'It was almost impossible to upset his composure'

Jim Maxwell is one of the senior-most radio commentators in cricket and has been working with the ABC for decades. During his time, Maxwell has described the craft of a lot of great cricketers. He talks about why Tendulkar is so special.

'Understanding the genius was far more fascinating than the shots'

More words have been written about Tendulkar than probably any cricketer in history, yet few writers have been able to fully grasp his powers. Veteran sportswriter Rohit Brijnath, a senior correspondent with the Straits Times in Singapore, says no words or numbers or quotes can replace the "experience"

An SMS to treasure, and a walk in Adelaide

Normally shy, Sachin Tendulkar keeps his thoughts within the confines of the dressing room. Only a handful of journalists have had the privilege of interviewing him on a number of occasions. One of them, Lokendra Pratap Sahi, a senior editor at the Kolkata Telegraph, talks about his interactions with Tendulkar and why he admires him

'Australians embraced Tendulkar with fervour'

Only Jack Hobbs has scored more Test runs than Australia and nobody has managed to come close in ODIs. Like Gavaskar before him, Tendulkar managed to score big against the strongest team of his era and earned the affection of cricket lovers in Australia. Australian writer Mike Coward chats about this relationship

'Mind-bogglingly mountainous numbers'

Most runs in Tests and ODIs. Check. Most centuries in both formats. Check. Most Man-of-the-Match awards. Check. There are very few records that Sachin Tendulkar doesn't own and number-geeks, world over, have rarely seen such a run-glutton before. Here Andy Zaltzman chats about Tendulkar the statistical phenom

Tendulkar v Pakistan

Indian and Pakistani fans have always loved each other's cricket heroes. Do journalists feel the same way? Pakistan's great, good and not-so-great bowlers troubled Tendulkar, so for Osman Samiuddin, who has extensively covered Pakistan cricket, it was oddly satisfying to watch him succeed against them

'He didn't alter his behaviour, so you had to be quick'

Interview by Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

Over his 24-year international career, Tendulkar was never far from the spotlight but photographing him brought its own set of challenges. You had to be patient until you saw what you wanted, says veteran Australian photographer Mark Ray

A plateful of biscuits, and an unforgettable car ride

Though no one has kept tabs, it would perhaps be safe to say that more words have been written about Tendulkar than any other cricketer in the history of the game. We asked cricketer writers and journalists to share their memories of covering Tendulkar. Here, Clayton Murzello, the sports editor of a Mumbai tabloid, recalls his days waiting at airports and chasing leads


The man whom cricket loved back

Sambit Bal: Tendulkar was the biggest worshipper the game could ever find, and in that lay the foundation of his greatness

Tendulkar's perfect balance

Sharda Ugra: While the team, the country and the sport changed around him, Tendulkar remained constant

Why do we insist on seeing the 'real' Sachin?

Rahul Bose: You can ask as much as you want for a more "human", more "feelable, touchable" Sachin, but he'll probably not change - and that's a good thing

Zaltz Stats

The approximate number of people in India today who had not been born when Sachin Tendulkar made his Test debut in 1989 (calculated from these figures). His batting has been so erotically outstanding that the global population has increased by almost 2 billion during his career, with the biggest increase, understandably, in India itself.

I have played cricket for 24 years, it has been only 24 hours since retirement, and I think I should get at least 24 days to relax before deciding these things.

Sachin Tendulkar doesn't want to think of what lies ahead just yet