Player of the Match
Player of the Match
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Highlights - England win on thrilling fifth day

Highlights from the first Investec Test between England and New Zealand, at Lord's

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53.5 Root to Anderson, OUT

Angled in, strikes the pad, huge appeal and given out lbw!! Anderson waits a while but goes for the review, is this slipping down leg? It's missed the inside edge and struck below the knee roll but could be missing leg stump...but it's clipping leg stump

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50.3 Wood to Watling, OUT

Shorter again, it bounces a little and takes a glove behind! There's the breakthrough, Watling gloves it through to Buttler, he couldn't get out of the way of this one and Watling's fine rearguard action is finally ended. Just a bit of extra bounce from W

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WATCH - Stokes castles McCullum first ball

England allrounder capped off a fantastic Test match bowling New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum for a golden duck

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23.4 Stokes to Williamson, OUT

And now he's got him! Caught in the gully, Williamson pressing away from his body and he's guided this to gully where Joe Root holds on low to his right. Huge wicket and a run of good deliveries, creating problems for Williamson, has forced a mistake, a l

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124.2 Boult to Cook, OUT

Big appeal from Boult as Cook pushes forwards to a length ball outside off. Was there a sound? Umpire Ravi is unconvinced but McCullum asks for the review. It beat Cook past the inside edge, hard to see any visible deflection but Hot Spot seems to be pic

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126.3 Boult to Broad, OUT

Pitched up and bowled him, Boult bites back! Another all-too-brief cameo from Broad but it keeps the game moving, he was backing away and exposed the stumps, Boult hit leg

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0.2 Anderson to Guptill, OUT

Pitched up and swinging, beautiful line and he's gone, edged to second slip! Anderson strikes second ball, his 399th Test wicket and it is a classic, full and inviting and shaping devastatingly away from Guptill's push forward. One down, for England, nine

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128.1 Boult to Ali, OUT,

Length ball, coming back in and Moeen is stuck on the crease, struck on the pads - given! Moeen reviews but it doesn't look good for him, no bat involved and he hadn't got forwards... Hawk-Eye says it would have knocked off the bails and that is enough, s

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Boult to Anderson, OUT

Pitched up and bowled him, off stump out of the ground! New Zealand have cleaned England up and now they will get to chase. Perfect ball to a No. 11, full and veering back in late to hit the woodwork as Anderson flailed at it, also completes Boult's five-

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Broad to Latham, OUT

Over the wicket, good length, straightening on leg stump, Latham is struck on the pads - given! Broad raises Anderson by striking with his very first delivery, a golden duck for Latham! He doesn't bother to review after consulting with Williamson, though

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Broad to Taylor, OUT

Full and hit on the front pad as Taylor swipes across the line, Broad is off celebrating as the finger goes up! This is deja vu all over again for Broad and New Zealand, they are already in danger of being filleted at Lord's just like in 2013. No doubt ab

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Watch - Cook brings up century

England captain scored his 27th ton in the first Test match against New Zealand, at Lord's

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69.3 Henry to Root, OUT

bounces him again, Root pulls... and sends it unerringly straight to Boult at fine leg! Don't think that was the most sensible piece of shot selection from Root, it was almost like catching practice, so precisely did he pick out the man. Walks off to gene

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26.3 Southee to Bell, OUT

fullish, beautiful line and Bell nicks it through, Southee strikes third ball! What a start, New Zealand are bouncing around, they've knocked one over straight away... There's a moment's delay as they check the no-ball but Southee was fine, half a boot be

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85.4, Broad to Taylor, OUT

85.4 mph, back of a length at the body, Taylor tries to fend it off and gets a glove down the leg side that is brilliantly held by Buttler! Diving full length to his left hand side, he has held a beauty at full stretch with one hand. Taylor looked in a li

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Highlights - NZ take charge against England

New Zealand remain firmly in charge over England following the third day's play of the first Test, at Lord's

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Watch - Williamson's masterful hundred

New Zealand batsman Kane Williamson etched his name on to the Lord's honour board in his first Test at the home of cricket, scoring 132 runs to register his tenth Test hundred

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Boult to Lyth, OUT

Lyth pushes tentatively this time - and steers it to slip! Boult has his man, straight from the playbook: plug away outside off, get some movement through the air and off the pitch. Lyth could probably have left it but, maybe excited by the feeling of bat

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131.2 Broad to Boult, OUT

steps to leg and hoicks the ball skyward, Anderson gives chase towards mid-on... and takes the catch at full length! Boult dies by the sword, though he nearly got away with it, as Anderson needed two grabs to be sure

Runs and wickets galore


Runs scored in the Test, which is the highest since 1930 in a match where 40 wickets have fallen

More than just a keeper


Wicketkeepers who have scored 50 or more in both innings of a Lord's Test - Watling, Prior and Dujon

A first for New Zealand?


Number of times teams have lost after scoring 500-plus in their first innings. NZ's highest is 433

Poor finishers at Lord's


New Zealand's 4th innings runs per wicket in Lord's Tests, before this Test (6 innings)

Twin failure


Number of times NZ's 2nd wicket hasn't added a single run in a Test when they've batted twice. Previous instance - Leeds, 1958

A pair of ducks


Number of times both openers have been dismissed without scoring in an innings for NZ. The last time was in May 2006, v South Africa

A tough ask at Lord's


The win-loss record for teams when set a 300-plus 4th-innings target at Lord's. The only win was by West Indies in 1984

Bring on the new ball


Runs scored by England in the first 13 overs with the second new ball

Quickest Test ton at Lord's


Balls faced by Ben Stokes for his 100, the fastest ever in a Lord's Test, beating Mohammad Azharuddin's record of 87 balls

Feels like IPL


Runs conceded by Southee in his 23rd over, which equals the most runs he conceded in an over in IPL 2015