Player of the Match
Player of the Match

43 | 8 Runs 2 Wkts | INDIA: 161/10

  • R Ashwin46 (56b)
  • CJ Jordan12-1-65-2
  • MM Ali13-3-39-4

So a bonus couple of days off here, and just as well because we would just have been watching the rain fall tomorrow - reminds me of England's victory at Adelaide in 2010. England have the lead in the series heading to the fifth and final Test at The Oval, which starts on Friday. We'll be back then, as ever, for the best live coverage. Until then, stay online for the most comprehensive analysis and reaction from Old Trafford and make sure you're logged in again on Friday, 11am BST, for the fifth Test match, bye for now...

Presentation time, Michael Atherton has had to scramble together his notes. Explain this one MS Dhoni: "I think even in the first innings we weren't up to the mark in the batting department. I feel so far in the series our batting had not really clicked. We need to get better. It's a difficult one to know what's gone wrong. A few of them are going through a lean patch. Outside India, this group has gone well until here. The wickets have been good for batting but we haven't applied ourselves. Consistently we are exposing Pujara to facing the new ball, our openers are not getting partnerships. Virat, it's something he has to go through, I personally feel he is middling the ball but you do go through these patches."

Alastair Cook is the winning captain: "You don't often get nine wickets in a session. The buzz was fantastic. We didn't think we'd get it done but it's great to do it today. Jimmy hasn't been very well, so for him to bowl like he did, and not having Stuart, was a great effort. The work Moeen is doing, I've never seen a bloke learn as much in such a short space of time. When the wicket has had something in it, he's been fantastic. It was outstanding bowling on the first morning and we really got ahead of the game."

The Man of the Match is Stuart Broad, for his six first-innings wickets, who's actually in hospital! He's got a broken nose and Cook says "fingers crossed" that he hasn't broken a cheek bone. Touch and go for The Oval it sounds. England will also hope Anderson recovers from his illness.

What a turnaround for England since Lord's. They have found form with the bat, putting up a stackful of runs at the Ageas Bowl and plenty here too. We questioned whether they could follow up the perfect Test but they've made a pretty good fist of it here with victory in little over 10 sessions really. They have found their swing with the ball, quite literally, and in Moeen Ali have an absolute bonus, he's penning himself into the XI for a while to come. Another match-winning spell here and now 19 wickets in the series.

Siddhesh: "Just when you think it can't get worse, it does. I thought 8 for 4 was humiliating, but nine wickets in a single session probably tops it. Pathetic."

Cheers Ashley! England fans will want you on commentary a bit more! What an evening session that has been for England, rampant. India totally embarrassed here. They knew the rain was coming but they didn't give it a chance to save them thanks to their hideous collapse.

And that's the end of the Test match, after just two and a half days, that too after a second day where more than half of the overs were lost. Crushing win for England, who go 2-1 up, and India have barely any positives they can take from this game. Ashley's left us to get prepped for Match Point, so it will be Alex Winter to see you through to the presentation.

Jordan to Pankaj Singh, OUT, one ball. Full and straight, game's over. Think India were certainly struggling if they were hoping Pankaj Singh was going to save the game for them. A terrible evening session for India, and a lot to think about

Pankaj Singh b Jordan 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Jordan to Aaron, OUT, short ball, in at the batsman, who can only fend. Off the glove to Buttler. No. 10 baysman can't do too much about that. This game's almost over

VR Aaron c †Buttler b Jordan 9 (24m 13b 2x4 0x6) SR: 69.23

Jordan to Ashwin, 1 run, short ball, Ashwin pulls again, two bounces to the deep square leg fielder, who dives well to stop another boundary. Ashwin needs to be careful about trying to pull a line that's too tight into him
Jordan to Ashwin, FOUR runs, beautiful shot. Full length, gets his weight into the ball and drives through extra cover. Good shot following the bouncer, when he might have been expecting another short ball
Jordan to Ashwin, 2 runs, short, Ashwin pulls, falls for the trap, but just bounces between mid-on running back and deep square leg running around. Gets away with one
Jordan to Aaron, 1 run, short, bit of width, pushed into the vacant backward point region, comfortable run

Ayush: "AG, Joe Root has impressed all of us with his temperament and technique..Do you see him as a future England Captain?"

AG: I would think Root is one of the candidates. He's extremely mature, thinks about the game well. But for now, needs to concentrate on his run-scoring

42 | 12 Runs | INDIA: 153/8

  • R Ashwin39 (53b)
  • VR Aaron8 (11b)
  • MM Ali13-3-39-4
  • CJ Jordan11-1-57-0
Ali to Ashwin, SIX runs, down the wicket again. This time the ball is there to hit and he hits it cleanly over long-on for a maximum
Ali to Ashwin, no run, decent length, down the wicket, not there to hit so forced to defend back to the bowler
Ali to Ashwin, no run, full, straight, solid defence back to the bowler
Ali to Ashwin, FOUR runs, full, width, chopped away through backward point. Good use of the wrists

India's devil's number?


India have been this score in both innings of this Test

Anderson v Kohli


Anderson's figures against Kohli in 10 Test innings. Anderson has dismissed him 4 times this series

Pujara's slide


Cheteshwar Pujara's Test average in 2014. It was 66 in December 2013

Starting trouble


Number of England tours before this where India's openers failed to post a single 50+ stand in Tests

200 too few


No. of times England haven't won after batting 2nd and securing a 200+ 1st innings lead at home - thrice v India

Pankaj's toil


Number of overs Pankaj Singh needed to get his first Test wicket

Cranking it up


England's run-rate in the 10 overs post the new ball being taken

In the lead


Number of Tests England have lost at Old Trafford after obtaining a first-innings lead of 100+

Seventh best


Number of times that the 7th wicket has posted 100+ runs at Old Trafford

England's 6th-wicket stands


England’s average 6th-wicket stand in last 10 years when they've lost 5 for less than 150. Moeen, Root added 30 today

Climbing the charts


No. of wickets Broad has in the series. Bhuvneshwar passed him today, going 2nd on the wickets charts behind Anderson