India tour of South Africa, 3rd Test: South Africa v India at Cape Town, Jan 2-6, 2007
South Africa won by 5 wickets
2,3,4,5,6 January 2007 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150

Ntini to Jaffer, FOUR, short of a good length outside off stump on this occasion, the ball starts to get some lift but Jaffer's all over it, getting up on the toes and rolling the wrists, the placement is very good, there's no third man and thats the first four of the match

India 13/0   W Jaffer 9* (28b 1x4)   M Ntini 2.5-0-12-0

Ntini to Jaffer, FOUR, shot again! Ntini again drops one in on a shortish length outside off stump, and in a flash Jaffer rocks back and punches off the backfoot well in the gap on the offside, and the ball speeds away for four more

India 17/0   W Jaffer 13* (29b 2x4)   M Ntini 3-0-16-0

Steyn to Jaffer, FOUR, bounced in short outside off stump, Jaffer pounces on it and smacks that off the middle of the bat, pulling well in front of mid-wicket for a firm boundary, well played

India 23/0   W Jaffer 17* (41b 3x4)   DW Steyn 5.3-3-7-0

Kallis to Karthik, FOUR, half-volley on the middle and off stump line. right in the slot and Karthik drills it straight back past Kallis to the long-on fence. Solid shot. Happy new year Karthik, same to you Jacques

India 33/0   KD Karthik 11* (31b 1x4)   JH Kallis 0.1-0-4-0

Kallis to Jaffer, FOUR, Kallis drifts onto the pads. Jaffer quickly goes back, making full use of the depth of the crease and flicks it away to the fine leg fence. Steyn hurtles across in the deep and swoops low in an effort to flick the ball in but fails to stop the ball cleanly and the ball rolls over the ropes. India on the move here.

India 42/0   W Jaffer 29* (70b 4x4)   JH Kallis 1.4-0-12-0

Kallis to Karthik, FOUR, pitched up outside the off stump, Kallis probably looking for swing there but the ball lands right in the slot outside the off stump and Karthik hammers it through extra cover for a powerful boundary. Deliberately hit in the air and he comfortably cleared the fielders inside the circle

India 49/0   KD Karthik 19* (49b 2x4)   JH Kallis 3-0-18-0

Pollock to Jaffer, FOUR, 50 for no-loss! good length delivery on the middle and leg stump line. Jaffer leans well forward and nicely clips it away through midwicket and that's his 5th boundary of the innings.

India 53/0   W Jaffer 33* (75b 5x4)   SM Pollock 4.3-2-6-0

Ntini to Karthik, FOUR, overpitched, Karthik plants the foot forward and times it perfectly, presenting the full face of the bat, punching through the line and beating mid-off for a glorious four

India 66/0   KD Karthik 26* (73b 3x4)   M Ntini 7.4-2-26-0

Steyn to Jaffer, FOUR, shorter outside off stump, Jaffer slashes hard at it and the edge flies tantalisingly close to third stump, four lucky runs for him

India 72/0   W Jaffer 43* (102b 6x4)   DW Steyn 8.4-5-13-0

Ntini to Jaffer, FOUR, fullish and wide of off stump, Jaffer doesnt get all that forward and plays at it late, dropping the hands and opening the face of the bat and there's an out side edge that runs away past gully, no third man, thats four

India 78/0   W Jaffer 47* (108b 7x4)   M Ntini 8.4-2-32-0

Pollock to Jaffer, FOUR, overpitched on off stump, Jaffer gets forward and punches it down the ground to mid-on where Ntini dives right over it and gives up the boundary to allow Jaffer his 50, and also 1,000 runs in Test cricket

India 82/0   W Jaffer 51* (114b 8x4)   SM Pollock 5.4-2-11-0

Pollock to Jaffer, FOUR, half-volley outside off stump, Jaffer puts it away to the ropes with a classical front-foot cover drive, third confident stroke of the over, and second boundary for him

India 86/0   W Jaffer 55* (116b 9x4)   SM Pollock 6-2-15-0

Pollock to Jaffer, FOUR, back of a length outside off stump, Jaffer rocks back, transferring the weight and driving past cover-point for a fine boundary,good shot

India 94/0   W Jaffer 60* (119b 10x4)   SM Pollock 6.5-2-21-0

Harris to Karthik, FOUR, full and on the stumps, Karthik once again goes for the slog sweep and this time the shot is timed much better and the ball screams away to the midwicket fence - easy pickings

