22 | (maiden) | INDIA: 80/0

  • M Vijay28 (73b)
  • S Dhawan45 (62b)
  • K Rabada5-1-17-0
  • Imran Tahir2-0-9-0

5.00 pm India haven't lost a single wicket. South Africa have gifted away the lot of theirs. Bangalore was largely expected as the place where the visitors might not have to worry about the spinners. And yet R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja took eight wickets between them largely because of some poor shot selection. It's been made more apparent because Vijay and Dhawan have eased through the final session, put 80 runs on the board and have placed India on course for a pretty large first-innings total. Oh, what could have been had Imran Tahir just taken that dolly at square leg. Join us tomorrow to see if that happens, or if South Africa get the second wind they so desperately need.

South Africa fans, cheer yourself up after that tough day with this epic from Jarrod Kimber on AB de Villiers, the only man who looked in any kind of control for them. Made the sweetest 85 you'll see. His knock in the second innings could still prove the difference in this Test.

Siva : "Clearly it's India's day, Every team struggles when touring other countries (though SA are fairly better)...Not a good sign for test cricket, gone are days where legends would dominate opponents on their own backyard.."

Amrut: "India are in a brilliant position to go 2-0 up in the series. Might even force an innings defeat. Just hope the rains hold up enough to give us enough overs to see a result. This series has seen good attacking cricket by India and would hate to see rain spoil the party."

Kapil: "Not sure why SA don't play QDK in Tests. He can play attacking cricket in Gilchrist mode and get some useful runs for SA. Any justification for leaving him out especially given his record in India for SA A, just before this tour doesn't make sense. Remember him getting 100s as well"

Mohammed Bashee: "Just understood the black hole paradox, solved the Bermuda triangle mystery but still can't figure out how my comment get published in cricinfo ...." --- That's how

Ram: "@Mark going by the typos and length of description for a slow bowler (Morkel) vs a quick bowler (Jadeja), it's obvious that the prefix "X to Y, z run," is computer generated and the rest is the commentator. Slow/Fast refer to over rate, not bowling speed."

Rabada to Vijay, no run, back of a length and outside off, no bother to the batsman. Well only because he has not edged it after deciding to fish. And the umpire flicks the bails over and off we go.

Mark: "Question for Alagappan: How does Cricinfo commentating work? do you have to type the entire "sentence" of commentary from what over it is to describing what happens in the delivery? or is the computer programmed to generate a few things?" ---- Nope. No AI (Artificial intelligence) on use. Just all Al

Rabada to Vijay, no run, good length ball on middle, pushed to mid-on
Rabada to Vijay, no run, stays a touch low so keeping the ball full and straight is a good idea. Except Vijay blocks solidly and then walks away to square leg to take a little time out.
Rabada to Vijay, no run, short of a length on off stump, defended
Rabada to Vijay, no run, full on the base of middle, blocked into the off side
Rabada to Vijay, no run, weaving away from the angle into the right-hander, and that's why Vijay is beaten on the defensive push

21 | 7 Runs | INDIA: 80/0

  • M Vijay28 (67b)
  • S Dhawan45 (62b)
  • Imran Tahir2-0-9-0
  • M Morkel7-1-23-0
Imran Tahir to Vijay, 1 run, flighted down the leg side, Vijay clips it away
Imran Tahir to Vijay, FOUR, beautiful little late cut. Nothing better than a batsman playing spin on instinct. Waits on it, backs that front leg away to get some room and then taps the ball at the latest possible moment to beat backward point.
Imran Tahir to Dhawan, 1 run, bursts down the track, to the pitch of the flighted legbreak, and thumps it to mid-off
Imran Tahir to Vijay, 1 run, looped up on middle, takes it on the full and whips it to long-on

end of a drought


No. of 50 stands before this by India's openers in 8 Test inns since their 283-run stand against Bangladesh in Fatullah.



Last time SA played a Test without Steyn, v Eng in Centurion; Steyn had played 48 consecutive Tests for SA since then.

Jadeja's first-class best


First-class wkts by Jadeja in 2015-16 - equal the most he has taken in any season. His average of 11.54 this season is his best.

spinners on a roll


Wickets by India's spinners out of the 30 taken by India in this series. India's fast bowlers have taken only two.

ABD in a different league


ABD's batting average against spinners on this tour. He has struck at 93.27. The other SA batsmen have averaged just 19.90.

ABD in Bengaluru


Runs ABD has made in T20s in Bengaluru. He has just eight runs in internationals (2 ODIs) here before today.

Early Double strike


Wkts by Ashwin in SA's 8th over - the earliest a spinner has taken 2 or more wkts in an over in 1st inns of any Test in the last 10 yrs.

None in two years


100 opening stands by SA in Tests since 2014 - only team without one from 10-plus inns. SA's 1st wicket has averaged 29.94.



The last time before this a team chose to field first in Bangalore. In 20 Tests since then, this is the 1st time a captain has chosen to field.