11.3 taken at first slip! A grin from ear to ear on Renshaw's face as his buckets take one just in front of his face. He was brought in play, of course, by Starc pitching the ball up and inviting the drive. Odd shot from Aslam, considering his reputation as a man who knows his off stump and leaves for days on end if he could. 31/1
    59.6 gone! Starc strikes. That was the plan all along. But this was bowled after quite a few pitched on a good length. Takes Azhar by surprise slightly. All he manages to do is get inside the line and glove it through to the keeper in an attempt to work the ball to fine leg. Not a good stroke, but it's the line that undid him. Attacking those ribs on a short length. End of a resolute knock 145/3
    26.2 edged and taken! Ironic. Two deliveries after the ball was changed, Azam gets a nick and is taken at slip. This has nothing to do with his concentration. The previous one was spinning all over the place. Both with this new ball haven't spun at all. It skids on with the arm, takes the outside edge and flies to Smith at hip height. Azam, was playing for some turn. Very unfortunate, after so much hardwork. C'est la vie. 54/2
    74.3 given. The reverse-sweep and Younis top-edges that to slip. A flat delivery on off and middle, Younis, it seemed, premeditated that stroke. Got low and looked to paddle that fine. That isn't an easy stroke with the bounce in this pitch. Takes the glove or the top edge and lobs into his forearm before ballooning to Smith at first slip. 173/5
    69.5 edged and taken. Goes fishing does Misbah and he gets caught in the trap. Bird just hangs it out there, back of a length outside off. Misbah offers a loose prod at the ball, no intention of scoring. The ball kisses the outside edge and settles in Wade's gloves. Just a thin nick. Just reward for some nagging accuracy from Bird 165/4
    144.2 snorter from Starc. And Australia strike. Is that the delivery that changes this Test match? The front foot is fine. Australia are pumped. Goes wide of the crease from around the wicket and directs his bouncer at Shafiq's badge. The key to that delivery was the length. It wasn't pitched too short. More a back of a length, but he was aided by the bounce in this pitch. Shafiq felt he can play instead of duck. It takes the glove and shoulder of the bat and lobs to Warner at gully who backtracks, takes a two-handed overhead catch and throws the ball miles in the air. Sensational delivery to end an even better innings. Fantastic stuff from Shafiq. 449/9
    87.3 goes straight through this time. Full and swinging back in. Sarfraz was struggling with that through the over. This time, it is full and unplayable. Quick too. Starc pitches this up, and gets it to move back in. Not a lot but just enough. Sarfraz brings his bat down from a45 degree angle and the ball goes through a huge gap between bat and pad. Cleans up the stumps, the zing bails make for a lovely sight 220/6
    106.4 edged. Looked like it was the offcutter, or he just rolled his fingers across it. Sensible bowling. A full delivery outside off, Amir gets forward and looks to defend into the off side. But that ball moves away juuust enough because of the cut and kisses the outside edge. Relief on the Australian players' faces. Lovely cameo from Amir, his best Test innings 312/7
    122.3 and taken. The tentativeness of the final over has caused Wahab's dismissal. A good length delivery outside off, Wahab comes forward but is then pushed back by the shorter length. He offers a loose waft at the ball, a thick outside edge flies low to Smith's left at second slip. He dives and hangs on this time. Against the run of play. 378/8
    144.6 that's the end of the Test match. A lackadaisical way to end the game. The umpire gives him out on the field. A yorker on off and middle, Yasir outside-edges his flick to Smith at second slip. He is so disappointed with his shot that he continues to look at his partner in search of an impossible run. Smith, though, is quick on it and effects a direct hit at the striker's end. Yasir was just a few metres away from his crease, but failed to get his bat down in time. Australia celebrate in a huddle. Jubilant scenes. 450/10
    not out
    7 (lb 5, w 2)
    450 all out (145 Overs, RR: 3.10, 653 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-31 (Sami Aslam, 11.3 ov), 2-54 (Babar Azam, 26.2 ov), 3-145 (Azhar Ali, 59.6 ov), 4-165 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 69.5 ov), 5-173 (Younis Khan, 74.3 ov), 6-220 (Sarfraz Ahmed, 87.3 ov), 7-312 (Mohammad Amir, 106.4 ov), 8-378 (Wahab Riaz, 122.3 ov), 9-449 (Asad Shafiq, 144.2 ov), 10-450 (Yasir Shah, 144.6 ov)
    MA Starc38.01011943.1310
    JR Hazlewood42.0119902.3500
    JM Bird33.0611033.3310
    NM Lyon29.0310823.7200
    NJ Maddinson3.00903.0000

Close of Play

  • Thu, 15 Dec - day 1 - Australia 1st innings 288/3 (SPD Smith 110*, PSP Handscomb 64*, 90 ov)
  • Fri, 16 Dec - day 2 - Pakistan 1st innings 97/8 (Sarfraz Ahmed 31*, Mohammad Amir 8*, 43 ov)
  • Sat, 17 Dec - day 3 - Pakistan 2nd innings 70/2 (Azhar Ali 41*, Younis Khan 0*, 33 ov)
  • Sun, 18 Dec - day 4 - Pakistan 2nd innings 382/8 (Asad Shafiq 100*, Yasir Shah 4*, 123 ov)
  • Mon, 19 Dec - day 5 - Pakistan 2nd innings 450 (145 ov) - end of match

Match Notes

Too close, yet far


No. of smaller margin of defeat for a team scoring 400+ while chasing, than Pakistan's loss by 39 runs. NZ had lost by 38 runs after making 440 in Nottingham in 1973.

PAK's strong comeback


Previous highest difference between PAK's 1st inns & 2nd inns (2nd minus 1st) totals v AUS before this. They had made 260 & 537 after following-on in Rawalpindi.

Shafiq's record


No. of centuries for Asad Shafiq at No. 6 position in Tests - the most by any player. He went past Garry Sobers who had hit eight 100s at the position.

Best at Gabba


Previous highest 4th inns total at Gabba, by Eng in Ashes 2006-07. Pak have gone past that score. Highest anywhere in Aus is 445 by Ind at Adelaide in 1977-78.

Younis while chasing


Younis Khan's ave in 4th inns, before this - the third-best among 27 batsmen with 1000+ runs.

Big task


No. of instances of teams batting more than 150 overs in the fourth innings of a Test at Gabba. There are more than 200 overs left in this Test.

Dominating Smith


No. of times Smith has scored a century and a fifty in the same Test, including this. Only Kallis (11), Ponting (10), Border (9) & Sangakkara (9) have done it more times.

Some respite


Runs added by Pakistan's last 2 wickets - 54 for 9th wkt and 21 for then 10th. They raised from 67/8 to 142. This is the 2nd-most Pak's last 2 wkts have added in Aus.



Runs added by Pakistan's 3rd to 8th wkts in this inns - the lowest for them. The previous lowest was 25 runs at WACA in 1981-82.

Younis' lean patch


Runs scored by Younis in his last six Test innings, including a duck in this. His scores - 0, 2, 1, 2, 11, 0.

Double attack


No. of times 2 visiting bowlers have taken 4+ wkts in an inns vs Aus since 2010, both this year - Abbott & Rabada in Hobart and Amir & Wahab in this Test.

Best since return


No. of times Amir took more than 3 wkts since his return, in 16 inns before this. He took three 3-wkt hauls.