India 111/0   KD Karthik 39* (119b 4x4)   PL Harris 4.3-0-13-0

Ntini to Karthik, FOUR, short and wide outside the off stump, 'horrible' line and length, for a lack of a better word in the Cricinfo dictionary. Karthik lines it up quickly and slaps it away to the vacant backward point fence

India 116/0   KD Karthik 44* (122b 5x4)   M Ntini 11.1-2-39-0

Ntini to Jaffer, FOUR, pitched up close to the off stump line and Jaffer goes 'bang' - drills it straight back past the bowler to the long-off fence. Looking all too easy at the moment.

India 121/0   W Jaffer 72* (146b 11x4)   M Ntini 12.2-2-44-0

Harris to Karthik, FOUR, short and wide outside the off stump, 'long-hop' as they call it all over the world. Karthik quickly gets into position and cuts it away through the gap between gully and point. As easy as it gets

India 147/0   KD Karthik 57* (158b 6x4)   PL Harris 10-1-28-0

Kallis to Karthik, FOUR, nasty bouncer and Karthik is all at sea, ball clips the arm guard and flies well wide of Boucher behind the stumps

India 152/0   KD Karthik 62* (168b 7x4)   JH Kallis 8.5-3-28-0

Harris to Dravid, FOUR, shot! Flatter trajectory on middle and off, Dravid goes back in a flash and generates great batspeed, punching it effortlessly in the gap at mid-wicket and thats four

India 161/1   R Dravid 5* (9b 1x4)   PL Harris 12.2-2-33-1

Harris to Jaffer, FOUR, textbook cover drive! Tossed up, looping in the air, all he does is plant the foot forward and creams it through the off side for four and move into the 90s

India 166/1   W Jaffer 91* (176b 12x4)   PL Harris 12.5-2-38-1

Steyn to Dravid, FOUR, banged in short again, angled into the ribs, but Dravid hops and rolls the wrists over it to well that he picks the gap behind square and adds four more to his name, as that ball fairly raced away to the ropes, lovely timing in that shot

India 170/1   R Dravid 10* (13b 2x4)   DW Steyn 14.3-7-27-0

Steyn to Dravid, FOUR, he's not learning! Drops one short and wide AGAIN, and this time Dravid doesn't miss out, he just rocks back, hops up in the air for a second, and punches that off the back-foot smack in the gap at cover, and the ball makes the acquaintance of the boundary

India 174/1   R Dravid 14* (16b 3x4)   DW Steyn 15-7-31-0

Harris to Jaffer, FOUR, quick, flat on middle and off, Jaffer waits for it and does a Dravid, rocking back, rolling the wrists, and placing it wide of square leg for four

India 178/1   W Jaffer 95* (180b 13x4)   PL Harris 13.3-2-42-1

Steyn to Dravid, FOUR, short of a length outside off stump, and Dravid dispatches it to the cover ropes with a classy back-foot punch in the gap

India 185/1   R Dravid 18* (17b 4x4)   DW Steyn 15.1-7-35-0

Steyn to Dravid, FOUR, fired down the legs, Dravid looks to flicks and manages to get it wide of Boucher, and thats four more

India 189/1   R Dravid 22* (18b 5x4)   DW Steyn 15.2-7-39-0

Harris to Tendulkar, FOUR, fuller and in the slot. Tendulkar takes a good stride forward, takes the ball on the full and neatly clips it away through midwicket for his first boundary of the innings.

India 207/2   SR Tendulkar 4* (5b 1x4)   PL Harris 20-2-60-1

Pollock to Tendulkar, FOUR, fuller in length and coming in with the angle. Tendulkar gets a good stride in and punches it straight back down the track to the long-on fence. Was there to be hit and all Tendulkar had to do was find the gap between the bowler and the fielder at mid-off. Top shot from the master

India 216/2   SR Tendulkar 10* (17b 2x4)   SM Pollock 15.5-6-32-1

Harris to Jaffer, FOUR, another one goes straight on and this time Jaffer gets bat on ball, good looking paddle shot and the ball dribbles along to the fine leg fence

India 224/2   W Jaffer 110* (221b 14x4)   PL Harris 22-2-67-1

Harris to Tendulkar, FOUR, tossed up outside the leg stump, bit too full on this occasion. Tendulkar waits for the ball and at the last moment clips it away well wide of the fielder at midwicket. Wristy shot and he made it look easy. Long chase and diving effort by the fielder at midwicket ends in vain

India 230/2   SR Tendulkar 15* (25b 3x4)   PL Harris 22.3-2-71-1

Kallis to Jaffer, FOUR, fuller in length and shaping away from the right hander. probably the slower delivery. Jaffer steps forward and drives hard, opening the face of the bat at the point of impact and the ball raced away to the third man boundary.

