Victoria v NSW, Ryobi Cup, Elimination final, Sydney October 24, 2013

Warner's record 197 blasts NSW to final

ESPNcricinfo staff

New South Wales 6 for 324 (Warner 197) beat Victoria 9 for 321 (Christian 117, Quiney 89) by four wickets
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details

David Warner smashed 197, the highest individual score by an Australian in a limited-overs match, to help New South Wales chase 322 against Victoria at the North Sydney Oval to storm into the final of the Ryobi Cup. It was Warner's third century in four games in the tournament, and set up a final clash with Queensland on Sunday.

Warner was caught at deep square-leg three runs short of what would have been the first List A double-century on Australian soil. His knock overshadowed Daniel Christian's 117 and his opening stand of 202 with Rob Quiney.

Warner and Peter Nevill added a quick 149 in just under 21 overs for the opening wicket. But Steven Smith fell for a first-ball duck, spooning a catch back to the left-arm spinner Jon Holland, and NSW had lost two quick wickets. Warner was involved in stands of 69 and 48 with Nic Maddinson and Ben Rohrer respectively to keep them in the hunt. He reached his century off just 75 balls, 74 of those runs coming in boundaries. He didn't slow down after getting to 150, belting William Sheridan for two sixes and a four off consecutive balls. When Warner cut John Hastings to the third-man boundary to move into the 190s, he went past Queenslander Jimmy Maher's 187, the previous highest score on Australian soil in domestic limited-overs cricket.

The situation was delicately poised for Warner as both he and the team were three away from a double-century and a victory respectively. But he clipped Hastings to deep square leg where Holland took a low catch. His knock included 20 fours and ten sixes. NSW eventually got home with three balls to spare.

Earlier, Victoria's openers Christian and Quiney were equally ballistic, bringing up the 200 just before the 30th over. Quiney fell 11 short of his century off a leading edge to cover, off Josh Hazlewood. Christian, who hit ten fours and seven sixes, fell for 117 in the 34th over, caught at square leg off Doug Bollinger. The run rate slowed down after the pair departed and Victoria lost wickets in quick succession. Cameron White's 42 off 37 balls lifted the side to 321 but, as they later found out, it was not enough as NSW blazed home without breaking into a sweat.

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  • Harmon on October 28, 2013, 19:57 GMT


    I am merely expanding on my rebuttal that Ive already posted here. Doing this cos you seem not to have noticed it.

    Ignoring all the rebuttals by me , repeating all the prev points, you innocently ask me --- where is my rebuttal? How cute, :-)

    Of course, noting was certain. Someone from Aus could have taken a hat trick or quick wickets & Aus might have won it. It is also likely that Shikar & Rohit gave another 150+ opening to India & Kohli or someone else might have ended the chase in double quick time. Of these, one had already happened but the other had not happened.

    Ind chased 200 relatively easily. Ind chased 359 with majestic ease. Ind were chasing <290, were already 27/0@6+. Most can see where it was going. In the 1st ODI too, Ind were on track till a poor shot by Raina. In sport we look at potential, not at one-off failures.

    Thus, it makes perfect sense to argue for the former but not for the latter. Yet you call this "the weakest argument". Wow.

  • Scott on October 27, 2013, 21:42 GMT

    @Harmony111, Where have you made any rebuttal of substance? That in one match India chased 359? Then forgetting to mention you were bowled out for 220 odd and only made 300 odd in the next (only by a herculean effort from Dhoni - that would've been closer to 250) and lost both matches. It's potentially the weakest argument for an assumed victory I've read on this forum. Then you discuss test players abilities in an ODI series, some of whom are in India thrashing you right now. Some of the other names mentioned weren't even in India are they're only in our ODI team, yet you manage to include those in your 'whipped' category. Once again, forgetful of the hammering you took in Oz - and Eng and by Eng in India. You say we're challenged by you, I'd agree as it's challenging to decipher an argument of substance from you mate...Ever stopped to think that the same arguments are coming in your direction as you appear to be the only one to accept them as reality?

  • Harmon on October 27, 2013, 19:42 GMT

    My original post here was about Warner & I had praised him a lot, he is one of my fav cricketers and we should hear a lot about this champion in the next 5-6 years. Potentially he can be the world's best batsman & along with Kohli & Umar Akmal, he is the most talented batsman in the world not counting ABD who is already the best.

