493dThe Report by Nagraj Gollapudi at the Oval

Shami, Dhawan and Kohli get workouts in truncated match

Virat Kohli's fluent half-century and Mohammed Shami's three-wicket haul were the highlights in India's 45-run win via D/L method at the Oval

Match Centre

Commentator: Akshay Gopalakrishnan

26 | 2 Runs | INDIA: 129/3 | RR: 4.96

  • MS Dhoni17 (21b)
  • V Kohli52 (55b)
  • TG Southee7-0-37-1
  • TA Boult7-1-34-1

5pm Word has come through folks. And the wait ends here. The match has been called off. India win by 45 runs via the D/L method. But more importantly, their bowlers had a solid workout; they will be particularly pleased with Mohammed Shami's performance. He was expensive, yes, but his three scalps in an opening burst should do his confidence some good.He received good support all around. Hardik Pandya had a disappointing day, but he will likely play a big role in India's Champions Trophy campaign, and has one more match to get a feel of the English conditions before tournament proper. Shikhar Dhawan looked scratchy for parts of his 40, but he spent valuable time in the middle and got in some solid match practice. And Virat Kohli put behind what are by his standards an lean IPL season with a half-century. Ajinkya Rahane squandered a valuable chance to press his claim when the main tournament gets underway. These chances are important, given he will be in a tussle with Dhawan to partner Rohit at the op of the order. But all in all, India will be pleased with what they were able to get out of this match. They will next take on Bangladesh at the same venue in two days' time before heading to Birmingham to kick off their campaign against Pakistan on what should be an electric June 4. This is all we have for you today. Until next time, it's goodbye from Deiva and myself. Thank you for joining us!

4.45pm "The drizzle is still strong, and the covers are on, " says Nagraj Gollapudi, our man from the ground.

Pomil Bachan Pr: "About Sachin: A Billion Dreams You know you have watched him on the Tele. You have seen the highlights, you have YouTubed almost every part of his(and by extension every part of Indian Cricket) career and you have have read his autobiography and you know of his love for Dire Straits. Yes, ALL THAT. Frankly, there is hardly a new thing to look forward to in the 'movie'. But you know you are still going to get goosebumps and the nostalgia will still gush through. And that my friend is Sachin Tendulkar for you!"

Brutus_Shylock: "@Jiten Given the nature of pitches in England so far, it won't be a surprise if India do choose to play two spinners, it's slightly on the flatter side these days and jadeja and Ashwin might put in the brakes when needed. In case of given movement, I would prefer 3 off the 4 pacemen in the line up. Was really unimpressed with the lengths Pandya bowled today, he should have really tried to pitch it up or try variations, it seemed he was convinced that pitch would be too flat for any conventional swing, therefore continuously bowling short. But that wasn't the case, as Shami and Bhuvi showed by extracting whatever movement the surface had, same with NZ seamers. He needs to learn fast."

4.15pm It continues to rain at the Oval. The bigger covers are being brought on. The forecast isn't promising: thunderstorms have been forecast. India are well ahead on D/L. India needed to make 84 after 26 overs if they were three wickets down.

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shuraim: "India ahead on D/L, but is it more important than the valuable time remaining batsmen may have got in the middle? So I think it's unfortunate for India to miss out on a warm-up."

Adam: "The team equation for NZ is fairly simple. The team won't vary too much, the trouble they face is execution in all three aspects of the game (batting, bowling and fielding). NZ are a force to be reckoned with on their given day. The players they have in England at the moment make up the best team NZ have sent to the Champions Trophy since the team that won it in 2000. My starting team against Aus would be...Guptill, Latham (wk), Williamson (c), Broom, Taylor, Neesham, Santner, de Grandhomme, Southee, Boult, Sodhi. To get those 300 scores which is mandatory now it seems, you need to bat deep there is no doubt about that."

shivi: "All the talk about Dhoni being replaced by younger batsman is futile. dhoni brings sense of calmness to the crease and his guidance and presence behind stumps makes Indian team something else. Its true what Kohli said that dhoni was bearing entire load of lower order. so many players tried in finishing role but as soon as dhoni dismissed,team crumbled. He is definitely needed"

4.05pm The rain is now heavy enough to force the players and officials off the field. The covers are on.