India 234/2   W Jaffer 114* (226b 15x4)   JH Kallis 10.3-3-35-0

Ntini to Tendulkar, FOUR, overpitched outside off stump, and Tendulkar creams that imperiously through the covers and mid-off for four

India 244/3   SR Tendulkar 23* (49b 4x4)   M Ntini 16.5-3-56-0

Ntini to Tendulkar, FOUR, good length ball outside off stump moves in with sharp movement, Tendulkar's squared up and gets an edge that lands safely in front of Kallis at second slip, he gets a hand on it but the ball rubs away fine

India 248/3   SR Tendulkar 27* (52b 5x4)   M Ntini 17.2-3-60-0

Ntini to Laxman, FOUR, fuller outside off stump and moving in, he shuffles across and flicks it well in front of square leg for four

India 253/3   VVS Laxman 4* (14b 1x4)   M Ntini 18-3-64-0

Ntini to Laxman, FOUR, short this time, Laxman stands back, realises the true pace and bounce on the pitch, brings out his tennis skills and rolls his wrists over the ball beautifully, spanking it away behind sqare for a gorgeous four. Newlands is beautiful, Laxman is matching it

India 263/3   VVS Laxman 9* (33b 2x4)   M Ntini 20.4-4-71-0

Pollock to Laxman, FOUR, here he comes now, loosener to start off with, wide of the crease, Laxman clatters it past the infield for a easy four. Uncharacteristic ball from Pollock, characteristic class from Laxman

India 267/3   VVS Laxman 13* (36b 3x4)   SM Pollock 16.1-6-36-1

Steyn to Ganguly, FOUR, take that!! short of a good length delivery, again bit of width offered. Ganguly stands tall on the back-foot and punches it away through the gap between cover and point.

India 275/4   SC Ganguly 4* (6b 1x4)   DW Steyn 25.4-12-50-2

Pollock to Tendulkar, FOUR, good length delivery on the middle and leg stump line. Ball stopped a bit after hitting the deck and Tendulkar ended up playing it in the air towards the midwicket region, luckily for him the ball goes right into the gap between midwicket and mid-on and races away to the fence.

India 281/4   SR Tendulkar 41* (97b 6x4)   SM Pollock 19.5-7-43-1

Steyn to Tendulkar, FOUR, good length delivery, drifting on to the pads and Tendulkar turns it away with a hint of artistry, ball races away to the backward square leg fence. Classy shot

India 289/4   SR Tendulkar 45* (100b 7x4)   DW Steyn 26.5-12-58-2

Pollock to Ganguly, FOUR, slightly short and angled across the left-hander. The angle creates the width, Ganguly goes back and across the slaps it away behind point for a powerful boundary. The don't call him 'god of the off side' for nothing

India 295/4   SC Ganguly 13* (18b 2x4)   SM Pollock 21-7-49-1

Ntini to Tendulkar, FOUR, starts off with a fuller length delivery on the middle and off stump line, Tendulkar quickly picks up the length, lines it up nicely and just punches it straight back past the bowler to the long-on fence. Excellent timing and the placement was spot on, mid-on had no chance of cutting it off

India 299/4   SR Tendulkar 49* (102b 8x4)   M Ntini 21.1-4-75-0

Ntini to Tendulkar, FOUR, fifty! clipped away off the pads to the square leg fence, wrong line.

