Mashrafe Mortaza to Rahane, OUT, this one's definitely out. Nice and full, and there's that inswing again. Rahane's front pad is planted right in front of middle stump, and the ball thuds into it nice and low as he tries to work the ball across the line. Umpire Dharmasena immediately raises his finger.
Taskin Ahmed to Uthappa, OUT, short, outside off, and moving away a touch. Why exactly was he looking to pull that? He goes for it, and top-edges it high up and down into the hands of mid-off. First ODI wicket for Taskin
Taskin Ahmed to Rayudu, OUT, given! That looked out for sure as he prodded forward, but not a long way forward, and the ball seamed in and hit his pad in front of middle-and-off, and the umpire doesn't hesitate at all
Taskin Ahmed to Pujara, OUT, gone! that came back in, and Pujara was hit on the back pad, in front of the stumps, as he tried to defend from halfway forward. Ball went between bat and pad. He didn't bring his bat down quick enough, and it came down from around second slip
Mashrafe Mortaza to Saha, OUT, got him! that's very full, and he's pinged him in front of off, on the toes, and it's angled towards the stumps. He was batting outside his crease, but there wasn't too much doubt about that
Mashrafe Mortaza to Binny, 1 run, OUT, that's too straight, angled onto the pads, and he tucks it down to deep square leg. Oh, hang on, there's a run-out here! The throw, wisely, is to the bowler's end after Raina turns blind, without changing his hands, at the striker's end. He had taken his gloves off and was holding them in his hands while he ran. He's well outside the crease as Mashrafe removes the bails. The ball's slipped out of his hands and hit the stumps, actually. And on comes the red light!
Al-Amin Hossain to Patel, OUT, Akshar's supremely confident innings comes to an early close, he was looking to work this one to the leg side, he misses and the ball crashes into the stumps
Taskin Ahmed to Binny, OUT, gives him width again, and he attempts to play a weird-looking slice from halfway forward. Gets a healthy edge through to the keeper. I guess he was looking to hit it behind point
Taskin Ahmed to Mishra, OUT, that's a five-for on debut! that's full, on the stumps, and he tried to flick it square, across the line. Hit him on the back pad, but he was deep in his crease, so I guess that would have hit leg stump
Shakib Al Hasan to Yadav, OUT, that's it! He slogs across the line, and gets a thick outside edge that ricochets off Mushfiq's thigh behind the wicket and loops into the hands of first slip

Low scores


Number of times in ODIs that India has been bowled out inside 30 overs for a score of less than 120

Start with 0


Number of times that an opener from each team has been dismissed for a duck in ODIs between India and Bangladesh

Red-letter day


Number of times that India have been bowled out against Bangladesh in an ODI

Quicks to the fore


Number of times that Bangladesh's pacers have accounted for eight or more wickets in an ODI



This is the lowest score that India have lost their first-three wickets against Bangladesh

Shaky start


The last time India were two down for a lower score than today against Bangladesh, Uthappa was the batsman to get out on that occasion too

A decade ago


The last time Bangladesh dismissed an India opener for a nought, Sehwag too was dismissed by Mortaza on that occasion