Paritosh Anand: "Best eleven for NZ--Latham, Guptill, Williamson, Taylor, Anderson, Ronchi, Neesham, Santner, Southee, Boult, Mcclenaghan"

eden: "Let's talk about the NZ side for a change here - who should NZ swap out for Latham / Taylor? What's the strongest bowling combination for NZ?"

Jiten Chandaran: "@Suresh Shukla - having Pandya as the 4th seamer means that if conditions are ideal for seam/swing bowling, India can play four seamers and still have a decent bat at number 7 in the form of Pandya. If conditions do not favour spin bowling and India play both Ashwin and Jadeja, that is 20 overs of bowling where wickets are not likely and run scoring is..."

Mahesh: "This is what has haspenned with DK. Every time when he gets an opportunity to play he squanders it by not scoring enough and today nothing"

Suresh Shukla: "@Jiten Chandaran, If you have to play three fast bowlers plus Hardik then whats the use of having a fast bowling all rounder like hardik? India has to bite the bullet and select 2 of Bhuvi, Bumrah, Shami and Umesh plus 2 spinners. Hardik has to be counted as a fast bowler also if he plays..."

Allan: "These two teams are not getting the full benefit of this warm-up match, because much more than winning, is spending time in the middle to get acclimatized."

Darshan Shah: "If NZ has taken all catches, it would have been interesting match. Dhawan, Kohli and Dhoni out early. It will be Jadhav and Pandya playing now with with 90-100 runs on the board."

Southee to Dhoni, 1 leg bye, Dhoni shuffles across off, this is full on off, deflected off the pad behind square. Dhoni runs across to the other end while simultaneously ball-watching. Dhoni collides with Southee and they laugh it off

Harsha: "Rahane has been in poor form in ODI's, Jadhav is automatic choice for his last series heroics, and u cant leave out Yuvi for ICC tournaments"

The rain seems heavier now

Southee to Dhoni, no run, pitched up and wobbles away outside off, ignored

Jiten Chandaran: "The questions about who will be in the starting 11 are as follows: 1) Who will open with Rohit? Dhawan has been in decent form in the IPL, but Rahane is better equipped to handle the moving ball, which will be dictated by the overhead conditions on the day. Being a safe slip catcher goes in Rahane's favour too. 2) Do India play 3 genuine fast bowlers (Bhuvi, Shami and Bumrah) and 2 spinners, do they play 2 genuine fast bowlers and Pandya plus 2 spinners, or do they play 3 genuine fast bowlers plus Pandya and only one spinner in Jadeja? Conditions may dictate again to a large extent. Overcast conditions and India may opt for the latter, or the lack of left handers in the opposition batting unit may favour resting Ashwin. They would have Jadhav and perhaps for some part spin if needed. However, India are usually reluctant to leave out Ashwin and like to play with two genuine spinners. Now, the more aggressive option would be to play three genuine fast bowlers and two genuine spinners, but that would leave the batting a bit ligt with Jadeja in at seven and Ashwin at eight. How much faith do India have for the top six to do the job?"

Southee to Dhoni, no run, left alone outside off again
Southee to Dhoni, no run, full and wide outside off, left alone

Calcu: "Another catch miss off boult's bowling. Doubtless the most unlucky bowler in the last 2 months!"

Southee to Kohli, 1 run, back of a length and much closer to off, stands tall and punches out to sweeper

Raj : "I would add Ashwin vs Pandya to that list as well."

Southee to Kohli, no run, back of a length and moves away wide - wider than a set of stumps outside off - Kohli reaches out with his hands, slashes, and misses

Southee. Over the stumps

India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st30S DhawanAM Rahane
2nd68S DhawanV Kohli
3rd6KD KarthikV Kohli
4th25MS DhoniV Kohli