India 303/4   SR Tendulkar 53* (106b 9x4)   M Ntini 21.5-4-79-0

Harris to Tendulkar, FOUR, shot! tossed up on the pads, Tendulkar waits for the ball and then flicks it away through the wide gap on the leg side. Looking good is Tendulkar

India 308/4   SR Tendulkar 58* (109b 10x4)   PL Harris 24.2-2-78-1

Ntini to Ganguly, FOUR, clipped away off the hips to the square leg fence - top shot. Flick of the wrist at the point of impact and the ball just screamed away across the outfield

India 316/4   SC Ganguly 17* (23b 3x4)   M Ntini 23.2-4-85-0

Ntini to Ganguly, FOUR, short delivery, pitched on middle and leg and angling across the left-hander. Stopped a bit after hitting the deck. Ganguly rocks back and pulls it away well in front of square leg. Not timed well enough and the ball dribbles along to the fence

India 320/4   SC Ganguly 21* (25b 4x4)   M Ntini 23.4-4-89-0

Harris to Ganguly, FOUR, comes down the track and drives the ball in the air to the mid-on region, ball falls just short of Pollock there and races away to the fence, close call

India 325/4   SC Ganguly 26* (28b 5x4)   PL Harris 26.2-2-83-1

Ntini to Ganguly, FOUR, hammered! short of a good length delivery, close to the off stump line. Ganguly leans back, makes room and cuts it well in front of point - try stopping that.

India 330/4   SC Ganguly 31* (33b 6x4)   M Ntini 24.1-4-94-0

Ntini to Tendulkar, FOUR, good length delivery, angled in from wide of the crease. Tendulkar shuffles across a bit, gets right behind the line and thuds it straight back down the track to the long-on fence. That's a shot of a man in form.

India 335/4   SR Tendulkar 64* (126b 11x4)   M Ntini 24.5-4-99-0

Ntini to Sehwag, FOUR, short and wide outside the off stump, enough width on offer and Sehwag slaps it away through the gap between point and gully. Excellent timing and placement

India 342/5   V Sehwag 5* (4b 1x4)   M Ntini 25.2-4-103-0

Ntini to Sehwag, FOUR, four more! under pressure Ntini drifts on to the pads and Sehwag crisply clips it away through square leg. Excellent start

India 346/5   V Sehwag 9* (5b 2x4)   M Ntini 25.3-4-107-0

Harris to Sehwag, FOUR, BLAST! Sehwag isn't going to hang around, he had some trouble before lunch and telegraphs his intentions early on, on his haunches, slog sweep from a slaughter house, crashes the square fence

India 355/5   V Sehwag 16* (20b 3x4)   PL Harris 29.2-2-96-2

Pollock to Ganguly, FOUR, neatly done, full length ball outside off and Ganguly cutely opens the face of the bat, throughout in control, steering it past the slip cordon for four. No third man again .. has anyone stood there all series? Too many fours in that area and everyone seems fine with it

India 363/5   SC Ganguly 40* (46b 7x4)   SM Pollock 23.3-8-55-1

Pollock to Sehwag, FOUR, walks forward into the drive and threads the needle between mid-off and cover, as safe as it gets. Super shot

India 372/5   V Sehwag 24* (37b 4x4)   SM Pollock 24.2-8-60-1

Pollock to Sehwag, FOUR, back of a length, outside off, Sehwag stands there and angles his bat, ball beats the slip cordon and yes yes yes no third man again. This is surely turning into a joke now

India 376/5   V Sehwag 28* (39b 5x4)   SM Pollock 24.4-8-64-1

Pollock to Ganguly, FOUR, LUCKY there. Pollock slips it wide of the off stump and Ganguly accepts the dangling carrot. The limp outstretched edge flies past Kallis at first slip and races to the boundary. Fine fifty from Ganguly, lucky but fine.

India 389/5   SC Ganguly 50* (57b 8x4)   SM Pollock 26-8-70-1

Harris to Sehwag, FOUR, BIFF! Harris over the wicket and Sehwag gives himself ample room and slaps it over the covers for a four. The ball's hitting the rough and turning viciously so Sehwag decides to go bang bang

India 393/5   V Sehwag 39* (48b 6x4 1x6)   PL Harris 33.1-3-113-2

Harris to Ganguly, FOUR, TONK! Ganguly decides enough is enough and waltzes down the track, picks it up on the half-volley and cracks it over mid-off for a four. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee ...

India 403/8   SC Ganguly 57* (66b 9x4)   PL Harris 35.5-3-121-4
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Hours of play (local time) 10.30am start, Lunch 12.30-1.10pm, Tea 3.10-3.30pm, Close 5.30pm

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