Don't forget to have a look at the report, by Mohammad Isam. We'll also have more match and series wraps coming in over the next few hours. That's all for me, Karthik Krishnaswamy. I've enjoyed bringing you this game, and I hope you enjoyed following it as well. Good night!

Presentation time It's happening indoors, I think. Stuart Binny is the Man of the Series. "I must thank my team and Suresh for giving me this opportunity, and I took it. Wicket wasn't too good to bat on, but we came here as a young side and proved ourselves. I wanted us to get around 140 on the board so we could compete."

Mushfiqur Rahim: "The wicket was helping but you still have to bowl in good areas, so credit goes to our pace bowlers, specially Taskin and Al Amin. When the win is not coming it is difficult to motivate the others but there are a few positives, and we have a new coaching staff, and we will work together and look to improve."

Suresh Raina "Very happy with the side, especially Stuart Binny, who bowled really well alongside Mohit Sharma and Umesh Yadav. When we came here for Asia Cup, Taskin used to bowl to us in the nets, so really happy to see him do well. We played good cricket, especially when you know World Cup is coming up, a lot of youngsters showed their character."

VJ: ""There's no way you can judge a player's true potential by watching him bat or bowl on that." "but they've discovered an exciting fast-bowling talent in Taskin Ahmed" -- aren't these two contradicting each other?" I should have said, they've discovered a fast bowler who looks like he has a lot of potential. Does that work?

8.25pm It's started raining at the ground again. Will they have a presentation ceremony, and if so, when? What is the cut-off time for that?

So that's it for the series. India have won 2-0, but I don't think either side will be too pleased. Bangladesh for obvious reasons, but they've discovered an exciting fast-bowling talent in Taskin Ahmed. India would have wanted their second string to get a proper opportunity to show their ODI mettle. They got one reduced target, and two low-scoring games (one incomplete) on a highly atypical ODI pitch. There's no way you can judge a player's true potential by watching him bat or bowl on that. Scheduling the series at this time of the year, when everyone knew the monsoons were sweeping through the country, doesn't seem a very bright idea. Do stay tuned for the presentation.

8.10pm The umpires are talking to both the captains. We aren't sure what they're discussing. Oh, now we seem to be. They've all shaken hands, and the captains have hugged each other, and that can only mean one thing... but we don't have official confirmation yet. Well, now we do. The match has been abandoned.

Tej disagrees: "Reading all comments today. As usual no one misses the chance to criticise India. Again I would say this pitch is unplayable! No text book technique or slogging would last on this pitch for more than a 30-40 balls innings. Let us give bowlers a chance to feel that cricket is their game too."

Aman: "Bringing back the Indian batting story. In this team we have 6 specialist batsmen and 3 all rounders and still India finds it difficult to last the full quota of 50 overs."

7.55pm Alagappan says both umpires are out, and the covers are starting to be pulled off.

7.50pm "There's only the faintest drizzle now," Alagappan says. "And the groundstaff are trying to get the ground ready with as little delay as possible after it stops."

7.40pm So in case they manage to get the match started by 8.25, Bangladesh will have to chase 80 in 20 overs.

7.30pm "There's still a drizzle on, the entire ground is covered but the super soppers are out," Alagappan reports. "Reasonably steady drizzle."

7.25pm "Match can go on only till 9.45," Alagappan says. "And to bowl the 20 overs of Bangladesh innings (they might not need that much to get the eventual target) regulations state would need 80 minutes. So match has to start by 8.25 pm." We aren't 100% sure of this, so we'll check and confirm.

Ravi has put his calculator (or his mental math) to very good use: "@Sam, 46 overs are to be completed (40 in BD innings and 6 in India innings). This means 184 minutes (46 * 4 mts) of play left. Adding the 20 mts innings break, we have about 204 mts. I am sure that India will not bat again, so we need 80 mts of play (20 * 4 mts). So if the time lost due to the last break is not more than 124 mts, then we will have a result. This is app. 2 hours of delay"

Sam: "What is the earliest time the game has to restart before it is scrapped altogether?"

Isam says the match will have to end by 9.30pm. That means they'll have to fit 20 overs in before that. That would mean starting again at around 8.00pm, which is 40 minutes away.

Piash: "@Abhi, D/L method always considers the extra wickets that batting 2nd team get. For example, if batting 2nd team's earlier target is 250 in 50 overs and match reduced to 25 overs, then their target will not be simply 125. It will be 167. These 42 extra runs are because of 5 extra wickets of the 2nd team. So no amendment needed in D/L method."

7.00pm It doesn't look promising, at the moment. "It's steady," says Alagappan. "Not lashing down, but still threatening enough."