    But some or the other Aussie fan had to say something that was offensive & then when I replied these usual suspects started their usual diatribe, first against India & when I posted apt rejoinders to that diatribe they went one level lower & started saying I was logically challenged.

    I would like to paraphrase famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghhalibh:

    "I have been described as being logically challenged by those who have no idea what logic is and who run away when challenged." ;-p

    I rebutted xtrafalgarx, he ran away. I rebutted Mitty2, he too ran away.

    My rebuttals to Chris_P & likes were not published so I posted a generic reply.

  • Harmon on October 27, 2013, 18:15 GMT

    Only dunger.bob has shown grace here. Kudos.

    Chris_P, when did I ever say SL should not play tests? White lies ???

    Most of Oz posters have no real argument here and almost all of them have repeated the exact same logic, logic that I'd proactively refuted @18:22.

    Since they have nothing new to say, they now resort to rubbing each other's back, hoping to get a sense of not being alone when faced with one single Indian poster who is demolishing each one of them.

    It is very interesting to see that I rebut them point by point but then the original poster runs for cover, a new one comes and repeats the exact same point; this is a new form of filibustering I guess.

    While I talk about Warner's immense utility in the current ODI series, they feel compelled to talk about tests. When I say they are lower than Ind in ranking & have an equally poor test record, both home & away then being challenged, rendered speechless & unable to deal with me, they start calling me logically challenged.

  • Peter on October 27, 2013, 0:48 GMT

    @ScottStevo. You are using logic on the logically challenged. I think he also has forgotten India haven't won a test series in Sri Lanka since 1995! And he always says SL is not good enough to bep laying Test Cricket. And just how many series have they won in South Africa? Same as in Australia! His selective memory recall is legendary.

  • Scott on October 26, 2013, 20:07 GMT

    @Harmony11, a lot of big talk from a team that got hammered 4-0 in Eng, then 4-0 in Aus, then got beaten by Eng in your own back yard and are now losing a ODI series 2-1 in which they'd have probably lost the fourth (if you consider they couldn't even score 250 in the first (this argument being as relatively poor as yours regarding not being able to defend 359)). Let's talk of prospering in tests - if you can't manage to win against any teams off the sub-continent, oh, wait, that's right, you never do! EVER. End of conversation.

  • Simon on October 26, 2013, 2:49 GMT

    NAP73, funny comparison between Warner and Pietersen. Warner still has plenty of time to catch Pietersen when you consider the age difference. At a similar age they have similar disciplinary records, but there's still time for Warner to get and through away the captaincy, completely alienate his team mates and slag them off in public and then arrogantly state he's the only player who can make a run in a representative team for a country he's not native to. Personally I think Warner has more sense than that.

  • Simon on October 26, 2013, 2:36 GMT

    Form is form and you can't deny that Warner is crisply in form. 140 off 197 in boundaries exactly parallels the whole discussion about Ishants humiliation in India. Small lightening fast grounds which embolden batsman to swing from the ring against rule strangled bowlers. Spectators might get a kick out of it, but cricket fans are already thinking twice about spending a day at a slogfest exhibition, rather than a cricket match.

  • Harmon on October 25, 2013, 17:06 GMT

    @Mitty2: The series isn't finished yet so you are counting your chickens before they hatch. Even this 2-1 lead would have been 2-2 but for the rain in the 4th ODI. A team that can't defend 359 is never going to defend 280 odd runs.

    You guys keep saying this is your second string team as if you have some Sons of Hercules waiting at home. Who do you have apart from these who are in India at the moment? Any name you take was probably present in India a few months back and was helpless while India whitewashed his team then.

    Let's talk of prospering in tests, do you know we are ahead of Aus in ICC Test Rankings and are practically #2 at the moment? You are 0-8 in India alone and 0-7 in consecutive away series. This with your so called pace attack, good batting, ability to play the moving ball, love for tests etc. We allegedly don't care for tests yet are better than you.

    What is a Standard Test Pitch btw? Could you define it pls? Then we shall see if they exist in India (& elsewhere).

  • subhasish on October 25, 2013, 11:17 GMT

    i think warner should bat with finch in odis now he is in from huges need to play spin well u cannot defend every ball warner and finch is a batter opening pair then huges and finch .

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