• Gurney's cover drive brings Read relief

    Nottinghamshire clung on to secure a one-wicket win against Lancashire at Aigburth on a thrilling third day

  • Kerrigan disappoints but Lancashire stay even

    Some days at the cricket are dominated by great deeds; others involve the subtle interplay of individual contributions as teams strive for superiority. The second day of this game at Aigburth was of the latter variety.

  • Adams enjoys another Lancashire haul

    It sounds increasingly likely that Andre Adams will retire after this season, but days like this against Lancashire - a side he prospers against - continue to show his value

Notts 4th innings Partnerships

1st15SJ MullaneyAD Hales
2nd26MJ LumbSJ Mullaney
3rd9MJ LumbJWA Taylor
4th3SR PatelJWA Taylor
5th26SR PatelMH Wessels
6th37CMW ReadMH Wessels
7th3CMW ReadPM Siddle
8th44CMW ReadLJ Fletcher
9th6CMW ReadAR Adams
10th1CMW ReadHF Gurney