FifthBeatle: "@Ram: Uh, you don't have to look any further than the previous match. Five Indians made their highest score - WP Saha (5), MM Sharma (4*), UT Yadav (17), STR Binny (3), AR Patel (8) out of a total of 105!" Ha ha!

Abhi: "I suggest an amendment to the D/L methodology: In a rain affected match, when a target is given to the team, they should also limit the number of batsman to be used the team. Chasing a small total with all 10 wickets doesn't really makes sense, does it?"

Dharma: "For run-outs and stumpings, some part of foot/bat should be grounded behind the crease, but for checking for no-ball, if some part of foot is behind the crease, then it is enough, no need to be grounded. am i correct? if yes, then why can't the rule be changed for run-outs and stumpings?" Yeah. It's strange that behind the line can mean two entirely different things for batsmen and bowlers.

Ram: "Is this the lowest team total, when 3 of the batsmen (Pujara, Binny and Saha) have made their individual highest score??" It may well be, unless you count matches where an entire team made its debut... Or if Nos. 9, 10 and 11 scored a few after the top and middle order were blown away...

6.40pm And with that, the covers come on again. There's more rain now, and it looks pretty heavy to me

Shakib Al Hasan to Binny, no run, there's that slider again, and it pings Binny on the front pad. Frantic appeal, and it isn't given. I guess he was struck outside the line.
Shakib Al Hasan to Binny, no run, back of a length on off, and he defends into the off side off the back foot

Shakib returns now, and wipes the ball on the towel hanging from the umpire's waistband

Bharathwaj Vasu: "Would be really nice to see binny score a few runs here and take india to 160. He needs to farm the strike with the tail enders.Really good oppurtunity to make a case for selection as bowling allrounder in the India first eleven team keeping in mind the england series coming up very soon."

34 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | INDIA: 119/9 | RR: 3.50

  • UT Yadav0 (2b)
  • STR Binny25 (34b)
  • Sohag Gazi2-0-7-1
  • Mahmudullah1-0-5-0
Sohag Gazi to Yadav, no run, shortish ball, and he goes back and works it off his pads to square leg
Sohag Gazi to Yadav, no run, he may not score as many here. Came forward and tried to defend but it went straight on and beat his outside edge. He was stretched fully forward and the keeper took the bails off, and it looks like his toe is on the line... There's a part of his foot behind the line but that part is in the air. Looks out, I think... No! It's given not out!

Umesh Yadav, who made India's second-highest score in the second ODI

Sohag Gazi to Sharma, OUT, that's an easy decision. spins back sharply from outside off, and it's hit his pad right in front of the stumps as he shuffled across to defend

MM Sharma lbw b Sohag Gazi 1 (23m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 7.69

Sohag Gazi to Sharma, no run, full, outside off, and he comes forward to defend into the off side
Sohag Gazi to Binny, 1 run, goes back this time and tucks this off his legs behind square
Sohag Gazi to Binny, no run, Sohag Gazi to Binny, no run, back of a length outside off, punched back to the bowler

33 | 5 Runs | INDIA: 118/8 | RR: 3.57

  • MM Sharma1 (11b)
  • STR Binny24 (32b)
  • Mahmudullah1-0-5-0
  • Sohag Gazi1-0-6-0
Mahmudullah to Sharma, no run, shortish ball, turning in with some bounce. Mohit tries to play the late dab but can't quite get bat on it
Mahmudullah to Binny, 1 run, deep in his crease now and punches it down to long-on
Mahmudullah to Binny, no run, short, and turning in. He made good room for the cut but missed the line
Mahmudullah to Binny, no run, couple of steps down the pitch and defended solidly back to the bowler
Mahmudullah to Binny, no run, fuller now, and he comes forward and it turns and hits him on the front thigh
Mahmudullah to Binny, FOUR runs, that's a long hop that turns down the leg side, and he swivels to pull that away powerfully behind deep square leg

Mahmudullah now

32 | 6 Runs | INDIA: 113/8 | RR: 3.53

  • MM Sharma1 (10b)
  • STR Binny19 (27b)
  • Sohag Gazi1-0-6-0
  • Shakib Al Hasan7-0-27-3
Sohag Gazi to Sharma, no run, quickish ball on off stump, and he goes back and tucks it down towards midwicket
Sohag Gazi to Binny, 1 run, down the pitch, and he flicks this to the right of midwicket

Runs dearth


Consecutive ODIs (batting 1st) when India were bowled out below 130 in NZ in 02- 03. Not had 2 such consecutive failures otherwise

Slow going


Times India have scored less than 20 in the first 10 overs while batting first in ODIs - against NZ (2003), SL (2006) before today