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It was fitting that Dockrell took the last wicket, to help the Lightning to an innings and 12 run win over the Knights. It was really only a matter of time today, as the Lightning bowlers ground down the batsman. It was a credit to the lower order that the game lasted this long. The Lightning dominated from the start and gained 24 points for the win, the Knights only get 4 points and will finish two points clear of the Warriors in second place.

By winning the last two games the Lightning finish on 68 points, 35 points ahead of second place. The truth is that it doesn't flatter them. The Lightning have been the strongest team all season and they are lining up to receive the Hanley Energy Inter-Provincial trophy.

Its been a clean sweep of this years competitions for the Lightning, although the season isn't finished yet. There is still one more one-day game to go in Rathmines between these two teams on Sunday. So hopefully you will be able to join us then, until then thanks for following my commentary over the past three days and this is Justin Smyth saying goodbye from Clontarf.

Dockrell to McKinley, OUT, and there you go that's it! McKinley gets onto the front foot and gets an edge on the ball again. It goes quickly to Joyce at first slip and he jumps up to catch the ball.

GKR McKinley c Joyce b Dockrell 18 (45b 3x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

Dockrell to McKinley, no run, drops short and it doesn't bounce much off the pitch, gets an edge into the off-side

63 | 5 Runs | NK: 176/9

  • GKR McKinley18 (43b)
  • J Mulder0 (0b)
  • TE Kane14-6-24-1
  • GH Dockrell21-9-29-5
Kane to McKinley, 1 run, slower ball, turned into the legside and he keeps the strike
Kane to McKinley, no run, hops back in the crease to a good length ball, definitely keeps low and McKinley does well to get the bat down in time. Blocks the ball to point
Kane to McKinley, no run, onto the front foot, defends the ball back down the pitch to the bowler
Kane to McKinley, no run, drifts onto legstump and it hits McKinley on the pad, big appeal but was going down leg

N. Knights 3rd innings Partnerships

1st26C DoughertyNL Smith
2nd13C DoughertyJA McCollum
3rd23JNK ShannonJA McCollum
4th5JNK ShannonNathan Smith
5th0JNK ShannonJ Matchett
6th20JNK ShannonSC Getkate
7th0JNK ShannonGJ McCarter
8th54JNK ShannonJ Magowan
9th30JNK ShannonGKR McKinley
10th5GKR McKinleyJ Mulder

Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Championship