Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's it for us from us for this Test match. Outstanding display from New Zealand, and hopefully West Indies will make it a closer contest in Port of Spain. Join us for that, and keep sending in your comments. I enjoyed bringing this game to you, and I hope to see you again very soon. Good night (or whatever time it is in your part of the world). This is Karthik Krishnaswamy signing off.

Mark Craig is the Man of the Match on his debut. "It's a bit of a dream. I'm on top of the world. Brendon gave us a bit of a license (on hitting his first ball for six). Lot of fun to bowl on (on the conditions), and I'm pretty happy with how everything went and to get the win was pretty special."

Denesh Ramdin says it isn't a good way to start his captaincy career. "Three of our top six not getting a score in the first innings" was where they lost the game. "Well done to Shillingford, but the New Zealand bowlers were patient, and we weren't patient (as a batting team)."

Brendon McCullum: "Overall it was a brilliant Test match. We were under pressure early on the second morning, and Watling and Neesham set us up with that partnership. Watling's keeping during this Test match is as good as I've seen around the world. Tim Southee led that attack for us in tough seam bowling conditions. The two young spinners and Trent Boult, they were outstanding, because getting 20 wickets was difficult on that wicket. We'll enjoy tonight and we'll refocus once we hit Trinidad. We know the West Indies team will come back very strongly."

davidbassist78@: "I think Watling took the catch :-) " Oh yes. I was too caught up in the excitement of not having to come back for another commentary stint tomorrow.

That's New Zealand's second win in the West Indies, and their first on this ground. They've been the far superior side throughout, and this last 82-run partnership between numbers ten and eleven should't distract the West Indies team management from taking a long hard look at their performance.

For New Zealand, this has been an excellent all-round performance, with the only real uncertain period coming early in their second innings, when Jerome Taylor caused a few flutters among their top order. Once Tom Latham saw them out of that period, they never looked back. Tim Southee has been excellent all through this match, on a pitch that didn't offer him too much assistance (personally, he's been my Man of the Match), and Mark Craig has made an excellent impression with eight wickets on debut. He has an energetic action, puts a lot of revs on the ball, and got more turn and bounce off this pitch than either of West Indies' finger-spinners. Williamson, Latham, Neesham and Watling all played excellent knocks in the first innings to set things up for them, and Brendon McCullum's captaincy has been bright and positive throughout.

Williamson to Benn, OUT, he's got him! With three balls to go, he bowled one short and wide. Benn slashed at it, got a thick top edge, and Watling, who has been excellent all Test match, took a smart catch very close to the bat.

goes around the wicket now

Williamson to Shillingford, 1 run, speared in flat on the stumps, and he tucks it off his pads to deep backward square leg
Williamson to Shillingford, no run, tossed up on the stumps, and he presses forward to defend
Williamson to Shillingford, no run, flat, angled down the leg side, and he gets his pad in the way

Last over of the day coming up. It's going to be Kane Williamson to bowl it

47 | 8 Runs | WI: 215/9

  • SJ Benn25 (26b)
  • S Shillingford52 (26b)
  • TG Southee9-2-32-2
  • MD Craig15-2-97-4
Southee to Benn, no run, slower ball outside off, and he slogs and misses
Southee to Benn, FOUR runs, that was a good ball, angling in from wide of the crease, would have hit off stump had he missed. He swung powerfully across it, though, and pulled it past midwicket
Southee to Benn, no run, bouncer, and he thinks about pulling but drops his bat down under it and lets it go
Southee to Benn, no run, back of a length, angling towards off, and he defends off the back foot

around the wicket again

Southee to Benn, FOUR runs, that's onto his pads, and he flicks it confidently to the square leg boundary
Southee to Benn, no run, angled across, kept a bit low, and he's beaten outside off stump

back over the wicket now

46 | 16 Runs | WI: 207/9

  • S Shillingford52 (26b)
  • SJ Benn17 (20b)
  • MD Craig15-2-97-4
  • TG Southee8-2-24-2
Craig to Shillingford, no run, full, outside off, and he drives to short cover

It's also the second-fastest by anyone, behind Jacques Kallis, who did it in 24 balls

Craig to Shillingford, SIX runs, short, and he's pulled that hard and high over cow corner, and it's the fastest Test fifty by a West Indian batsman!

NZ's Test wins in WI


New Zealand's only win in 16 Tests in the Caribbean was in Barbados in 2002, before today

Fifty in quick time


No. of balls Shillingford took for his fifty, the second quickest in Tests in terms of balls faced. Kallis did it in 24

Happy hunting ground


No. of Tests West Indies have won at Sabina Park - more than at any other venue. This one looks difficult though

A sizeable chunk


Percentage of WI’s wickets post-2005 taken by the four regular bowlers playing this Test. WI used 48 bowlers in this period

Golden ducks


Number of times Ross Taylor has been dismissed for a first-ball duck in Test cricket. This was his 100th innings

A big promotion


No. of times Ish Sodhi batted above No.7 in 37 previous first-class innings