, nicely driven away, overpitched, outside off, Chakrabarty leans into it, and drives it through extra cover, against the spin

Bengal 147/4   D Chakrabarty 9* (17b 2x4)   R Ashwin 10.3-0-53-1

Balaji to Chakrabarty, FOUR, and he feeds him a half-volley on the pads, which he flicks toward midwicket boundary for his third boundary

Bengal 152/4   D Chakrabarty 13* (21b 3x4)   L Balaji 12-3-23-0

Ashwin to Tiwary, FOUR, charges down the track and lofts inside-out over wide mid-off region. Nice little shot

Bengal 166/4   MK Tiwary 62* (82b 10x4)   R Ashwin 13.2-0-63-1

Ashwin to Tiwary, FOUR, skips down the track, moving to the leg in the process and Ashwin bowls it outside off and Manoj lunges across to slice it over extra cover. And off she runs away to the boundary

Bengal 174/4   MK Tiwary 70* (91b 11x4)   R Ashwin 15.1-0-69-1

Balaji to Tiwary, FOUR, another half-volley, and this is pushed through extra-cover delightfully... didn't look to hit too hard, relied on the placement, which was perfect between mid-off and cover... shot of the day

Bengal 178/4   MK Tiwary 74* (98b 12x4)   L Balaji 12.2-3-27-0

Ashwin to Chakrabarty, FOUR, nice loft, Chakra takes a couple of steps down the wicket, and lofts it straight over mid-on, bringing up the 50 of the partnership

Bengal 184/4   D Chakrabarty 22* (64b 4x4)   R Ashwin 16.5-0-74-1

Balaji to Tiwary, FOUR, lovely square-drive this time, this time Manoj waited for this wide delivery, opened the face at the last moment, and went square of the point

Bengal 190/4   MK Tiwary 80* (106b 13x4)   L Balaji 13.4-3-32-0

Suresh to Chakrabarty, FOUR, full again, he knows there is no spin, so he clears the front leg, and slog-sweeps it to midwicket boundary

Bengal 194/4   D Chakrabarty 28* (68b 5x4)   C Suresh 4.3-1-14-0

Balaji to Chakrabarty, FOUR, a bouncer here, it's so slow that Chakra left it in his kind, then changed his plan and went for the shot, and then top-edged it for four to very fine fine leg

Bengal 199/4   D Chakrabarty 32* (74b 6x4)   L Balaji 14.5-3-37-0

Amarnath to Chakrabarty, (no ball) FOUR, a peach of a no-ball! early call for a marginal ball, this one angled in, and then moved away a touch, taking Chakra's edge, and flying between Karthik and Badri at wide slip

Bengal 208/4   D Chakrabarty 39* (84b 7x4)   P Amarnath 16.3-3-49-0

Suresh to Tiwary, FOUR, and the sweep is out again, picks the length early, gets low early, rolls his wrists over it, and bisects the deep square leg and fine leg

Bengal 214/4   MK Tiwary 88* (115b 14x4)   C Suresh 6.4-1-22-0

Amarnath to Tiwary, FOUR, short and slow, and Manoj waits and waits and then pulls it, rolling his wrists over it, and a bit of poor fielding from Ganapathy gives him a boundary at square leg, which takes him into the 90s

Bengal 219/4   MK Tiwary 93* (117b 15x4)   P Amarnath 17.1-3-53-0

Suresh to Tiwary, FOUR, looking to get to 100 with a six and steps out, but is beaten in the flight, he goes ahead with the shot nonetheless, and gets it just wide of midwicket for four

Bengal 224/4   MK Tiwary 98* (122b 16x4)   C Suresh 7.1-1-27-0

Suresh to Tiwary, FOUR, there it is, and it is ideal it should come up with an immaculate sweep shot, bisecting deep fine leg and backward square leg. He is pleased, not ecstatic

Bengal 228/4   MK Tiwary 102* (124b 17x4)   C Suresh 7.3-1-31-0

Kumar to Chakrabarty, FOUR, Chakra is snatching his luck, slower in the air this was, drawing him into the shot, he plays for the non-existent spin, and gets the thick outside edge wide of slip

Bengal 236/4   D Chakrabarty 43* (96b 8x4)   SS Kumar 1.2-0-6-0

Kumar to Chakrabarty, FOUR, and he rubs it in now, short delivery, Chakra rocks back, and pulls it authoritatively towards midwicket

Bengal 240/4   D Chakrabarty 47* (97b 9x4)   SS Kumar 1.3-0-10-0

Ashwin to Chakrabarty, FOUR, and all of a sudden, he steps out and frees his arm to hit over mid-off, clean hit that

Bengal 258/4   D Chakrabarty 57* (120b 10x4)   R Ashwin 19.4-0-85-1

Amarnath to Tiwary, FOUR, half-volley, at 118.5ks, and gets what it deserved, all timing, goes straight down the ground, lovely straight drive

Bengal 271/5   MK Tiwary 122* (157b 18x4)   P Amarnath 18.3-3-58-0

Balaji to Chowdhury, FOUR, short, looking to tuck the batsman up, and defended easily

Bengal 282/5   AS Chowdhury 5* (18b 1x4)   L Balaji 18.5-4-49-0

Suresh to Tiwary, FOUR, Bluffmaster, Manoj is pre-meditative in going for paddle sweep, Badri at first slip sees it, and starts running towards leg slip, Manoj feels it, and withdraws from the sweep and opens the face towards where the slip would have been. Shot of the day

Bengal 286/5   MK Tiwary 130* (174b 19x4)   C Suresh 12.1-2-45-0

Ganapathy to Tiwary, FOUR, a Kallis-like cut, standing tall on his feet, leaning back a bit, and playing a short delivery square of pint and fine of thirdman

Bengal 297/5   MK Tiwary 139* (183b 20x4)   C Ganapathy 14.3-3-33-2

Ganapathy to Tiwary, FOUR, lovely cover-drive, half-volley, just outside off, and Manoj leans into it, gets his weight low, and gets it through the cover field

Bengal 301/5   MK Tiwary 143* (185b 21x4)   C Ganapathy 14.5-3-37-2

Ganapathy to Kundu, FOUR, tries another slower one, a loopy fulltoss it is, and hit straight back for his first boundary

Bengal 320/6   R Kundu 7* (33b 1x4)   C Ganapathy 21.3-4-51-2

Ganapathy to Dinda, FOUR, he has swatted this fly to the boundary, towards the NCA.... short, slow, Dinda eyes closed, head turned away, but the pull is timed really well

Bengal 336/8   AB Dinda 9* (14b 1x4)   C Ganapathy 24.2-4-58-4

Balaji to Chowdhury, FOUR, angled into the pads this time, and Avik helps himself to an easy boundary to fine leg

Bengal 343/8   AS Chowdhury 24* (85b 2x4)   L Balaji 26.1-7-58-1
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  • Overs 51-100
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