30.3 violeng swipe as was merited against a full toss, but he has picked out deep midwicket with precision! He would not be swayed from attacking this morning, but if that was his intent he really should put away a delivery like that. 116/3
    1.5 goooone! He's bagged a pair and Bangladesh have their early wicket! Rubel fires it full and angles it in at the batsman. He seems to be beaten for pace and was flicking across the line. He wasn't too far forward, struck quite low on middle nad leg. The umpire reckons that will cannon into leg stump. Chari takes a loooong time to check with his partner and by the time he goes for a review, the ump says the 15-second leeway is up, on your way, mate. And to make matters worse, HawkEye reveals that would be missing the stumps 4/1
    26.3 that's the one they wanted, at least judging from the screams the stump mic can pick up! It was a lot slower through the air as he tries to lure the batsman to play away from the body outside off. Hami opts for a reverse sweep, doesn't get low enough, doesn't get to the pitch and ends up getting a glove that lobs up into the keeper's hands for the simplest of catches 97/2
    46.5 there's another biggie! Jubair has duped Taylor into playing an airy drive once again and the outside edge loops to point. Too early to say bunny, but this was a wonderful bit of bowling from a legspinner. Enticed the batsman by looping the ball above his eyeline and giving him enough width to think it was a bad ball, but then it dipped, turned and became too much 165/4
    not out
    52.3 that's a top catch, is it?! Chiggy has a forlorn look back at the umpire, who moves over to his partner at square leg and then goes upstairs to check. This was a googly that rips in at Chiggy who was looking to cut the ball as hard as he can. Think he didn't pick the variation and the outside edge seems to have been snapped up by Kayes at first slip. The question is has he got his fingers wrapped under the ball, so that no part of it touches the grass? Tough job on the third umpire and he says yes, that carried. Fourth wicket of the morning for Bangladesh 179/5
    65.4 up comes the dreaded finger, Ervine walks up to his partner and then goes for a review against his leg before decision. Gorgeous delivery as it rips away past the outside edge to hit his back pad. This looks very adjacent. I thought it would be three reds, it is umpire's call on clipping the off bail and that means the Mahmudullah move has worked 228/6
    70.3 he's got him! That looked to be heading onto leg stump, and his partner at the other end says as much. Mutumbami is out lbw. It was the slider from Taijul, hit a good length to draw the batsman forward and defend outside the line. Didn't pick it and perishes 237/7
    83.1 gets a wicket off his first ball! Panyangara walks up to check with his partner, but is advised not to go for a review. It was full and tailing in. Hit him very low on the front pad and his bat was still hidden behind it. Too quick for the tailender and he has to walk back 261/8
    84.4 off stump has been knocked back! Only one more man is left standing for Zimbabwe! This was a beautiful delivery from Shafiul, pitched it up but confused the batsman as to whether he wanted to go forward or back. Shingi was stuck in his crease and pushed tamely at it. The ball straightens, clips his back pad and canons into the stumps 262/9
    84.6 that's it! Bangladesh are going out of their minds celebrating a historic 3-0 victory, but they have to calm down for a bit. The batsman has gone for a review. The umpire has called it out. This ball had hit a good length and sneaked in to hit him on the front pad. It is umpire's call on clipping the leg stump and Chittagong lets out a blood-curdling roar! So do the Bangladesh players. Two of them had to be pushed away by Dar so he could signal it out. Stumps and pulled out, handshakes shared, hugs given. It's been the performance the entire country has been waiting for 262/10
    21 (b 14, lb 6, w 1)
    262 all out (85 Overs, 318 minutes)
    Shafiul Islam9.011721.8810
    Rubel Hossain4.021624.0000
    Taijul Islam22.044812.1800
    Jubair Hossain19.035622.9400
    Shakib Al Hasan11.023503.1800
    Shuvagata Hom16.016624.1200
    Fall of wickets:1-4 (BB Chari, 1.5 ov), 2-97 (H Masakadza, 26.3 ov), 3-116 (Sikandar Raza, 30.3 ov), 4-165 (BRM Taylor, 46.5 ov), 5-179 (E Chigumbura, 52.3 ov), 6-228 (CR Ervine, 65.4 ov), 7-237 (R Mutumbami, 70.3 ov), 8-261 (T Panyangara, 83.1 ov), 9-262 (SW Masakadza, 84.4 ov), 10-262 (N Mushangwe, 84.6 ov)

Close of Play

  • Wed, 12 Nov - day 1 - Bangladesh 1st innings 303/2 (Mominul Haque 46*, Mahmudullah 5*, 90 ov)
  • Thu, 13 Nov - day 2 - Zimbabwe 1st innings 113/1 (Sikandar Raza 54*, H Masakadza 51*, 26 ov)
  • Fri, 14 Nov - day 3 - Bangladesh 2nd innings 23/0 (Tamim Iqbal 8*, Imrul Kayes 11*, 9 ov)
  • Sat, 15 Nov - day 4 - Zimbabwe 2nd innings 71/1 (Sikandar Raza 43*, H Masakadza 26*, 19 ov)
  • Sun, 16 Nov - day 5 - Zimbabwe 2nd innings 262 (85 ov) - end of match

Match Notes

Reeling 'em off


No. of fifty-plus scores Mominul Haque has in 12 Tests