Match abandoned without a ball bowled


3.47 pm The game has officially been abandoned Not quite the news any of us wanted to wake up to, or in some cases stay up for but what can we do against fickle weather? But the series has two more clashes left and I hope to meet you all on Wednesday at 6.00 pm to rekindle our chatter. Till then, it's Alagappan Muthu saying it's been real.

"Hey Guys cheer up!," says our friend GermanPlayer. "None of the test matches were affected by the rain(eventually). At the start of this tour, we would have given up all the three T20s to get 3 full test matches without rain. At least I would have. As much as I wan to see these two teams in action, it doesn't disappoint much even if its washed out"

3.30 pm The kid has made up his mind people. It's bucketing down

"Muthu, could we lure the kid into some trap for a while, you reckon? Maybe let it skip school tomorrow and pour down heavy then." It's worth a shot, Sohaib. I'll let you do the honours though

"Most of Aus have a long weekend this weekend, but this "excitable" rain is testing my resolve even though I can watch in the early hours guilt-free - when's the latest that a go/no-go decision can be made?" From my experience, these things drag on and on, Craig. Although a few people are around the ground are calling to pull the plug. And yes, it is that bleak

Sid: "Let me give a suggestion myself. Why can't the entire ground (except, of course, the pitch) be made of a jelly material or even tar so we can forget about outfield being wet etc.? The moment the rain stops we can begin." And here I thought all the changes to the world cricket scene was going to die down...

3.15 pm The rain is like an excitable little kid which doesn't know what to do. It's back on again. On another day, this could be regarded as cute. Considering it's way past bedtime for our Aussie faithful, let's try and gee them up with this Ian Chappell column that says the juggernaut is almost ready to roll again

Rohit: "Why cant they just play in the rain? They have guards, helmets,caps, towels..nothing much is going to happen is it? It will aslo be fun to watch :P Regarding the ball-play with a tennis ball :D" If that happens, Abdur Rehman might not feel as sheepish as he possibly does right now.

Roger: "In reply to Sid: Marquee big enough to cover bowlers run-up and slips. Captain places other fielders on computer screen and DRS modified calculates possibly runs or catch. Half real live and the other half techno."

"@ Muthu: It feels more like you're the excitable kid, getting swayed by every minute-by-minute change in the weather. :-)" I shall neither accept nor deny your allegation, Mr Kevin.

GermanPlayer: "@Mudhabir Every ground? Do you know some of the test playing nations find it hard to pay for the normal operations of the game? " "Its unusually mild and warm in Germany today. Its bright and sunny and the temp is 17 degrees. Perfect for cricket. Probably spring has arrived early. Can they fly in now?" I'm not sure if Sriram Venkatas is being a gracious host or is taunting us...

Mudhabir: "Since weather is an important part of cricket as it provides movement while bowling, underground cricket is not an option... But what I suggest is every ground must have a movable ceiling which can be used in case of rain... "

3.05 pm No news about that inspection yet. But twitter comes to the rescue once again. CA digital media have put up pictures of the roller being used on the pitch and the two coaches shaking hands beside it. Dark clouds are still swirling around St George's. The covers have now been pulled off though.

Sonic: "Two Words: Docklands Stadium"

Niyaz Mostafa: "Setting a backup day would greatly increase the chances of play, Mr Sid. However one could argue this messes up the schedule of the matches and tours would have to be longer"

"I think cricket is still the only sport in the world affected so much by weather. Instead of just sitting here, why can't you suggest some bright ideas how to overcome this?" So many have tried and I'm far too fond of letting such difficult questions slide over my head. Besides, what would cricket be without the battle against the elements (Read the drama of the PE Test). But it's a good topic for discussion right now. Anyone care take on Mr. Sid's challenge?

2.55 pm "We enjoy that big mouth of yours,please don't shut up!!!" Oh, stop it, Deep. You'll make me blush. Meanwhile, the inspection is almost around the corner but how will they do it if the weather doesn't abate?

"Could you please let us know the cut off time for a game of 5 overs per side? You can do it while keeping your mouth shut if you wish as your fingers will do the job for us!" We are in the process of pulling that information for you, Uwaisul Karnain.

Dale Steyn takes the downtime to post a snazzy pic of him with Jacques Kallis and Grame Smith: "Honor playing with these 2 legends! Can honestly say if it wasn't for their advice and help (add bouch there 2) id be half the player I am today! Enjoy ur well earned rest guys!"

2.40 pm I should have kept my big mouth shut. It's started raining again and the groundstaff are hurrying to put the covers on

"Everyday's a public holiday if you're unemployed. If only someone paid me to watch cricket." I used to say that a lot not too long ago, James. Then struck the jackpot

"I'm surprised there was no mention of Brydon's big win on an Australian game show in that preview. " But we'll not let that ignominy befall our comms today, will we Beez?.

Liam: "No Uni tomorrow! Public holiday here in Aussie! I plan on seeing this one through right to the end.." Second Monday of March. Labour day. Perfect, isn't it?

"Just while everyone is sharing their inability to juggle school with cricket, I'll share mine Don't know if I should sleep or not? I've got school tomorrow, just updating cricinfo in bed, what better way to spend the nights during my final year of high school (Australia)" We'll definitely try our best to make it worth your while, Tormuj. I suspect you already have, but here's a little refresher course on what is in store for the two teams today. The preview, by Brydon Coverdale

2.30 pm The covers are being peeled off the ground. There is an inspection scheduled in half an hour. That does it, I'm only going to give out 15-minute updates. And yes, I'm going to claim credit for turning the weather around. Although as I speak, the clouds are beginning to gather. Oops...

John Ryan: "Tell me - did it rain all day on what would've been the 5th day in Port Elizabeth?" Actually, it didn't. Rain arrived only after lunch, had the match progressed that far.

Brian: "They're not even giving us a token weather update here in Aus, going straight to a repeat of Cricket 360. Think i'll watch Spongebob instead."

2.15 pm These fifteen minute updates seem to have some sort of magic to them. Started off with pouring rain, then that it has relented a bit. Now it has stopped raining. The sky is a lot less angry too. We might have play yet, folks

Sasmit: "@Aiden: I was so disappointed when Maxi tweeted it was pouring down. I was also planning to skim uni tomorrow after staying late today... from Mackay. Glad i got updated about the rain.." Cricket, ruining students' sleep schedules since... I can't even remember

"According to accu-weather looks like there'll be no play today so I can go to bed for uni tomorrow (I live in Melbourne)...unless someone with some local weather knowledge can keep me up?" Hopefully that last update has kept you with us, Aidan. Give us a shout if you get this.

2.00 pm The square is covered for now, but the outfield is not under any protection. Right, we have confirmation of a delayed start. How do we amuse ourselves...

1.45 pm The covers are still on in St Georges' Park but the good news is that the rain has eased up a bit. That should make Adrian Meredith and the subject of his comment a little more cheery. Still waiting for news on a start time though. It is scheduled for 2.30 pm, but it's only if the ground is ready on time

"Can the players tweet about the playing conditions? Brad Hodge is allowed to say what are the chances of play happening?" What's so wrong about letting the cricket world know that it's raining, Prasanna? Helps my job loads and loads, it does

"According to Brad Hodge on Twitter, chances of any play at all are slim to none."

1.20 pm South Africa may have beaten the rain the last time they were in Port Elizabeth but pushing your luck a second time has come back to bite cricket in it's posterior. It's pouring and has been pouring for quite some time. Guess T20 cricket still hasn't won over everyone. We'll keep you updated as the action unfolds, whatever it may be.