Australia tour of South Africa, 3rd Test: South Africa v Australia at Cape Town, Mar 19-22, 2009
South Africa won by an innings and 20 runs
19,20,21,22 March 2009 (5-day match)
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Siddle to Khan, OUT, What a sharp effort from Siddle to hold on to the return catch. Khan tried to bottom-hand the length delivery to the on side but ended up scooping it straight down the wicket and Siddle dived low to his right to take a one-handed catch. He had to change directions from his follow through and also go low. Fine effort.

I Khan c & b Siddle 20 (71m 64b 1x4 0x6) SR: 31.25

South Africa 65/1   AG Prince 40* (44b 5x4 1x6)   PM Siddle 5.4-2-7-1

Johnson to Amla, OUT, And there is the error in concentration from Amla. Almost inevitable. Full delivery, outside off, angling away and Amla edges the intended off drive to Haddin. South Africa trail by 47 runs

HM Amla c †Haddin b Johnson 46 (117m 88b 8x4 0x6) SR: 52.27

South Africa 162/2   AG Prince 78* (120b 9x4 1x6)   MG Johnson 12-2-64-1

Hilfenhaus to Prince, OUT, appeal for a catch down leg side as Hilfy slips a length delivery down the leg side and Prince attempts to glance it. Bucknor says not out and Australia have asked for a review Prince took the bottom hand off the handle as he had a waft at it, can't see whether there was any deflection. The ball was definitely very very close to the glove. did it touch? Nothing conclusive so far. Even Hot Spot doesn't show any white spot (not that it shows all edges). I don't think the third ump will reverse Bucknor's decision. They are taking too long here. C'mon folks. Bucknor walks towards his spot behind the stumps, waits theatrically as he listens to the third ump on his ear piece and gives it OUT Oh boy that was some wait. Third ump has decided it has gone off the gloves. Prince has to go and he walks away to a thunderous reception. Well well well .. I didn't think we had got enough evidence to overrule the initial decision but here we go.

This is what happened: Bucknor apparently told the third umpire that he heard a noise and thought it went off the thigh pad and that's why i gave it not out. Bowden then said he can confirm via replays that it didn't go off the thigh pad and if there was any contact it could only have been glove because you heard a noise and Bucknor agreed. That's how they arrived at that decision.

AG Prince c †Haddin b Hilfenhaus 150 (358m 249b 19x4 2x6) SR: 60.24

South Africa 322/3   JH Kallis 68* (101b 10x4 2x6)   BW Hilfenhaus 18.1-2-60-1

Hilfenhaus to Kallis, OUT, Kallis goes without adding a run today. It was short in length on the middle, straightened and must have stopped on him a bit, Kallis was shaping to short-arm pull it to the on side and ended up checking the shot and edging the ball straight up and Hilfenhaus strolls forward to take a dolly. Kallis stands and has a puzzled look as he peers down the spot where the ball landed.

JH Kallis c & b Hilfenhaus 102 (269m 163b 14x4 2x6) SR: 62.57

South Africa 415/4   AB de Villiers 50* (73b 5x4 1x6)   BW Hilfenhaus 26.3-4-105-2

Johnson to Duminy, OUT, he has dragged on to his stumps. short delivery well outside off and Duminy tried to fetch it from there with a pull shot but got a fatal inside edge

JP Duminy b Johnson 7 (37m 21b 1x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

South Africa 443/5   AB de Villiers 66* (105b 6x4 1x6)   MG Johnson 26.2-4-103-2

Johnson to Boucher, OUT, Caught at second slip. Poor stuff from Boucher. He had just edged one through the cordon and he goes hard at another full delivery slanting across him. Edge and gone! Australia have done well today to take out three wickets.

MV Boucher c Ponting b Johnson 12 (34m 26b 3x4 0x6) SR: 46.15

South Africa 467/6   AB de Villiers 77* (119b 7x4 1x6)   MG Johnson 30-4-115-3

McDonald to Morkel, OUT, And a wicket to end the over where AB smoked 4 sixes. It landed on a length around middle and leg and moved towards middle and off, Albie had a lazy waft at it, missed it completely and was cleaned up. Not an attacking shot, just a defensive waft

JA Morkel b McDonald 58 (85m 71b 10x4 1x6) SR: 81.69

South Africa 591/7   AB de Villiers 142* (168b 10x4 7x6)   AB McDonald 23-6-82-1

Katich to de Villiers, OUT, AB has holed out to deep midwicket. Short delivery, nothing special, could have disappeared out of the ground but AB pulls it straight to the fielder. What a fine entertaining innings from de Villiers. The crowd loved it and are now showing their appreciation with a generous thunderous applause.

AB de Villiers c McDonald b Katich 163 (313m 196b 12x4 7x6) SR: 83.16

South Africa 637/8   PL Harris 17* (40b 2x4)   SM Katich 1.2-0-5-1

Katich to Steyn, OUT, Lovely loopy slider from Katich who picks his second wicket. It looped up outside off, good rip on the ball and Steyn drove inside the line and edged it to slip. Questions will be asked why Ponting didn't bring Kato on earlier. Was the bowler reluctant or the captain? Press conference should be interesting later on.

DW Steyn c Clarke b Katich 0 (3m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

South Africa 637/9   PL Harris 17* (40b 2x4)   SM Katich 2-1-5-2

Johnson to Harris, OUT, steps away again, Johnson keeps it full and outside off, Harris had moved too far and he reaches for the sliced-drive but can only nick it behind.

PL Harris c †Haddin b Johnson 27 (70m 49b 4x4 0x6) SR: 55.10

South Africa 651/10   M Ntini 4* (6b 1x4)   MG Johnson 37.3-5-148-4
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