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Commentator: @saurabh_42

That's it from us for this game. On behalf of Liam Brickhill, this is Saurabh Somani saying goodbye. Make sure you tune into to the Paarl Rocks vs Durban Heat game that is coming up next on this double-header Wednesday.

5.21pm Simon Harmer: When the ball was new and hard, it came on to the bat a little better. It was nice to pick up a few sticks, but I think we bowled a little wide and let them free their arms. It's never nice losing close games, but we'll move on. You need to be unpredictable as an offspinner as batters line you up in T20 cricket. I also got a couple of wickets off full tosses, which I'll take!

5.18pm Dean Elgar was the absolute star of the chase. He copped a painful blow early in his innings, but just shrugged it off. He found the fence at opportune moments to never let the require run-rate gallop out of control, and he stayed till the end of the chase. There was a valuable helping hand from AB de Villiers, but when he fell, the Stars would have sensed an opening. It was Elgar who slammed that door shut firmly. He's ended up with his highest T20 score too. This will lift the Spartans off the bottom of the table.

BE Hendricks to Williams, FOUR runs, that's the match! In fitting fashion it comes via an outside edge that runs to third man for a boundary. Full toss outside off, he flays it, gets a thick outside edge, and the bowler has his hands on his head.
BE Hendricks to Williams, no run, full outside off, swings and misses. It rolls off the keeper's pads

Keeper's called for a helmet and he's standing up to the stumps

BE Hendricks to Elgar, 1 run, yorker length outside off, but Elgar gets down low, makes his bat flat and steers it to point

Only four needed off the final over. Beuran Hendricks to bowl

Jacques: "Elgar's High Score this in T20's" - indeed it is. His previous highest was 72

19 | 11 Runs | TS: 183/6 (4 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 9.63, RRR: 4.00)

  • SC Williams9 (6b)
  • D Elgar78 (51b)
  • K Rabada4-0-35-1
  • BE Hendricks3-0-29-1
Rabada to Williams, 2 runs, full, fast and straight driven back past the bowler
Rabada to Williams, FOUR runs, is that the match? well directed bouncer, Williams tries to play a pull shot to keep it down in front of square, the ball takes the top edge instead and flies over the keeper for four. No luck at all for Stars bowlers today
Rabada to Williams, 2 runs, full toss outside off, carved to deep point and they break the sequence of singles by picking up a double

Spartans 2nd innings Partnerships

1st12D ElgarGL Cloete
2nd39D ElgarC Bosch
3rd0D ElgarTB de Bruyn
4th68AB de VilliersD Elgar
5th41D ElgarT de Zorzi
6th11R FrylinckD Elgar
7th17SC WilliamsD Elgar

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