Anderson to Silva, OUT, through him again... and this time with a fatal tickle! Silva hangs around, in two minds about reviewing, it was only a faint snick - but eventually he drags himself off. England finally strike lucky in the channel outside off, this didn't do much off the pitch and maybe that was the key, an audible tick as it whizzed through... though Hot Spot didn't seem to pick it up. Snicko picks up the fingerprints, though
Plunkett to Karunaratne, OUT, similar delivery but this swings a bit more as Karunaratne drove at it and cleans him up! The change works, that swung in a long way, darted between bat and pad and knocked out leg stump, a joy of a delivery for the bowler and a second strike for England
Plunkett to Jayawardene, OUT, edged and taken, superb one-handed catch at second slip! Nonchalant from Jordan, thrust out a paw to take a low edge and Plunkett is rewarded, Mahela taking the bullet for his mate Kumar. This was pitched up and inviting the drive, Jayawardene just wasn't quite forward enough
Plunkett to Thirimanne, OUT, dug in short and fended straight to short leg, gone first ball! Plunkett has wickets with consecutive deliveries - we won't be seeing Anderson after all. Inspired stuff from Plunkett, Thirimanne could see this zeroing in between his eyeballs, threw up the gloves and it plopped off the handle straight to a gleeful Robson
Anderson to Mathews, OUT, good length on the off stump, poked at from the crease and nicks it to third slip! Solid low catch by Ballance for his first Test catch. Anderson has been in that fourth-stump area all day and here gets Mathews playing with hard hands just outside off, a little away wobble takes a thick outside edge and it carried low to the fielder's left boot
Broad to Sangakkara, OUT, Sanga falls to a blinder of a catch at gully! Bell went to his left and got two hands to it, Sanga having thrown the hands through another drive... Perhaps he thought he was invincible, after all that had gone before, didn't need to chase that ball but the runs were flowing and the living was easy. And now he's back in the dressing room
Plunkett to Prasad, OUT, banged in and gloved through, another one gone! Plunkett gets his fourth, a sharp bouncer and Prasad saw his life flash before his eyes almost as quickly as the ball arrived, fended at it and the ball looped up for Prior to take above his head
Broad to Chandimal, OUT, pitched up, draws the stroke and steered to slip! England have removed three in eight balls, Chandimal drawn an ill-judged drive, wasn't there for the shot and it just seamed a touch, thick edge straight to Cook
Broad to Eranga, OUT, he's got it, edged through to Prior! Broad has a hat-trick spread over two overs! Broad hasn't realised, in fact, it looks as if the fact has passed everyone by... but Broad has three in three, Sanga with the last ball of the previous over, then two edges in two balls
Plunkett to Pradeep, OUT, got him, shortish and fenced through to the keeper - five-for for Plunkett on his home ground! The move to Yorkshire from Durham has transformed his career and those are Test-best figures for Plunkett, finally dislodging Pradeep after a brief flurry

Still rising


Alastair Cook has moved past Geoffrey Boycott on England's list of Test run-scorers. He is closing in on Kevin Pietersen

Leading by example


Angelo Mathews has scored three of his four Test centuries as captain

Exclusive club


Kumar Sangakkara becomes just the fourth player to score seven half-centuries (or more) in a row in Tests after Weekes, Flower and Chanderpaul

Sanga breaks new ground


When he reached 13 in his second innings, Kumar Sangakkara became the first Sri Lanka batsman to score 300 runs in a Test series in England