30.5 Rahane has gone for a sweep, missed it entirely and it looks like he's been given out caught behind. Yes. He has reviewed straight away. There's a minuscule spike on Snicko as the ball passes the bottom of the bat. Earlier inspection shows the ball had hit his hip before the keeper took it...and he's given out because of the spike. This was a regulation legspinner, going away from off stump. Rahane stretched out for the sweep and evidence suggests the ball has kissed the toe end of the bat before hitting his hip 101/4
    2.1 gone, soft dismissal. That's full on leg stump, and Dhawan looks to flick but fails to keep it down and lobs up a simple catch to wide mid-on 10/1
    5.6 for the second match in a row, Holder has dismissed Kohli after troubling him with the short ball. Good bouncer, just outside off, similar to the one that he missed a few balls ago. This time he gets a top-edge that goes straight up, three storeys up, and Shai Hope takes a few steps forward and wraps his gloves around it 25/2
    12.4 another good, short ball. Another wicket. The shoulder-high bouncer outside off, and Karthik is late on it. The ball hits high on the bat, the outside half near the sticker, and loops up to the right of the keeper 47/3
    48.6 full outside off, too full for Dhoni to get the elevation he wants, and he's hit it straight to long-on. Cleared his front leg, swung hard, and hit it flat and too close to Joseph, who moved a couple of steps to his right to take a waist-high catch 176/8
    35.4 gone, bat-pad! That was a slightly lazy defensive shot from Jadhav, barely a stride forward to a well-flighted ball outside off. A bit of dip, some extra bounce, and the inside-edge hits pad and lobs up into the short-leg region. The keeper moves quickly to his left, dives, and grabs it with one glove 116/5
    45.1 bowled him! That is terrific. Pandya premeditated - I think fine leg was inside the circle - and shuffled across his stumps. Holder replied with a yorker that took out leg stump 159/6
    47.3 slower ball, full, on off stump. India needed 17 off 16. A drive to long-on for one? Nope. Jadeja goes for the big slog, clears his front leg, goes hard, but there's no pace on the ball and he picks out the fielder at long-on 173/7
    not out
    49.1 bowled him! Off-stump yorker and Umesh slogs all around it. They check for no-ball but Holder's foot is totally fine. This is his fourth wicket. 4 for 25 in 9.1 overs. 176/9
    49.4 five-for! Holder's won it for West Indies! A full-toss on off stump, not the greatest ball he's bowled, but why would he care? Makes himself room, Shami, looks to hit over extra-cover, but can't clear the fielder. Side-on replays show it's just below waist-high, and that's when he's taken a stride forward 178/10
    10 (w 10)
    178 all out (49.4 Overs, RR: 3.58)
    AS Joseph9.024625.11346040
    JO Holder9.422752.79432020
    KOK Williams10.002912.90370030
    D Bishoo10.013113.10361000
    AR Nurse10.002912.90370000
    RL Chase1.0016016.0001110
    Fall of wickets:1-10 (S Dhawan, 2.1 ov), 2-25 (V Kohli, 5.6 ov), 3-47 (KD Karthik, 12.4 ov), 4-101 (AM Rahane, 30.5 ov), 5-116 (KM Jadhav, 35.4 ov), 6-159 (HH Pandya, 45.1 ov), 7-173 (RA Jadeja, 47.3 ov), 8-176 (MS Dhoni, 48.6 ov), 9-176 (UT Yadav, 49.1 ov), 10-178 (Mohammed Shami, 49.4 ov)

Match Notes

Dhoni's record crawl


No. of balls taken by MS Dhoni to reach his fifty - his slowest in ODIs and also the slowest by any India batsman since 2001.

Sachin, Sehwag, Rahane


No. of India openers to make 4 50+ scores in a bilateral ODI series - Tendulkar in Natwest Series in Eng 2007, Sehwag v Eng at home in 2008 and Rahane in this series.

Rahane's series


Previous most runs by an India player in any ODI series/tournament in West Indies, by Rohit Sharma in 2011. Rahane has gone past that in this series.

Where are the boundaries?


No. of consecutive balls played by West Indies without hitting a boundary. The last boundary was hit in first ball of 36th over and nothing since then till the end.

Failed starts


No. of times WI's top-4 were all dismissed between scores of 20 and 40, including today. The first was against Australia in Kingston in 2003.

Decent start


No. of times since 2015, in 40 ODIs, West Indies' opening partnership has lasted for more than 10 overs, including today.

Only tosses


No. of tosses won by West Indies in this series, in the 4 games. But they are yet to win a game.

Shami's comeback


Last time Mohammad Shami appeared in ODIs for India, in the semi-final loss against Australia in 2015 World Cup. He's back in place of Bhuvneshwar in this game.