Player of the Match
Player of the Match

1.53pm Another terrific game of Test match cricket. South Africa win by six wickets to level the series in Port Elizabeth, setting up their series very very well. There has been a lot of off-field noise, so loud that is threatened to spoil the activities on the field. But the cricket has let no one down. Australia were just maybe 100 runs short, just like SA were in Durban.

Two standout performances from South Africa this Test: AB de Villiers with the bat, one of his best Test innings ever to lead South Africa to a match-winning lead, and Kagiso Rabada, who took 11 wickets in the Test to lead the bowling effort. Australia just did not have enough to deal with the pyrotechnics of those two.

A good bowling performance from Australia in the fourth innings, taking four wickets, but again, just not enough runs to force the batsmen into mistakes.

Meanwhile, live updates of the World Cup Qualifier right here.

Time for the presentation.

Kagiso Rabada is the Man of the Match: "I'm glad, put in the preparation and things happened for me this Test. Always nice bowling with the hard, new rock. Always enjoyable. Something that needs to be on point against good batters (lengths). I don't think so (a batting promotion), I'll stick to nightwatchman. The one to Warner was special. Australia are not going to roll over easily."

Faf du Plessis: "Serious character, we absorbed pressure well. Amla and Elgar in the first innings, if you have AB, he can transfer pressure back. Great turnaround from the previous Test, where it was the opposite. The first hour was pretty well, we then went to the beach for a little bit. Absolute champion of a bowler, Rabada. AB looked like he batted on a different pitch. Two bowlers get excessive reverse swing, Starc and KG. If we can keep Australia quiet, that's half the battle. It's disappointing for the series (Rabada's impending hearing), you want your best players to play the series. We'll challenge that to keep him in the series."

Steven Smith: "They outplayed us in every aspect of the game. AB was a big difference between the sides, we weren't too far away. 75 runs in the first innings, 50 in the second, and it could have gone either way. Rabada bowled exceptionally well. Yesterday morning was a tough one, we hoped we could get them quickly, keep their lead to 50. 140 was a lot. We came out really well, got AB out conventionally out for the first time this series, gives us confidence."

Cummins to de Bruyn, FOUR runs, full outside off, drilled through cover. SA level the series 1-1. No man there, vast expanses. And SA bounce back after Durban. Port Elizabeth is theirs, in a Test against Australia again.

Michelle: "So glad Australia won the toss in this game! I have a feeling it would have gone their way had SA won the toss and possibly chose to bat first."

Cummins to de Bruyn, no run, short, outside off, de Bruyn this time gets underneath
Cummins to du Plessis, 1 run, 139 kph, on the pads, clipped away to deep square leg for one
Cummins to du Plessis, no run, full outside off, pushed towards mid-off
Cummins to du Plessis, no run, digs this in, Faf gets underneath

4 more required, the brass band is in full flow.

22 | 8 Runs | SA: 97/4

  • TB de Bruyn11 (12b)
  • F du Plessis1 (7b)
  • NM Lyon9-0-44-2
  • PJ Cummins4-0-8-1
Lyon to de Bruyn, FOUR runs, four of them. Shortish and wide, carved away in front of point for four. Good batting from de Bruyn.
Lyon to de Bruyn, no run, slow on the pads, worked to short fine leg
Lyon to du Plessis, 1 run, a hard sweep to deep square leg. 94 kph. 8 now, the countdown has begun.
Lyon to de Bruyn, 1 run, on the bounce to deep square leg. Flat outside off, some turn. Swept away with bad timing. Single-digits now
Lyon to de Bruyn, 2 runs, nicely done. Sees some flight and it's full and wide, so he opens the bat face and guides the ball through cover.
Lyon to de Bruyn, no run, slow and flat and straight, smothered back.

21 | 1 Run | SA: 89/4

  • F du Plessis0 (6b)
  • TB de Bruyn4 (7b)
  • PJ Cummins4-0-8-1
  • NM Lyon8-0-36-2
Cummins to du Plessis, no run, 139 kph, overpitched outside off, driven away to mid-off

A dozen more required. Two sixes?

Rabada equals Waqar


No. of 10-wkt hauls for Rabada in Tests, at age of 22 - the joint-most for any bowler before turning 23. Waqar Younis had also picked 4 10-fors before ageing 23.

AB triumphs


Runs scored by AB de Villiers in this series, in 3 innings, without getting out to any bowler. He remained not out in first inns of both the Tests while in the second inns of last Test he was run out.

Elgar's fruitful venue


No. of 50+ scores for Dean Elgar in 8 Test inns at Port Elizabeth, including his fifty in this game. He has scored over 500 runs at the venue with two centuries and two other fifties.

Rabada's roar


No. of balls of a span in which Rabada took five wickets and that induced Australia's collapse.